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  1. China are seeing a drop in cases because they realised how serious a threat this was, and initiated an unprecedented quarantine on an entire region, built two(!!!!) 1000 bed hospitals, and introduced stringent controls throughout the rest of the country. They bought time for the rest of us, but quite frankly dangerous views, scarily similar to yours actually, have pervaded by the people in charge throughout Europe and the US, and we have squandered that time. This isn't just a bad cold or flu, there's a huge disparity of symptoms, most will have mild issues, but as many as 20% of cases require hospital treatment, which overwhelmingly means viral Pneumonia, which means Intensive Care and Ventilators, something which this country is in short supply of. Purchasing ventilators now is going to be extremely difficult, as every country on earth will be attempting to do the same. Not all the people who require hospital treatment will be the elderly or unwell either, they're just the ones at a disadvantage when fighting the infection. There's a first hand account from a doctor in Italy doing the rounds, you should read it: https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-italian-doctor-says-fighting-covid-19-outbreak-is-like-war-11954229 Also, there's absolutely no evidence that this Coronavirus dies at 25 degrees, so please stop repeating that, the spread in countries where the temperature has been exceeding 30C would suggest that's absolute nonsense.
  2. It's being made a big deal out of because it's easily transmittable, we have no immunity, no direct treatment, it has the potential to put large amounts of people into Intensive Care at the same time, and can be fatal to the elderly and already unwell. When you begin to add the societal, economic, and political issues that are on the way because of this, it's very worrying indeed. This absolutely isn't media hysteria.
  3. 4-0 to leyton orient was pretty bad
  4. Argentine Winger, signed... https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/argentina-winger-signs-for-wednesday/
  5. £3 million https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united-news-marcelo-bielsa-16868128
  6. I believe they're paying him £2 million a season
  7. bit weird to assume this was a constraint pushed onto any potential manager, having someone with his knowledge of the squad is a massive plus
  8. From his description of him, sounds similar to Lee
  9. Just asked my QPR supporting mate at work about Luongo and his face dropped, said he's their best player, should be in the premier league.
  10. Think we're just poo out of luck on this one. He's the perfect manager for us, at this point in time, and even with our current constraints, he fancied it, cos he thought we could have a real good go... Unfortunately for us, one of the few jobs he couldn't turn down came calling. Nowt to do with loyalty or whatever, we'll get our cash, and we move on, hopefully to bigger and better...
  11. Selective quoting in that article, his contract was up https://www.svt.se/sport/allsvenskan/morrison-lamnar-ostersund-ett-avslutat-kapitel?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app "According to Niclas Lidström, the club has been happy with Morrison and he, in turn, has enjoyed his surroundings. The reason why there will be no extension will have to do with all the injuries that Morrison has had and the salary. - He has been injured a lot, which has been difficult for the club and for himself. He couldn't do himself justice, says Niclas Lidström."
  12. I don't think there's been any suggestion his attitude has been a problem from QPR onwards has there? he's struggled with injuries, and the language barrier was a problem at Lazio, which is hardly uncommon with English footballers abroad.
  13. Amazed that's still up, considering he was acquitted when CCTV proved they'd made the whole thing up. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/ravel-morrison-cleared-west-ham-midfielder-has-assault-charges-dropped-9979925.html Wish we were looking at him to be honest, fantastic talent, who has put a significant amount of effort in to turning his life around. What Allardyce did to him at West Ham was disgusting... https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/feb/15/ravel-morrison-west-ham-united-waste
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