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  1. Reckon they’ll last till Wednesday morning?
  2. The Barthez is well creepy. Who is it?
  3. Love the car that stops for the red light.
  4. Westwood 8 (world class save just before half time) Palmer 7 Iorfa 9 Hutch 8 Fox 8 Reach 6 Bannan 7 Pelupessy 7 Harris 6 Nuhiu 7 Fletcher 7
  5. The way Monk used Hernandez at Leeds in a number 10 role should be ideal for Forestieri .
  6. How longs his contract? Best player at the club currently and he’ll be worth a fortune next summer. Will do us a world of good with FFP. Free transfer signing and the exact type of transfer business we need to do to make the club sustainable.
  7. Westwood 7 Made a critical save in the second half Odebajo 7 Iorfa 7 Borner 8 Palmer 7 Luongo 7 Bannan 7 Pelupessy 7 (thought he was very good today) Harris 7 Fletcher 7 Reach 7
  8. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Lees Bannon Luongo Murphy Reach Harris Fletcher if he’s fit, if not Nuhiu
  9. Nuhiu and Winnall both missed sitters. Not a lot between the 2 sides. Usual mid table fodder.
  10. Wish my red button was not working.
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