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  1. Plenty of pubs near train station. About 15 mins walk. Depending how fast you walk
  2. As per title I have a spare id that can buy a ticket now if anybody wants it. Was only 200 left yesterday so be quick.
  3. They haven't sold out yet so you may get 1 from office. Obviously depending on points but we get another 500 when they 1500 sell
  4. Same as last season the robbin gits. O well £60 for me and the 9 year old. Will still be going.
  5. I sit in upper north normally but had to go on bottom half. But o well. £12 not to bad and another 10 points to keep my tpp topped up.
  6. Got mine this morning. £17 for my 9 year old. Swansea was £16 for him aswell. Robbin gits. But as always i will look forward to the day then 3pm will come and the day will be ruined. But you never no
  7. 2 home 4 away. Blackburn Swansea Middlesbrough West Brom all away. Been putting bits of money away for last few month knowing we had 4 aways on December. The joys
  8. He got an assist at bristol if that counts as a decent pass. I no what u mean though but wildsmith made plenty of mistakes lady season. More them Dawson is making. Clean sheets don't always tell the full story. Dawson has a lot to learn but I think all round he's better then wildsmith. But also agree that he should get a chance. He talks to defence a lot more so that could help. Suppose it's worth a try but would feel for Dawson as most goals not much he could have done. We shall see.
  9. Got mine at half 9 this morning. Had to ring to confirm though ad my confirmation email didn't come like it normally does. Can't wait now.
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