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  1. Exactly, that in the photo isn't a burger Looks horrible anyway to me I'm siding with the grumpy old men on this.
  2. If we win this and the league gets voided, not a bad season at all for the owls
  3. That's the problem with this, we wouldn't actually be in any financial trouble if it wasn't for the EFL - and we've barely spent anything on player purchases for the last 2 seasons, you could even argue some of the players we did buy were due to a ridiculous injury situation - so we've complied with EFL and then tried to resolve the situation further with the ground sale, which other clubs have done too. I always thought FFP was changed to P&S because it is isn't FFP when clubs get parachute payments, but P&S is ridiculous because heaping fines and point deductions on clubs helps no one, especially the fans, compared to punishing owners that have for example allegedly messed up the timing (not to mention the fact most fans were extremely dubious of selling the stadium in the first place).
  4. If only we hadn't done that, we might not be in this mess
  5. There was a bit of togetherness back, I really thought we'd come back to league stronger, but unfortunately Brentford not the best team to play at the minute (although I am not sure who I do fancy our chances against right now!)
  6. I agree, although that same thing also means it is possible to voice an opinion on things that might not otherwise be possible, and to communicate with people across the world and find answers to questions - the internet really is an amazing thing in that sense, but it can also go the wrong way as well as you say
  7. Yes, he is a very experienced player, whereas a young player is still trying to work out themselves whether they are any good or not. For him to say they are straight on it really highlights the problem. And I guess it is not surprising, we're always checking our phones - you have to be strong to get out of that habit and only use it when you actually want to.
  8. I don't know how they've got 20 shots down, mostly they passed it about and we didn't let them create anything
  9. Sorry? I was agreeing with you (I thought?) I'm going tonight, I don't have to listen to Lawro, great
  10. Haha, might have been the better option... There'll be plenty of space where I am on the kop
  11. Never attempt to swap seats by phone, email, or even twitter... jesus christ, the ticket office is a black hole - by all accounts they can't be that busy...
  12. perhaps people got used to drawing the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, but it doesn't happen every year
  13. Ah yes, same wavelength here If Lawro isn't a reason to get a ticket then I don't know what is.
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