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  1. To prevent this kind of thing I have a crap car, if you can get in it the grand prize a few flat footballs and frustrating afternoon when the car doesn't start
  2. jomaco


    Exactly, I hate to play football when the ref doesn't see anything, like getting your head chucked into the side board in 5 a side, or players using their arms grabbing the opposition's necks. I like to play fair - but when the ref allows the opposition to do things like that it's not possible to focus on playing football. It's fine being strong, I like a good battle, it's when it progresses into blatant trying to get away with cheating little fouls. Lees could have scored. Anyway, that moves Ayala into joint top position with Sergio Ramos, you can guess what the table is for. Congratulations Daniel Ayala.
  3. jomaco

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I was just looking back at that, ayala grabs him by the neck and then someone else pushes him down as far as I recall, can't understand the decision, Lees might have scored had ayala not done that, but maybe I saw it wrong...
  4. jomaco

    Team for Boro

    We'll win the league with that team, don't know about the game
  5. Even in it's current state, Hillsborough looks great to me. It would be magnificent with renovation. I kind of like the basic facilities anyway. It's a football stadium not a shopping centre.
  6. i'd still rather stay at Hillsborough, I don't know if it would be more expensive to update it, but if it is then it is worth the extra money
  7. I guess Wednesday gets more fans from like Fulwood and Beauchief etc., extending from there to Chapeltown, Parsons Cross etc. United moreso from South East Sheffield, but perhaps also around Meadowhall area People move around a bit more now though as thewookie says
  8. If we get promoted, gradually carry out the world cup plans - all good Looked amazing, would be one of the best grounds in the country
  9. jomaco

    33-1 for promotion

    I put some on at 200/1 and 150/1, used free bet as well, if we win the league will be laughing, worth a go
  10. Yes, well done Wednesday!
  11. don't panic we always give them a lifeline
  12. we'll let him off for this performance, pretty bad apart from 2 goals oh god triple sub again, f off
  13. had an awful game joao, doesn't look interested