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  1. Beatpusher

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

    Was going to say the same, is that Fraser Preston? did he play well?
  2. blown away by how good a deal this is for us
  3. Beatpusher

    Breaking news, coming up

    Get in...
  4. Can't help but feel letting him rot for most of the season will come back to bite us in the tribunal...
  5. Beatpusher


    And those are?
  6. Beatpusher

    Liam Palmer

    Played well, and more than capable as cover for Hunt. Gets a lot of unfair stick...
  7. Beatpusher

    Hooper joint top scorer

    Absolutely lethal, and has a lot more to his game than just goals.. What a player...
  8. Had doubts after Hull, but I actually wanted him gone after Brighton last season.
  9. Draw at home, lose away looking at his record at Sporting and Besiktas...
  10. Beatpusher

    MoM player ratings etc

    I'm probably missing a few out as well, nobody played poorly...
  11. Beatpusher

    MoM player ratings etc

    Bannon edged it for me, but Reach, Fletcher, Pudil and Jones were all great...
  12. Beatpusher

    Fessi swap deal?

    he's a very good footballer at this level, but he'd probably be a bench player for most lower prem sides, and he's certainly no Di Canio.. If we get 10+ million to sell him to a prem team, it's a no brainer...
  13. Beatpusher

    Robert Snodgrass

    We do need all of those things, but we need some creativity, and we need a dead ball specialist..... If he's available, he should be our number one target...
  14. Beatpusher

    FF to Brighton

    If he wants to go, let him. He brings more to the side working from the left, he doesn't want to do it, it detracts from our proper strikers and we look poo when we try and accommodate him
  15. Beatpusher

    Robert Snodgrass

    10000% the signing we need. Would be amazed if he drops down a league though...