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  1. If some of our supporters aren't bipolar I'll stand in Burton's window with my c*"*k out ffs
  2. I really feel for the supporters, it's always the fans that get bent over, I hope they survive for there sake.
  3. You can give over posting pictures like that I'm on a diet you bugger.....send me a slice 😁
  4. I thought that was pearl she was a swinger you know 😁
  5. I have to say it was after we beat manure at Hillsborough can't remember year, three numpty's we're walking towards me one with a knife his mates shouting cut him up, I shouted knife and luckily the biggest copper I'd ever seen flattened the three of them must admit I didn't go to a game for quite a while.
  6. Fantastic omdt, it feels like a proper sat morning again, let's hope the team have realised how lucky they are to play for this great club and play with the spirit of all those that have suffered and have lost there lives...... Wawaw
  7. Dreading father's Day this year used to love popping over with a box of real ale and a present for the old man unfortunately it's the first father's Day without him this year, just have to have a bottle or two in his memory 😭
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