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  1. I was wondering that. They all for sale? Deeney, Andre Gray, Will Hughes.
  2. An old school owlstalk shitstorm Friday in store today?
  3. What’s this mean in regards to the FFP charges?
  4. Absolutely not. He’s shown very little form since the Hull play off defeat and he’s been such a disruptive influence with a bad injury record.
  5. Will season tickets get a pro-rata refund?
  6. Dawson 5 Palmer 4 Lees 0 Borner 3 Fox 3 Murphy 5 Lee 2 Bannan 3 Harris 1 Fletcher 3 Forestieri 3 Wickham 3 Iorfa 6 Windass 6 Wayne Rooney was a pleasure to watch. Never broke sweat and dictated the game. Think he gave the ball away once towards the end.
  7. I’ve had 24 hours to calm down. Dawson 6 Urgohide 2 (ridiculous challenge for his second yellow) Iorfa 4 Borner 4 Palmer 5 Da Cruz 1 (raffle ticket winner, never been a footballer) Lee 2 (should have released in the summer, finished at this level, offers nothing) Pulupessy 2 (dreadful) Harris 4 Nuhiu 3 Forestieri 4
  8. Decent cash out option on both bets if announced before season end.
  9. It’ll be announced before end of the season. The EFL will not want it to drag on in to the summer. Birmingham’s deduction was announced 22nd March.
  10. Fulham the best team on paper by a mile. Brentford playing very well. Going to be interesting.
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