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  1. Optimism?

    The desolate feeling of unconditional optimism. 1.Happy Chuffing Christmas. 2.Wake me up in August. 3.December tables don't lie.
  2. It's called a substitution. FFS.
  3. Good one Lord Snooty. Let's do 'em like a stuffed Bernard Matthews turkey. Canaries 0 - 5 Owls.
  4. Wolves on sky

    Well, hellooooooooo to you too shipmate...
  5. Wolves on sky

    It was Portsmouth. My mistake.
  6. Wolves on sky

    Nobody's mentioned the Mary Rose? Defo Southampton.
  7. Crackers. All day desk, the match, followed by an all night sesh. 16 pints X 2 = 32 pints Plus optional flaming sambucca chasers.
  8. You'll miss it though as you'll be at your adult learning centre for improved literacy. Must be hard to spell the English language if you normally communicate in grunts, oinks and various orcish dialects.
  9. "Voluntarily" SYP Bantz just for the sh1ts and giggle.
  10. Modern football eh? Not the only club subject to the influence of agents. Today's news, tomorrow's fish and chip wrapping. 1867?? I think the club will survive this episode. All in all, a great shame but not a surprise at all.
  11. Build the team around....

    But would he come to us in January??
  12. Megson haters.....

    This ITK bobbar is proper flipping dynamite. In fact I'd go as far as saying that it's the bolloxs!!
  13. 4th Last Season to Midtable now.

    Ooh, goody a completely new subject to mass debate over!