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  1. Forestieri's for me, was stunned at the time, and watching it back was even more impressed on the first viewing, determined to get a shot away Loved Reach's vs. Leeds though
  2. not sure we can justify signing him unless it's a free on reasonable wages, or a loan
  3. He's just stirring the pot, but seems no one is buying it Clearly just targeting potential rivals
  4. The EFL said stop taking the p*ss, and we have plus, this is brought up now, now we finally have a few players coming back after a ridiculous injury situation, presumably because he's worried about boro's chances next year
  5. We've spent like 500k and sold Jack Hunt, not exactly took the mick this season have we
  6. A paper ticket will be issued for collection... bought yesterday online assumed this meant for collection at Carrow Road? (sure this was the case at Ipswich a few years ago when purchased late) - if not looks like I'm not going
  7. true, you could say play joao 90mins every game would he get more than rhodes? perhaps
  8. tough one, if we can't recoup the money then I'll go for rhodes, otherwise Nuhiu Rhodes has the biggest potential to score us the goals we need, if we can't get the money to buy someone with a better chance of that then the likelihood is we'll keep him (reckon we'll keep Nuhiu also though)
  9. Reckon this will make it to general?
  10. His finishing has improved massively, if had a season where he just went for it, would be great to see. I wasn't sure a few years ago, too wasteful with chances, but the way his finishing has improved in particular suggests he actually has it in him, if only...
  11. That does sound entertaining, maybe it's best if they get promoted haha
  12. Yeah, it's annoying for a player like Bannan when no one makes that run or at least moves to a position where the pass is possible, Hooper can do that
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