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  1. Been with Zen since we moved 5 years ago. By far the best around in my opinion. Getting 60 download speed, call centre in Rochdale and they always answer in seconds if you ever need them. Which is rarely, we had one issue in all this time which ended up being a corroded wire at our end. Sorted by them in a matter of days.
  2. Might actually get FIFA this year, I’ve had about 3 years off it now. What’s changed?
  3. You’d be able to buy months worth of games to play during a Steam Sale, for the price of one Switch first party title.
  4. 64gb is £349 250gb with faster storage is £459 512gb with faster storage and anti glare screen is £569 Preordered mine last night. As expected the servers went down almost immediately. My 512gb preorder said expected April-June 2022, as I think I missed the initial batch. Fine for me though as I can let it have 3-6 months out with the general public and if it ends up looking crap/ropey, I can cancel my reservation. Hopefully they’ve found a way around scalpers too. For the first 48 hours, you can only preorder from a Steam account that had made a purchase before July 2021. That stops people creating multiple new accounts to preorder them in bulk. £4 deposit, then they’ll contact you when they have enough supply to fulfil your order… looking forward to it, I think!
  5. I’m getting one
  6. That’s ridiculous. Just insane value for money there. You could quite easily not spend another penny on that console until 2024. Mad.
  7. Not yet mate. I got Gamepass mainly for the PC stuff. Was very tempted the other day when I had one in my Amazon basket for a couple of hours, but managed to resist. Probably sensible as I have no idea what I’d play on it anyway. I’ll still probably end up getting one before the end of the year and it’ll just be my Gamepass machine.
  8. Not sure if it helps mate, but a couple of months back I bought 1 month GamePass Ultimate off CDkeys for £12. I found that if I logged into my Xbox account on my PC redeemed the code on the web browser, by turning on auto-renew it turned the 1 month into 2 months for free. Not sure if that’s still working, but might be a good deal while you look for a better one. Obviously I turned off auto-renew ten seconds later
  9. What’s the issue getting one? Both models were in stock for hours on Amazon this morning.
  10. It’s just as good as ever mate. My other half had never played them, so I got it for her. She was hooked and played all 3 games in 4 weeks. The remastered graphics look great, the voice acting/characters/story are all as good as you remember, and it’s really great seeing the improvements between games. I never realised how much the series changed over the trilogy.
  11. The PS5 version “Intergrade” is now out. Free upgrade if you have the PS4 version. There’s also a PS5 exclusive DLC chapter (not free) starting Yuffie, 3-6 hours depending on how much you rush it. As with most PS5 upgrades you’ve got the Graphics and Performance modes to choose from. I’ve started the main game again in performance mode. Solid 60fps, so smooth. This thing is stunning now. Really gorgeous game. I’ve also gone with the Japanese voiceover too just to change things up. I thought some of the English voice actors were a little bit cringe which is a problem with most JRPGs, so this is a nice little change. The anime grunting doesn’t feel as out of place like this too. Also nice to see that the lip syncing is perfect no matter what language you choose.
  12. It is incredible. No genre. Just great music from what, in my opinion, is the best British band today.
  13. The hand twin stuff is just as bad.
  14. I’d love this. How good is it?
  15. Actually reviewing slightly lower than I expected from what I’ve seen of the game. I was kind of expecting 10/10 from all over. Not moaning. Still incredible scores and looks hands down the best PS5 exclusive so far.
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