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  1. What did you decide upon?
  2. F. Spiksley

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    Dangerous woman, wouldn't want her anywhere near S6. Everywhere she visits there's always a murder.
  3. No. Down to the owner and exec team to deal with it. We pay top dollar for stuff as it is, fans doing their bit already.
  4. F. Spiksley

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Germany have their name on the trophy already IMHO. I've seen 5-1, but nothing longer at the bookies.
  5. We definitely need a Patrick Viagra type of midfielder ...
  6. F. Spiksley

    Rory McArdle

    Yes he is.
  7. F. Spiksley


    Have you you tried buying a butt plug yet?
  8. F. Spiksley

    John Terry

    F off. Full weight Bell end. The Chav cheeky monkey.
  9. Hello Sky Sports, this is Sky Bet calling ... ... get the punters in early.
  10. F. Spiksley

    Local lads

  11. wee wee easy job that!! Agree, the World and it’s wife knows we are predicted to be Champions next season. These “so called “experts” ...
  12. They get paid to make this stuff up.
  13. F. Spiksley

    Pre Season predictions

    I'm not falling for this thread!! 1. Some young Spanish starlet 2. Rovrum away 3. Champions 4. Nikidas