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  1. Quite a few I know are in the home end (me included).
  2. We’re drinking around Earlsfield. Quite a few decent pubs there and a 10-15 min walk to the ground.
  3. I doubt we’ve sold north of 12,000 for this season. I know many who didn’t renew. I won’t renew if it’s £550 on the North for League 1, so yeah, they’ll delay. In league 1 I’d renew if it was circa 400-450. If it’s any higher, I’m comfortable leaving it.
  4. Yes, called yesterday. Apparently they thought it had been sent out with my daughters 2019 home shirt (weeks before anyone else had received it). I’m now awaiting a call back.
  5. Love the away shirt. Pre ordered it. First time I’ve bought a shirt for years.
  6. Never considered that our away colour is Yellow.
  7. I really hope we don’t extend for next season. Simply not good enough anymore, so it doesn’t matter how low his wages are, we should be looking for replacements with the potential to be good enough.
  8. I bought two tickets in the North for friends, they were refunded as soon as I asked.
  9. I grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s in Sheffield City Centre. I moved to London (and Sydney for a bit). I came back two years ago after 25 years. Sheffield’s a much better place than the one I left (in my opinion). My South African wife has loved the move too. Its got many plus points which have been covered, and it’s being developed largely in a positive manner.
  10. I wasn’t too fussed either way on this one. Much better this season though.
  11. Think registered people can get two. If you need id’s. I may have.
  12. I’d definitely keep him, he’s been excellent for the past couple of years (aside from injury) . it’d be on the basis of a pay cut however.
  13. Afternoon all if anyone has a couple of ID’s with quite a few points on, I’d be eternally grateful. Stupidly bought train tickets and thought I’d got tickets in the home end (not happened). we are both season ticket holders, but won’t have enough points.
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