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  1. Wheres the clubs who got promoted as were 6th and I'll take a wild stab in the dark that Villa and Newcastle have spent more also and where Championship clubs. So that 7 teams above us which means 6th and 4th placed finishes where more than we realistically could have expected. Don't rewrite history with these imaginary millions more than anybody else we spent.
  2. To put context we weren't in the top 3 for squad value or spend either season.
  3. 2 reyt chances we've had 1 for Murphy and 1 for Cruz. Should be winning but happy with performance.
  4. If that's succes then I'll give it a miss thanks. Won a few, lost a few never in play offs with biggest spend by any Bristol City manager. Not done anything more than Monk.
  5. He comes across as fool in any interview I've seen that might be a reason he's ended up at Macclesfield and Southend.
  6. In this formation we have for next season- Westwood/Wildsmith/Dawson Palmer/??? Lees/Iorfa Borner/Van Aken Odubajo/Harris Penney/Reach Luongo/Bannan/Joey/Hunt/??/?? Rhodes/??/??/?? A few signings needed I'd say maybe 7 I'd personally keep Lee and Nuhiu as dont think massive wages and both underrated and try to shift Westwood and Rhodes on but can't see anybody taking those 2. Sign a leader for RCB Midfield Anchorman Box box midfielder like Lee used to be 2 Strikers with pace That would be essential, then I'd try for another LB/LCB if we could funnily enough like Fox and a No10 if we could maybe Maddison. Were not million miles away just need the right signings but can we afford them?
  7. That is right mate and a big issue but was that comment about Parry regarding fit and proper person test for owners. Regarding the money in football it's got way out of hand totally agreed.
  8. The poor bloke doesn't actually say anything wrong there and I'm not a fan of his but this is press/social media making a story from nothing. Should he have lied and said "No I've heard no rumours" or just no comment everything?
  9. I'd love to but cant even remember the post so no bloody idea why.
  10. Crossing is terribly slow and allows defenders to set themself. Bamnans crossing from set pieces 2as terrible also.
  11. Apparently I posted something that upset admin yesterday, not a ******** clue what.
  12. Well code here so registered and watched Brentford highlights fingers crossed for tomorrow and everybody else.
  13. My lad is now 18 and lives in a totally different city, any help?
  14. I'm sure you can guess mate, if I've not got a code I'll either pay a tenner or nip my dads to watch it. Come Monday though I'll be changing my mind and just getting a full refund as too much hassle plus my now 18year old who doesn't live with me can't have a code. You would have thought swfc would have simply emailed every season ticket holder with a code and simple step by step guide on how to use it. Also why not just have all the games on the red button for those with Sky.
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