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  1. They've never found a cure for the common cold, so there's no guarantee they'll find one for Covid 19. Football, like many other forms of entertainment, is simply not sustainable without crowds, i'm afraid to say.
  2. The only loyalty in football these days, is from the likes of us.
  3. But we've done it for years, home and away. We just don't develop any other way of playing.
  4. Chasing a game, stick Nuhiu on and lump it into box. Sick of it.
  5. Why do people keep banging on about the play off? Staying up would be an achievement, thanks to DC.
  6. Basket case of a football club. Although some might argue they don't bloody deserve paying.
  7. Leon Clarke and Nuhiu upfront.....theres a thought.
  8. Was Sinatras on Carver Street?
  9. I could never get used to his voice !!
  10. About time this bloated, ageing, overpaid squad was trimmed. Should have been done years ago. Not sorry to see any of them go to be honest, which sort of sums up the relationship between the fans and club in my opinion.
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