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  1. Atdhe and Pelupessy jogged past me today, in Whiteley Woods. Was holding my little un, and said hey my girl loves big Atdhe! He blew a kiss to her and said I love you too 🥰 Anyway he didn’t look injured to me!
  2. I've got a cheeky fiver on City to win by 4+ goals at 11/4 Money in the bank
  3. This is clearly a terrible deal for the club in the long term, unless we go up in the next few seasons in which case it’s a drop in the ocean. I can’t believe that whatever this scheme earns in the short term will be the difference between complying with EFL rules or not. Another huge gamble then rather than simply selling a player or two for a few million. Everyone is replaceable. There are always loads of great players available for free (Fletch, Bannan, Westy, Hutch, Börner, Harris anyone? Others like Iorfa and Lees not free but cheap as chips) So assuming we stay in business it’s great for wealthy fans. But these are fans who would have no problem shelling out year after year anyway. Richer fans pay less while your average fan pays way more over that time. Not it sure any of this is in the club’s best interest. Meanwhile I’m seriously considering taking out a 5 year loan to do this, just about affordable but I really don’t like it. It all feels wrong. It’s short term desperation yet again. BUT it would save me £1000s over the long term - as long as we don’t go bust.... And I’m far from convinced the club won’t blow up in the next few years. No one can guarantee this scheme will be honoured if that happens. But you pays your money you takes your choice... and anyone who goes for it is taking a risk and that is on them. 10, 15 years is a long long time. It’s weird. I kind of resent being given this opportunity, given the risk and that there are so many other obvious ways the club could be better run. Christ it’s nothing that we can’t all see. Tickets should be sensibly priced - get em packed in and offer great catering & merch people actually want to buy. More bodies in the ground = more attractive to sponsors and more match day revenue. Better atmosphere too. Great for everyone. Then sell players for big money when we can and invest wisely using great scouting and data to identify under-appreciated talent. Why is that so hard for DC to comprehend? He’s searching for a magical solution that does not exist.
  4. Me and the lad I sit with both thought Lee was poor overall on Saturday, despite a couple of moments. Just saying!
  5. Rhodes looks like a lost puppy. Feel bad for him, but mainly feel bad for our bank balance
  6. I thought he was one of our 2-3 better players on the night, didn't look out of place against top level players. I would 100% give him a league start sooner than later
  7. Extremely lightweight. Should definitely not be a starter when the likes of Lee and Luongo have been kicking their heels. Harris, Reach & Fessi can compete for the wide roles. Hutch, Baz, Lee & Luongo (& Reach if not out wide) can compete for CM.
  8. Take your point but the financial problems were created by Chansiri getting it spectacularly wrong with his spending. To the point where we have to sell our ground to escape punishment. God love him, and I do think he's learning, but that's 100% DC's fault. I'd rather we didn't sign players that we can't afford, and charged a more reasonable price for tickets. There's no need for either. With an actual long term strategy, investment in recruitment and good management we've got a better chance of promotion IMHO than just chucking money about.
  9. I'm honestly not that bothered about promotion. I just want going to Hillsborough to be an enjoyable experience. If that gets us up, great. The thought of winning at all costs is depressing, there's more to life! Grinding miserable 1-0 wins aint much fun
  10. We need one of Lee or Luongo on the pitch to carry the ball centrally and break opposition lines. Hutch seems to have calmed down his psychotic tendencies and is even better as a result. Murphy is one for the bench, can do great things but drifts in and out too much at the mo. I'd like to see FF in the front 3 with Fletch & Harris. Börner is going to be a huge cult hero at SWFC.
  11. Börner is my new man crush. What a defensive display last night... it sent me home with an absolute stonk on
  12. Baz def comes back in. Murphy drops to the bench at Millwall. Maybe comes back in for Reach vs Luton at home. All being well take the opportunity for Luongo to get 20 minutes in both games while protecting Lee. Otherwise leave a winning side well alone.
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