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  1. I like it. It’s like a game. Should have more things like that. Tom Lees: Score 3 headed goals to unlock yellow boots.
  2. I just found a fiver in a pair of jeans I’ve not worn for ages.
  3. Secure safety. Bench or drop the f** cking lot of them. Play the kids for the rest of the season. Clear out in Summer. Properly for once. Terminate contracts where we can, sell on the cheap if we have to. Just get rid of these stale, overpaid, uninterested lobbers that are ruining the best chance we’ll have at the auto spots possibly for years. I want to see an entire new XI and bench next year. Leeds have taken 9 points from the last 30, and they’re STILL second. The standard at the top is dreadful and it looks to have been there for the taking.
  4. Well... Its a goal scorer, not Fletcher in particular. But as he was the only player scoring goals at an acceptable level, then yeah it is Fletcher by default. Since the playoff final we always seem to be waiting for someone to come back to make everything ok.
  5. ... that fan fell off the top tier of the away stand when they scored? Bolton fan maybe? What’s your most memorable off-the-pitch moment?
  6. You need your bumps feeling pal. We wouldn’t have got anything today if we’d played with 12 men, never mind 10.
  7. Another one of them days? Thats 4 out of the last 5 league games.
  8. Imagine if we’d actually turned up at Wembley against Hull.
  9. Our own fault really. Should be miles out of sight now, that goal should be a consolation for them.
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