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  1. Worst player of the season ever! Dark days indeed
  2. I'd keep Westy if we can. Hoops and Lee are heroes but we'd be mad to lob anything their way beyond some kind of pay as you play deal. The rest are an expensive waste of space & could easily be replaced with free transfers on half the money
  3. But it's what happened after the playoff final that I'm talking about. All fine to that point aye! We spent a few quid, got some real quality in but it wasn't out of control. Not hindsight really, I believed at the time that DC was a sensible fella, he was on it and had finances under control. Always seemed a bit mad to spend that much on one player (Rhodes) but if we can afford it... why not? Ah right because it turns out we can't actually afford it
  4. I'm really surprised that statement has got such a generally positive reaction. It's rambling and incoherent, and some of it is shall we say factually dubious (we spent all that money we couldn't afford on Jordan Rhodes in Jan to stave off relegation did we??) I respect his emotional attachment and financial commitment but he has been incredibly naive and was massively irresponsible in overspending so badly. The club is in a mess as a direct result of his decisions, no one else. Carlos wanted Rhodes? Tell him no. The fans wanted Rhodes? Just tell us that buying him guarantees a transfer embargo if we don't go up. As for Club 1867 we'll have to see what this revamp actually entails, but how much can he possibly hope to raise? I don't know many fans who can afford (or want to) to shell out chunky money for essentially... nothing. It's not the fans job to bail the club out of financial mismanagement. All DC had to do when he pitched up was: 1. Do some basic maths based on say 25k average attendance 2. Assume 7th place finish at best 3. Set a budget ensuring we don't wee wee tail up P&S rules (i.e. max average loss of £13M/year) 4. Get a good manager with contacts who can spot a player (by far the hardest bit but actually, Bruce fits the bill here!) 5. Be prepared to sell a player or two where we can make a huge profit Am I missing something? The only viable solution to the problem DC created is basically to sell Adam Reach for £10m+ by the end of this month... It was just all very avoidable.
  5. People saying Mick McCarthy wouldn't want to work with our chairman... pshhhh! Of course he would take the job! It's a big job, well paid and he's not exactly red hot property is he? Be a right result for him. I like him, he's seen and done it all and IMHO we need someone with a ton of championship experience if/when Jos goes.
  6. I saw Giles Coke shopping in the eccy road co-op last night. Do I win £5?
  7. Dawson has gone backwards in recent games, his confidence has clearly taken a knock. He never used to flap at crosses like this - I wouldn't mind if he had a good punch on him but he can't seem to get distance on it at all. To be expected I suppose for a young keeper trying to establish himself, but he's becoming a liability. Hope Weaver has him practising catching crosses non stop for the next 2 weeks... PS I do rate him but he needs to build his confidence back up
  8. I grew up in Buxton then Bakewell, so you get a weird mix of clubs supported depending on which side of the peaks you lived. Lots of Man U and Derby, and both Sheff clubs. I had little interest in football until I was 15-16. Just wasn't on my radar. I even went to a couple of Derby County games with school ticket freebies and thought it was great, but never went off my own back. Then one magical day I went to Hillsborough with my little bro (who a few of you know by his cunning username of Will Kirby) and some of his mates. Something about the whole experience gave me a massive football boner that has yet to subside The rest is history!
  9. We played well as a team and it was a very enjoyable evening, Jos is a genius
  10. Preston in particular looked at home, very confident and decisive. Lots of good first time passes, he didn’t feel the need to have 8 touches to pick a pass. A few good crosses too. Impressed. Penney had less to do but did it all very calmly and I can see him getting a lot of games. Well done lads.
  11. My beef with fans 'playing their part' by forking out larger and larger wads of cash is that - in the unlikely event we actually get promoted - those fans won't get to share in the massive cash windfall will they? It's total BS and assumes fans will pay almost anything to get to the promised land. Personally I'm not really that fussed about promotion at all costs... as long as we play entertaining football and have a shot at it that's great fun in this league. If Chansiri wants to chuck cash at the club, that's his business and his risk. Just stay within FFP while you do it, and don't expect the fans to fund silly signings (we've had more than a few)
  12. £59 is daylight robbery. Don’t let the laughably expensive £99 option make £59 seem reasonable! Great looking kit but FFS
  13. Could be right but only time will tell on that one... if she can get £10M for Rhodes we should erect a statue of her outside the South Stand entrance
  14. Jos wants to identify the underlying cause of these injuries. It’s too many to just be bad luck, something is (or was) systematically wrong. I’m not ITK and this is second hand info, but a old colleague I trust told me he’d been talking to one of the physio staff recently (not sure if from the old or new team). He said that they always prepared detailed rehab plans which Carlos never once followed - he just got them playing after a couple of days back in training. Chimes with what Hutch was saying recently about Jos easing him back slowly, when Carlos always left it to him to declare himself fit. Would explain a few things if true.
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