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  1. Because its all just jobs and money to them. If you could switch jobs every year while doubling your salary with little to no risk to your future chances of landing a job, then you’d do it. Same for football managers. The wages are amplified and the rules are skewed, but the idea is the same.
  2. Maybe. But they’re jobs, not lasses. My analogy fits better. Plus, using yours... the one you’re with right now has been through her fair share of blokes too. She’s like Jennifer Anniston. Attractive for a long time yeah, but if you look closely things are starting to droop a bit now. The cheap cover ups aren’t really working. And no one really seems to want to stick around, so you wonder what’s wrong with her behind closed doors. .
  3. Show me ten people that say they wouldn’t, and I bet I’d pick out eight liars.
  4. You’re right, all managers and players are careful to say the right things when they’re signed up. What do you expect them to say really? ”Wasn’t my first choice, but it pays the bills and it beats cleaning the bogs at KFC” I was almost convinced a few years ago someone at the club was forcing new signings at gunpoint to call us “massive” in their first interview just so we’d overlook how bang average they were.
  5. It’s not about not grumbling, it’s about understanding that he’s only doing what the vast VAST majority of people would in similar circumstances. Be pissed off by all means. I am. But I totally get it.
  6. Totally agree. Shocking and mental, that we actually got money for Wiggins. Actual real money, the genuine stuff you can trade for goods and services... for him.
  7. What would you do? You’ve been in your latest job six months. It’s alright. Not the best job you’ve had. Facilities aren’t great to be fair, and they might have told you a couple of little fibs in the interview about how big your department’s budget would be. Expectations of you might be a bit high, but isn’t it everywhere? The people are nice though. And they did hold the position open for you for a bit while you sorted other prior commitments. Because yeah, they really wanted you to work there... but still, you got the feeling they didn’t have many other great options. You don’t really owe them anything. It’s not like folk were lining up to take the job. And then all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, that one company you’ve always really wanted to work for headhunts you. They’ve got the perfect position for you. You’ve heard there might be a few bell ends there, but you’re getting on and you might not get another chance like this. They’re going to pay you a lot more than what you’re getting now. And if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to pretty much walk back into another job almost identical to the one you’re leaving anyway. Positions are always coming up these days, and you’d be a top candidate for any of them. You know what you’d do. It’s crap for us if he does go, yes. But you know 99.99% of us would do the same.
  8. What about: Clap clap Clap clap clap Clap clap clap clap Wednesday Repeat as needed.
  9. Lets make it. I’ve got £35 on me, anyone else in?
  10. He tweeted this after Pigs v Derby the other day. Nothing wrong with it but he’s clearly on the wind up. Pigs and their 2-goal massacres eh?
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