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  2. Perhaps EFL don't allow clubs to comment unless / until they say so ?
  3. I've often thought they are as 'compatible' as 'MotoGP' and 'motor cross'.
  4. Why did they have an irrational hatred for him? To hate someone like him straight away suggests to me the problem is with them
  5. To be fair I think Chansiri pretty much confirmed we would be under an embargo in January with that club statement urged us to sign up for Club 1867. But I agree an updated statement wouldn’t go amiss. Particularly considering Bruce said in May that as far as he was aware we wouldn’t be under an embargo. The communication from the club is poor and has been for awhile in my view. At the end of the day leading a club into successive transfer window embargo’s is not great. People can moan about FFP but they are the rules and other clubs have managed to avoid sanctions by having a sensible recruitment strategy which involves selling players. I’d hope our owner will take note of this and learn but whispers coming out about high player valuations suggests he hasn’t. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong in the next couple of weeks. Going into the new season with the 6 strikers we have is bonkers.
  6. So you admit to posting nonsense. I thought that was my job.
  7. DC doesn't have his phone number thank goodness. Sorry Simon.
  8. After the Daily Mirror article we can but hope that our Chairman is making anoither attempt to land Chris Hughton.
  9. Meantime........ He has his bags packed and is waiting for the call.......
  10. Will this help us recruit / manager, get promoted and encourage Prem teams to loan us players? if so - well done DC if not - drop it and move on if no difference - any annoyance of Ashley is a positive.
  11. In the absence of knowing any actual facts about anything related Bruce's departure, compo, new manager hunt etc other than Bruce has gone, and we are still awaiting a new manager. I can officially announce I'm bored of Bruce and just want to look forwards to the new season, so;
  12. Much like the SUFC and West Ham/Tevez situation all those years ago....
  13. The Championship is more exciting - but unfortunately it doesn't pay the £20m wage bill. Premiership needs a reform of some sort
  14. Verbatim from the Premier League Rules in the Premier League Handbook (my bold text):- "Section P: Managers Codes of Conduct P.1. Managers shall conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Managers set out in Appendix 5. P.2. Clubs shall conduct themselves in relation to Managers in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Clubs set out in Appendix 6. P.3. Any failure by Managers or Clubs to conduct themselves in accordance with their respective Codes of Conduct will constitute a breach of this Rule. .... Appendix 5 Code of Conduct for Managers 1. A Manager shall strictly observe the terms of his contract with his Club and shall not (either by himself or through any third party) enter into negotiations with another Club (or club) relating to his employment without having first obtained the permission of his Club to do so. .... Appendix 6 Code of Conduct for Clubs 1. In all discussions, negotiations and transactions relating to the employment of Managers, each Club shall behave towards each other Club with the utmost good faith. 2. A Club shall not (either directly or through any third party) enter into negotiations relating to the employment of another Club’s Manager without the prior permission of that Club. 3. A Club shall not take any steps (including the making of statements to the media) to induce another Club’s Manager to act in breach of the terms of his contract with his Club. ...." I am certainly not a legal expert and nobody on OT has the full story details but, on the face of it, the situation doesn't look very good from at least one of the parties concerned. However, there are details such as timing of any permission / conversations / resignation(s), general employment law and who might have said what to whom. All of which could be anything when tested in an investigation or a legal hearing. Presumably, that is where each party thinks it's got a case?
  15. Even if it means we end up with less than what's (allegedly) on the table right now, I back Chansiri all the way on this (and I'm not someone's who's been particularly impressed by his ownership thus far). In any case, I don't see how this ought to affect our search for another manager. Reporting Newcastle's conduct to the Premier League has no bearing on our appointing Bruce's replacement.
  16. Can’t help but think DC needs to get this stupid embargo lifted and the EFL off our backs before anyone like Hughton will come here
  17. may be a prob for them we have friends in that region
  18. The plan is Harris and reach put quality balls in the box then Rhodes will score goals
  19. 121 pages for a thread that would only have 3 if people kept on topic. Stereotypical Owlstalk. Anybody shorter than 1/5? Pointless discussion until someone is.
  20. At the end of the day know one knows anything . DC wrote a statement saying he was taking legal advice and now has reported them to the PL. Its all speculation and conjecture about whats going on. DC has kept stun as on the matter until its resolved which is what he should do. Its frustrating for us fans but we will just have to wait for the outcome before he comments further.
  21. Not confident they will put a statement out at this stage when it’s gone on forever and nobody’s said a whisper Huge supporter of the Chairman, but the lack of communication about this stupid embargo is really poor form I don’t understand at all why a statement cannot be put out just to say where we are at, the EFL’s stance of no comment bewilders me aswell ... why on earth would you not be prepared to talk about a rule you imposed
  22. I've got a sneaking suspicion DC might get his man. Long negotiations on terms, plenty of persuasion. Maybe just wishful thinking.
  23. I know that we were in the running with William Hill for shirt sponsor, so PP wouldn’t be out of the question in regards to what the club think about being associated with gambling.
  24. The last time Jordan played and scored regularly was 2016. He has never played and scored regularly for a promotion chasing championship team. l fear we’re waiting for something that frankly isn’t there.We have 6 average strikers, let’s get a manager in soon to sort out our imbalanced squad. Deadline day is 16 days away.
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