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  1. If you wish, you could acknowledge all his clangers this season though before he was dropped.
  2. You need to go see somebody as you've clearly gone stark raving bonkers. I'm 43 missed a couple if games and Dawson would be dropped by now if Westwood had been fit for the bench no doubt. Westwood has dropped several clangers and was rightly dropped at the time only somebody with Westwood tinted specs would think otherwise. Also funnily enough the only time theres been rumours of attitude problems is the 2 times he's been dropped and asked to sit on bench, strange that mmmm
  3. What as he done in last few months then? He's been garbage and rightfully dropped however others have been garbage also so God knows where we go now.
  4. He's been garbage for last 3months thats why.
  5. Kiss of death but I'll have the mighty blue and white wizards please
  6. Another good away day though if we forget about the 90minutes for a moment.
  7. It's really pissed you off Friday night this hasn't it lol. Stick a days holiday in let kids throw sicky enjoy the day and a Saturday with family.
  8. Remember Adthe never wins an header so that cant be right
  9. The few games he played there under Jos he played it well
  10. In a Back 3 perfect for him or a midfield 3 provided Bannan plays further forward. Dawson Hutch Lees Borner Odabajo Reach Bannan Luongo Lee Winnall Fletcher Or Iorfa CB Hutch to anchor Midfield Bannan in place of Lee Can only play a 4 5 1/4 3 3 with Hutch in Midfield imo if Fessi is available to play from the left and did have tried for Roberts on loan to play from the right but that ships sailed now.
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