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  1. I agree, have to see the details to make sense of it. If it's a fair reason, then will have to just take it on the chin, if not then appeal. As you say the mistake was we've spent too much and not sold any players etc. If we avoid the 12 pts it's still a bad sign - hopefully lessons learnt though - it seems we have it's just hard to turn things around.
  2. That's my view also, it doesn't add up. Based on the statement alone, we shouldn't get a points deduction and EFL has to admit they made a mistake in allowing it. We'll see what the reasons are though - my guess is that the email exchange was misinterpreted as having approved what we went ahead and did, and it's been decided that we genuinely acted in good faith upon it. That's the only way I can see being cleared of bad faith but still getting the points deduction.
  3. it could go on and on e.g. we could argue that if it had been decided sooner and we knew we'd be going down then we would have gained more points etc. as teams at the bottom pick up
  4. Yeah, I mean I've no idea if Parry changed things or not, but it just seemed we were on a reasonably good footing with the EFL, and then all this. It's a good point, perhaps we might have breached the season after anyway given the salaries we'd committed to. I guess it's a short space of time to try and change things when we've gone wrong but it is what it is.
  5. Obviously I'd rather we didn't break FFP in the first place, and sold a few players etc. but it seemed we were doing the right things and moving to a new strategy. Then Parry comes in and it all goes to pieces by the looks of it.
  6. It doesn't add up, if it was allowed then that's that, it seems it was or we would have been done for trying to mislead the EFL. I don't see how the EFL can then turn around and say sorry you have to move the sale to the next year after all and so you now broke FFP. Until we see the details, to me the only conclusion based on the statement is that there should no points deduction and EFL has to accept their previous lack of oversight.
  7. proper classic the one you drew in school and stuff, getting used to the new one but still prefer
  8. I agree, referee is part of the game he makes the decisions, it's just part of football I don't like VAR. Goal line technology I didn't mind, but they obviously need to do some more testing - having said that 1 in 7000 or whatever is a pretty low failure rate, so perhaps just has to be accepted ...or you could say what's point, just leave it to the ref
  9. hope the wind doesn't mess things up for reach this evening
  10. yayy more football-related entertainment
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