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  1. played well and has been good since his latest comeback but we cannot rely on him he's injury prone and form very inconsistent and he's 30 now, time for him to move on after a stop start wednesday career, great talent though Fletcher on the other hand is in his prime and yes he gets injured but when he plays we are so much better as his form is so good, Fletcher can play at this level for a few more years yet, 2 year deal for me
  2. I must admit I gave it a miss last night because I couldn't be bothered to go and as I'm going on Saturday and v City I didn't want more grief from the wife I won't be doing it again though as felt dirty watching on the red button when I had a ticket for the game
  3. Who would have thought having settled full backs was as important as it is! I had this chat yesterday with a Forest fan, their manager did a classic Carlos trick where he rests the full backs midweek The ones that played were way off the pace and it affected their performance massively, they lose 0-1 at home to Charlton No Palmer and Fox are back it'll make a huge performance if you see our performance in 2nd half v Brum and last night, delighted for Fox, hope his new deal announced soon.
  4. if Fox and Fletcher start then I'll fancy our chances.....
  5. payday for me is direct debit day, not exciting like it used to be when a young'un
  6. We need to concentrate on getting enough points to stay in this league for when a possible points deduction comes in, talking about play-offs is madness from even fans, not alone our Vice Captain Embarrassing comments from Bannan tbh, I'd snap your hand off at being in the Championship next season
  7. we all know he's a great talent, there has never been a dispute about that but he's playing for a contract clearly, he's 30 now, on big wages and part of a failed squad, we need to move him on with many others
  8. Tom Lees has been great for us and what a bargain, but for me he should be top of the list of players we need to move on in the summer I'd keep hold of Fletcher (if we can agree terms) and make him captain Scottish International who's played in Europe and the Premier League, our most experienced player by a mile, & from what I hear he really looks after himself with his diet and gym, despite being 33 he is in his peak. He's most experenced players in the squad by a mile and one all should look up to & inspire to be. He brings the best out of the likes of Bannan and our wide players will have a field day too. We just need to make sure we have someone else who can do his role for a plan b if he gets injured as him getting injured has been
  9. Our defence & central midfield is so poor I can’t even pick a starting 11, so gotta feel for monk
  10. that's an old screenshot took when only season ticket holders could buy tickets, this is the current situation, absolutely loads left
  11. Look at that availability and 2 weeks away
  12. we were all excited when we saw our line up but our tactics were shocking, just long ball to Wickham, it's clear now that we need Fletcher if we're to carry on playing this poor style of football I did though Fessi and Da cruz were very good again though as the only shining light
  13. he's so bad and should never play for us again, I'd rather play Hunt, can't be any worse
  14. I think Fox is playing for 2nd mate as Iorfa will clean up on that award
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