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  1. gutted

    Bloody christmas eve think i'd have had a breakdown
  2. gutted

    Radiator fell off my living room wall last night followed by a large bang from my fuse board bought a new breaker only to find my fuse board was full of water had to then rip out half the bathroom to get to the leak now thats foooooking gutting.
  3. Queen live at Hillsborough?

    Is this just fantasy.
  4. Colin's Comments

    I have a lot of admiration for neil espesially after reading his book great guy, cracking manager pity some could'nt get past there hatred of him when he was in talks with us good luck to him .....apart from tomorrow
  5. There's loads of danish at the lane
  6. Some bell e"'*ds on tonight.
  7. Lobsters

    "Carlos" has lobsters what ever happend to just catching crabs.
  8. Great post fella, always liked the the guy cracking business on our part.
  9. Think enoch showunmi comes before esajas in that list
  10. Tomorrow

    Great post andover, my first game was against southend it was a night match and we won 2-1 funny thing was my dads mate was a blade he was going to take me on the saturday to the sty but had to work so my old man asked me if i would like to see a match at hillsborough, can't belive what a lucky escape i had if it wasn't for his mate having to work i would have been a grunter.
  11. Tomorrow

    Beautiful post grandad, happy birthday sheffield wednesday fc its been an honour supporting you for the last 44 years its not been easy its had its low's but its also had its high's, it not only time to celebrate the 150 year aniversary but to take a min to think about the ones we have loved and lost the one who steered me towards this wonderful club.... my grandad sid.
  12. Just can't see carlos going three at the back but i hope i'm wrong.