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  1. I can remember one of the players boots flying off sammy nicked it and started kissing it, his face was coverd in mud bless him what a star.
  2. Hillsborough in the snow!

    Standing on the top of the kop in a blizzard those were the days, in some mad way i miss those days.
  3. Pornographic evidence more like.
  4. Buy a playoff tea shirt and recive a free city sauna voucher for one of there special back rubs.
  5. First game 17th april 1976 bury at home 1.0 ......41 year.
  6. When two tribes go to war lets relax and send our fans to the pleasure dome
  7. Come on wednesday "stand and deliver" 1.3 to the mighty owls.
  8. Craig Shakespeare

    Getting a bit bard with all these names, must admit i'd prefer his brother william.
  9. Wednesday or England

  10. new geoff from the old days wap, yorkshiremans and rebel's great guy and will be missed by his passing, my bro will be gutted rip geoff a true gent and a true gardion of heavy rock a very sad day indeed god bless fella.
  11. The next manager may be...

    Ruud gullit would be my shout always liked him as a player and would love him to come here, now working as assistant manager for the netherlands national team.

    Looks like a s**t hole
  13. Let them eat Lobster

    More like a team of dead sprats.