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  1. Hodgyowl

    Must read

  2. Hodgyowl


    I new it would come in handy one day, it is a cracker i dont know who made but it always makes me chuckle
  3. Face like a smacked arse
  4. Looks like me in the morning
  5. Hodgyowl

    Reaqdy for a night of Horror?

    You never know at the end of the season we may get a rendition of "we are the champions" fingers crossed hey.
  6. Hodgyowl

    Megson v mick

    Mick as manager megson as his assistant would do me, or terry burton as his no 2.
  7. I'd bring terry burton back and bin bullen personaly.
  8. Get terry burton back
  9. Hodgyowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    Could easly bite us in the arse come january he could sell bannan, reach, ff pocket money then put the club up for sale.