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  1. Held it up, played it, moved forward, expecting at least a half decent cross to come in at least a few times, never comes, what else can he do
  2. Yeah Harris I was annoyed at not Rhodes, got to put it in the box
  3. maybe had a party and got covid, jeopardizing the whole plan we have going
  4. There's not too many clubs who can say they've done nothing wrong, any club in the division would gladly break FFP if it meant going to premier league and many have
  5. And he'll probably end up leaving for nothing having not even given him a run of games
  6. He did actually do it again last match didn't he? I looked out for this time after you said.
  7. If we're doing badly, you'd get paid to attend based on the per-goal-conceded pricing options.
  8. Two out of Penney, Reach, Odubajo on the wings for me
  9. Agree, that's been my preferred lineup since start of season, wish he'd kept with it for a bit longer
  10. think it might be as another poster said, at the time of the offence it wasn't -12 set in stone
  11. If someone has the paint skills to make it say SWFC 1 EFL 0 at the bottom that would be great Or maybe SWFC 0 EFL 6..... hmm, perhaps this won't work after all
  12. I know what the press conference is about, Chansiri to announce that we are bringing out the lawyers to contest the 6 point deduction
  13. Great one, possibly my favorite OMDT ever, Wednesdayites everywhere are out in force now we're on our knees, with a bit of passion!!!! Let's get excited one more time, we could see 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 goals tonight, who knows... or we could even win. If we lose, then I expect Monk to swear his head off in the post match interview and then I daresay we'll do it all again until at least Christmas! That's my attempt at drumming up some support.
  14. could go with penney instead of one of them, at least penney can cross
  15. exactly, it's not worked out but I don't have a problem with him personally
  16. better, lot of space just inside their half to drive at the moment
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