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  1. gypsyowl

    Morgan Fox

    Jos ruined Fox by playing him wing back, never been able to play that position, he's a solid, squad rotation full back
  2. gypsyowl

    FA Investigation:

    A millwall fan stabbed an everton fan on Saturday so simmer down a little mate
  3. 70's aggro a bit before my time but absolutely loved the mid 80's, early 90's, Chelsea & West Ham my favourite away games, you really had to have each others back in them sort of games, always made me feel proud to be a a part of it all don't get me wrong I'm happy football has moved on now but I do miss them days, priceless memories I bet the old chelsea lads miss them days pre-russian investment too
  4. Ian Wright the man I used to hate to love, nothing but respect for him ,seems a lovely bloke Always remember him at hirst's testimonial, he was playing up the villain act, top bloke
  5. used to love scraps with the headhunters back in the 80/90's, for the young uns, it's like millwall getting promoted, doing well then becoming like chelsea have now Chelsea away back in the day was just pure filth for the lads who used to like getting stuck in, West Ham & Millwall were probably on par back then too
  6. gypsyowl

    Jordan Thornily

    Reyt defender
  7. gypsyowl

    FA Investigation:

    Swimming goggles lol
  8. I hope in part 2 they ask him about playing against us for Oldham in 2002 or 2003, I got goosebumps when he came off as sub towards the end Sheridan, Waddle, Nilsson & Hirst my heroes
  9. gypsyowl

    Club 1867 Launch

    The most sensible thing I've read in a while, this is just so complicated & daft. Just accept mistakes have been made & say we need to sell players. You can't have it both ways Chansiri, say at the forum that our money contributes nothing, then next minute beg like this with worthless schemes, I dread to think the people who can't afford this who are doing it because they think Chansiri's emotional blackmail means that they should.... Do your job as an owner & sell some assets, not one player in our squad is irreplaceable
  10. gypsyowl

    Club 1867 Launch

    I take it we can base them prices on what season ticket prices will be for next season? I'm reyt confused
  11. gypsyowl

    Club 1867 Launch

    so what happens if you buy a 3 year one, we get promoted then relegated straight away? you just get 1 free season ticket but have to buy the next Champ one?
  12. gypsyowl

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    "Steve Bruce will insist on intensity and tempo and speed" Gypsy Owl - horny
  13. gypsyowl


    Wanted by MLS teams, would make sense to cash in now & get him off the wage bill now instead in the summer
  14. gypsyowl

    Bruce - Football Focus today

    Bruce announced this week (yes aware it’s later than I originally said but not been straight forward process) 3 & a half year deal so he’ll be given the time, we’ll be making signings in jan so not sure where this end of jan is coming from?? Not what I’ve been told
  15. Chansiri wants to announce it at a press conference, you can’t do that if the bloke is on a pre-booked family holiday abroad! It’ll be announced next week, hopefully for the Birmingham game if not the Luton one definitely