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  1. He can feasibly not give that, so why give it? Ruin the game
  2. I think they didn't, but this new guy came in and wanted something to do
  3. Yeah I've always thought the prem clubs have no interest in a team like Wednesday or Leeds doing well, despite most fans wanting big clubs in the prem
  4. Perhaps he didn't get the memo that it all wasn't to be taken too seriously.... Or you know Rick, everyone is gunna end up getting a points deduction...
  5. Well if he stays here he looks set to retain no.1 spot, he'll improve faster in the champ I reckon
  6. If they say well now we'll punish you even if you get to the PL then, surely it would be too late to implement that? If us (or others) then why not Wolves who it looks like were the worst offenders? It's gunna get messy...
  7. Imagine being brought with phones though, their whole purpose is to distract your attention = £s
  8. Maybe that's the idea, the only people who will end up buying one or sending money transfer fees to the overseas banker so he can wire you the £1M inheritance you're owed are those who are just confused as hell
  9. Well Monk didn't mess about with Odubajo if he is indeed transfer listed, and he isn't particularly endeared to FF by sounds of it
  10. Brilliant, and it's on continuous replay in this thread. Gunna take up a lot of man hours
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