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  1. We'll soon have more red cards than goals at this rate.
  2. They should be paying us to watch at the moment.
  3. How long before he falls out with Pulis? Ridiculous situation.
  4. Apart from one season with Carlos the football has been dire for years so there won't be any difference in my opinion.
  5. Some frightening names on list. It might not be pretty under Pulis but it's not like we have to physically witness it at the moment.
  6. Loved those crazy runs he used to go on down the left wing. Never seemed to end up going anywhere in particular.
  7. Can you imagine paying £40 to watch a side managed by Pulis?
  8. Please not Pulis in his stupid baseball cap and who does press conferences standing up ffs?
  9. Then he'll fall out with new manager.
  10. Points deduction, relegation candidates, average players, out of touch owner etc. Hardly an attractive job in my opinion.
  11. That list is totally underwhelming to be honest but we have to be realistic. Managers aren't going to be queuing up to come to Hillsborough.
  12. Don't know why some are saying its sad for Monk to be losing his job, journeyman managers like him always seem to walk into another job eventually.
  13. Its not an occasional Sky Sports pundit for nothing..
  14. I especially like the coats (easily found in Sheffield Market) with a cheap Wednesday badge sewn on. Yours for £60. Absolute tat.
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