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Community Answers

  1. Great servant but we have to get the age of the squad down. Have to start somewhere.
  2. I think it's still owned by the Booth family. I understand a local pub team plays there as the pitch is obviously still looked after.
  3. Thought we were trying to get the average age of the squad down.
  4. More annoyed with the thousands that left when they scored. Pathetic.
  5. Moore took over a right mess but too late to save us last season. Not forgetting him getting quite ill. OK this season has been hit and miss but we came close. He deserves a bit more respect in my opinion.
  6. We lost the tie up there. They were much more positive tonight, despite the expected time wasting etc. Too many of ours didn't turn up tonight, apart from spell when we scored.
  7. Not much to pick from but yeah I'd go for Palmer MOM.
  8. Nothing against Sunderland. Apart from their kit, obviously.
  9. Give em West Lower. Wednesdayites in West Upper. Seems fair.
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