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  1. And straight on to Ipswich after
  2. coopswfc76

    Chelsea fixtures

    Cabalero Zappacosta, Cahill, Christensen, Palmeiri Ampadu Kovacic, Drinkwater Pedro, Morata, that kid Bayern want to pay 30million for. I reckon we will hammer there reserves
  3. coopswfc76


    I agree on that point and I think Jones has become a scapegoat as he's always available when we have the ball so of course gives it away more than others as he doesn't hide like some. Personally I would play - Palmer, Lees, Hector, Fox ...................Hutch ..........Bannan....Jones Reach........Fletcher.....Matias With whose fit at the moment but if things aren't working like yesterday's shambles don't be afraid to go old school get Nuhiu up top with Fletcher and Winall to play long diagonal balls and have runners off them picking up even the 2nd balls and play the game in there half. Yesterday was as bad as anything this season imo.
  4. coopswfc76


    So the answer is to play somebody out of position!!! Reach, Bannan, Boyd, Matias 3 widemen and 1 CM in there.
  5. coopswfc76

    Hull Bevvy

    Hull hope that helps, plenty of pubs near ground.
  6. coopswfc76

    Luton info

    There was 1 over a railway bridge last time I was there can't remember name though. Think most will be ok though it's Luton, more important things to worry about in Luton than away fans.
  7. coopswfc76

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    With this being on Sky I'd have it as an offer game for Wednesday fans, season ticket holders bring a friend for just £20 or you can purchase a 3game bundle at £60 any stand. Still charge them dirty flippers £42 then. Ensure it's a full house and let's beat the tramps.
  8. coopswfc76

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Don't go to Glasgow then return not required
  9. coopswfc76

    What has happened to Penney?

    Be interesting to see how he does under Bruce definite potential but needs to get consistency.
  10. coopswfc76

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    The 8-0??? Also wasn't that Humphreys goal on a Monday night?
  11. Can't remember if it was this pre-season or last infact maybe even both when he did a video.
  12. Looking atthe size of him after a hectic December he's just shaved his beard and needs a month off. Hard work delivering all those pressies in 1 night.
  13. coopswfc76

    Liam Palmer was magnificent today

    In no way can Palmer take any blame for that goal thats a ridiculous comment.
  14. coopswfc76

    Birmingham Fans Tickets Sold

    you'd be on bloody holiday again either way.