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  1. Man, for those particular incidents it's like the first time the refs watched a game of football or something
  2. He's like a mighty oak with pace
  3. Harris draws them all into that corner, Bannan definitely wants that ball - no one in sight of him! Great goal.
  4. I think if we have Reach on the other wing, they'll have a different kind of problem though, leave him in space and he'll score from 20,30,40,50 yards... mark them both and the space opens for Bannan to cross it onto Fletcher's head. Mark them all and Lee sneaks in between their defenders. Wouldn't like to be the opposition!
  5. I guess it's because in that sort of position he often flies the ball over the net, but... they haven't taken into account he can also choose to cross the ball
  6. No one reacted including the players becasuse the odd cross gets messed up, that's how it goes, pros just get on with it
  7. he'll get his chance like winnall, and hopefully he takes it
  8. Harris has to be one of the best wingers in the division, no idea how we got him Wouldn't want to be right back against him that's for sure!
  9. Certain he'll have a part to play, we've got a good squad here and we'll need them all
  10. A fantastic analysis. I've given you a medal that apparently means "Thanks" I just don't know why, and I've never had chance to bring it up before
  11. Found this one very difficult to choose, normally that's because it was a terrible game, but in this case it's because we performed well as a team. For me anyone one out of Hutch, Borner, Bannan, Harris, Iorfa could have got it, and then you have to again give credit to Fletcher...and Winnall, what a crucial time to score when Huddersfield were starting to press.... not to forget that important save from Westwood as well! That's not the say it was a perfect performance, but we made it look fairly easy in the end
  12. Odubajo frightened me as well, but he grew into it, and fair play to him for coming back with a decent performance after those mistakes he made
  13. Agree, he's a great asset to have off the bench. Not so much time wasting, as time using - just shielding the ball etc.
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