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  1. I think it'll be the harshest possible penalty which is -21, even if we do we'll still be one win a draw behind Barnsley. As long as we actually LEARN from all this, we can just move on & look forward to next season, even if it's League 1... Birmingham still managed to sign players again It's worth noting Birmingham dealt well with their point deduction and managed to buy player again in the summer. Also with all the players out of contract, we have a real chance to get the average age of the squad down and focus on the likes of Harris, Iorfa, Borner, Dawson, Luongo, Bannan.... get a good young, hungry side built around them. Unfortunately I have no clue where we go with the stadium issues, not just the pending chansiri ban but the empty seats and farcical SAG situation and dull atmosphere, but it's a long job to sort this club out, getting it right on the pitch is the more realistic priority.
  2. Don't forget we paid 250k for him less than a year ago! we can't turn down 15 million!! It takes a drop in form or an injury and the opportunity to receive that amount of money may not come round for a very long time!
  3. this dawson transfer talk is making me nervous, we need to tell him if he works hard and plays well from now on he's our number 1 and give him a new deal
  4. Are people seriously not behind Monk????
  5. Monk's not daft, he's an experienced manager at this level, has been here 3 months, there's a reason he's not starting this thread is related to his attitude, I thought his attitude on Wednesday and in other games when he's been benched has been very poor, then Bannan comes out with that.... there's the evidence! If he wants to get back in the team then it's simple, stop sulking and show the same attitude as everyone else and you'll play! No questioning his ability or even his performances this season, he's been good since he come back from his ban but it's in his hands if he really wants to play for us
  6. that's not the attitude he should be showing! so you want him playing when he's not putting in the same effort as others in training?
  7. ---------------Dawson---------------- Odujabo--- Iorfa--- Borner--- Fox ------------------Hutch---------------- -----------Luongo--Bannan-------- Reach------Fletcher----Forestieri
  8. I think most players only care about themselves and what's wrong with that?
  9. truth hurts I guess........ look how Man utd dealt with cantona and what happened to his career afterwards... look how we dealt with Di Canio and what he did at west ham.
  10. yes spot on about Forestieri, the profit we could have made after just 12 months would have been huge, another player that for me needed to move on is Reach, it's the right time for him and us, I'm not saying Reach isn't a very good championship player at this level but he's gone stale this season, we could have made profit on him too. For me I'd be happy for most of the players we've had for years to move on, Lee, Lees, Westwood, Reach, Winnall, Rhodes... and more chances given to younger/new players that become good players and we either sell on or they help us go up.... Dawson, Fox, Thorniley, Luongo, odujabo, Alex hunt, Conor Grant... you get my drift! .. but still keeping a base of important players like Bannan, Palmer and Hutch (I'd make Bannan captain and Borner VC)
  11. our player recruitment model is not sustainable to get us to the PL, if you don't go up, you sell players and re-invest in the team, Leeds sold Wood, Roofe, Jansen, pigs sold brookes etc etc we sign players on high wages at the peak of their career or after their peak, we then can't sell them for what we want for so they just rot, it can't go on. let this be a lesson to chansiri, we have to SELL players to remain relevant in the top end of the Championship.
  12. Tickets for home fans are on sale and behind both of their goals their ticket prices are £20 for adults with a 3k allocation and £20 ticket price expect these to go quick!
  13. I'm his biggest critic but he really impressed me when he come on yesterday, glimpses of the 15/16 Forestieri in there now he's got this charge all done with and in the last year of his contract, it really is his last chance... let's hope unlike Rhodes he'll take it, he's all the ability in the world, that was never in question for me, he just wasn't showing the right attitude I always thought and games were passing him by, I really was impressed with him last night
  14. These idiots that slam Reach are clueless, he's so important to us, not just with his goals/assists but his off the ball play is excellent I really hope Reach doesn't read the morons giving him stick on social media, I think he's brilliant
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