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  1. I'll make a judgement 10 games in, he had a cracking end of season last year, and results have changed this season once he stamped some authority.... We're in a tricky spot, and currently seems like he might be best placed to get us out of it...
  2. I'm overjoyed he's signed though, and I look forward to them all constantly trying to outdo each other again
  3. He is at the moment, but we've not seen Hooper and Lee for nearly a year, kind of skews things...
  4. Beatpusher

    The Abdinator!

    That's absolutely mad, wtf has been going on??
  5. Beatpusher


    have they actually?
  6. Beatpusher


    We're either on the cusp of an embargo, or actually under one, unless we sell one of our prized assets (FF, BB, TL, or KW) we can't sign anyone, and if we try, the EFL won't ratify it...
  7. Beatpusher


    is it not the same lad that got banned for the Alan Irvine sacking hoax?
  8. Beatpusher


    I'd be utterly amazed if this was true, nobody who buys us can invest in players for at least 2 years
  9. Beatpusher


    I quite like Palmer, but no flipping clue what he was thinking for the first goal. Whole defence seemed to stand still...
  10. Beatpusher


    He was a necessary addition when we were woefully short in midfield. In a fully fit squad, he'd be on the bench, but he's not a bad player at all, and we're likely going to have to rely on him as the season progresses, and slating him is counter-productive...
  11. Beatpusher

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

    Was going to say the same, is that Fraser Preston? did he play well?
  12. blown away by how good a deal this is for us
  13. Beatpusher

    Breaking news, coming up

    Get in...
  14. Can't help but feel letting him rot for most of the season will come back to bite us in the tribunal...
  15. Beatpusher


    And those are?