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  1. We've definitely been impotant since Murphy returned to Newcastle.
  2. Here's hoping it's his hand jobs were talking about this evening
  3. Not sure about this one after Saturday I think we'll have to suck it and see they may be quite a handful pardon the expression
  4. I was told there was a massive kickoff at the training ground canteen this morning when Patterson asked for his usual creamy lurpack on his scotch sausage sandwich he was told they only had stork.
  5. Your advertisements on here are going to be interesting for the fore seeable
  6. Unfortunately I think you're right, things need to change or its more of the same.
  7. Your right but it doesn't alter the fact that the squad is pee poor and we need a major influx of players and quite a few players off the books again over the next three years.... if possible.
  8. He will no doubt play to the teams strengths, Rome wasn't built in a day.
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