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  1. Vic Reeves pub singer is all I see in those stills.......
  2. When playing the ball out of the back we are really playing a 3 ~ centrebacks plus 1 midfield, 3 ~ both fullbacks pushed up plus other centre mid, 3 ~ wingers up field but tucked in and one centre forward dropping back, 1 ~ t'other centre back dragging their centre backs. When we have good mentality we have lots of cycling of the players 'within the lines' enabling us to move the ball quickly upfield, plus also press to recover the ball in their final third, when the press fails we then recover to 4411.
  3. The one obvious tactical change is seeing our midfielders spending less time alongside our centrebacks, this is directly linked to group mentality. Only seeing one midfielder drop back when fullbacks push on forces everyone to trust each other to play, and enables us to pass forward much more. We are also less static up front with Rhodes and Hooper. Group mentality up and down from game to game prior to the last two games, group mentality spot on in the last two games. Plus as I said in the OP I'm generally less miserable than much of the couple of months....
  4. ......I'm excited. But then again Im feeling much less pain in my spine (fractured L1 vertebrae 6 weeks ago) than in the past month or so......so I'm also less msierable than I have been.... The group mentality in the last two games has been spot on. If we carry that forward and be consistent over the next third of the season then its all to play for! UTOs!!!
  5. Statue

    Derek Dooley (should have happened decades ago) and Howard Wilkinson (love the man, but hated his style of football), Fantham, Wilson, Spikesley, modern heroes need to be discussed in another twenty years time......
  6. Who are we DC?

    Sheffield Wednesday's identifty is built on the identity of the city which has been shaped over the past 400 years, and has been developed over the 150 years life of our club. Its signaled through Consilio Et Enamis - 'By Wisdom and Courage' and manifests in values / traits of being hard working, integrity, fairness, ambitious and community spirit. That identy was all but destroyed between 1992-2009 when the custodians of our club became focused on self interest and self engrandisement instead of being custodians. I failed to repair most of that damage during my intervention. Tactics and style of play are less relevent, Wednesdayites want to identify with the above values and traits and ideally see more wins than losses and draws, but will take poor results as an ouctome but only if they come on the back of our players playing with our identity. I believe that DC and CC are aligned with this but there is clearly a communication issue. There is also a reality that it is harder now to bring a group of footballers together around an identifty, but we have done it before and others are doing it now.
  7. It looks like DC has oustourced too much to Doyen on the football side and that he is micromanaging the off the field stuff. Nothing should be outsourced at a football club, that goes against the spirit / identity of a club model. Doyen are not interested in the best interests of DC or SWFC, they are interested in Doyen. Carlos is Doyen's client and this makes things difficult for all non Doyen players at the club. We appear to have no integrity in our structure, that might be the route cause of the issues that have beset us for qute a long time now. If I were DC I would terminate the relationship with Doyen, offer the management team (CEO, Club Secratary, Finance Director, Head Coach and assistant) a massive financial incentive based on getting into and staying in the Premier League, all based on terminating relationships with Doyen, and then delegate full authority to get on and run the club. It looks like DC is being taken for a ride and alll Wednesdayties (including DC) are suffering for it........
  8. Tactical Question

    Its an attempt to get the opposition to press, most don't because they know we are are very good on the ball. It really isn't a problem when one midfielder does it as the fullbacks push forward, it's a problem when more than one midfielder does it and we then have no options between the lines forcing our forwards to drop back too far....
  9. The high pressing game is dictated by Carlos instructing the midfield to push up leaving only one midfielder to drop back at any one time, I think your referring to when we have two up front being told to close down the spaces for short passes for the opposition back four and our midfield has been instructed to be 'compact'. The players do have the fitness, the reality is no player in fullback or transitioning midfield can play 50 odd games of high pressing football in a season (because of the intensity of the press and the need to sprint back when the press fails) hence rotation of fullbacks and midfielders is needed (which was why Carlos used to talk about needing two players for every position). We have dominated opposition when we have setup to press high, we have had too much non impactful possession when we have encouraged too many midfielders to drop onto our back four.....Carlos saw this from the director box versus Forest and instructed the midfield to push up in the second half........
  10. Team for Sunday

    Wildsmith (if Westwood not recovered) Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Butterfield Lee. Bannan Hooper Rhodes Joao High pressing game with high defensive line, only one midfielder allowed to drop deep for the ball when we are in possession, all three midfielders can cycle positions....
  11. I only put the vote in place, for the record I voted against as I have a deep rooted dislike for the band (not the people but the noise) due to spending too much time in my youth on footy manager games and their drone being on those games.................a large majority of voting Wednesdayites brought the band back......
  12. I would ask Howard for his view, Howard would tell me to tell the manager to be positive and that he had our full support, I would agree to do that and take the opportunity to remind Howard that I wanted him to be Chairman from the outset so that the manager could be properly supported by a football person, and also so that I could better protect my health. Howard would remind me that he couldn't be chairman because of potential conflict of interest with his League Managers Association chairmanship and he could only be an advisor.......so having been given my direction from the expert I would encourage the manager to be positive in their approach and affirm that they had our full support :)
  13. For me our best rewards over the last few seasons have come when we have positioned most of our midfield higher up the pitch and encouraged our fullbacks to overlap as we develop advantage. We had to be brave with a high defensive line, and we have then played high intensity football looking to win 3-2 in every game. This meant we needed 4 quick fullbacks and more than two box to box midfielders as the physical demands this approach takes over a season are huge. When we have had 2 midfielders dropping into defence to support playing patiently out from the back it has not consistently worked for us, the irony being both goals we scored last Sunday were built from this latter strategy, and they were both great goals, as the opposition has loads of time to get set. Carlos and team have given us both approaches. The first approach won the playoffs against Brighton and enabled us to beat Arsenal. The second approach wasted our opportunity at Wembley and in the playoffs last season. For me the second approach only really suits Bannan, Wallace, Hooper and Fletcher (who we are playing off of in this system), but the first approach suits all our players other than Fletcher (who looks like he can do this for one game per week) . I hope Carlos goes back to the high press from the kickoff on Sunday.....
  14. Liam Palmer

    Liam is a great kid with a fantastic attitude, great engine, strong in the tackle and a good football brain. He is s box2box centre midfielder and it's a testament to his talent that he has been able to fill in so well at right back.....