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  1. A bit obscure but remember Woods having his best ever game in a Wednesday shirt v Preston away, sure they still had the plastic pitch.
  2. Position is very similar, we have spent money but unless he calls the money back it makes no difference.
  3. Yes all those other Chairman that have thrown money at it. Basically hes tried and failed so far as were back to same position as before he took over from Milan. He doesn't need or deserve the abuse he's getting. If somebody does want to take over with the same money and more experience no issue with that.
  4. Seems it's better to not try than try and fail. I bet chairman with money will be lined up around the block to take us over(just like when Milan wanted rid).
  5. And then on dual carriageway flipping Hartlepool what a shithole and surprisingly full of Danny Dyer types.
  6. Hmm yes less said about that night the better. Although had fun in that pub across from train station lol.
  7. Was on about this other night 2-0 when I got in(we were in Reading for 2pm but hey ho) left at 4-0, 6-0 before we got back to pub. Don't you just love Wednesday.
  8. They had Harry Kane that day we just did what was best for English football.
  9. That was a shocker but a good night out again. Layer Road didn't you just love it.
  10. He only wasted his money if you're talking about the BBC licence fee.
  11. Infairnness yes what I should have said he was the only one in 25years with the money to have a go.
  12. See I'm allowed to appreciate the good, the bad and the indifferent DC does that's what most grown ups do judge everything on individual merit. He's the only one we've had willing to throw money at it. He's the only one that's given us hope. He's the one who priced some out and gave us the highest ticket prices in the league. He's the one who put us in an embargo. Some good some bad but he's tried which is more than anybody else has done in 25years.
  13. Yes it's that simple but wont stop some using the opportunity to bash the club.
  14. Nope it's not, hes shown no intention of going and theres no sign were going anywhere near ADMIN.
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