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  1. Line up vs Bluntuns

    I would say same as cardiff Pudil lb and reach lm. They seemed to play well together. Every time pudil went up reach would cover of we lost ball.
  2. REQ. 2 adult tickets Wed v Utd

    Still tickets available on west lower
  3. My son got jack hunts shirt at burton a few week back. Nearly fits him aswell. Hes 8. He says he dont want another so jack saved me £50plus. The quality is great to be honest but not sure if thats just because its a players shirt.
  4. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Plenty left sam? My mate wants to come but cant purchase next week due to money
  5. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    What we sold up to now sam Any ideas
  6. Wen i book away tickets mine normally go straight on.
  7. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Should do but dont no if we will sell out.
  8. Coach to Cardiff

    How much and wer from.
  9. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Tickets booked.
  10. United

    I've also got the option to but 2 per season ticket.
  11. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Guessing there is plenty left. Getting mine tomorrow.
  12. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    Not bad that. Looks like they may all go. Looking forward to it.
  13. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    U think we will sell them all sam
  14. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    Tickets booked.
  15. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    I'm getting mine Thursday pm due to 1 ticket not having enough for am Should be fine though. Hopefully.