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  1. jomaco


    In Jos we trust
  2. I agree, can't see him going, needs a bit of luck at the moment, hopefully matias stays fit and we cut out the defensive errors... fingers crossed
  3. It's so he can go on stage with everyone else separated off with a wall of bouncers 1000 fans chanting Gunna be a great game this one
  4. jomaco

    Westwood to Weeds

    I guess we don't know if he doesn't play, perhaps he'll get a chance vs. Luton or something, but would that be unfair on Wildsmith? If (big if) KW is back in with a shout then Wildmith might need to go on loan, because he looks a great prospect too.
  5. jomaco

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Yeah doesn't look the best, will have stick to floating some over the top
  6. jomaco

    4-4-2 Solid

    Onomah and Hutch, now that would be nice
  7. jomaco

    Bannan Injured

    We'll have to play Hutch!
  8. jomaco

    Wednesday Giveaway Prize

    I honestly read that as westwood giveaway prize, which might be true by the time it happens
  9. jomaco

    Jordan Rhodes

    Good point, he'll surely hit some better form and could get his confidence back. ...but let's hope we stay in champ
  10. jomaco

    Jordan Rhodes

    I think we're better off keeping him, if we get 2m or something like that, or the money goes to boro etc. as people are saying, then the question is, is he worth 2m? If so, then perhaps he should stay, but I think this all depends on the fitness of hooper, winnall, as we may want to invest elsewhere, no matter how small a fee, if we become overloaded with options up front again. I hope we get Winnall back soon, then he has half a season to show what he can do, and will make the decision easier.
  11. jomaco

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    I think questions like this are the best bet, best to bring some humour into the affair - or lots of humour, many such questions said with a straight face
  12. jomaco

    When Jos is gone

    I don't think he'll go or be sacked
  13. jomaco

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    I could see it being a good game too, they're doing decent and have got momentum, and we're due to play some great football on the way to winning the fa cup