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  1. Joey Barton

    he's just got his first roll in management not sure which club replaced john sheridan.
  2. Queued for 91 tickets and slept outside leppings lane entrance for burnley away tickets with my mate only to find we were the only two to sleep out people walking past must have thought we were vagrants laid on cardboard in sleeping bags those were the days.
  3. Bit board thought i'd trim my nails with an electrical planer
  4. Definatly not i suppose it could have been worse
  5. Don't mention fingers cut the end off one of mine this morning its throbbing like fooooook.
  6. Unfortunatly im a refuge in rotherham, hopefully i will get back home to sheffield one day.
  7. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    Spot on fella i think we realy missed him after he left.
  8. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    I'd have terry burton as dof.
  9. John Pearson

    I was in aldi car park when we scored i think everyone thought i'd lost the plot banging the steering wheel screaming like a loony, cracking commentary by john pearson as always, you got to love the guy.
  10. Rip daz so sad thoughts with your family x
  11. Needs a kick in the bollax the vile get.
  12. There's some right fecking nobeeeds follow our club poor kid hope he's ok, speedy recovery jordan.
  13. Thorniley injury bad

    Get well soon and a speedy recovery jordan .