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Man City - FA Cup ticket details

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Tuesday 11 February: All Season Ticket holders and Members can purchase one ticket per ID Number.


All unclaimed seats will be released at 9.00am on Wednesday 19 February and there will be a further two days of sale for Season ticket holders and Members still to purchase.


Friday 21 February 9.00am: Supporters with 50 or more Ticket Priority Points


Monday 24 February 9.00am: Supporters with 30 or more


Monday 24 February 2.00pm: Supporters with 20 or more


Tuesday 25 February 9.00am: Supporters with 10 or more


Wednesday 26 February 9.00am: All supporters who were registered on the SWFC database prior to 24 January 2020.


Tickets will be available to purchase in person at the Ticket Office, by telephone on 03700 201867, option 1 (£2 booking fee per ticket) or at the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop

Season Ticket holders will have the ability to load their ticket to their season card providing they purchase the same seat and this is done prior to the seat release on 19 February.

Sale restrictions are in place for this fixture, with tickets available only to supporters who were registered on the SWFC database prior to 24 January.

All supporters who attend this game will receive 10 Ticket Priority Points – CLICK HERE for more information on Ticket Priority Points.

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17 hours ago, jomaco said:

In all seriousness, does the "need to be registered prior to..." still apply - it seems I can select two seats to purchase without that, it's just that I doubt the people I'll go with are registered as I normally get them tickets if they come

It's to stop away fans going on home end as far as I'm aware. 

Man city sold 4500 so they would be a few trying on home end but with these restrictions it means they cant. 

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9 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

Well it is on TV, after all, so what do people expect ?






TV or not playing one of top and best teams in Europe I would expect this to be very close to a sell out. 

Tickets are not dirt cheap but at £25 adults and only £5 for kids we ought to be having more fans attending, unlikely but lets just hope some decide to go at last minute, a good win tomorrow might help.


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