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  1. I was in tears laughing at the Gravason stories. Brilliant.
  2. It’s a nailed on red. Pearson sounding like a dinosaur.
  3. I’m sorry but what a pathetic reaction from a grown man.
  4. Wow, talk about shooting yourself in the foot, Terrible defending
  5. It’s a huge yes from me, proven track record at this level.
  6. I always thought Pulis stoke team were pretty entertaining to watch. Loved watching them smash through Arsenal season after season. They weren’t always digging in, they just played to strengths, got it in the mixer, no fannying about. Will be a nice change in the championship. Too many defenders who think they can play.
  7. I think he’s a cracking appointment and I’d be delighted to have him. This is a complete change of stance for me. After Bruce resigned I thought Pulis wasn’t the man to pick up the great work Bruce had started. Never wanted Monk but that’s a different thread. We are in a relegation dog fight with a very limited squad of players, Pulis will get them organised, difficult to beat and hopefully make us an uglier team that defends well and puts teams under pressure by playing as much of the game in the oppositions final third as possible. I’ve also listened to quite a few pod
  8. Deluded if you think he’d be remotely interested.
  9. Very difficult to see how we’re going to score goals. Kachunga not offering anything in that half. Get Patterson on.
  10. Mick Rathbones is well worth a listen too.
  11. Thank god. And not wasting a tenner on iFollow
  12. Absolutely no way they’ll finish below Fulham, West Brom & Burnley. They’ll only need about 25 points to stay up.
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