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  1. Rhodes looks like a lost puppy. Feel bad for him, but mainly feel bad for our bank balance
  2. I thought he was one of our 2-3 better players on the night, didn't look out of place against top level players. I would 100% give him a league start sooner than later
  3. Extremely lightweight. Should definitely not be a starter when the likes of Lee and Luongo have been kicking their heels. Harris, Reach & Fessi can compete for the wide roles. Hutch, Baz, Lee & Luongo (& Reach if not out wide) can compete for CM.
  4. Take your point but the financial problems were created by Chansiri getting it spectacularly wrong with his spending. To the point where we have to sell our ground to escape punishment. God love him, and I do think he's learning, but that's 100% DC's fault. I'd rather we didn't sign players that we can't afford, and charged a more reasonable price for tickets. There's no need for either. With an actual long term strategy, investment in recruitment and good management we've got a better chance of promotion IMHO than just chucking money about.
  5. I'm honestly not that bothered about promotion. I just want going to Hillsborough to be an enjoyable experience. If that gets us up, great. The thought of winning at all costs is depressing, there's more to life! Grinding miserable 1-0 wins aint much fun
  6. We need one of Lee or Luongo on the pitch to carry the ball centrally and break opposition lines. Hutch seems to have calmed down his psychotic tendencies and is even better as a result. Murphy is one for the bench, can do great things but drifts in and out too much at the mo. I'd like to see FF in the front 3 with Fletch & Harris. Börner is going to be a huge cult hero at SWFC.
  7. Börner is my new man crush. What a defensive display last night... it sent me home with an absolute stonk on
  8. Baz def comes back in. Murphy drops to the bench at Millwall. Maybe comes back in for Reach vs Luton at home. All being well take the opportunity for Luongo to get 20 minutes in both games while protecting Lee. Otherwise leave a winning side well alone.
  9. We kind of have to sell if the fee is as decent as being reported. We don't even need to replace him, we have several strikers perfectly good enough to score enough goals We are however weak at left back, centre back, centre mid. Get these covered properly and selling Joao makes perfect sense - we'll have got a very tidy squad
  10. I love Hec but forced to choose one over the other we clearly need another CM more than another CB. Both would be ideal! Hutch & Lee you can't bank on being fit week in, week out. Pelupessy is deeply average. It's a long season.... we need more.
  11. I realise this will be an unpopular view, but I've just read the reasoning behind the judgement (yes all 26 pages of it) and I don't see how the commission could have ruled any different. As for FF being acquitted in criminal court that doesn't prove he did not call Pearce a N*****, just that there was a reasonable doubt he said it. But despite that verdict, the judge himself still thought FF probably did use that word. In justifying the acquittal he even went as far as stating that "...it is possible, albeit in my judgment unlikely, that Mr Pearce was mistaken" So the judge who found FF not guilty in the criminal case would have come to the same conclusion as this commission, based solely on the balance of probabilities. If you think 'balance of probability' is not a high enough burden of proof for this kind of thing, that's a valid view. This is a massive stain on FF's character, regardless of any ban or fine. But that's what they do work to, and on that basis I do think this is a fair judgement given all the reasoning. What I don't think is fair is 6 games and £25k for something that is not 100% clear cut. Seems that 6 games is the minimum now, but surely they could have bans part (or entirely) suspended when it's not clear cut. Do you get much longer bans if you are bang to rights (loads of credible witnesses)?
  12. Not sue why anyone is celebrating any of this, and giving Chansiri any credit for such a clever move. It's a last ditch way of solving problems that were completed self-imposed by a naive and reckless owner. We made a £2.5M profit after making £38M on the sale? So without the sale it would have been a £35M loss IN ONE YEAR?? That is a disgrace.
  13. Worst sh1tstorm Friday ever But I have high hopes for a cracking sh1tstorm Sunday!
  14. Worst player of the season ever! Dark days indeed
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