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  1. Still no one playing this? Easily one of the best games of 2020.
  2. I played The Last of Us 2 twice back to back, got the platinum, and I’m still itching to play it again. The only reason I’m holding off is I think there might be a The Last of Us 1&2 PS5 ultra remaster mega pack. Gets me giddy thinking about it.
  3. We decided this thread smells of poo.
  4. Well I for one am looking forward to a good go on Goonfell this evening.
  5. Why can no one say Greedfall?
  6. Only for some. I’d still go for it. 50+ hours now for me and only 3 crashes.
  7. Yeah we’ve had 6-7 bits of good luck in the last 16 years. I feel blessed.
  8. I’m planning to win EuroMillions in 2021 so don’t worry, we’ll be ok. (I know next to nothing about football, good luck)
  9. Happy new year to all. This year has flown by considering what’s gone off. Won’t miss 2020 at all, and praying for a better 2021 for everyone. Love X
  10. Looks decent this and I’ll definitely pick it up soon, maybe after I’m done with Cyberpunk. Bang on above weapon breaking in BotW. That was the one thing that held it back from being in my top 5 of all time I think. I hate weapon breaking.
  11. Got halfway though and turned it off. Nowhere near the standard of the usual Wipe, too many “characters”, and no Brooker.
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