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  1. I think that's fair enough. Worth a punt next season imo
  2. The only "talismanic" striker I can think of who didn't want to go was Hooper?
  3. Yes, we should probably give him a chance.
  4. He played 25 games in Mexico 3 years ago, and did well
  5. Everyone who's worked with him in those 7 years has said he needs a run of games, something he's only been able to do a couple of times, for a variety of reasons. Fully fit he walks into our midfield, he's available, seemingly willing to come, and prefers to leave on good terms and find another club if it's not working out. What's the harm in trying?
  6. Feel like I'm getting deja vu here, but since 2014 Morrison has played for: Lazio: Had problems with living abroad, asked to leave and wasn't considered for selection (along with 3 other players). QPR (Loan): Lacked fitness and couldn't break into the team, played 5 times Atlas (Loan): Played 25 Games, and did exceptionally well by all accounts, there was a change of coach and couple of injuries and he went back to Lazio Ostersund: Short term deal, played 9 games, they loved him there, but they couldn't afford to keep him and Premier League teams were sniffing around Sheffield U
  7. Interesting article from someone who coached him recently https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ravel-morrison-sheffield-united-david-preece-ostersund-manchester-united-alex-ferguson
  8. ADO Den Haag cited technical reasons regarding his fitting into the system from what I'd heard, they praised his attitude and work rate (something other clubs have gone on the record to say the same) https://talksport.com/football/815853/man-utd-ravel-morrison-ado-den-haag/ He's got a bad reputation from stupid mistakes as a kid, but from all accounts he's moved away from that crowd. He was treated awfully by Allardyce at West Ham when he was on the verge of an England call up, for refusing to leave his agent to join the one representing Allardyce. https://theathletic.co.uk/24
  9. I've previously advocated signing him, he's got a great deal of talent, has turned his life around by all accounts, and his most recent brush with the law turned out to be a false accusation (proven by CCTV footage submitted on the first day of the trial). Not sure how fit he'll be or if it's worth it for 10 games though...
  10. There's a pretty solid case for him being the best player we've had since we were in the Premier League, definitely my favourite player since then. Thought he did well enough at the back end of last season for another year, but seems like that wasn't an option Seem to remember his Dad comes on here, so I hope the well wishes are passed on, doesn't feel right we've not been able to give him a proper send off.
  11. Really disappointed, thought we'd hired a manager who'd be able to shake the Doyen stranglehold, and probably turn us into a semi competitive side in a season or two. If the rumours of Morais are true, we're in real ******** trouble.
  12. Incredible. We sack the guy with a proven track record of keeping clubs in our position up, and hire a guy with a track record of taking them down. We're absolutely fizzed
  13. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/pulis-reading-shaw-iorfa-bannan-19388338 "The changes were tactical, although Barry Bannan has got a right kick on his ankle and we will have to wait and see what he is like with the games coming quick. Barry will most probably be in treatment (tomorrow), he’s got some swelling and he’s very sore. There was no way I was going to keep him on, he wanted to stay on, but there was no way. We need him. He’s an important player for this football club."
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