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  1. I'll go for a pint with you Big D
  2. I've always made a pact to myself that I will come out of retirement of my footie feytin days whenever it involves dem piggies or weeds I'm talking 49 year old bare knuckle Gypsy style, so don't worry I'll be there on match days & will save club a few quid too, win win
  3. he's spot on football is mainly down to luck & having self belief, that's why the old school man management style was so successful
  4. Swfc and hooligans..

    Remember pompey away in promotion season under wilko, I went down on coach with my brother's older mates, I was 15/16! saw some of their lot outside a boozer when we got into Portsmouth, glasses & bottles chucked at coach, driver agrees to open doors, everyone piles off and charges at them, utter carnage for about 20 seconds when old bill turned up, I was whacked over head with a plank of wood & then when I got up was whacked again with a truncheon but we all got away pretty much unscathed, that's all anyone could talk about on the way home, I don't even remember what the score was mainly because I probably had concussion
  5. Saw him on Eccy road on Sat, he's massive! had a wee chat with him too & he didn't hold back, top bloke Newsome & is a very passionate owl
  6. I agree with this then many will renew in the summer at the more expensive prices? Result for the club...
  7. I'm not writing him off as his long range passing is brilliant but I don't think he's ready for 1st team yet, Pudil for me should be CB instead of him I think VA will become a decent centre back though, keep working hard son
  8. Why?

    I look forward to next week, always room for improvement
  9. jesus christ just worked out that in north it's just under £30 a game
  10. Wish I could sell mine at them prices
  11. Swfc and hooligans..

    I recall this event but I had packed it all in when I got married in 93 & I thought this was after then otherwise I'd imagine I'd have been there