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  1. And a nice fine to fill the wallets of the EFL big wigs.
  2. Definitely keep him, another year or so under his belt hopefully he should be Wednesday's number one for years to come.
  3. We'll put mystic, I agree 100% football could learn a hell of a lot from rugby union, the respect the players have for the ref and each other, we used to knock the living daylights out of each other during the game and after have a laugh and few beers no animosity no punch ups just a bunch of guys who love the game.
  4. Got to be rugby for me ..... sorry
  5. He's a cracking player 100% Sheffield Wednesday, I hope he grabbed Murphy by the bollax after the game and gave them a ferking big squeeze after his none performance, in fact he should have done it during the game.
  6. I once tried that with the ex wife but I'm not a very good shot and she had an ass like wizards sleeve, you know what they say though every holes a goal hence a divorce.
  7. Absolutely bang on rob this hatred makes my p°ss boil bet half of them never sat through a game under turner, yorath or shreeves, we played some of the best football I'd seen in years all manages make mistakes but the hatred I don't get at all.
  8. Thanks for the assessment glad your enjoying your football all the best.
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