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  1. Who has said to treat them differently???
  2. Infairnness its highly unlikely to be the case in any of the major European leagues. Surely though in leagues where that's possible they would but I'll agree to disagree and everything I've said is based on the 1 report I read where it said Casilla said to pick up the black guy if he used derogatory terms then surely in a crowded box others would have heard it including Leeds players.
  3. So its quicker to glance at his shorts or the number on his back lol. It's like that betting advert ridiculous trying to avoid calling somebody black, black if he was the only white guy you'd say pick the white guy up as it's the easiest description.
  4. I haven't seen the highlights I'm just going what was reported and if he was the only black guy in the box then it's the easiest, simplist and most sensible way to point out who you want picking up and I'm amazed anybody would think otherwise or think that's offensive.
  5. Shut up ffs 1 black person in box/attacking your going to have a moment to remember what bielsa told you rather than shout the obvious pick the black guy up potentially making it a split second later and leading to a goal/chance that truly is the world going made. On earlier post are you trying to tell Mendy he should be offended at a joke from a mate
  6. I thought Casilla allegedly said mark or pick up the black guy? If so then cant see any issue at all how ever if he used the N word then i can see why he's being investigated.
  7. That's it seen baby for 1/2 hour now she's putting him down supper and owlstalk time
  8. Let em kick us to Division 4 fooooook em. New grounds and different days out watching Wednesday and a clean slate to build again WAWAW what difference should it make who were playing.
  9. In general yes he organises defence well.
  10. Is close more mistakes from Westwood but think Westwood organises defence better.
  11. Being a selfish cheeky monkey basically yes.
  12. I dont park in the pavements near the ground or need to push a pram past on match day either but you can't be serious? If somebody is parking and forcing a disabled person or young mum in to the road then surely there the bigger fool?
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