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  1. Only took 1 year as buying a house and just had youngun it's all I could really committ to. I'd have took 5years for me and lad though if I had the spare cash as to.me it's a no brainer mainly because once paid for its 5years of SWFC in the bag.
  2. Done woodhead just past fox valley now no problems. Got off at Ashton and went thru stalybridge way.
  3. Far too soon for starting Winnall imo
  4. Referee was terrible today fully expected them to get a penalty towards the end.
  5. Don't think anybody disagrees that prices are too expensive I just thought this of all games is worth going the extra mile for. Anyway for those going lets have a Arsenal and Brighton type atmosphere.
  6. And it's a shame we can't attract neutral football fans due to our high ticket prices I totally agree with that. Surely every Wednesday fan would make more effort to attend this than a game v Man City, Utd etc.
  7. For a Wednesday or United fan apart from maybe cup finals there is no bigger 1 off game. Its each to there own if they attend on watch on Sky I was just pointing out people would find the money and make the effort if it was a top 4 Prem side.
  8. Tickets are too expensive but if we were playing man city it would sell out.
  9. Vast majority of games there's pay turnstiles.
  10. You were taking pictures from Kop other week.
  11. Palmer been solid since Christmas his shirt to lose.
  12. When? He never left the grass so a ridiculous decision to book him.
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