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  1. Yeah he said so in post match interview, Fletch was hamstring I think
  2. Exactly. If an owner gives a club £50M what is the problem spending that if the rules are indeed only in place to ensure clubs do not go under?
  3. Used up all their goals in one game, very foolish
  4. Yeah and the hirst thing, if we got money for that for instance might have been helpful - the EFL/PL should have come down strong on that one, might be wrong but not heard anything myself we get punished for another loophole people have used - they signed it off, and now with gibson's complaints looked at it trying to find something wrong Can only support the club and see where we end up on this one!
  5. I don't see how they can't give us points, they've impacted on player, fan and staff morale, and therefore performance
  6. I mean we'll probably screw up but it's going to be an epic journey, and hopefully we'll be top of the prem by then.
  7. Let the decade long saga commence. We pay top wack for this entertainment, enjoy it lads.
  8. But we don't tend to sell players, so Burnley can assume when we do it'll have to be good
  9. No problems with him going for the headed pen. Might catch the attention of a few recruits in Jan too.
  10. We had a run of a few unfortunate results, but we're not far off playoff spots still, if we can tick over when it's not coming off and still not be far away then we'll probably be in with a shout. We've got a better squad than last year.
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