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  1. Totally spineless no fight there like a set of wet Fanny's roll on summer for a big ferking clear out..... shocking
  2. Even after ten Pints I wouldn't tackle that.
  3. Hodgyowl

    lee Bullen

    Love and best wishes Lee.
  4. Hodgyowl

    When DC met Roman

    I wonder who came first
  5. Hodgyowl

    Matt Penney

    You go in for a wrist operation and you end up minus a nut as well bloody NHS
  6. Hodgyowl

    All Wednesday

    Same here fella I will always remember the first match and the last we went together
  7. Hodgyowl

    Who would like this back.

    Set it off .....audioslave
  8. Hodgyowl

    Chairman’s statement

    He probably found the key to the mini bar
  9. Hodgyowl

    Chairman’s statement

    I think he's trying everything there is to inject money into the club but I suppose there is only so many ways of doing it before you break the rules I can't see the boxes being full and selling a few drinks will ever bring in what mr c could invest in them to be fair if that's why there empty.
  10. Hodgyowl

    Chairman’s statement

    Could he be leaving the boxes empty and then be selling them back to himself at a higher rate than what he could have charged paying customers to put more revenue through the books.... just a thought.
  11. Hodgyowl

    FAO Mus

  12. Hodgyowl

    Liam Ridgwell

    We've had too many getting splinters in there arses so its a big fat no from me.
  13. Hodgyowl

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    Rip religation football.