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  1. Like the idea of bringing an extra striker on, when most managers would be looking to shore things up, when winning 1-0 away from home.
  2. Not overly excited by Monk appointment but let's get behind him and see how it goes. All the moaners, I just wonder who they expected or wanted as manager?
  3. Never understand the obsession with eating food at football matches, unless of course you'd normally eat a pie at 345pm on Saturday.
  4. I think some think are the police, due to the fewer numbers of police in grounds these days. Sometimes I think they need reminding that they are merely cheap labour in a yellow jacket.
  5. Exactly. Two home matches means ten quid NOWTV pass or £70 ish for tickets? No brainer for me and many others i'm sure.
  6. Think it was late 70s, probably about 78. I remember Tommy Tynan equalising.
  7. Far too many to choose from but 0-0 draw at home to Rushden & Diamonds takes some beating.
  8. I feel for the fans of Bury and Bolton but maybe it will take the demise of these clubs, to act as a warning for others to get their own houses in order. If they do go, i'm sure they'll both reform in some way but obviously at a much lower level.
  9. Penney appears to be playing further forward.
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