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  1. Fantastic human being and 100% Wednesday - wish him all the best at Ayr!
  2. Very noticable yesterday that teams are happy for Dunkley to be the defender playing the ball out - this often leads to dangerous loss of possession and rarely leads to a good pass forward. Bannan gets no space as the opposition will always stay tight to him. We have no defensive players playing in midfield so our defence is always getting overloaded. Opposition teams have worked out how to stop us playing and they are always playing to their max where as we are up and down in terms of energy, determination and mental strength.
  3. First time on this site since the game yesterday - applied himself and did real well, one of our biggest threats - more of the same please in each and every game!
  4. Agents can make good money on deals which overpay for old/injured/bad attitude players. They can also make good money getting young talent on the cheap.....
  5. and per my post - not currently based on the relationship between our owners and the EFL.
  6. Much better thanx. Despite the continued deterioration of the arthritis in my lower spine and knees, although with these warmer temperatures the pain is reduced, I'm currently in the best shape physically and mentally since 2008.
  7. Bearing in mind that the EFL knows that the various asset manouverings have been spending limit workarounds. Ignoring the possibility that Chansiri and associates may well have financed our assets in part with 3rd parties who might act as blockers to a sensible deal being done. Tangible assets: Players under contract - c£7m = £0 due to contract breach. Stadium - c£30m residential development value Training ground - c£7m residential development value. So £37m. But any buyer will need to stand behind a plan which assumes circa £10m losses a year for 3 years in order to get back to the Championship. The new owners would then be looking at a uplift in valuation of the club and all of its assets in the Championship to £50m-£100m - but - would need to stand behind a plan of losing £39m over 3 years to have a chance of promotion to the Premier League, at which point all of the Premier league funding will be needed to develop the squad and physical infrastructure in order to establish the club in the Premier League, probably via a few years of yo-yoing between the Premier League and the Championship. All in all from where we are now with the current owners having zero rope to play with from the EFL, zero goodwill left with Wednesdayite's, and the club only hanging together due to the dedication and professionalism of the staff. Then maybe in 7-10 years, on the basis of investing c£106m, there would be the possibility of emerging in the same way that Leicester did and the new owners might be looking at a £300m-£500m valuation. So reasonable terms of a deal right now would be to agree to sell the club for £1, conditional on evidencing the funding to fund the £30m in losses mentioned above, and granting an option to the buyer to buy the stadium and training ground for £37m at any point with an annual rental of £1.8m (5% return on the £37m) until the acquisition is triggered. Absent finding a credible buyer who would step up to the above I would favour the approach that Brentford and Swansea took of community ownership, with an executive team being appointed made up of ex-Wednesday football people, with local authority backing on the property side, and a commitment in the shareholders agreement and the articles to onboard financial investors in due course. This would also require the club to build by way of selling some of its talent for profits each year and absent onboarding financial investors in due course could result in a longer time-frame to being established in the Premier League. This second scenario being something that Chansiri spoke of as an exit plan in one of the forums if he was no longer going to support the club and no credible buyer was forthcoming. If administration occurs then on the threat of liquidation the current owners mighty be looking at 20p in the pound on the £37m. Which would take the deal back to the level where Mandric and his partners bought the club by leveraging a £6m loan and forward financing season tickets and other revenue streams....
  8. Clubs pay PR firms to make 'fake fan' social media posts to undermine criticism and set fans against each other in order to deflect.
  9. My assumption is that it has been both. Tax write-offs based project funding which then maxed out Dec 2019. This being why we collapsed from 3rd and on the verge of going top to where we are now, because we had built a house of cards made by way of recruitment of over-expensive non-productive players which made a lot of money for the advisors on the deals....
  10. Again, 'they' with multiple vehicles being used at the other side of the vehicles which have necessarily been disclosed. (assets and liabilities declared in vehicle's which have been disclosed to us all of which are based on an assessment made by those vehicles) <<<<<>>>>>> (personal and corporate write-offs against assets and liabilities exposures in vehicle's disclosed to us based on a different assessment of those assets and liabilities within those separate entities and or individuals) <<<<<>>>>>> Thai taxpayer My assumption is that the ownership of SWFC ultimately is held by multiple members of the Chansiri family and associates plus whomever has been engaged via various commercial arrangement's this past 5+ years, all of which are held offshore. Let's be clear - I haven't alleged anything Paul - just stated an assumption based on many references (the original PR and consistent referencing by 1st team managers which have since left of 'owners' not 'owner') since day one which are in contradiction to the picture which has necessarily been painted to satisfy the EFL. Generally speaking the approach to corporate and personal tax principals are common globally. Separate entities can take a different view of the value of any asset and liability using due process and expert advice. Generally speaking no-one ends up making hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in a project without maximising tax efficiencies across its/their whole portfolio.
  11. I'm assuming that the tax benefits are being captured beyond the orgs which have been disclosed to us and they are indeed being taken by a combination of personal and other vehicle's capital losses write-offs being offset against tax........would have thought you would have concluded the same Paul. No-one would allow upwards of £300m to be invested into any project without some tax efficiency planning.....
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