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  2. If you're going to be a pedant, you've got to be right. America is the shorthand of the United States of America, or the country. The continent is not known as "America"... combined it is known as "The Americas", broadly split into North, South and Central. You would find no Canadian on the planet saying they are in "America". America is most definitely the USA and the USA alone. "The Americas" or "North America" and it's a different story.
  3. Depends how many are interested but I’d imagine it would still be 7 figures with his attributes. They wanted 6.5m for him a while ago which was fanciful!
  4. Nope. No such country as America. Mexico Canada Brazil Argentina and loads of other countries are in North or South America. Its not the sole preserve of the USA.
  5. You've got to remember those guys weren't on the megabucks that todays players earn, dude. They couldn't play for a couple of years then retire set up for life on what they earned. Quite a lot of players back then would end up in menial jobs after they retired from football and a few of them would even end up signing on the dole. I have much more respect for the players of that era than I do for today's players. They were much more a part of the community and so, so many of them were loyal to the club they played for.
  6. Worksop. It's a long walk but you don't get jammed in
  7. I’d still love for Bruce to coach Rhodes & have a look at him in training. SB will be aware of his career over the years & that he’s a ‘free’ signing. His talent just doesn’t evaporate into thin air.
  8. I could only really see us being able to get someone like Gayle if the parent club contributed to the wages on a loan deal e.g. 50/50 split but others are likely to be ahead of us anyhow who can probably afford him on a permanent and pay his wages in full.
  9. George Robledo in 1952 was first American to play in a FA Cup Final. For Newcastle. Chilean. America is a continent, not a country.
  10. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was a French typo and it was about dem blades.
  11. No disrespect to Huddersfield but honestly what player would swap Hillsborough for them?
  12. Yeah, West Brom can't afford to take him back I don't think. Can see him going to someone like the pigs.
  13. Yeah, seems reasonable... I’ll be paying up by Christmas knowing me
  14. Happens a lot. Prem clubs buy EFL strikers that aren't quite up to it, stick 'em on bumper contracts that make them unaffordable to bring back down. Gayle, Vydra, Austin, & Hugill are prime examples.
  15. Really hope this is true. Brilliant keeper.
  16. haha, you only have to put in once though i'm assuming to Sheffield Childrens Hospital? Get a book sorted .
  17. Haha, I’ll make a note of it... knowing my luck half of owlstalk will jump on board and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in debt
  18. F*ck it lets do diss!! You'll have to keep track though cos i've a memory like a sieve!
  19. Yes, but never really thought he was Premier League quality. A real handful at this level, but isn’t he on about 60k a week? Also, he says he would prefer to move back to London
  20. As always, important to stress the bit about vertical stripes, you never know how they might turn out otherwise...
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