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  1. Who ever it is I hope they can Chalk up a few goals this season.
  2. Loved saint and greavsie, such a sad photo of greavsie heart breaking hope things improve for him.
  3. I subscribe to audio, l haven't been able to listen to a game yet even though they have taken there money, according to ifollow I don't have an account, emailed multiple times sod all back 😠
  4. That sounds messy, hope he got enough bog roll.
  5. Last season's gone now no point looking back, some new players through the door with hopefully more to come, players seem to have a different mind set, staying up is the only priority for me, happy so far f**k negativity lets get behind the manager and players in good and bad.......up the owls
  6. Does anyone know if you can still listen on ifollow still paying my subscription I've had to download the new app but there's no listen icon been emailing them for two weeks no reply.... lobbers.
  7. There once was a man from Nantucket, whose d*ck was so long, he could suck it. He said with a grin as he licked off his chin "If my ear were a c*nt, I'd f*ck it.
  8. I try not to be negative but having Rhode's windass and possibly reach up front make's me think our goal tally could resemble a nuns undercarriage...... exceeding dry Up the owls
  9. It's all about the money and it foooking stinks, the sooner it implodes the better.
  10. Best of luck at your new club big lad, sorry to see you leave, thanks for your time here.
  11. Tbh it is what it is we can't change anything it's in the lap of the god's, the players all need to be on board and fight for every point, hope monk uses this as his team talk before Cardiff game up the owls. https://youtu.be/A-yZNMWFqvM
  12. I've just been in Rotherham, spotted some right Messi c***t's there too,
  13. Our old lass keeps saying this, problem is she's 35 stone has has an undercarriage like a clowns pocket and has just discovered the cowgirl position, it's hellish I tell thee.
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