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  1. coopswfc76

    nac breda

    One might have been my son who lives nearby
  2. Thought this was at the city training complex?
  3. coopswfc76

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Never mind that, you still reffing?
  4. coopswfc76

    Jos trimming the squad

    Boyd looked OK, Palmer was fine going forward but zero effort running backwards he really needs to sort those fitness issues out.
  5. coopswfc76

    Fantastic from Tango

    See I find people without a passion in there life strange as what's the point of working 40hours a week to then not enjoy yourself? I know a lot of people who spend the weekends blowing money in shopping centres or garden centres while claiming to be massive Football fans but darent upset the Mrs it's bizarre. Tango isn't any better than the 100's who hardly ever miss a game but he's not any worse either so don't understand the stick he gets.
  6. coopswfc76

    Fantastic from Tango

    You being funny or has he upset you, Your not the other Tango are you?
  7. coopswfc76

    Fantastic from Tango

    Great dedication from him and anybody else who did the same for that matter. Don't get the slagging he gets off some and some of the testicles wrote by people. He goes to every match and majority of England matches too so fare play.
  8. coopswfc76

    Back from Lincoln

    3 5 2 1st half Westwood Lee, Lees, Thorniley Baker, Hunt, Hutch, Reach, Fox Joao, Matias Although Reach did seem slightly further forward than Hunt and Hutch. Hunt looked a good prospect. 3 4 3 2nd half Dawson Nielsen, Pudil, Van Aken Palmer, Joey, Bannan, Boyd Preston, Nuhiu, Fessi We seemed far better 2nd half and I think that was down to having Bannan and Fessi on the pitch together. Nielsen looked best I've seen him, Preston was lively and linked up well going forward, Palmer at one stage I reckon I'd have got back in position quicker than him but did OK going forward.
  9. coopswfc76

    Jos trimming the squad

    I agree mate just somebody mentioned he played there for Watford previously.
  10. coopswfc76

    Jos trimming the squad

    Westwood, Dawson, Wildsmith. Lees, Hutch, Van Aken, Fox, Pudil, Thorniley. Palmer, Lee. Reach, Boyd. Joey, Bannan, Abdi, Jones. Joao, Hooper, Nuhiu, Fletcher, Matias, Fessi. That's 23 then we have likes of Nielsen, O'Grady, Stobbs, Kirby, Boroukov banging on the door. Personally 2/3 of the right additions with a keeper out on loan and I'm more than happy with that. Actually wondering if Abdi might get a chance at Wing Back seen as he's played there for Watford in Premier?
  11. coopswfc76

    Jos trimming the squad

    I honestly think I watched different games last season as formation was as straight forward a 3 4 3 as your likely to see imo towards the end.
  12. Id like to see us mix it up a bit tomorrow have 2 separate teams with a few sat on bench for emergencys - Start with - …...…..........Westwood …..Hutch......Nielsen.....Van Aken Lee.......Joey...........Abdi...........Boyd ...Joao.....Fletcher.....Fessi 2nd half ...................Dawson .....O'Grady.....Lees.....Thorniley Palmer.....Jones.....Bannan.....Reach .....Hooper.....Nuhiu.....Matias Still on bench - Wildsmith, Pudil, Fox, Penney, Kirby, Boroukov
  13. coopswfc76

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Really surely SWFC are the brand? Genuinely feel embarrassed for adults who buy clothes based on the label not quality of product.
  14. coopswfc76

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    The thing is people banging on about it being unbranded so should be cheaper are either morons or kids. The shirt should be whatever the correct price is I'd say under £50 for normal and tbh the pro-fit whatever is market price. The manufacturer of a football shirt is irrelevant it's the quality that matters so to anybody who has it what's that like?