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  1. hopefully this is confirmed before I set off so I know whether or not to bother
  2. -----------------Westwood-------------- Odujabo---Lees---Borner----Palmer -------------Hutch--Luongo--------------- Reach- -----Bannan-----------Harris ---------------Fletcher-----------------
  3. conspiracy theory.... the club are happy with this as it's people in ground earlier and spending more money
  4. what an absolute farce! so to solve one problem they cause an even bigger one with overcrowding on penistone road? it's going to be carnage, just get some coppers in a line outside seperating the fans and don't let home fans in south stand leave via LL
  5. don't say stuff like this please!!! they hammered the league title favourites last week, they've got a good side and will be well up for this, we've got to be wary of Wilks and Thomas
  6. Lets see your pre/post match routine for when you're Hillsborough bound. Mine is, late full english at home, first beer cracked open at the lunch time KO, pal comes round at HT, bus/taxi into Rawson, order 2 pints each, neck. Swift one in ground, KO starts, take it in turns with me pal who misses 8 mins of first half to get beers in. Post match, straight to wednesday tap, back to Hillsborough corner, bus/taxi hime, moan at the Mrs for the rest of the night. Can't wait, highlight of the week for sure!!!
  7. if only we had similar view after Wembley eh
  8. Andy Giddings @Gids1980 #SWFC: Understand Jacob Murphy has now passed his medical ahead of proposed move from #NUFC.
  9. good point but to play devil's advocate here, Buckley and Mcmanaman have disappeared since they were with us and McGeady did well last season but he's playing in lg1
  10. Forestieri won't stay beyond this season and faces 7 games suspended Harris and Reach play either wing like I imagine O'Dowda can as well, plus you need 2 places for each position so I would say we need him as well as Murphy
  11. Latest player linked, contract up in summer won't sign a new one so will get cheap be interesting to see if we are getting just 1 winger or 2?
  12. Palmer will always be a scapegoat but he's a solid championship full back, and weirdly he's better at LB than RB All though I want us to improve in that area as Penney and Fox don't seem up to it. what about going 3-5-2(ish) (if Hector signs) ?? --------Hector-Lees-Borner------- Odujabo-----Hutch-------Reach ------------Lee---Bannan-------- Harris---Fletcher---Murphy--
  13. People forget Iorfa is due to come back who can play anywhere accross the back 4 but we have a player in Fox who isn't cut out for higher end championship, Penney who was has shown glimpses in September last year when he get POTM, but he suffered a bad injury, Palmer is the obvious choice but it's new to him and doesn't give us the right balance we definitely wanted Bidwell so you are right
  14. I can't believe a left back wasn't our number 1 priority this season tbh
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