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  1. Thought this was a thread from 1975 when i saw title.
  2. Crowds are obviously down at Hillsborough this season but Wednesday don't seem to want to do anything to address it.
  3. I saw my first match in 1971. Everything has a saturation point though.
  4. You're right. Once you get out of the habit, its easy to stop going i'm afraid.
  5. Wednesday have made it a pretty easy decision for me and no doubt many others, whether to attend or not.
  6. Didn't really realise how many fairly "old" players we have.
  7. Defending is the new attacking in Rugby Union....apparently....so i'm told.
  8. I'm in that category. Moved to Harrogate last year. £14 to watch Town. Decent standard of football and 15 minute walk to ground.
  9. We need them all. Its a long, tough season and there will be injuries and suspensions. We're not exactly surplus to requirements in the CB area either.
  10. We've nowt to fear in this league from what I've seen this season.
  11. More likely be a freezing cold Tuesday or Wednesday in February.
  12. I find it strange that football fans seem to instant dislike of the team thats just beaten them. People should learn to be more gracious in defeat. Who am I trying to kid?
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