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  1. so all brookes money gone on egan & waghorn wow
  2. gypsyowl

    U-23's vs Leicester

    he did tell me about weaver will be promoted to GK coach eventually but I didn't find that interesting enough to post here at the time, Haslam told me about Hunt about a year ago.. maybe not as long as that.. 9 - 12 months ago, memory crap nowa days
  3. gypsyowl

    Ryan Green

    I'm a 50 year old gypo, pretty handy back in the day but not up to much now, I am on twitter & have seen the much disrespect Leon Knight shows our club, I would love to have a fight with him, I think I would cause him serious harm, if someone can arrange this just send me a DM when/where to turn up thank you
  4. gypsyowl

    U-23's vs Leicester

    play hutch CB, joey or bannan at RWB, Reach LWB & get Hunt in the first team, I've been saying for a while (mainly because I know Haslam on a personal level) that Hunt is going to be a top top player he's 18 now
  5. gypsyowl

    Have we got 2 for each position?

    I'm pretty sure Jos isn't relying on just palmer/baker for that position next season, I'd like to think he's got something up his sleeve
  6. gypsyowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I know my info post was pretty positive but to bring us back down to earth, we won't be signing anyone on a perm deal once the window shuts on 9th Aug we'll be in a position to see who has left us.. then we'll know about loans (they're still available to sign for all of August) I wouldn't expect any new comers in before Wigan game, but I hope we can bring a few shrewd loans in like Huddersfield did season they went up
  7. gypsyowl

    Have we got 2 for each position?

    Boyd can also play LWB, Matias & Fessi in the free role. we've got 2 in each position but I'm worried about RWB position
  8. gypsyowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Bannan injury, team selections correct mainly, I can't remember them all mate but whenever I get a text I normally share in here, not been wrong much, this was a long text yesterday I got as haven't heard anything for months & been pestering.
  9. gypsyowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    inside goss I got on Tuesday which I will share, most of the stuff I've been told proves to be pretty accurate Fletch in talks still with Pkos, somewhere to go but they want him, we want him out, he's 2nd highest earner after Rhodes, still 2 years left! it'll be a loan probs with us paying some of his wages, or if he'll take a cut it'll be a free transfer Jos not given up on Clare but he's turned down the opportunity to train with us whilst contract gets sorted out, he recovers from injury, he's training on his own in London, preference to stay down there for now, probably sign for London/Southern club, Gillingham want him back bad, offering him a lot Fessi, Lees & Bannan, all not for sale like others which is promising, not unless daft money comes in, hopefully FF & BB will sign new contracts this season, BB especially, we have been in talks already with him Abdi, Jones & Westwood available for loan or transfer Jos has BIG say on the club, him Chansiri & Katrien Meire seem to be finally doing things right, a good 3 sum Palmer, I have no idea, I was told he could leave but then Nixon said he'll be getting new deal, odd...
  10. gypsyowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I’ve heard this is happening
  11. Boro 1st, Stoke 2nd, Wednesday 9th
  12. great servant us, wish him nothing but the best (unless he goes to pigs)
  13. gypsyowl

    Traning video from today

    would be very worrying if he thinks palmer is as good as hunt, hunt was a decent champ full back, palmer is just crap don't get me wrong if Nuhiu can win most of the fan base round then palmer can too but I can't see it & I'd be worried going into a new season him with him 1st choice, that's why I'd be more comfortable if we were gonna put lee there
  14. gypsyowl

    Traning video from today

    Jos said we have enough players in that position which is why we sold hunt.... well an unproven Baker, a very average at best Palmer surely hasn't given Jos that opinion... it's got to be someone else playing there & I'm gonna stick my neck out & say Lee RWB next season