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  1. Our relegation won't be down to one match, more like a season of continued fk ups. Oh and a crazy, out of touch owner.
  2. Forget it. This shower have shown all season that they're not capable of taking advantage of any oppurtunities handed to them.
  3. Can't wait to see what DC comes up with next season. I'm sure he's got a cunning plan.
  4. Some brave or foolish Rotherham fans sheepishly ended up in there, very briefly, in late 70s.
  5. Who'd have thought back on that glorious day in May 2012, when we beat Wycombe, that we'd be here again. Makes you weep.
  6. Midweek match at Amex, awful weather, Brighton fans applauded when number of away fans was announced. Something I reckon we should do at Hillsborough a lot more. Instead of taking the p1ss out of say 50 Yeovil fans, we should be more gracious sometimes.
  7. Didn't do much running but certainly had an eye for goal.
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