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  1. I couldn't believe players were eating that pre-Jos, I know it was a jolly up under Carlos but that is embarrassing & no wonder we have dropped like a stone since the bubble burst pre-Huddersfield
  2. gypsyowl

    Bounce back

    ---------------Dawson--------------- ---------Lees--Hector--Thorniley--- Palmer----Pelupessey------Penney --------Reach--------Bannan-------- -----------------Fessi------------------ ----------------Fletch---------------------
  3. gypsyowl

    Hapless Luhukay's Frozen Out

    no but Fessi & Matias will both be available (hopefully)
  4. Am going, good away day sold 2250 according to twitter, might do the 3000
  5. 4-0 down at home to Norwich, Hillsborough turns toxic... Fletch comes off & gets a standing ovation, says it all about how he’s been for us this season unsung hero for me.
  6. gypsyowl

    From a player.......

    everything the OP has said is right, why else do you think Fessi gets dropped for no reason? if you cross Jos then you don't play, it's his way or nothing. all though it's worth pointing out that the players put in a real shift on Friday, but that was probably for the fans more than the manager
  7. gypsyowl

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Leeds gave him the budget he wanted at Wednesday, on his last day at Hillsborough he was slumped in the dressing room in tears as didn't want to leave
  8. gypsyowl

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Happy birthday Sgt Wilko, I forgive you for breaking my heart when you left for Leeds, maybe in a few years I can say the same about Big ron My favourite ever time watching Wednesday was under Wilko, loved the man.
  9. gypsyowl

    Contract it is.......

    Not sure what people’s problem with hinchcliffe is, everything he said is true, truth hurts
  10. Vilnius? I've been a few times, a lot better now then what it was, during cold war it was grim as you can imagine
  11. gypsyowl

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    I can remember Derby away, we were absolutely crucified for it, all the fans on the concourse had no idea, absolutely wasted singing our songs but of course it was heard... I was mortified when I realised it was the minute silence.
  12. I'm a mix of all sorts mate nickname is mongrel as soon as I told me pals I was eligable to play for 4 countries if I was any good at football (I'm not)
  13. interesting fact for you, I'm a quarter Lithuanian
  14. that's because it is mate