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  1. DC could well have just been refering to the weekly wage excluding bonuses...... These would include; appearance fee; goal bonus; x amount of appearancesa fee; loyalty bonus (stay x years); win bonueses etc.....
  2. Big imobile unit and no knees made all the difference! :)
  3. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    the bouncers on the north stand all have season tickets, they are not paying £40......they only moved cause the casketeers thought it was a good idea to not serve beer on the kop. Moving them baclk to the kop will save a load of money and hassle as their proximity to the away fans causes loads of headache / cost on matchdays....
  4. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Safe standing as the only option on the kop would allow us to have a low ticket price (£15 per game for an adult) therefore making the club more accessable for low income households, this price would not need to be offered to away fans as they get a seated area. This would stop us from having to have complex pricing structure just to work around charging more for away fans to attend games, an approach which leaves Wednesdayites looking at high headline matchday pricing causing negativity. Anyone on the kop wanting seats would be pushed into the North or the South / Grandstand. All of the above would result in much higher attendances, better atmospheres, although no increase on ticket revenue in the shot term, over the long term it should lead to high attendances and therefore fomo based demand on tickets, higher attendances would result in more concourse sales.
  5. More like owner spends millions, including our small contribution which is quite big for many Wednesdayites, but does so by letting agents decide who the player and manager options should be, and only then letting the manager [sic] have the final say, then himslef makes all final decisions [boggles the mind]. Owner overpays for some good players, owner overpays for a whole load of players who are not needed Owner doesn't realise that all of this will result in a mentally and physically weak team / squad Owners strategy leads towards breaching FFP / S&P resulting in further blow to club confidence Owner defends player recruitment Owner has lost face but is in denail, all becuase he is trying to save face. WTflip
  6. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Safe standing on the Kop (and northwest corner) would allow for cheap tickets to made available to Wednesdayites as no equivalent ticket would be available to away fans, as they would be seated.....
  7. Stuart Gray did not sign anyone......nor did CC nor will JL......
  8. Hurts my brain reading that sentance.....
  9. He also said that he did'nt have the legs to do that anymore and would expect to be playing infront of the defence.....
  10. I am not saying they are not worth good money now, I am simply saying at the time we signed them that we overpaid versus what we could have paid. I think Fessi is worth £15m now once he has proven his fitness, and Hooper is with £20m once he has proven his fitness, in todays market. Looking back it is good business, but we still overpaid at the time in my view. Reach (who was my pick for player of the season this year) is one more good season away from being a £30m plus player......
  11. All that blew up after we signed both Fessi and Hooper....when that new TV deal came in. Again both players had been frozen out at their clubs......
  12. PA signed Bus, Melo, and Kelhar......
  13. Good signings; Forestieri - frozen out at Watford, we overpaid on the transfer fee Hooper - frozen out at Naaaarch, we overpaid on the transfer fee Reach - not in managers plans, we overpaid on the transfer fee Boyd - decent signing, hopefully only on a 2 year deal Van Aken - decent signing that needs to be in his second season to see full potential, we overpaid on the transfer fee Pudil - good free transfer, hopefully only on a 2 year deal Jones - good free transfer but needed to play as a DM infront of the defence PS - I think the Fessi blow up was down to his agent being pissed off at the relationship with our manager, his agent and our chairman (purely speculation on that one).
  14. Abdi was injured when we signed him - big no no. Rhodes (who I really like) was not part of team development strategy and not fit for CCs playing style and we overpaid on the transfer fee. Lovens should not have been renewed as his body had gone in his prior contract. Hutchison should not have been renewed. Hunts dodgy knees should have resulted in us moving him on. Fletcher with dodgy knees getting a long term contract. Nuhui (wonderful attitude) getting renewed when too slow and imobile for top of championship. Joao - we overpaid for a temperamental player. Matias - we overpaid for a fragile player Sougou - overpaid for a nonsense player Melo - never played Lachman - ditto Emanuelson - seriously Bus - someone was having a laugh Kelhar - medically retired and we signed him.