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  1. Of the tricks DC has missed, this probably isn’t in the top 50.
  2. That’s been my internal argument with myself for 20 years to be fair.
  3. Europe though. Christ. Disgusting how much we’ve got wrong as a football club while they’ve overtaken us.
  4. I’d imagine if that’s what the fine is, that’s what his weekly wage is. Maybe all of their players are on lower weekly wages but have significant goal and appearance bonuses? That might be why he’s got them running through brick walls.
  5. Results keep going for them too don’t they. Can’t wait to see them in Europe next season while we’re playing Crewe away.
  6. I’m tired. I’m going to work tomorrow.
  7. Pigs have been on the wrong end of quite a few decisions like that though, to be fair.
  8. Happy thoughts aren’t going to make it go away mate
  9. Not looking forward to seeing the direction that black line is going in a day or two.
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