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  1. With a no 3 coal shovel preferably.
  2. From what I heard from a club employee last home game DM doesn't take any shiiite and isn't a calm as you would think.
  3. She's got an under carage the size of a vulcan bomber that girl
  4. Put Tomo in charge with Terry Burton as his no 2 till the end of the season .....Moore out.
  5. He should be nowhere near the first team squad.....shocking player.
  6. No wonder he never stops running with legs like that, he does look like his father though.
  7. Quite sad poor little thing, I go most weekends to the botanical Gardens to hand feed them, lovely little things ❤
  8. This one, I Don't know why we had to frigg about and change it, get it back on dc.
  9. A few yrs ago I took my old dad to a game it was dreadful, at half time he turned to me and said Wednesday will never do anything while I've a hole in my arse, when he was on his death bed he said I know it will be hard for you son when I'm gone you need to find something you enjoy doing to take your mind off things I said I've got my season ticket at Hillsborough I thought he was about to take his last breath when I said it, tbh I think he was right I don't think we'll ever do anything whilst I've a hole in my aris and take my last breath as exasperated as he was rest in peace dad.
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