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  1. E-cash

    I think we need to accept litecoin, first all crypto stadium in the country.
  2. I think their predictive model leans too far towards the results so far this season.
  3. Nope, Hillsborough plans looked great to me
  4. I think a lot of people have descended into apathy on this one - what will be will be, hope he stays but if he doesn't want to stay and play for the club we think he loves then so be it.
  5. Adam Reach goal video

    Wallace's touch wasn't half bad as well. He does some crucial stuff, let's not forget - makes some of his great play look easy at times. If him and palmer interchange in that position, and/or palmer at right back if hunt is injured, that will work for me - palmer comes in if we need a bit more athleticism perhaps?
  6. Seems like a good lad Chansiri. Doyen OTOH need to be rid of.
  7. Palmer

    I thought he played very well, showed a lot of promise in that position as an alternative to wallace (not that i don't rate wallace) - obviously a shame he didn't score, but apart from that

    I really hope he goes on to do well from this. I'd love him to have success here.
  9. Lol, that has to be sped up? The defenders are like usain bolt, and he accelerates like a motorbike If not, get him signed up!
  10. I guess this is a question - it seems those that have bought are happy with the quality from what I've read on here.
  11. It's time for Joao

    He's shown intent when he's come on. I think he's improved a lot, and may surprise a few. His confident finish against Leeds says a lot - I felt for him and did not enjoy watching him miss two sitters right in front of goal last season, at that point I thought he needed to build up some confidence, but perhaps he has moved up a level? - perhaps why he's started getting a few chances again?
  12. Wallace a winger ?

    I think Wallace has been great for us at times, and has scored some crucial goals, but if we had a fairly young pacy winger (as others have suggested) we could change things around completely if things aren't working out - and that player would get game time when the system with Wallace isn't going to plan. I do like Wallace though, he's got a bit of nous
  13. I thought this was a wind up too. You know why there's so many people in the shop though, because no one has any faith that any more will turn up.