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  1. Our coach had broken down and we arrived late, only to be met with pitch full of supporters and total chaos. To be honest, it was the norm in that era.
  2. Not one bit. Football's depresssing, ground's depressing, cost depressing, journey depressing.....need I go on?
  3. While we're stuck with DC, it doesn't really matter who the manager is.
  4. I genuinely forget which teams these guys have managed, there's just so many.
  5. Please, not another journeyman manager. I'd rather have Jos back.
  6. I did, apart from Reach constantly giving the ball away.
  7. Too lightweight. His replacement much more of a physical presence.
  8. Another great deal with Derby. We should sign that bloke who crashed his car.
  9. As you enter Doncaster Railway Station by train, there's an Owl painted on an old shed, which has been there for years. There used to be EBRA painted on a wall in Conisbrough. There must be loads of iconic Wednesday graffiti in the area.
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