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  1. This game. Infuriating yet really rewarding. Must have just had 50 goes at that f***ing dragon boss and such a great feeling when I finally got him.
  2. What nonsense. Let’s never talk about anything then, for fear of someone getting addicted to it.
  3. Interesting news coming out last night that this game is getting a remake already for PS5. It’ll probably be a remake in graphics and gameplay, bringing the whole thing up to the standard of the sequel and remaking the character models and environments from the ground up while using all of the new gameplay features from the second game. They’ll probably reuse the voice acting and leave the story unchanged. I can actually see them bundling it with a PS5 upgrade of TLOU2 and intending it to be played as one experience. At first I thought I didn’t want it, but I actu
  4. Got my tickets for their Sheffield gig next January
  5. I’ve played every MH game solo until MH World. Everything is scaled if you’re playing alone, so the monsters will have less health and stuff. It is totally doable and still very good playing solo. Playing with a mate does add another level of fun to it, but it’s by no means necessary.
  6. Exactly this. It’s the burger van in Wickes car park of gaming. You know it’s not that good, but you just can’t help yourself. And when you do, it’s pretty satisfying and you’re kind of looking forward to the next one.
  7. Jericho appearing on Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions on April 11th. Interesting, I’ll renew my network subscription for a month to watch that. I wonder how censored it’ll be.
  8. Have you played the original?
  9. Yeah all of the larger swords can I think. Not an issue once you know what you’re doing though. The great thing about the game is that every weapon is viable and there’s no right/wrong choice. I ended up using the hunting horn the last time I played MH World and it was an absolute blast, being able to buff your mates while dealing good damage is brilliant.
  10. The hammer is a fantastic weapon, especially if you plan on going online.
  11. I mean... if nothing on that list interests you, maybe you just don’t like games very much.
  12. It was pretty good. Probably will never watch it again though.
  13. Bastion fell flat for me. Tried a few times. Not tried Pyre yet. Transistor and Hades both 10/10.
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