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  1. Reach, Pellupessy and Clare.

    Clare will get better and better. Hope he has a run of games - really impressed
  2. Morgan Fox

    Oh he's bad - real bad.
  3. The look on his face says it all...
  4. Morgan Fox

    Must have a really good agent. He’s up there with the very wost
  5. Matias is a joke. Get get him paid up n f00ked off sharpish
  6. Gary Hooper - back in training?

    He's sponsored by adidas, and has today received the latest colour way of the boot he wears...AKA means naff all...
  7. Judge

    What a player. Get him up and running again and we’ll have a hell of a front line
  8. Frederik Nielsen

    Nothing to scream or shout about, looked a bit dodgy to me...
  9. The first minute last night

    I saw Bannan & Lees
  10. What could possibly go wrong??

    Whats giving you this impression tonights set to be a 35k sell out?
  11. Adam Reach .....

    Attitude is second to none. Big fan.
  12. Let’s be honest

    Shocking OP i sniff pork
  13. Injury Free 1st XI

    I am exshited. I have done a little shex pish in my pantsh.