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  1. He was finished as soon as he snubbed the ball boy for that poxy celebration, get shut.
  2. Welcome back Safcfaninpeace, we hope you enjoy our light show
  3. D Taxis big taxi rank, straight off after the game. Genius.
  4. Gutted and can't work this one out
  5. Yeah its his fault. FFS
  6. Tell you whats embarrassing. Torch waving. WTF?
  7. I don't understand the hatred we have for our former players - same with Cornbeanu recently - strange. Like a jelous radged ex.
  8. SWFC 4-0 Wimbledon Tyreece John-Jules x3 Lee Gregory x1 Att: 21,326
  9. Another one, seen the kop band sold us out for England!
  10. Gibson?? Have i missed something?
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