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  1. where did I say it was? I just pointed out the media are reporting a lot of interest in Hooper
  2. Westwood has to be no1 priority but I'd also like to see us keep Hooper, I think he'll get a better/longer deal elsewhere though
  3. Huddersfield prepared to break the bank for Westwood, can we do that? also just seen this on Hooper, which would be a massive shame if we have stuck by him through this 15 month lay-off HOOPER IN DEMAND Sky sources: Sheffield Wednesday striker Gary Hooper is the subject of interest from three unnamed English clubs as well as New York City FC and DC United from the MLS and Turkish clubs Trabzonspor and Bursaspor. Hooper is out of contract at Hillsborough in the summer and has not yet been offered a new deal.
  4. Me & me brother grew up Gypsy's mate but we left the community when we met our non traveller women in early 90's I do have 5 brothers & 2 sisters though, only 2 of the 7 live in caravans, not spoke to them in years Next episode of 'This is your Traveler life' is next week gents
  5. Was always going down for Easter Weekend but Mrs told me we are staying Monday too, I thought we were coming back monday AM, hope this helps
  6. I've said it time & time again but half of that team needs to be out on loan, you learn nothing from u23's, it's for fringe players to keep match fit & returning 1st team players from injury If we keep Westwood or replace him then I'd definitely loan out Wildmisth to league 1 or 2 for half a season, then the likes of Grant, Kirby, Borukov, Hunt etc, get them out to league 2 or lower for a month or 2 at least
  7. Just realised I'm stopping at my brothers house Easter Sunday/Monday so will miss it, he's got sky so will it be available on red button or Ifollow any know?
  8. We needed to win on Saturday for me, yes we still have a chance but it's even more unlikely that we will win 5 out of our last 7 games at a minimum if we put in that performance on Saturday in which was a must win game, I can't remember one chance we had However if we win next 2 then yeah we'll have a chance definitely but I just don't think we will, I think Villa might be the team to stop our run Either way the fact we are in the run in with 7 games to go is great, massive credit to Brucey & makes next season so interesting.
  9. I honestly think Westwood will leave & will be mainly financial, the same for hooper too, they're in the shop window Palmer only one who will get new contract
  10. sounds like a weird agenda you have here? I also went & we did sell out.
  11. correct, that season when we played them at home & they didn't even fill the upper tier whenever I bring it up they just deny it
  12. what happens when we go long? They'll win everything & unless we are first to the 2nd ball it could be a frustrating afternoon, Fessi or Winnall are the legs with Nuhiu to do all the ugly but effective work
  13. Going by coach from Stannington, supping in Leek I think & I bet many are that aren't going on Train
  14. against Batth & Shawcross? Big Atty for me has to start with Fessi if he can start, if not winnall
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