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  1. Barry Watling, Greg Fee, Patrick Blondeau, Larry May, Guy Branston.
  2. Potters Corner £2.50 e/w @ 18/1....£59...get in
  3. Millwall players celebrating disallowed goal while we play on and score at the other end. Brilliant.
  4. Bob Bolder, Kevin Taylor, Viv Anderson, Bobby Hope, Dennis Leman, Ray Blackhall, Paul Bradshaw, Dave Grant, Hugh Dowd, Jeff Johnson, Mick Pickering.
  5. Really can't see season starting again. Tough to take for teams doing well but for us....meh.
  6. I was on one of those coaches. Supporters club coaches from memory.
  7. This lack of football etc is a bit of a drag...I've had to start talking to the Mrs.... I've just found out she's apparently been made redundant from Woolworths.
  8. I wonder if they're still available in the shop? DC will probably see an oppurtunity to knock a few out.
  9. Who cares. More important stuff going on at the moment.
  10. I'd much rather watch the grass grow.
  11. This season would obviously see us down. If we have an unlikely good next season, we could stay up.
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