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  1. 0:33 - What the f**k are we playing at? Passing it from our keeper to their striker in our box under hardly any pressure. Awful. And people are moaning about referees!
  2. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    We might. If their form continues they’ll win 4 games all season.
  3. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    In other words:
  4. No. But the “WHO ELSE?” brigade will tell you otherwise.
  5. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    Wants his bumps feeling for actually going back a second time to watch that dross.
  6. We’ve all said it at work at some point in the last two weeks haven’t we? ”You watch now, typical Wednesday, demolish Leeds and then we’ll go and lose to Bolton”. We didn’t really mean it though.
  7. A change of manager...

    False. Bobbar. Rubbish. Nonsense. Cobblers. Tripe. We already have the players good enough for a top two challenge. Carlos has lost them. Players that were performing for him before just aren’t currently doing it and haven’t been for months. A new manager can sort it out.
  8. Owls and rest of League v bottom 4 Stats

    It’s been a problem for as long as I can remember. Shocking sides turn us over season after season, under Carlos and before.
  9. Come on Clappers give us a positive

    It’s taking us 3 games on average to get that many points. .
  10. Come on Clappers give us a positive

    Kit is a day closer to being out.
  11. Unfinished Business

    I don’t know if he’s the answer, but my God imagine if he was our manager three weeks ago.