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  1. coopswfc76

    Grow some cajones

    Yes but mine shows 3 promotions with 3 different clubs so I think my google might be broken as id say thats impressive.
  2. coopswfc76

    Grow some cajones

    Care to share his previous crap record?
  3. coopswfc76


    Carved us like butter without creating a single chance in open play
  4. Got to love some on here, absolutely no evidence of any bids but still lets use it as a stick to beat the club with. Morons.
  5. coopswfc76

    Well done Fletcher

    What with results they've been having
  6. coopswfc76

    The silence from S6

    So what are the questions people want answering that haven't already been answered or couldn't possibly be answered?
  7. coopswfc76

    Chansiri kicking off

    We've got some reyt moronic fans though.
  8. coopswfc76


    Terrible player
  9. coopswfc76


    Oh and gypsyowl can you please ask your friends to shift there caravans.
  10. coopswfc76


    Simply back to what we did last season but don't seem to have played this 5 2 3 or 3 4 3 depending on how you look at it. ..................Dawson .....Hector.....Lees.....Pudil Palmer...............................Fox ...............Joey.....Bannan ...Reach.....Fletcher.....Joao Wildsmith, Baker, Penney, Hutch, Onamoh, Fessi, Nuhiu Defend from the front and then move the ball quickly and get wing backs in high positions with wide forwards making extra bodys in the box for an early cross. It worked so well last season.
  11. coopswfc76

    Watching/Listening to match.

    What man ever knows for sure In fairness I keep saying kid as we don't know what were having.
  12. coopswfc76

    Watching/Listening to match.

    Can't get it working watching soccer Saturday on skygo instead, she trying on Mrs iphone 8plus
  13. coopswfc76

    Watching/Listening to match.

    Well I've already got one hooked who lives in Manchester so if it's into football there's no other choice.
  14. coopswfc76

    Watching/Listening to match.

    Samsung galaxy s8 any ideas?