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  1. Bannan

    My favorite player, if they all had the same work ethic and desire as him we'd have zero problems. Heard a tiny whisper he's playing for a move though
  2. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Noticed Abdi’s shirt is hung in the dressing room for todays game
  3. Hooper wont need asking twice
  4. Reach

    Fair play to the lad. Weve got some absolute eggs that follow us about.
  5. Really grinds my gears when people deem the last two years a "success". Look at the money we've spent ffs, and all we have to show for it is a big fv<king cake.
  6. New Kit - Potential Release Clue

    Fuckkem. Couldn't give a shyit
  7. Just Got Back

    ....A draw to Bolton, who are rock bottom with 2 points on the board before we came to town. Time to get real chaps
  8. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Anyone know why he was dragged at HT?...injured maybe?
  9. Hutchinson vs Jones

    And? I suppose that's us going up then Doesn't know what a forward pass is, and is ran past like he's invisible! he cant even foul properly
  10. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Shouldn't even be a debate, Jones is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot
  11. Steven Fletcher

    Probably why he was given a standing ovation when he was subbed. Jesus christ