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  1. We simply don't have players good enough.
  2. They probably all knew that he was wanted by The Massive and it was coming to an end at Donny.
  3. I've said it before but why do people let this clown get to em?
  4. It's not that bad. Just one question, who are they?
  5. Looks like the type of bloke you wouldn't mess with. Let's hope he can sort this shower out quickly and at least give us a shot at staying up. Good luck Darren, you're going to need it.
  6. It won't register on any meter but respect for giving it a go.
  7. Even Ipswich fans set fire to their training ground, although it was accidentally and they did apologise.
  8. Harrogate have outside shot at promotion which would be a good day out.
  9. Thank God I haven't got a single penny invested in that basket case of a football club.
  10. We barely had a shot today, at home to a team who have been sharp decline. We're cooked I'm afraid.
  11. It's better than nowt, if you can't get Radio Sheffield or don't want to waste a tenner.
  12. Commentary of Birmingham match on Talksport 2 tomorrow.
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