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  1. Reminds me of Carlton Palmer when he runs with the ball.
  2. Bearing in mind where we were in early December, its a tremendous achievement for us to even have a sniff of the play offs.
  3. I respect your opinion. It's what footballs about, or should be. We won that's the main thing.
  4. Thought Joey was ok to be fair. It's just the default post to say he was poo.
  5. He's probably going to be needed as Fletcher didn't look too good.
  6. If he'd acted earlier and got rid of Dross, who knows but we could have been pretty much safely in the play offs by now.
  7. Good news...week NOW TV pass will cover Leeds and Norwich matches.
  8. Time to bring back safe standing so people have a choice, like it was before all seating.
  9. Ten matches left. Give him a decent run in the team.
  10. Hope so. Hate giving dosh to that odious club.
  11. ".... wherever we go we fear no foe cos we are the EBRA"...happy days
  12. Odious little man, with his ridiculous accent. Struts around like a soccer hooligan wannabee.
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