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  1. Crosses

    Well it was serious but now I've read it again oh well.
  2. Crosses

    Are our players a bit thick as why oh why did we keep crossing from deep when there defenders were all a good 6" bigger than our attackers? Twice in a 5minute spell we had the chance to get behind them but wasted it with a pointless cross from deep.
  3. Done with it all

    I wasn't replying to your post as it's up to you if you want to watch us or not and yep this season hasn't been what any of us expected but were strangely just 2points off the play offs.
  4. Done with it all

    It's not showing passion to quit when things aren't great.
  5. I'm assuming for the reasons @rickygoo mentioned we can't do that or might end up in court. I'm no expert but seems ridiculous that for telling everyone the truth you can potentially end up in court.
  6. Fare enough I didn't see the posts but it's hard to see DC has done anything wrong without evidence to the contrary.
  7. But if x amount of box holders were told the same thing it's pretty easy to prove surely also wouldn't every business request details in writing when spending that kind of cash?
  8. This thread should have been locked after the opening post. Whats the point keeping it open if people can't post there version of events? If people are just stating facts then nobody can be sued for that.
  9. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Ibiza Cracking week but I realised I was getting old during that week as nearly killed me. Groningen For some strange reason they wanted to kill us. Portugal Watched 2 games and v Sporting there was a bloke with Green hair there who I swear was just as big as George. Need another pre-season tour in fairness.
  10. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    That's the problem it's Chansiri or struggle and I hope everything works out for us and Chansiri really doe's love the club. However if there's a potential of the club disappearing I'd rather no about it and I'll still be enjoy my days out with James O'Connor in midfield.
  11. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Personally I'm enjoying the football and more than happy with players he's bought so no complaints from me there. However if something behind the scenes is happening which may destroy our club personally I'd like to be made aware of it and gladly take Beswetherick type players if it means the club survives.
  12. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    I'm fed up to the back teeth of itk folk who don't have the testicles to post what they supposedly no. If he's up to no good and going to ruin the club us fans need details so we can make an informed decision not tittle tattle like mothers at school gates. Post what you no please.
  13. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Who sacks the Chairman???
  14. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Same as always with me keep him unless there's an outstanding candidate wanting to replace him. I have same view with everybody at the club.