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  1. But why surely it's a good thing not having to find the money for next season.
  2. He's took the ball not sure what people want it's becoming a game for fairies if that's a straight red.
  3. If you watch after he was holding his hands apart to indicate distance. Its something he will get away with but has stopped us having a goalscoring opportunity.
  4. Reach was in behind the fullback, The freekick was retaken from further away aswell. Robbed us of a goal scoring chance and struggle to think of any other reason than cheating as can the official be that bad at decision making?
  5. What the ******** hell was that decision to stop the quick free kick.
  6. That also sums some up 7 minutes in to the game. Sure there more interested in criticising than actually watching the match, crackers.
  7. They were creating nothing and getting no space in our defending/there attacking 3rd which at a guess is exactly what the game plan was.
  8. That must be 1 of the worse assessments of a performance I've seen. On Owlstalk that takes some doing aswell.
  9. That's a 4 5 1 I'd think or 4 4 1 1/4 2 3 1 whichever way you view it but I'll be shocked if it's a 5 4 1.
  10. Think if we get Reach, Patterson and Odubajo switched in then that can easily work but when early balls from Reach and Odubajo are going in the box then the other Wideman and Patterson need to be in there supporting Rhodes with 1 of Bannan or Luongo picking balls up that drop to edge of box. Football as somebody said is a simple game. Get it wide, get it in early and support the striker simples.
  11. I'd give him a run if games but he didn't slip and he's cost us a point with a ******** poor punch putting ball back in the danger zone. Just like when Dawson does that daft parry thing back in to danger zone.
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