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  1. Strange as that's the 1 game he looked quality and we could have got somebody special.
  2. I cant see Iorfa as a regular at CB as his biggest weakness seems to be his defensive positioning.
  3. Large in our club shop is like a 12-13yr old at most places that's why they have sold out as all young uns bought them. If you're normally a large then xxl might just do
  4. Where crazy golf at Filey as might go next Saturday?
  5. Young uns spending money wont stretch to that.
  6. Dawsons biggest problem is that he keeps getting compared to Westwood. If Westwood leaves we wont get anybody any where near as good to replace him it's that simple and will we get somebody so much better than Dawson without splashing big money?
  7. Think virtually his next touch he crossed for Pearson to score also.
  8. Personally think that's a great deal for us if we can get that as if not we lose him as somebody will pay a few million easily in the summer.
  9. I thought that's what Chelsea paid for him 5million from Reading and maybe we offer an incentive or otherwise why would they not just take the money straight away from somebody else?
  10. @Magic Magid is that not possible then or what as you seem to know the answer?
  11. Can we not sign him on loan without a loan fee but an agreement to sign for say 5mill end of next season or say 10mill if we get promoted? Would that get around ffp for the season?
  12. But without Chansiri we wouldn't have signed any players for more than 350k anyway and the best position we could hope for is probably where we are now.
  13. Hopefully none of the stick is actually directed at bannan himself.
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