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  1. I'm just hoping there's another Hillsborough game in May on a Friday night like last time when we beat Hull to win the play-offs, I enjoyed that night.
  2. So did we win 2 trophies last season then? The league & then play-offs?
  3. so if you win the league you get a trophy, but also you qualify for the play-offs to see who wins out of top 2 north & top 2 south?
  4. Always said we should build a team around Westwood, Lees, Lee, Hutch, Bannan, Fessi & Hooper however that kinda didn't work this season as they've all been injured & barely played which is unbelievable when you think about it
  5. Nixon

    definitely isn't a fraud, get's load right mate
  6. Big Thank You To SWFC

    Brilliant story, I loved reading this, made me proud to be an owl. Also you're a top bloke, not many would do something like this for their mum, top man
  7. back in the day it was quite normal to go on pitch to celebrate a goal, did it many times last time I did it was at Walsall on Boxing Day season we came up last, then it was on the website if you did it again you'd get banned so I haven't done it since I can see why they don't want you going on pitch but does my head in when jobsy stewards get involved & do whatever they can to stop fans & players celebrating together, get a life!
  8. This season has been positive

    Yeah they were both league 1
  9. This season has been positive

    Maybe you are right but I’m just saying that we’ve cocked up loads this season, lessons will be learned imo
  10. This season has been positive

    Stop being so negative? Have you read the actual title of my post? I also don’t think I ever said last season was a disaster? I said the run we went on papered over the cracks, Carlos was to blame for our downfall, so him leaving & jos coming in then starting to build his team properly is very promising, I don’t think I could be less negative. Bring on August, I can’t wait.
  11. This season has been positive

    Thanks mate any suggestions for captain? I’d like hutch but obvious reasons why he can’t be really!
  12. Operation "Close the GAP"

    Wound be funny but unlikely we’ll get 12th, steady on
  13. This season has been positive

    Forgot to put reach in my team for next season so just ignore that bit