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  1. Todays Referee

    I wasn't there unfortunately bloody family wedding. Watched the highlights and although I get Blackets kick was never going to cause any harm ref had no choice in the matter definite red otherwise FA would have come down on him.
  2. Venancio

    Definitely sign him as for minimal outlay and I'd also give Pudil a year as that's CB sorted then for next season. We need to focus on a LB and CDM signing after that anything else is a bonus.
  3. As I put in the Fraser Preston thread is it really worth the effort with the academy? I've always believed youth was the way to go but if the best players can walk away with minimal compensation what's the point in it all.
  4. We do though by presenting a case to the tribunal. That's if behind the scenes nobody is working on a deal with there new clubs.

    haha ok I will be abroad, Any Ideas?

    if I'm abroad this weekend how do I book the game?
  7. Fraser Preston

    Any point in the youth set up if the best players just bugger off after developing?
  8. Time for an Experiment?

    As if different formations is an experiment did you not see the posts after QPR I'm all for trying kids provided Jos thinks they might be good enough for next season if not stick with what we have. Do we have any strikers for next week though?
  9. A Tale Of Two Managers

    In fairness Boyd is struggling big time with the role imo this has to be our number 1 priority in the summer a good LB/LWB. Because of Fox & Lee injury we don't any alternatives though as Reach legs are needed elsewhere and Penney is on loan.
  10. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Bristol City that's it as Birmingham & QPR were just individual errors so how do you stop them or change what stage of the game they happen in?
  11. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Err we played Hunt, Venancio, Lees, Thorniley, Boyd I didn't go school much and I'm not an accountant so don't work with figures all day but I'm sure that's 5.
  12. Jos needs to be more animated

    Somebody has laid underneath that, WTF
  13. Short highlights

    I don't think it was hernandez but the player who got a touch on the line when the ball was already going in.
  14. Tomorrow's referee

  15. Hull City fans tho....

    You see them outside at end it was hilarious