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  1. Got mine this morning. £17 for my 9 year old. Swansea was £16 for him aswell. Robbin gits. But as always i will look forward to the day then 3pm will come and the day will be ruined. But you never no
  2. 2 home 4 away. Blackburn Swansea Middlesbrough West Brom all away. Been putting bits of money away for last few month knowing we had 4 aways on December. The joys
  3. Evansy14

    Sheff u info

  4. Evansy14

    The goalkeeping situation

    He got an assist at bristol if that counts as a decent pass. I no what u mean though but wildsmith made plenty of mistakes lady season. More them Dawson is making. Clean sheets don't always tell the full story. Dawson has a lot to learn but I think all round he's better then wildsmith. But also agree that he should get a chance. He talks to defence a lot more so that could help. Suppose it's worth a try but would feel for Dawson as most goals not much he could have done. We shall see.
  5. Evansy14

    Sheff u info

    Got mine at half 9 this morning. Had to ring to confirm though ad my confirmation email didn't come like it normally does. Can't wait now.
  6. Evansy14

    Birmingham away details

    Full allocation
  7. Evansy14

    QPR Away Details

    Haha still a no. Disnt read the date as knew when it was. Lol. Will be able to go in April if they fancy moving it :)
  8. Evansy14

    QPR Away Details

    Only game this season I can't get to Son having op that day.
  9. Adult lower tier fave value. Pick up in rotherham or can deliver for fuel.
  10. Evansy14


    As above. My reading tickets went missing in post but rang t/O and they got reading to print me new ones and collected before game.
  11. Evansy14

    Away games, a closed shop?

    You can but away season tickets
  12. Evansy14

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I only buy 1 year season tickets but have enough points for 1st phase every game. This is because I started by going to the shitty games and the ones long distance on Tuesdays. That's how you build them up. Now I don't miss any. It's the fairest way to do it in my opinion. Can understand that people can't go every week or get time off work for midweek games but that's just the way it is. People who go more regularly get priority. Best way. If it goes back to how it used to be you could not go to a away game all season but come united away go queue up from 2am to get a ticket but some 1 who goes week in week out misses out.
  13. Evansy14


    Ordered first phase and opted post. Just got home still no tickets. T/o closed now amd won't be done in time tomorrow to get there or ring.
  14. Evansy14


    Well said.