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  1. Not very helpful tbh but pleased for you
  2. Apologies if already been discussed, I unfortunately got Covid in Easter and all though I wasn't in hospital I was pretty badly for around 2 & a half weeks before I felt back to my normal self but in total I'd say it was almost a month before I felt 100%, Boris did well! All I'll say is it's not very pleasant! But I'm fine now and family is all well, hope everyone is and their family doing okay. Anyway I was wondering what people think could be a fairest way other than refunds for the fans already paid for season tickets next season? Especially as they've just said it's unlikely we'll be allowed back to watch football until a vaccine is found. Discount off a 21/22 season ticket for the games gone ahead without fans seems the fairest way to me and access to all home games on ifollow? Interesting to hear from fans in same position as me here and apologies again if there's a recent thread on this, I couldn't find one.
  3. let's be honest, we deserve the points deduction and Chansiri deserves to be banned from football what that means for us god knows, worrying time and I just can't see it improving any time soon.
  4. for me Monk HAS to stay and oversee the rebuild, he'll have seen enough to finally decide who needs to be moved on in the summer my worry is someone new comes in, results improve and contracts are dished out when they shouldn't be, this viscous circle will then just continue. I'm thinking back to Bruce giving new contracts to Lee, Westwood and Palmer, I'd have released all of them. this season I want them all released a part from Fletcher (on a sensible contract so would mean wage cut) and Fox as he's a good squad player, but if I'm honest if both leave I wouldn't lose much sleep. The rest HAVE To go, also Rhodes, Westwood and Lees we should look to move on as soon as the season ends. I'd also be listening to sensible offers for Bannan and Reach, as long as we re-invest back into the 1st team with young, hungry players
  5. he was very good when on loan but as soon a he signed permanently it seemed his attitude completely changed... says a lot about him! top talent though, I remember that goal at home to Preston from near halfway line
  6. losing 8 in a row September - October 2000 wasn't great. we scored 3 goals in the proces...all from Owen Morrison
  7. I don't follow European football, can somebody quickly enlighten me to the plight of Twente, Marseille etc?
  8. The hysteria from our fan base is hilarious. Yes we've all bought season tickets and some are regretting it but how do you know things won't get better? If we manage to see off a points deduction, or even if we don't, we could get enough points to stay up, Monk can do a clear out in the summer and bring in a young, hungry squad and we could have a decent, exciting squad in the summer? Maybe lower on quality that we'd expect in comparison to what we've paid for ST's but a squad to be proud of. Are you going to use the 'I want to spend time with my kids instead' excuse then? So you're happy to not see your kid when we are doing well but when the squad is in free fall you need to see your kid more? Just admit it, you don't want to go because it's boring and you're using family as an excuse, that's fine by the way, you're an adult and you spend your money and time as you want! Before anyone asks I do have kids, when I get a season ticket I always take in to account that I'm lucky I can still go to the games and spend time my family too. If Saturday was the only day I got to spend time with them, I wouldn't go, no matter how good we are.
  9. β€”β€”β€”β€” β€”-Dawsonβ€”β€”β€”β€” Murphy Palmer Lees Iorfa Fox β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”Pelupessyβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€” β€”β€”β€”-Huntβ€”β€”-Bannanβ€”β€”β€” β€”β€”β€”-β€”β€”Windassβ€”β€”β€”β€”-β€” β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”Fletcher β€”β€”β€”β€”-
  10. Luongo won't be available I don't think, Howson said he won't play
  11. we would get torn to pieces in Midfield with that line up.. but saying that I've no idea who else we have to play in Midfield if he won't play Hutch.....! Borner is also not very good, sorry to all the young uns who like to sing his song, I'd rather Lees play. Well actually I'd rather Bates play but he's another who has been frozen out my team would be something like the below Wildsmith Murphy Palmer Lees Iorfa Fox Pelupessy (sorry but there's nobody else!!) Hunt Bannan Windass Fletcher I really don't want to pick Pelupessy but who else can play there?? I like the thought of that as we looked solid enough on Wed when we had men behind the ball anyway! We won't have much possession in this game so I can see us lining up like that Windass can go to the right & Bannan to the left when they have the ball, means we have decent pace down the right as well with Windass and Murphy for when we do break. not sure what others think but we have to stick with the 5 at the back for this game for me
  12. who cares really? just move on FFS it's so boring
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