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  1. Jake Bidwell is the next signing for us, not sure how it works with the embargo like but I've been told he's signing.
  2. because they're contracts don't start until 1st July June is a rough month for hardcore football fans when no international tournament but just over 2 weeks until they fly to Portugal on 1st July
  3. I'll second this mate, especially when my kids have different mums
  4. Palmer & Westwood signed 2 year deals, Lee has signed for 1 year June is the slowest month in football, especially when no World Cup or Euros, just relax, it'll soon be 1st game of the season
  5. I think you make a good point, I've thought about this too. However from Bruce's point of view he's going on what he's got now, also we have to take into account we can't spend like we have done before, it is a case of' working with what we've got'. Palmer, Lee & Westwood aren't just members of that failed promotion team, they've been here a while, (Palmer 2010, Lee 2012 & Westwood 2014) played under different managers/owners, there's nothing wrong with having a squad which has a good mix of players who are new signings, and club 'veterans'. I completley support the club's decision to offer them 3 new deals & keep our existing best players like Hutch, Bannan, Lees & Reach. I'll go back to that 'mix' I mentioned, come first game of the season we could have a nice one of players who know the club and fresh faces, which is what we need I feel.
  6. I think we need 7 minimum, maybe even 8 if we can get rid of some.
  7. So I'm very confident Palmer, Lee & Westwood are staying, if this is the case, below is our current squad as it stands, what areas are most important to strengthen? who would you listen to offers for? GK Westwood Dawson Wildsmith (make available for loan) Defenders RB - Palmer RB - Baker (make available for loan/transfer) RB/CB - Iorfa CB - Lees CB - Thorinley CB - Van Aken (make available for transfer) LB - Fox LB - Penney Midfield MC - Bannan MC - Lee MC - Pelupessy MC - Hutchinson ML - Reach Attack SC - Fletcher SC - Forestieri (listen to offers) SC - Joao SC - Nuhiu SC - Winnall (make available for transfer) SC - Rhodes (make available for transfer) It's quite damming how much we need some pace on the wings, we need 2 or 3 really! Another centre mid is needed too, Hutch & Lee have the ability but we'll be lucky to get 30 games out of them each, Pelupessy is a trier and can do a job but I'd like see someone else come in who is creative so we're not so reliant on Bannan, Nick Powell would have been ideal but glad we pulled out of it if he's wanting crazy wages, them days have left us for now. Not sure who's going to buy any of our strikers but for me I'd play Fletcher up front with Joao as it stands, all though if Nixon is right and we can get 8 million for him then he'd be gone for me! Defence wise, we need either Hector back (unlikely) or another CB, the German lad who's name escapes me looks like it's all agreed so you could put him in there, maybe Van Aken could come good if he has a decent pre-season? Not sure, doesn't seem a Bruce type of CB for me. Thorniley was brilliant last season and wouldn't be surprised to see him partner Lees next season. Big season for Penney, I'd like to see him be our first choice LB, he was brillaint in September but was played out of position and his form suffered, then he got injured... he's a great full back though and think under Bruce we could see a quality player, I wouldn't be surprised if come September/October time we're screaming for him to get a new contract again as he only has 1 year left, but also think we could strengthen at LB, I think Bidwell would be a good free transfer. Fox I'm not bothered about either way, I think the stick he gets is OTT, decent squad player for me but wouldn't be bothered if he went elsewhere, but I think he's a good squad player, a bit below Palmer I'd say in terms of 'solid championship full back'. Also sounds like Odubajo is coming in too, not sure if it's all agreed but he'd be a good addition. Iorfa probably move to CB next season but gives us cover there too? Baker probably won't fit our squad. If Bruce wants 6 new signings then I'm guess it'll be a new CB, RB, LB, CM & 2 wingers (with pace I hope!)
  8. This has been agreed for a while, I imagine holidays & the fact they are still under their existing contract until the 30th June is the reason for the delay in announcing this. It's great news though, replacing Westwood would be a big task, Palmer's form from the 2nd half of last season was very good & will provide competition with a new signing (Odubajo I'm pretty sure will be the other RB) Lee has the chance to prove his fitness, but all being well if he gets git over the summer he'd be one of the first name on the team sheet for me come 1st game of the season.
  9. Remember playing wolves away, think we won 3-1, Burton best player on pitch, that may have been same game that Carson put in the best GK performance I think I've ever seen
  10. first signing will be Börner announced early June I reckon, then odubajo & Findlay I reckon, start at the back then move onto another body in CM & 2 quick wingers would be nice!
  11. signed a 2 year deal with us, relax
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