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  1. Badge and sponsor real bobbins. Bring back the SWFC badge....n a nike tick or summat
  2. Salary caps would be a start. Youth team players at the big clubs that haven't kicked a ball picking up 20/30k a week makes me sick
  3. He was the man for the job 😡
  4. He's played 3 games. Leg it.
  5. Ben flipping Pringle 😄😄😄
  6. Really overrated. All over the place last night, closing their center half down at one point! Wouldn't surprise me at all if it was tactical.
  7. Funny old game, isn't it? Calls for them to be left out the team by many a few weeks ago - now we're begging for their return to dig us out of this mess
  8. It’s with thanks to Carlos we are in this mess. Wouldn’t trust him with tomorrows lunch money. Give your head a wobble FFS!
  9. These threads always make me chuckle. Beat Millwall and we’ll be back talking about catching Leeds again
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