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  1. PortlandOwl

    Honolulu Wednesday

    Always found it an annoying, pointless song.
  2. PortlandOwl

    Big Hec

    Hes done well but can be really casual at times and always seems to have a mistake in him. Reminds me of Anthony Gardner a bit.
  3. PortlandOwl

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    Agreed, drawing with those scrubbers is hardly worth gloating about but the late late goals we keep scoring against them, are very funny given their obsession with us.
  4. PortlandOwl

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    It doesn't really matter which team he supports, Rotherham have failed to control the crowd and FF has been confronted by somebody. How the fk can he be sent off under those circumstances.
  5. PortlandOwl

    Rotherham Owls

    It's how many you normally bring to Hillsborough.
  6. PortlandOwl

    Our settled back 4

    Just shows how JL was totally out of his depth. It literally changed for the better the day after he'd gone. A settled back 4 (5 with the keeper) is so important in any team.
  7. PortlandOwl

    Adam Reach

    He scores screamers yet misses 5 yard tap ins.
  8. PortlandOwl

    Nuhiu coming on as sub Saturday.

    He kind of sums this season up to be honest.
  9. Get rid of Hooper, Rhodes and Nuhiu.
  10. PortlandOwl

    Man of the match -Reading (H)

    Somebody actually gave Thornily only 5. I swear some give the scores based on what they've heard on the radio. I can't believe they've been to the match.
  11. PortlandOwl

    Brentford at home : prices

    Match will be off again if Brentford draw their cup match.
  12. PortlandOwl

    Megson - worse than Jos

    Put quite simply..no one is worse than Jos..at anything..fact.
  13. PortlandOwl

    Rotherham tickets sold out for Owls fans.

    They are deluded though aren't they? After all, they actually think that we give a poo about them.
  14. PortlandOwl

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Can't believe we were the last team outside the top flight to win a major trophy.