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  1. I'm his biggest critic but he really impressed me when he come on yesterday, glimpses of the 15/16 Forestieri in there now he's got this charge all done with and in the last year of his contract, it really is his last chance... let's hope unlike Rhodes he'll take it, he's all the ability in the world, that was never in question for me, he just wasn't showing the right attitude I always thought and games were passing him by, I really was impressed with him last night
  2. These idiots that slam Reach are clueless, he's so important to us, not just with his goals/assists but his off the ball play is excellent I really hope Reach doesn't read the morons giving him stick on social media, I think he's brilliant
  3. there was 2 outstanding pieces of defending from him in the 2nd half, the tackle in front of the south stand and then the block as well in the box, not sure which one the OP is referring to but he's been excellent at CB under Monk, Tom Lees is going to have to wait for his opportunity to get back in the team, you can't change Borner/Iorfa partnership unless you have to.
  4. nope he's really injured, hence why he's not starting
  5. we can, we don't charge the ridiculous prices, chansiri does and we have to pay for it (literally) when we play away
  6. disagree. you not see his stats from Sunday? he was our highest rating player of everything pretty much, tackles won, passes completed etc, he's very important and vital for the protection of our back 4
  7. Apart from Lees for Iorfa when he's back I'd say the team that finished that game yesterday is our current strongest and should start v fulham Westwood Odujabo Lees Borner Palmer Reach Bannan Hutch Harris Fletcher Winall
  8. just had a thought, weren't it Nuhiu and Fletch up top when Nuhui bagged all them goals? I know it goes against the little and large of Che Adams & Jutkiewicz but I don't actually want to play Rhodes as he's cack, Winnall doesn't look fit, maybe Nuhiu and Fletch? He seemed to do well with Fletch as he wasn't the main target man which actually suited him weirdly enough, that forward line will terrify a shakey Huddersfield defence
  9. Monk is 4-4-2 attacking, Big man and little(ish) man up top, pace on wings with sold full backs but plenty of energy.. This is what I would go with if Lees is injured ------------Westood---------- Palmer Bates Borner Fox Reach-Luongo-Bannan-Harris -------Fletcher--Rhodes------
  10. for the shyte we were used to he was brilliant and I was gutted we didn't sign him
  11. worth noting as well that monk took over at leeds after steve evans, he was the first manager to change them to a very good championship team
  12. maybe not but my point still stands, his odds shortened loads before we even announced a press conference.
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