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  1. Completely agree with you. No consistency what so ever.
  2. Talk me through how the pen wasn’t given in this Chelsea v Man U game. Nota clue what rules they’re applying.
  3. It’s bloody difficult to enjoy their season whilst where in the middle of a potentially bigger disaster.
  4. The Dig 7/10 Really nice film, some top acting and has the lovely Lily James playing a part.
  5. Valhalla might be worth checking out. Still really enjoying it.
  6. The Gentleman 9/10 Brilliant film, great story was excellent acting.
  7. Salah isn’t the only one but he dives and cheats every week. Even Carraghee called it him out yesterday. Loving this Liverpool implosion this season, great to see. Fulham picking up results now and playing ok most games. I’d be worried if I was a Newcastle fan. Picked up a few injuries too recently.
  8. Watched that Cecil hotel thing and the story is ok but the attention seeking YouTube losers were ridiculously annoying.
  9. Watched White House farm this week, brilliant cast, decent watch. Can’t remember if watched all of Deutschland 86. Enjoyed 83.
  10. Don’t think he was in the squad Saturday.
  11. Brill film. Can’t think if a better Netflix original al film I’ve seen,
  12. The trial of the Chicago 7 Really good film 8/10 Hilariously funny at times and infuriating at others.
  13. I think so yeah. It looks amazing. I’m probably not the best judge tbh, not had a console other then a switch for about 2 or 3 years.
  14. Played about 5 hours or so of Valhalla. Incredible so far, loving the story, the vast open world and the scenery is spectacular. Reminds me a little bit of Red Dead 2 but the pacing Is miles better on Valhalla.
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