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  1. Notwithstanding the well-covered story about spending time with the family, I also think the terms of his Aston Villa severance deal will be impacting here.....
  2. I think this refers to Paixao and his associates being the problem...... https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-v-preston-north-end-grass-might-not-be-greener-with-next-owls-owner-says-lees-1-9506197
  3. He's been doing great this past couple of years thanks - took him a couple of years to get over the negativity he faced in primary school in 2009 / 2010.....
  4. Yes, he was initially engaged while Mandaric was named owner of our club.
  5. Not really trying hard to be constructive at all are you? They leverage Man City across the rest of the group, this is how it works. That is the salient point and what I was saying, it's true to say that it is not the ultimate topco in the structure but Man City is the highest operating company in the structure and it benefits from the wider group because of the brand, that was my point and you know it. That is the clear basis of refering to your pedantry. Also your being a a bit of an arse your when you attempt to dismiss my point about investing via debt and not being transparent about source of funds as being harmful for dealings with the EFL when they are both publicly stated policy points from the EFL. Anyhoo I see little point carrying on talking to you as your clearly part of the pr unit employed by the club.......
  6. Whoever you are your being super pedantic and coming across very aggressive. My point still stands they leverage Man City across their corporate structure to deal with FFP. A big enough proportion of value is accrued to the Man City brand.
  7. Well, maybe their whole structure has changed in the last year or so after my friend, who is part of the executive management team at Man City, explained it to me.......
  8. That is exactly what Man City have done. Man City is the parent company to all of the sporting assets.
  9. Nope - I am in Cyprus making my arthritic knees and back happy, my thoughts were mainly based off of the Dom Howson live blog and the clubs twitter feed which I reviewed the following morning. Its also telling how little was covered by the clubs own twitter feed, that is a sure sign that most of what went down was uncomfortable for the club to have out there.
  10. I don't think new owners willing to invest in equity and also with the actual means to demonstrate revenues associated with the SWFC brand, or revenues from companies they plan to be owned by SWFC will have a problem. I understand that our current owner has invested via debt, caused questions about the source of funds and therefore ultimate ownership, and has undermined his own credibility in respect of revenue streams by trying to get the league to sign off on drinks which the club did not own and which were not shipping in large volumes, and a taxi company that does not exist presumably becuase he mishalndled the deal with Arnie Singh and never realised that this transaction was all compounded by his mis-handling of the executive boxes.
  11. Just as a reminder I published a full account of what went down and those publications have seen no legal challenge brought ever - just snide remarks and lies (like the above) from the people, and their associates, who were really responsible for the mess, and also the pain inflicted on my family - it's all here; https://www.scribd.com/user/29463193/lee-strafford
  12. I never said the pain inflicted on my family was from the fan base of Wednesdayites......apart from the odd couple of complete loons and a small group of people linked to the caskateers causing all of the said pain, I have never had any problem with the broader base of Wednesdayites. & I did not align myself with a football agent with an interesting business model and an interesting set of business practices, there is no comparison, my self-harm was trying to do something and what that visited on my family, DCs self-harm is getting involved alongside an agent who carried on trading as an agent alongside of helping [sic] to run our club.
  13. Plonk Sadly no, my last effort brought too much pain to my family, plus I am fully committed to my current project. I would happily advise any well-intentioned party, including Dejphon if he were to swallow his pride and face up to his mistakes.
  14. Notwithstanding lots of examples where language/meaning may have been a challenge last night, there is no ignoring many of the messages that came out. Dejphon does not value the contribution of Wednesdayites, he only wants praise, spend and positive support from us. Dejphon thinks that the Forestieri and Bannan (I would also throw in Reach) signings should offset the dozen or so other signings and renewals which we should never have made, which collectively have put us in financial trouble while agents have made or fortune off of that expenditure. Not to mention the loss of our prized youth to Paixao and friends. Dejphon does not grasp the fact that when you fill a squad with dodgy signings then the good players and staff are undermined by this, making it impossible to build a strong team spirit. Dejphon is either incapable of admitting his key mistake of entrusting Amadeu Paixao with all of his family and our (not inconsequential) funds and or he is actually jointly invested in our club with Paixao and associates, either way, its clear that this is what has been and continues to undermine our club, and Dejphon is in denial about it. Dejphon is clearly the one who has clashed with folks on and off the pitch wherever there has been pushback from players and staff on either the lunacy of his relationship with Paixao and associates and or DCs dictator complex, this is all you can conclude when DC says 'Jos picks the team' and Jos says 'he picks from the players which are available to him' after DC labelled Westwood a trouble causer at the prior fans forum and last night lashed out at Abdi for disrespecting him (I believe that is what DC meant when he said Abdi was disrespecting the club). Looks like Dejphon is hoping we stay up and the FFP / P&S rules are changed this summer and then he can get us promoted and then sell the club. With a corrupted culture within a football club it's more likely that his and our losses will just increase.
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