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  1. When he's actually played, he's still had chances and fluffed them. Not worked out, get rid.
  2. Recently moved to Harrogate and went to see Town several times last season. Nice little club.
  3. Not a fan of Plopp...think hes a bit of a clown...glad City won it. Just hope Spurs can finish the job and they end up with nowt.
  4. No room for sentiment. Both have been good servants to the club but this bloated squad needs trimming.
  5. They have to do more next season to attract the casual / occasional supporter because at the moment they are at risk of becoming extinct at the current prices.
  6. I dont care about United or any other team for that matter. Only Wednesday.
  7. I can barely remember some players from last season.
  8. Its like Monday. Cheapest ticket £36 on the kop, hence pretty poor crowd on a Bank Holiday.
  9. Ours against Toytown makes up for all those we've conceded.....very funny, especially against that delusional bunch.
  10. Had we been a bit more savvy we could have killed the game off.
  11. The whole city are related to each other.. apparently.
  12. Be sad to see Westwood go but not fussed about Hooper. He's not getting any younger, has a poor injury record and I'm assuming he's one of the highest earners.
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