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  1. That says it all really. Complete shambles. Get a manager in this week DC.
  2. It is DC’s fault that we don’t have a better manager.
  3. Please let not have that again. How cringeworthy and small time does that look?
  4. Still troubled by memories of being unable to beat a 9-man Yeovil at home under Alan “bitterly disappointed” Irvine. I was sat in the upper West stand for one of those “home away day” things the club were doing, where you could change your seat to the away stand for one match.
  5. Poorly disguised “it’s my birthday” thread. 4/10, must try harder.
  6. I’m still talking about the match day catering, not chuffing Eastenders.
  7. And I’m questioning why people buy it. This is a forum for discussion isn’t it?
  8. I get the whole “money back to the club” thing, but until they provide a more efficient service with better pricing, if I’m peckish then my money will always go to Beres or somewhere else along my route to the ground.
  9. Why does anyone buy that overpriced stuff anyway? You can get better food a stones throw from the ground before or after the match, for probably half the price, and you don’t have to join a queue 15 deep to get it. All you have to do it not eat between 3pm and 5pm.
  10. Amazing response. Bet you’re total pleasure to serve.
  11. What exactly do you want them to tell you if they don’t know?
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