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  1. What can we salvage?

    I really wish more people would take this seriously. Just because we’ve spent stupid amounts of money doesn’t mean we can’t go down. Richer teams have fought harder than we are and still dropped. We haven’t beaten a single team below us. That is worrying.
  2. Carlos stays = RELEGATION !

    Not as dramatic of a statement as it might seem. A lot on here will recall the United fan Congo with similar comments as above... “we won’t be relegated, that’s just silly” back in 2010. Well they had 25 points after 21 games that season, and were relegated by game 45. They only went on to win another 4 games from the remaining 25, which wouldn’t actually be that big of a dip in form for us would it.
  3. FA Cup Third Round

    Bolton away. Nailed on.
  4. The penalty

    a) Might not have even been a red card. No one understands the double punishment thing anymore. b) We might not have even scored the penalty. Too many ifs and buts. The facts, however, are there. Our own players and manager cost us two points, not the referee.
  5. The penalty

    The only reason I’m annoyed at that penalty incident is that it gives Carlos more bullsh!t to hide behind. We were winning 2-1 with 30 seconds left to play. That’s the bottom line. Maybe if he’d kept his head and not got sent off (again), he’d have been pitch side to help us see it out.
  6. And how close did the Premiership feel at this point? One poxy goal away, and the lads didn’t turn up. We we never really recovered from that defeat to Hull did we? Aside from the flurry of wins towards the end of last season, we were boring and lucky for the most part. We need a refresh before it’s too late to get anything from this season. For the first time in 20 years we can actually say that we have the players to do it. No excuses there. We’re wasting the best squad we’ve had in half a lifetime.
  7. How do we do it?

    Can’t read it mate, does the font go any bigger?
  8. Jaoa on the wing

    Midfield of Eel and Banana?
  9. How is that anywhere near to being acceptable? If anyone can defend that, I’d love to hear it.
  10. God, that game in the picture feels like a lifetime ago.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Drone Shots

    Bet they weren’t on target.
  12. Bored

    I was in two minds whether or not to go yesterday. Had a nagging feeling we’d be rubbish, was hung over from Friday night and didn’t perk up until about 13:00, had loads to do at home, and knew it was going to turn cold after half time. Anyway, I went. Really regretted going in the end. It was so damn boring. Next time I’ll probably think twice. Some of you might call someone like that a part-timer, but it’s so easy to find better and more satisfying things to do with your precious weekends. .
  13. Was this a penalty?

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that we’re hoping for 50/50 decisions to go our way in order to win at home against what was (on the day) poor opposites. We didn’t deserve to win, barely deserved the point. Zero. Shots. On. Target.
  14. That’s why we didn’t win. Carlos can moan about the penalty shout all he wants, but with no shots on target we’ve only ourselves to blame.