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  1. Wildsmith Lee's Borner Van Aken Odubajo Reach Luongo Bannan Patterson Windass Rhodes Get ball wide and delivered early in to the box, get Patterson and opposite wideman bombing in with Bannan or Luongo supporting outside the box. Back to basics but attacking intent.
  2. Ok last post. Only person lying us you but I'm not surprised at that tbh. I've never defended racism but keep trying to be superior by throwing the racist card about, well done you
  3. No time I'm busy now got to do some work before painting some walls a non specific colour as don't wish to offend you or bannofan.
  4. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would say yes but in today's world apparently not.
  5. Uneducated view points nobody in this thread has defended racism what bits hard to understand.
  6. Yes of course you would, theres no wonder crimes seem to be going thru the roof if you can't use a person's characteristics to describe the offender.
  7. And no issue with that but some are just assuming hes racist without accepting different issues in Romania, funnily enough the same posters who try to explain differences when it suits.
  8. How would you describe them if where saying all Asians are brown?
  9. I'd hope they misinterpreted what was said. Or if he didn't simply say the black guy then the official is in the wrong.
  10. If he was brown yes sorry also if somebody was orange I'd describe as orange, why would you not?
  11. Your response is and others like you I reckon it's about time you put the tissues away and grew the fizz up.
  12. Scruffy, fat, tall yep but surely black, white, yellow, brown is a description also?
  13. Where and when have I defended racism???
  14. I'm pretty sure a black person will be black
  15. Whose defending racism at this moment in time all we know is he said black.
  16. Thanks for the debate I find that offensive to bullshit.
  17. So if it was 7 black guys and 1 white you think the referee would count how far along he was rather than just say the white guy?
  18. Agreed but I don't think theres the same issue in Romanian football but he did lack awareness clearly.
  19. If he was the only white guy in the area of course he would. If he has simply said the black guy how is that possibly offensive?
  20. Jesus christ, thank God nobody asked me who man of match was on Sunday.
  21. If he was the only white guy in the vicinity surely as that white guy.
  22. Think I'm going to email about that later and see what they say. Cant be that many that had purchased tickets surely.
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