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  1. You've said that many times before darling but, Alas!
  2. We are in a decent position IMHO. I'm impressed with Bruce so far (there ... I've said it!) Enough points to play for. But some tricky fixtures looming. Momentum is the key ... UTO
  3. Consummate My Lord. Let's absolutely smash the Jeff out of these porcine muckstains! UTO.
  4. Midfield for me, quick ball up to front two. We are at home. Attack, Attack, Attack. No arguments. UTO.
  5. Deep Barry, go deeper, oh, I like it when you go deep Barry ... ... etc.
  6. Fair play to him. Now I know, that's a very reasonable thing.
  7. Thought this was gonna be a statement about Kop Trumping.
  8. Isn't it though. The whole manager thing in football is in itself a side bet to the real.action! We can but lap it up... ... UTO.
  9. Kind of sentiment you'd expect from someone wanting a pay day rather than someone champing at the bit to get stuck in to a new job. Obviously you've "heard" that so it must be true ... ... etc. "Yeah I'm dead keen but first I want stuff my race full of turkey, port, and binge watch Indian Jones reruns... ... Totally committed. I really hope he never comes to our club.
  10. That'll be God then... ... Atheists exempt.
  11. Hi Benito, We've received your CV. Should an opportunity arise then we will reference CVs held on file. We store these in alphabetical order so you are ahead of Alan Curbishley. Kind regards, Swfc Recruitment Team P.S. please send us a bound copy of any tactics manuals you've had published.
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