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  1. Chris_B_SWFC

    We are also guilty.

    What a load of drivel. Unbelievable.
  2. Chris_B_SWFC

    Hooper and Lee won't play again this year

    Lee really hurts. Had all the makings of a true Wednesday legend, and his injuries are going to scupper all of it.
  3. Chris_B_SWFC

    If it wasnt for Reach

    Yes. If it wasn’t for one of our better in-form players, we’d be worse.
  4. Do we still have the “Leeds Players Collinding” thread?
  5. Chris_B_SWFC

    When did it start to go wrong?

    Impossible for two reasons. 1. It didn’t happen this season. 2. We’ve made so many bad choices, and god so many awful performances. Isolated, we’d have been able to recover from them. Combined, they’ve killed us.
  6. Chris_B_SWFC

    Matias sent off - violent conduct

    I say “something” because it was a bit... odd. Wasn’t a lunge or a push or a headbutt. Something in between. Like a push with his head. My point was, from the North side it was more than that camera angle suggests.
  7. Chris_B_SWFC

    Matias sent off - violent conduct

    I was on the North, and to be honest that camera angle from the South is kind to Matias. He definitely did something.
  8. Chris_B_SWFC

    FAO Jordan Rhodes

    Why would we be singing “what a waste of money”?
  9. Chris_B_SWFC

    SUFC official tweet

    How is that stuff allowed to stay on there? Isn’t that forum moderated? There’s an even worse post in another thread too.
  10. Chris_B_SWFC

    SUFC official tweet

    Which thread?
  11. Chris_B_SWFC

    The final straw

    No need. This is a football forum, made for discussion. Just discuss, don’t patronise, don’t demand folk answer their own questions. None of us needs to be running multi million pound businesses to know something isn’t right with our club at the moment.
  12. So we now need to win the next 7 games on the trot just to get to that playoff line. Thanks Carlos!
  13. Look what happens when players are told to do what they’re paid to do. I don’t even remember the last time we scored 3 away. The last year is one big mashed up pile of tripe in my memory.