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  2. absolutely pathetic we have to put up with him for even longer. Just awful from the club.
  3. It sort of puts into perspective Monk’s quote of being around and knowing what makes a successful dressing room 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. That’s the problem with Bannan, Hutchinson, Pelupessy. You be lucky to get 8 per season combined Luongo looks like he might chip in more if he ever gets fit Lewis Mcgugan was the last midfielder we had who could hit the net with any consistency
  5. I think that refers to the culture, mentality and attitude of the players rather than their actual abilities. His attitude is spot on, he's just not a particularly good footballer.
  6. Dont disagree, but maybe keeping Joey is a compromise needed to invest more budget in the forward line, which is in urgent need of recruitment? Personally, I think that Hunt or another of the youth players in and around the first team could contribute more, but the club clearly thinks hes worth another year, and let's be fair he is a cheap option. He'd have been on my release list though along with many others.
  7. I really hope not, but going off this business you could be right. I genuinely thought we’d seen the end of Pelupessy. Monk has only started him in 8 league games this season, how that earns you a new deal I don’t know. Poor from the club.
  8. Completely bizarre. This extension worries me about where the club is going.
  9. So do I personally or even Hunt in the 1st team. But we can't fill the bench and team with kids.. not in this day and age. Its only a 1yr extension.. we'll be edging our bets for which league were gunna end up in. He's fit and rarely injured.
  10. So it's the club that's extended?? WTAF!! We must be in some right sh8te if they think extending this guy is good business. Desperation.
  11. along with Rhodes, yes it would Actually, it seems that we are planning for League One
  12. Centre halves 3-8 fullbacks 2-5 Centre mid 5-10 Wide players 5-10 strikers 15+
  13. Let’s just all remember that league one is actually quite fun...
  14. That partnership would actually do amazing things in League 1
  15. I wonder if we’ll see a similar approach with some of the strikers Obviously players like Fletcher and Forestieri will be sought after, so won’t compromise on wages, but Winnall and Nuhiu might
  16. I think this announcement means one clear thing The club are no longer confident of their case against the EFL
  17. Its the cheap option. We need a squad of players. Can say I'm fussed either way.. bench player Hope he comes good
  18. I’d genuinely rather have given Semedo a new deal. Good behind the scenes but also (and more importantly) a much better player than Pelupessey. If ever there were any question marks over the direction of the club, they have been answered today.
  19. This news is bound to make people's heads explode Can't wait for the Nuhiu announcement next On a serious note surely this move means we are planning for League 1
  20. So much for Garry Monks “this club needs change” then ey. Can tell Joey is a good lad, always a tryer. But all in all he’s just not good enough for this level. Really disappointed.
  21. I think the minimum expectation for a striker is 10 goals per season, with 20 the target. Midfield slightly more complex, but again I'd want to see a goalscoring contribution of goals or assists in double figures at least.
  22. Think you’re hitting the nail on the head though. I personally think we are gonna start sliding down the league. I think we’re preparing for that. Need to start saying our goodbyes to our better players.
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