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  1. I hear you John - but - the long term future of football will be shaped in the next few years - if we are outside of the top division/not competing at the top of the Championship we will be disenfranchised from that future.....that wasn't the situation in the 70s, worst case we would have gone bust then restarted in the pre TV era....
  2. It would be 6-12 month gig for Howard which would boil down to two recruits, all the candidates of which are in Howards network......and Howards credibility would be key to attracting anyone of quality....not suggesting Howard is hands on for the 5 years it will take to rebuild the club.....
  3. Good piece, I would simplify down to; Step 1 - Approach Howard Wilkinson, promise your are stepping back to owner custodian role and ask Howard to overhaul the football structure, including recruiting a DoF, in support of Darren Moore as Manager. Also asking Howard to recruit a CEO targeting the type of folk who have been behind the development at Brentford (Mark Devlin) and Brighton (Paul Barber). CEO mandated to overhaul all of the non-football structure and build a plan for stadium and training ground development. Step 2 - Agree to an equity incentive structure for all key manage
  4. ... @owlstalk and telling you about Karen and other miscreants posting on here using multiple anonymous IDs, posting in order to set fans against each other and spreading lies in order to deflect from the dodgy stuff that was going on at the club. This alongside the PR firm doing its thing and all set against a backdrop of accusatory PR coming out of the clubs board??? Its looking quite familiar to what's going on now......like right now in the last few posts.....
  5. They took no action at the time and someone down the management org apologised in the following week. The McCabe's were too busy being bothered by my strategy of promoting an inclusive World Cup bid which resulted in Hillsborough being selected (which if anyone read the spec was inevitable) as a venue instead of Bramall Lane. As a result it turned out that undermined their latest property development money spinner at Bramall Lane all at the time when the McCabe will have known his big Scarborough £1Bn sale was imploding...... In any case I only had 15mins to get out of
  6. It was pre-planned to go home at half time. & I used to sit on the little wall in the north corner of the kop....
  7. I remember reading and article on this deal early on which said something like 'Wednesday swoop to sign a player which no-one else was bidding for/tracking' - think all the other clubs saw that he was elegant on the ball but shybo when under physical pressure. Will probably do well in a less aggressive league.......£500k max value - someone made a big 'commission' on this transfer.....
  8. Dunno about local journos being on £50k per year, but they would be on £50k per week if they advised Dejphon to 'massively' overpay for a load of players and then split the upside with the folks on the other side of the deal. Hey @owlstalk do you remember me telling you about how angry I was about the club, under Karen's instruction, paying the clubs PR agency to have people posting on social media setting Wednesdayite's to fight with each other in order to deflect from the poo-show that was playing out at the club.....there was no wisdom and courage in any of that......
  9. We must only be signing players we are confident can play 40 games per season, this has to be based on evidence i.e. no history of injuries which are serious or the which the data says consistently leads to major injuries and or sustained unavailability through injury. The players must also be able to regularly play two games per week and handle the high intensity running on a sustained basis. Players have to be able to retain the ball between the lines/transitions. Defenders need to have above average rates of interceptions. Most of the midfield needs to be
  10. [8] 2005 Play-off final despite having gut rot [9] 1st goal at Hillsborough - Andy McCulloch from a corner at the Lep end while I was standing bottom of LeP corner [10] Waddle free-kick at Wembley - couldn't afford to go to the game and so watched on the telly - was also sitting bringing through Wisdom teeth with no pain relief as family business liquidation and associated non maintenance of NI contributions meant I could not get NHS based dentist treatment - I'm sure if I had been there and wasn't in so much pain its would have come higher up the list!
  11. [1] Bouncing in the roof at Wembley in 1991 [2] Derby double 2009 - despite being spat in my face in the directors box at Bramhall Lane, absolutely loved the dash across town and the second half at Hillsborough. [3] Sat in the KOP for David Hirst debut goal v Everton [4] 20,000 shirts sold benefiting the Children hospital and also setting record income for kit sales. [5] Waddle West Ham game [6] Chelsea League Cup semi final at Hillsborough [7] Not much room in the Kop as Imre ran the length of the pitch v Forest
  12. Notwithstanding the well-covered story about spending time with the family, I also think the terms of his Aston Villa severance deal will be impacting here.....
  13. I think this refers to Paixao and his associates being the problem...... https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-v-preston-north-end-grass-might-not-be-greener-with-next-owls-owner-says-lees-1-9506197
  14. He's been doing great this past couple of years thanks - took him a couple of years to get over the negativity he faced in primary school in 2009 / 2010.....
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