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  1. Read a few Brentford fans suggesting he’s lost a yard of pace since the bad injury.
  2. Unfortunately think he’ll be off given his contract. Definitely the best keeper in my 30 years watching Wednesday.
  3. I’ve been 9 times this season POTG, I’m going tomorrow £36. I know this has been done to death, but it shouldn’t be more than £25 for bog standard games like tomorrow. That said Chansiri isn’t going to change his strategy, I do feel we are losing some of the fanbase and potential fanbase.
  4. Just moved back to Sheffield. I’ll be buying my first one in twenty years.
  5. In Broomhill now, I’ll be there. Taking the 3 year old to her first game.
  6. I can’t say I really see you as a club that travels in numbers. That said, I think 2000 is decent if you have a big game like West Ham. We often take large numbers away, but usually restricted by allocations. I think we have one of the biggest away following year on year in second tier. New Years Day, we’d could conceivably take 6k to yours.
  7. Taking the 3 year old to her first game. Got tickets in my usual T block on the North, didn’t really think that through.
  8. I'm not sure they need a good reason. I don't think they care what the club or the fans think.
  9. It's not the 90's though. Hope they do, but I'd be very surprised to see them open it up.
  10. I probably am searching for an identity, Fact is many people prefer brands though. I dont mind a template. The Sondico/sports direct merchandise was rubbish. I'd be more likely to buy Adidias club gear.
  11. If I'm spending 50 quid on a sports top I'd prefer a brand i.e adidas. It's the reason people pay £90 for Nike trainers and not Gola. I really like the pigs shirt this year.
  12. I'd much rather have a adidas template kit.
  13. I think we should knock down the north and use Leppings Lane as a template. I've got some old corigated iron in the garage to get us going?
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