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  1. Saw it kick off. Lad got bashed up for bad mouthing Bannan - it’ll be the same prats that boo the knee before kick off. Stewards were absolutely useless. That north stand is riddled with pond life.
  2. Up until the winner, what was enjoyable about that?
  3. Why on earth didn't we plonk him on the 65yr old left back dean lewington?
  4. Who signed this deal off!! He urt his leg!!
  5. Lol. win our next 3 games and we'll be on our way back etc
  6. Booking to Paterson for diving if owt, never in a million years was it a penalty.
  7. Couldnt give a flying about the entrances to & from the stadium. What wound me up today was the booing of the knee and the racists remarks to our own players/manager - heard loud on clear on the north stand. Some absolute cretins follow us about.
  8. Kin hell, are we questioning Moore after 7 games? he was the best thing since sliced bread after the Rotherham win
  9. Play 2 miss a few, bet he's not on peanuts either.
  10. They all spend, City are just good at/with it
  11. Big strong boy be another great option on either flank
  12. Christ, when can we stop banging on about this bloke?
  13. 8 months here and all i remember him for is a tidy finish against non-league Alfreton in pre-season
  14. So Moore had seen enough, guess he's a 'hater' aswell eh?
  15. Hearing Tenerife is slowly opening back up and tempted to book for the end of Sept, although I'm totally unsure of how busy/normal things are atm and whether it would be worth it
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