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  1. Wow we actually did it, well done Wednesday! Last time I checked thread seemed a tough ask, but a few keen on 16-1
  2. Fair comment, it has to be a good cdm challenging for a place
  3. I think we should keep him unless we get a crazy offer what's the point when he's apparently found out how to score again
  4. Hmm.. we def need a cover cdm for hutch Other that than I think our squad's pretty good Hector would make it better though
  5. I wouldn't complain if we got rid of a striker or two, it's just getting in a better replacement that might be tricky - if we can make space for one low cost gamble though, could pay off.
  6. Pace upfront if someone leaves, most concerned about cdm cover myself at the moment, JP is doing well but is it enough if hutch is injured
  7. Our squad + hector and another cdm, is looking good indeed If we keep Rhodes and get him firing plus goals from Joao and Reach, we've got enough there too (...and if Nuhiu recaptures his form from a couple of years ago, possibly there's at least another 20 to 30 goals as well lol) I think we need to work hard to get some players out on loan though (kirby/baker?)
  8. I thought when I saw the kit that you'd be pleased! I knew it was going to be a good year.
  9. No doubt it would have been 2-1 to them if Bruce was still here, glad to be rid of him
  10. Still looking forward to the new season, we've got a good squad here and every chance!
  11. one other idea - perhaps the story was an attempt to make us rush into accepting a bad deal, but was just published late
  12. I know you're joking, but this is Wednesday so it's a very realistic suggestion
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