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  1. jacko1992

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    Rat arse students. Owt worse
  2. Not gonna lie, I'm fed up of hearing from this miserable tail.
  3. jacko1992

    Message from Keiren Westwood

    Walks straight back into the team.
  4. Something in his eye get this piece of sh!t out of my football club.
  5. jacko1992

    Gary hooper

    Suspect he'll have put a stone or four on... Won't see the best of him again this season anyway
  6. Try doubling that...
  7. jacko1992

    Jo’s - not very good

    Did people expect this guy to have a magic wand? We're in a mess chaps - largely down to the muppet that was stood in the other technical area. Give it time.
  8. jacko1992

    Reach, Pellupessy and Clare.

    Clare will get better and better. Hope he has a run of games - really impressed
  9. jacko1992

    Morgan Fox

    Oh he's bad - real bad.
  10. The look on his face says it all...
  11. jacko1992

    Morgan Fox

    Must have a really good agent. He’s up there with the very wost
  12. Matias is a joke. Get get him paid up n f00ked off sharpish
  13. jacko1992

    Gary Hooper - back in training?

    He's sponsored by adidas, and has today received the latest colour way of the boot he wears...AKA means naff all...
  14. jacko1992


    What a player. Get him up and running again and we’ll have a hell of a front line