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  1. that's got me thinking, how long before clubs have an investment department? If they're any good can post a big profit and beat the P&S. SWFC and Chansiri going all in on gold/silver with the stadium money.
  2. I used to do that, I stopped after I didn't play it for at least 3 years
  3. I wish he'd just stuck with rhodes and windass tbh, either penney or reach on left
  4. have to prove their doing something perhaps haha
  5. We have fewer numbers but I still feel the right decision and instinct is to close the player with the ball down as #1 priority, even if that leaves 2 on 3 on the left, if he flicks the ball over there then so be it, we can chase down again, but there's no chance for recovery from letting a cross go in unchallenged, it just comes down to whoever heads the ball first
  6. If your only player who can head the ball is off the pitch, you gotta make sure you close down the crosses
  7. Same, was shouting get out to him before he even received the ball For me, someone should have started closing him down as soon as the pass was made, that's where the danger was (the man with the ball!)
  8. thought just once we might do it, then we just let them put a cross in about 10 seconds from end
  9. I read that as get the 12 points deduction done/over with in 6 games i.e. 12 points in the first 6 games, so we need to win our next 3
  10. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner (or van Aken) Odubajo Luongo Brown Bannan Penney Rhodes Windass
  11. often watched the first 30 then came back for the last 20/30, last season - can't count the number of times i switched back on to see us lose and in complete contrast to the first oh well, next game
  12. proper disappointing, at the start seemed we might be able to control the game but didn't happen
  13. He's OK just not going to make things happen I'd still go with Odubajo and Penney
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