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  1. anyone got a gif of him coming round after being knocked out?
  2. I thought it would work out, we finished so well last season, seemed to turn Nuhiu into a goal machine, and we had a decentish start this season... Matias and Forestieri getting injured seemed to absolutely ruin it for him, and wasn't able to get results back on track. Wish him all the best...
  3. Absolutely zero. worth a read... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/18/newcastle-united-amanda-staveley-mike-ashley-unusual-case
  4. Great isn't it? makes me absolutely certain we'll hire Bruno Lage
  5. he caught him, there was no intent, but there was enough contact to bring him down, right decision... we should have had one the other end on Lees though..
  6. Great defensive display, Dawson catching the ball on crosses.... Not being able to keep the ball when trying to attack is a real worry though, and I'm sure it was tactical, but not pressing them until they got into the the final third made the performance look much worse than it actually was....
  7. Either the OP made a great guess, or it's worrying that the team was leaked...
  8. lose two games and this place is an utter poo show... I'd be comfortable with Bruce as manager if he had cash to throw at it, but he won't, and that's the reason he wouldn't take it...
  9. Reachs was great, but McGinns is up there will some of the all time great volleys, no comparison.... (Voted Reach)
  10. Commentary is terrible, and the camera work isn't much better
  11. paid for ifollow, won't let me watch it for some reason, keeps asking me to pay again when I hit Watch Live.... Any streams with commentary?
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