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  1. Anyone actually know what the injury is?
  2. They swap places with Fulham every season
  3. The headlines not correct. They’ll not be showing the World Cup fixtures.
  4. That Sunderland goal means MK still have all to play for at Plymouth. Ridiculously tight battle.
  5. Another example of Hillsborough not been fit for purpose. It’s hardly SAG’s fault that there’s no way of segregating fans on a stand that has 6000 seats and the infrastructure not been in place to accommodate them.
  6. From a FFP point of view aren’t these accounts irrelevant this year. No FFP rules in league 1.
  7. Absolutely yes. Hillsborough is a relic, tarnished by the worse football atrocity on these shores and it’s holding us back as a club. Be plenty big enough, be loads cheaper to run and maintain and create loads more non match day income, especially if built nearer the m1.
  8. The cut off was only about 6 months ago. It’s 15 yellows now
  9. A bit like Hillsborough. Needs some money spending on it to bring it up to standards. Nowhere as much as Hillsborough though tbf
  10. Looking at the pics you could make a string argument that it’s the best stadium in the league. Probably by some distance
  11. Hopefully hear something before kick off. Sky normally interview the managers before kick off.
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