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  1. You need your bumps feeling pal. We wouldn’t have got anything today if we’d played with 12 men, never mind 10.
  2. Another one of them days? Thats 4 out of the last 5 league games.
  3. Imagine if we’d actually turned up at Wembley against Hull.
  4. Our own fault really. Should be miles out of sight now, that goal should be a consolation for them.
  5. We’re officially worse than the Carlos era again ffs.
  6. That says it all really. Complete shambles. Get a manager in this week DC.
  7. It is DC’s fault that we don’t have a better manager.
  8. Please let not have that again. How cringeworthy and small time does that look?
  9. Still troubled by memories of being unable to beat a 9-man Yeovil at home under Alan “bitterly disappointed” Irvine. I was sat in the upper West stand for one of those “home away day” things the club were doing, where you could change your seat to the away stand for one match.
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