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  1. jacko1992

    penney may be off

    Lets hope they were watching tonight, cos he was shybo.
  2. jacko1992

    Is Fessi injured or .........

    Someone delete this thread FFS, more negativity, more nonsense, MORE CRAP
  3. jacko1992

    FF out injured

    FFS - was looking forward to letting him loose @ bumhole lane.
  4. jacko1992

    Sam Winnall

  5. jacko1992

    Gary Hooper

    Doesn't help himself does he ffs, I get the impression hes not arsed.
  6. jacko1992

    Brizzle Presser

    If Hutch is fit he should be on the chuffin pitch!
  7. jacko1992

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    Of course he's doing a good job, a very good job. Anybody that states otherwise is a bit thick. Unsurprisingly - we have many thick fans.
  8. jacko1992

    Kirby Sub

    Shocking decision. I'm still fuming. Do we draw that game if we bring Hutch, even Jones on!? neither in the 16!!! FFS man.
  9. jacko1992

    Gary Hooper injury update

    Thanks for the memories, Gaz.
  10. jacko1992

    Leeds fan in peace

    Climb out of his arse Steve.
  11. Will sign for Everton for £11m in the summer solving all our financial worries
  12. jacko1992

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    ...remember this place on Wednesday night?
  13. jacko1992

    Forest thoughts

    Amazes me how people keeping picking Baker and Matias, who should be should be nowhere near!!
  14. jacko1992

    Well it has been coming...

    Let the meltdown commence nick a win @ Villa on Saturday and they’ll be threads on here like ‘New chant for Onomah’