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  1. Once had five ton of sand delivered to a job bloke gets out of the cab pink safety boots, long wig, lipstick, and painted nails he sorry she couldn't use the hi-hab properly one hour later and getting into a right flap had only lifted a ton off the lorry she said I don't know what's wrong I said problem is luv they've sent a woman to do a man's job she had a right hissie fit
  2. I nearly ran over his dog when he was talking it for a walk round the ground I must admit I did chuckle seeing him in a blue shell suite with a poodle he did have a laugh about it happy birthday big Ron a true Wednesday legend thanks for the great memories.
  3. I suggest you go back for another shiz brother
  4. Don't know anything about the lad he's only 23 so a good age and 1 million is peanuts now a days and Bruce seems to have an eye for a decent player.
  5. I think as football fan's you have to feel sorry for any club looking at relegation and in termoil off the pitch..... apart from the scrubbers and dirty Leeds of cause after years of relegation fights and off field financial problems our selves it certainly resonates with swfc supporters let's hope they turn it around for there fan's great vid by the way.
  6. I haven't got round to it yet but if Chuckie is in it I'll definitely give it a watch
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