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  1. Seems so, if it's taken this long, can't exactly be clear cut good point though, surely has to be beyond reasonable doubt...
  2. Imagine wondering whether you'd be happy with a Championship front two of Rhodes/Wickham a few years ago... (quite a few years ago perhaps) ...well we have a few games to find out, let's hope you're right!
  3. 8/40 successful crosses on the stats sums that area up lots of chances to make chances at least...
  4. let's see what we can do in the last 15/20 though, surely deserve something from this
  5. haha, will give it a go this is why I'm thinking half time songs though
  6. Thanks! Just seen that thread on intimidating the away team songs - I'd like to try a version of We Are The Owls haha, not sure how that will go. I love some of the old stuff though.
  7. It might be a daft idea, maybe I'm going mad with the lack of gigs, but I'm thinking of doing a Sheff Wed themed livestream gig. It would be songs that have been played at half time, before the game etc., e.g. Hi Ho Silver Lining, Hey Jude, I Fought The Law, Singing The Blues, these are the ones that stand out for me. This will be on acoustic guitar, so looking forward at the very least to some mad suggestions of things difficult to do on acoustic guitar, but maybe also some good ones for the gig if I go ahead and do it. Any suggestions? What's your favourite half time song? I've put this in the music section, but happy for it to get moved if it sounds fun and more people might want to get involved, or not fun at all. Cheers!
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