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  1. Be like Channel 4 used to be Saturday mornings - Sumo
  2. Generally for people without season tickets I wouldn't blame tem for watching on TV but for this game you cant beat being there and experiencing the atmosphere live.
  3. Westwood

    Totally disagree as soon as that ball is struck then there was at least 1 if not 2 players to the right of the wall that never reacted plus Pudil infront of Samba at other side, Westwood has done his job imo by saving the initial free kick as general rule of thumb is wall looks after 1 side and GK looks after other side.
  4. Westwood

    His Kicking was poor agreed but to put the blame on him for the free kick is ridiculous, How come they had 3/4 men follow in while our players were day dreaming after the free kick was took also what the hell was Butterfield doing in the 1st place? His mistakes have been Sunderland & Brentford at home both 100% his fault but Saturday is baffling and strikes me of another lets jump on XXXXX player as everything must be his fault at the moment.
  5. REQ. 2 adult tickets Wed v Utd

    Cant you just go to the ticket office?
  6. Leeds Allocation

    No idea but people don't go for some reason
  7. Leeds Allocation

    But in fairness we struggle to sell 2700 these days at Elland Road
  8. Westwood

    I'm amazed people are blaming Westwood for that today.
  9. Westwood

    Sodding defenders follow it in and we don't concede simple. We switched off on there free kick no blame attached to Westwood at all.
  10. I'm sure SWFC will pay business rates also.
  11. It will be reyt were playing United that's all. They will be 100's of Robo Cops on leppings lane anyway.
  12. Herries road ...again!

    True good point, My parents have 4 cars & 2 Motorbikes!!!
  13. Herries road ...again!

    In fairness if our transport system was better and cheaper less people would use the car. Me to get to work - 10min walk, 40min bus journey, 10min tram so approx 1hour without any delays also cost £100/month. In the car 25mins no getting wet and keeping my fingers crossed that theres no delays approx £100/month Petrol its a no brainer when I need a car anyway.
  14. Herries road ...again!

    Big Rons Sovereign you genuinely don't believe that happens???
  15. David Jones

    Surely you don't attend Hillsborough and then slag off our own players who are trying to win a game for us?