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  1. What I wouldn't give to attend a match with my dad again, i really hope he can look back one day like myself and and say it didn't matter about the results the weather the crappy food the league we were in...... I was there with with my DAD.
  2. I think DM could be the real deal, wanted him as manager when he was at west brom, i really like his calmness and can spot talent when he sees it great guy and I hope he's here for a fair few seasons to come....best of luck DM.
  3. Older ....2 out of 10 at a push acting was dogger left after 45 minutes.
  4. I remember mellors Elliot i think they were just Off west st, i took my first car there a opal manra 2ltr gte for setting up on the rolling road and later a mk2 escort 2ltr pinto, i think it was them my memory is not what it used to be
  5. I neatly bought one many years ago but It needed a full engine rebuild and I hadn't got the time or the cash to strip it so I left it, what a mistake it's joint top in my favourite cars list along with the lancia delta integrale.
  6. Carol vorderman as a 69 sounds a lot better.
  7. Lee Chapman he didn't only put the ball in the net the keeper and the kitchen sink went in , we've been missing someone who could head a ball like him for years.
  8. He got bigger flaps than our old lass and thats saying something.
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