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  1. Dont know about putting 5k on the gate but i bet i put 5kg on with all the ale i'll consume if we win
  2. Hodgyowl

    This is such a strange photo

    Beat me too it
  3. Hodgyowl

    Friendly today

  4. Hodgyowl

    Royston Drenthe

    Would rather have roystan vasey
  5. Hodgyowl


    will pass on your best i only see him when he's on tour he's back in michigan at the min, he's doing fine fella and doing more music and touring than ever unfortuatly theres only two of them left now from mot.
  6. Hodgyowl


    Friend of the family utah been lucky over the years met a lot of the well known rock bands had some fantastic nights seen some things that i'll never talk about they say theres nothing better than sex drugs and rock and roll but i iv'e never tried it wink wink
  7. Hodgyowl


    Spent a few nights with ian hunter top band.
  8. Hodgyowl


    I'd stick to football as you seem to know sweet ferk all about music it only sold 25 million albums not bad for a load of w4nk
  9. Hodgyowl


    my old mate was a massive lonestar fan everytime i hear one of there tracks i remember him he died in his early thirtys blesd him.
  10. Hodgyowl


    How time fly's remember seeing them play at the old bus garage in leeds many a good night back stage since then with the band.
  11. Hodgyowl


    crap my arse one of the best rock albums made by any british rock band in the last 20 yrs...slow you need to give your grammer phone handle a quick turn.