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  1. Brilliant! Can’t wait to get back. Going to move away from the peasants on the kop.
  2. Just got back from the pub and thought I’d read how owlstalk has reacted to the game to find the usual suspects having the same argument again about taking the knee or not, bore off. Anyway, great start to the tournament for England, thought we looked really solid defensively and controlled the game throughout. We’ve beaten the finalist of the World Cup who taught us a lesson in Russia, we never looked this assured against any above average sided in the World Cup. France look a very good team on paper but we shouldn’t fear anyone in this tournament.
  3. That image will stick with me for a long time. Really feared he was dead.
  4. Jesus, i despair at times. That was from the heart.
  5. I feel sick to my stomach. Awful.
  6. Big fan of the stadium in Copenhagen. Old school.
  7. They were both pulling on the shirts.
  8. Switzerland look miles the better side in the early stages of this.
  9. Wales Switzerland this afternoon got all the hallmarks of a nil niller.
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