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  1. Respect to those going. Reckon you're all mad but respect anyhow.
  2. Whats he know about commitment?....he couldn't tackle a paper bag.
  3. Good servant but he's one on the list who should have been cleared out a couple of seasons ago.
  4. I don't blame Monk at all. He's inherited an over payed, over aged, constantly underacheiving squad. He's doing his best with what he's got in my opinion.
  5. Left on 75 mins. Only other time i've left so early, was when we lost to Forest. Think it was 7-1.
  6. Feel sorry for ST holders. That's my first and last home match this season.
  7. Last Saturday's Daily Mail stated that the match would be streamed live on the BBC, BT Sport and FA websites. No mention of it been on TV.
  8. Should a Wednesday scarf be just blue and white or should it have a hint of black? Personally think blue, white and black looks smarter.
  9. And he's probably scored one of the best Wednesday goals i've ever seen.
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