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  1. He was outstanding and had his best game for us v Cardiff just before that disaster.
  2. Err no I mean yep but you know what I mean
  3. Because hes a fool who doesn't want others to have an opinion.
  4. I'd say that but personally I'd have had Palmer CB, Reach LWB and young lad from Everton or Hagan up top.
  5. Its £10 jesus how cheap do people want it to be to watch us.
  6. Wildsmith Palmer Shaw/Dunckley/ Borner Oddjob Hunt Pessi Dele Reach Kachunga Ade Only reason I'd start 1 of Lads from yesterday is if for some reason they weren't starting next Saturday.
  7. Let's be honest theres loads just using it as an excuse people I know with Asthma some who had it really bad funnily enough can wear a mask. Some who don't have it bad but think it's all made up can't wear one, go figure.
  8. That decision of Jos was the 1 couldn't understand. Found a partnership that worked then broke it up.
  9. Hes played over here though now and 100% I don't believe that he would have signed in League 1 over them.
  10. Some ******** will moan at owt. Good announcement from the club seems clear to me and now we just wait until things move on.
  11. I do think you have issues if living in Derby/Rotherham/Birmingham etc playing in the Championship would sway you over winning trophies, playing in europe and living in the sun. No idea why he signed for them
  12. I'm amazed on these threads how strikers who were good before us crap now because they didn't do much for us. Winnall & Rhodes we have never played to there strengths everybody must see that. Fletcher & Hooper did far better as we played to there strengths as did Fessi at the start playing no10 or cutting in from the left. Nuhiu massively underrated and whenever had a consistent run in the side played well, same with Joao funnily enough. Strikers need consistency and if signing them play to there strengths or don't sign them.
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