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  1. Well I'm keeping hold of this bad boy For at least another six weeks get it on eBay bloom retirement house on south coast and a new car sod pensions 😆
  2. You can't beat a bit of izal 😆
  3. I'd self isolate them on a desert island with Colin for a month.
  4. Get your lips round this,...... your not high enough 🤭
  5. What got me was we were playing s**t we'd lost a few games manager's got the sack..... poo happens fecking hilarious Ross that says what sort of a culture there is at our club.
  6. Players will always have the upper hand, signed on 3yr fat contract's they don't give a fig who the manager is if they don't like him they'll get him the sack it's been happening for yes.
  7. I like eating weird s*"t Chris eagles Peter fox Mick Lyons Richie partridge Ronnie starling Peter swan Garry teale Mark beevers
  8. Graham Hyde always put himself about never shirked a tackle.
  9. Almen abdi though about a tackle and got injured.
  10. He wasn't a dirty player nut just gave 100% when he pulled on the shirt, unfortunately some of our current players don't give a s**t.
  11. Players now would crap themselves having to play against him that's when I really enjoyed watching the owls......what a player.
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