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  1. Hate to be the one that does this but he could have watched both coz spurs game kicked off at 6pm
  2. gypsyowl

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    I’m looking forward to going to u23 game on Friday as should be quite a young team with 1st team playing Wednesday & Saturday, I hope to get a glimpse of some of the above for the 1st time
  3. gypsyowl

    Ron Atkinson

    Spot on, Dave Richards literally ruined us
  4. gypsyowl


    Hector should be next one, dunno about Kayal now, just a name I heard, shame as would fit in well
  5. gypsyowl


    same here pal just what I've heard, rather get an attacking midfielder & some defenders
  6. gypsyowl


    A name I've heard...... Beram Kayal
  7. gypsyowl

    Who else is up?

    is Penney's contract up? I'm sure he will be next, the club aren't making the same mistakes anymore, loving it
  8. Decent enough performance & Jos is right, the lads put in a proper shift & most importantly invaluable game time for some of the younger lads
  9. gypsyowl

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    Another overaction on Fox, won some good tackles, I thought he did ok, he’s back up left back & we are out of the cup now so chill out
  10. gypsyowl

    Youth Players Tonight

    Baker very good, Nielsen needs loaning out but I do like him, Lee did well but not sure why he was in midfield, not bad for his first game. Preston looks sharp, end product needs working on but happy with him, Stobbs doesn’t look up to standard every time I’ve seen him but will always give him a chance, Kirby had brief appearance but I’ve always liked what I’ve seen
  11. gypsyowl

    Sean Clare

    He's injured
  12. Hope not, we need another 3 or 4 for me ideally RB, LB, CB & AM Wishful thinking though that I know
  13. gypsyowl

    10 changes

    Wildsmith Baker Lees Pudil Fox Hutch Kirby Preston FF Stobbs Fletcher