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  1. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Lee Hutch Reach Murphy Fletcher Harris
  2. Was thinking about going but not paying 23 quid to our squad players get a run out
  3. Get half of that end but it’s on Sky so probably make general saie.
  4. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Reach Hutchinson Bannan Harris Fletcher Murphy
  5. Not a clue and would have thought so.
  6. Sorted mine today. Looking forward to it.
  7. Thought one or two of the first team would get a run out considering the league cup game has been postponed. Thought it would have been ideal for Winnall, Penney, Thorniley etc
  8. Could still move him on if a foreign team come in for him. Not entirely impossible.
  9. Stoke probably looking for a new manager soon too.
  10. Don’t want him now. He had ample time to consider and it’s obvious hearts not in it. Move on
  11. I thought Reach played well yesterday. I think that’s his best position driving through midfield. Great to have 5 or 6 players who are able to play that central midfield role.
  12. He’s a lot better footballer then he gets credit for on here. Very intelligent at linking up play and great to see 2 wingers running in behind him. The set up that Bullens implemented suits him down to the ground. Hope he stays fit because none of our other central strikers are anywhere near his standard.
  13. Never seen a Wednesday team press with that intensity for a full game. Brilliant to see and so clear to see how much fitter the players are this season. Very impressed today.
  14. Excellent today and back to full fitness. Embarrassed of myself for writing him off.
  15. is there anything to stop the club building a brick wall to segregate the land behind the leppings lane end or would that just make things worse?
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