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  1. normally dont condone violence

    Brilliant today Wednesday I’d happily pay to see us play like that, so glad I was in grandstand otherwise I would have done summit I’d regret when ref walking off the pitch
  2. Exactly Leeds only started filling leppings lane once they come up form league 1
  3. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    When was the last good game he had for us?
  4. Villa biggest championship club by a county mile
  5. Today's Times

    I’m 49
  6. Got so much work to do & am leaving early today but now I'm watching a wednesday u23 game ffs might have to get some beers in for 2nd ayf
  7. which one is neilsson, 5 or 6? both looks same
  8. Today's Times

    I only read sun
  9. he asks the question but then immediately answers himself, does it about 3 times gives 3 good answers to the question in the headline
  10. The facts post Millwall

    Millwall is in the past now, I can't say I wasn't one of the vocal few when I saw the team we put out & read reviews from fans & people in the media that went how bad we were However if we pick up something tomorrow & put on a good show (hopefully go through!) on Tuesday it'll be a good move imo
  11. what a player shez was, always liked Oldham when he went there, hope you keep Fleetwood up contract until end of season makes sense
  12. spot on, so embarassing. David Hirst my favourite ever wednesday player & we abuse his son who plays for us, there's 2 sides to every story, we only heard our chairman's side good luck today hirsty mate, would love to see you on that pitch before end of the season & do what's best for you & your career in summer pal
  13. wee wee mi sen when he scores 4
  14. Loovens might not play if he played Tuesday, you know Jos' logic I'd go: ------------------Wildsmith---------------- -------Venancio- Jones-Pudil----------- Hunt--------------Joey-----------Boyd ------------Clare---------Reach------------- ------------Nuhiu-----Joao------------