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  1. It's to stop away fans going on home end as far as I'm aware. Man city sold 4500 so they would be a few trying on home end but with these restrictions it means they cant.
  2. Just been online and its saying you can buy Birmingham tickets. Must have been a few returned.
  3. Any spares for Barnsley. 1 of Mates need 1. Preferably oap but will take any. Cash waiting.
  4. I'm on 930 points Only missed qpr last season due to work. But I'm away season ticket holder so get them automatically. Money already gone out my bank for them. Points still get added though
  5. Not mine I didn't take it. And yes brad I'm really quiet ha ha. Cheers though but defo not mine
  6. Just stick rolly and Neil behind that and you get a decent seat ha ha
  7. Allways been behind goal unless its been changed this year. Cant see it though. I not seen my tickets yet though so cant help. Wen I get them in morning I will have a look wer we are Guessing you bought from swfc ticket office?
  8. Normally sells out pretty quick boxing day. Or I thought it did I'm probably wrong though.
  9. Can sell out today PM. So not sure. Normally a very popular game. But I never no.
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