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  1. Of course they should but a team who pays players ain't grassroots.
  2. That is a ridiculous saying Stocksbridge is as far from grassroots as we are Man City despite what the FA think. Stocksbridge, Parkgate, Maltby grassroots lol. Dog and duck, yellow lion etc are grassroots get some money chucked at them.
  3. I couldn't see the points deduction as that was a lot to do with Birmingham ignoring the sodt embargo and splashing 2mill on a new player.
  4. In what way, design this season spot on and I've only got a pair of what I'd call swim short material but there spot on. Young in had a couple of training tops and they were fine and baby got replica home shirt with no problems. Genuinely some the generic stuff from the big brands is shocking imo.
  5. Dont think theres anything at all wrong with quality of our kits they just need ordering earlier. That template is poo and I wouldn't even use it for my pub team.
  6. Personally think apart from 2/3 youngsters we should try to have a run in both cups.
  7. Well done lads glad you're happy we were crap for a while. I still believe Jo's deserved every chance after the finish to that previous season no matter what unfolded.
  8. Jeez Giles Coke beauty at Brighton and a scorching day at Swindon.
  9. There's a racist element allegedly so he was always going to get charged by the FA evidence or not.
  10. Serve me them with my fish and we're falling out.
  11. If anybody thinks Barnsley is a shithole please please visit Luton its like you've landed in some 3rd world country, multiculturalism at its finest.
  12. Thought he was very poor last season and a waste of a loan. However let's trust Bruce to do his thing due to his record of getting clubs promoted from this division.
  13. Gonads I go on bus most games but when driving get parked within a 5-10minute walk away. I genuinely dont get why people leave early as what is that important that you need to leave early and risk missing what you came for???
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