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  1. jacko1992

    Players we missed on Saturday

    Jones > Pellupessy
  2. jacko1992

    Walk Out Music

    No just the song will be fine thanks. Enjoyed all the other stuff played pre game however
  3. jacko1992

    Walk Out Music

    Bring back Waterfront.
  4. jacko1992

    Clare joins Swansea

    Sean Flair Laters
  5. jacko1992

    Marco Matias

    He's crap.
  6. We'll win on Saturday.
  7. jacko1992

    Is it official

    No body seems to know. The silence is flipping deffening.
  8. jacko1992

    Long season.

    FFS. Have a day off.
  9. jacko1992

    How long for Jos

    We sack him then what? Bring in a fella with a magic wand?
  10. jacko1992

    van Aken

  11. jacko1992

    Wigan Roll Call

    A pleasure to be rubbing shoulders with you all again my fellow owls. Lets do the bizzniss.