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  1. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    yeah, in fairness to OP is a bit sandy closest to camera seen worse though this time of year
  2. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    He's done a bloody good job there
  3. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    I always seemed to get put on the wing at that pitch up stannington where it rolls down the hill and the wind always blows down hill
  4. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    Definitely, there were times I didn't see a blade of grass for months haha
  5. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    I don't have the date but looks like this one's from some time in between the above and brad's picture
  6. jomaco

    The Pitch again

    Looks well Here's one from a few years earlier, can see there's been steady progress
  7. Anyone know who designed it? The owl that is, not that thing ^^
  8. Iconic, we'll never forget this one
  9. I like some of the spaces in the original though, makes it look sort of plumper
  10. jomaco

    Summer Sort Out

    Thing with Palmer is, he's almost always available and has improved a lot over last 3 seasons, and even if Iorfa turns out to be his replacement, which at the moment he's got a job on doing, I can't see us getting better backup than Palmer
  11. jomaco

    Summer Sort Out

    I agree, definitely keep Palmer. I also don't think releasing both Fletcher and Nuhiu is a great idea unless we get another big guy up top for when the situation needs it, but would we really get better?
  12. jomaco

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    The one thing going for him to return, is that if we can't buy any players regardless, because embargo will hit anyway (not saying it will but a possibility) then SB might want to keep him since we can't sign another striker, so might be a chance yet
  13. If we have to pay part of their wages and they go to league 2 or something, then still seems a better option than just being sat here - unless the club see's playing in U23s a better option? I guess the players will get to know each other on the pitch better for instance. I do recall Penney for instance not getting much game time. I'd hope Wildsmith for one though could get a first team spot somewhere - the prob is Westwood was (apparently) supposed to be off so I guess we wanted/needed to keep him here, and the way it panned out meant he didn't get the cup games.
  14. Wildsmith in particular yeah, his confidence must be rock bottom - he's actually a great prospect, but imagine he doesn't feel that way right now