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  1. whatsapp, they've read the message but no reply
  2. I text loads of questions afterwards and got the 2 blue ticks and no reply!! I'm guessing his phone is blowing up tbf
  3. I can also confirm that I'm 52 so the last thing I'm going to do is make things up on an internet forum. Promise I'm just passing on a text from someone who's normally bob on, if he texts me I tend to put it on here so I'm always confident.
  4. I got a text about 730 but didn’t want to get peoples hopes up. I then heard again from someone else who’s let me down like once. Don’t open the bottle just yet but I’m confident
  5. We’ve won the case I’m being told lads....
  6. can we please start to loan our under 23's out. it's the only way they'll be ready for the first team. there's a few exceptions like Hunt who's actually good enough to play now and can skip the loan move, but the rest need to be playing either non-league or league 1/2
  7. another one feigning injury get rid
  8. I agree with the OP My ratings from last night Wildsmith - 6. only really picked the ball out of the net, good kicking though, he's better than Dawson IMO Odujabo - 4. It was one of his better performances but he's a liability as the OP says, get rid! Iorda - 8. He's an absolute unit at the back, we need to be building a team around players like him, that tackle in the 2nd half... brilliant! Palmer - 6. Can't really remember him doing much but I'll give him a 6 for a solid performance. Murphy - 7. His pace caused WBA problems and he wa
  9. 23rd is when we have to offer the temp extension by they then have a week to consider it, sounds like we've offered contracts to all of them, apart from Lee I'm not sure who else is staying? Probably nobody else tbh!
  10. It was his 7th appearance he'd looked good on his debut but a few dodgy performances and some written him off already he could be a good player for us, how about getting behind him and giving him a chance?
  11. not sure that's been confirmed yet but he can't play for us this season anyway as he's meant to be on loan at Macc, similar to Penney and JVA
  12. Wildsmith definitely deserved to keep his place after the man city game but nope he went with Dawson and he let in 5 so I'll say it again, Wildsmith but he'll play Dawson and he'll let in 5 again
  13. isn't his fatha meant to post on here? big wednesdayite?
  14. this is our u23 squad I believe. I'm sure others on here will be more clued up on who's available and more likely to make the step up - Joshua Render Goalkeeper Sep 25, 2000 (19) Jack Lee Defender Dec 19, 1998 (21) Isaac Rice Centre-Back Sep 30, 2000 (19) Ciaran Brennan Right-Back May 5, 2000 (20) - Conor Grant Midfielder Jul 23, 2001 (18) Liam Shaw Central Midfield Mar 12, 2001 (19) Ben Hughes Right Midfield Mar 10, 2000 (20)
  15. 100% If we go down, Nuihiu is someone I'd be signing up straight away, he'd score 25 easy
  16. My lad's mates played against him in pre-season as he plays non-league as a centre back and said he was shyte As soon as I heard that I lost interest in him tbh and looks like his contract is up an all
  17. don't think he's been kept on as he? could be wrong
  18. maybe Jordan O'Brien & Manuel Hidalgo could step up? dunno if we have anyone else in u23's
  19. They'll be more than 16 available as we'll be delving into u23's I'm sure but if they're good enough or not I'm not sure
  20. Yeah I'm surprised not more has been made of this, the last 7 games looks grim We have until Tuesday to sort out who's staying until the end of July. If Fox, FF and Fletch don't sign until the end of the season would you want them both playing them 2 games in June? The loan players are key to seeing out the season, Wickham and Murphy hopefully want to see the job out.
  21. Dawson - last chance saloon for me Palmer - yes Iorfa - yes Borner - yes but only because Lees' form is so bad and we have nobody else, I don't rate Borner at all Fox - Yes but will he be available after the first 2 games? Looks like he'll at least play this month Reach - I agree, the wingers will be rotated and I think Harris will be better as impact sub Bannan - No brainer Luongo - No brainer Muprhy - yes Fernando - Would you play him if he's leaving after 2 games? At least we want to keep Fox. Fletch - I don't think he'
  22. absolutely not ability wise he's a massive talent but for all the above reasons don't forget it was this season he was warming up and just ignored weaver and bullen when they were shouting him over to come on, he then came on with his sleeves over his hands, sulking about. His form just before lockdown was good but that was in typical Jermaine Johnson style, him sulking to get his own way is over!
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