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  1. I haven't been for four seasons due to multiple major surgery's and the pog prices, but if they lower them I'll get back to as many games as possible health depending , its a double edge sword by boycotting the games dc isn't making money he's loosing it, boycotting only hurts the team not him, and with the state of football in general there's going to be more clubs go to the wall, let's face it who will want to buy us at the price dc wants, a massively over inflated price, league one football a club loosing money hand over fist, why would anyone in there right mind want to buy a football club
  2. A bit better than yesterday woke up angry but didn't want to put the wife through another day of it so I've thrown myself into the landscaping and done a few job's in my new workshop
  3. Tbh i don't give two flying figs what other fans think I'm only interested in what our supporters think im mean customers...... Cough cough, And i specially don't listen to man ure fans period feck um.
  4. First job drag stuffing man out of the club by his bollix.
  5. Weak spinless coooonts players out chancer out and the question is ...is Moore and his coaches good enough.
  6. Hope we stay up today for the guy i miss his postes
  7. Just seen this in Rotherham are they hoping for Devine intervention or is a good omen for us come on you feckers.
  8. God i hope they've been paid thid morning or it could be a massive no show, for all thats holy fight for f*"ks sake, give it everything remember you play for the Wednesday.
  9. I've heard Wednesday promotion beach towels are now two for two bob and a balloon if that helps
  10. I'd have put thompson back in charge as soon as moore was taken ill.
  11. Spot on any othe club would have kicked the stuffing ball out of there club why not us because there's fuckwittery a foot at s6, there's more to his continued involvement at the club.
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