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  1. Why do people get wound up by this clown everytime we play Rotherham?
  2. 45 years or something...Rotherham are due a home win. They'll probably never get a better chance against this shower.
  3. Brentford's strikers looked mobile and dangerous. Ours looked ponderous in comparison.
  4. I'm sure people don't actually "hate" Rhodes. Simple fact is, it's just not worked out for him at Wednesday.
  5. Why do Sky bang on about Rhodes as a goal threat? He just isn't anymore ffs.
  6. How many times as this been discussed over the years? I remember once there was talk of Rangers and Celtic joining such a thing, until they realised that Scottish football was shyyte.
  7. It was all about how we started. Decent start, so much more confident now.
  8. Got as far as South London. Somehow ended up at Coventry v Middlesbrough at Highfield Rd.
  9. He's too posh for football. Probably into rugby union.
  10. I'd love to know how many they actually sell.
  11. I know one thing.. if it involves DC and finance, it can only turn to shht.
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