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  1. F. Spiksley

    Wawaw sri lanka

    Has he got a mohican?
  2. F. Spiksley

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    Not at all. Doyen are shady at best. Really got a lot of football clubs in hock. Suspect there's Saudi money involved somewhere via shell companies. I wish they'd fizz right off out of football tbh. We were hoodwinked by them and their leeches. So was DC IMHO - suspect that's why he's thoroughly cheesed off with things and too proud/stubborn to admit. Personally I think DC would save a lot of face and regain fan trust if he simply said, he'd made a mistake and had his pants pulled down by them. Must be a tough one to take for a businessman. There, I've come off the fence. UTO.
  3. F. Spiksley


    Exactly the type of player we need!
  4. F. Spiksley

    Please assist ...

    My grandad was a deputy at one point. I've got his old card licencing him to dispense morphine. Him and other relatives who worked down the pit speak so well of the work ethic. It's good to read posters stories on here. A proper family were miners.
  5. F. Spiksley

    Please assist ...

    What about Heaven 17 then, obviously Ware is an owl?
  6. F. Spiksley

    Please assist ...

    Cooked well, or pink in the middle?
  7. F. Spiksley

    Please assist ...

    Not yet. Would be nice for freebies if she did!!!
  8. My daughter wants to know if the Human League are wrong 'uns. Her extensive research is inconclusive even after googling. She saw a few threads on Owlstalk that shed no light on the matter whatsoever. Any info welcome as it has now become a big issue on the domestic front. What team do they support. Thanks. (Hoping it's not Rovrum though)
  9. F. Spiksley

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Possibly, but more like he got on well with the then Leeds chairman, Leslie Silver. Opportunity at right time for him I suppose?? Howard dragged L***s up off their arse tbh. They were very lucky to get him when they did. Happy Birthday Howard!! UTO WAWAW
  10. F. Spiksley

    That 'Penalty'

    There was contact, unfortunately for us the ref gave a peno. They were the home team, big tense crowd, big big derby. Dawson stopped it. Good lad. Up The Owls. Well done Dawson. WAWAW.
  11. F. Spiksley

    From a player.......

    Don't forget they've been "told" these things!
  12. F. Spiksley

    Still dicraceful

    Didn't read, but yes they dominated us nil nil. No shame in that result tonight IMHO. They didn't have the goods to produce a score. We exceeded our ability on the night. IMHO. UTO
  13. F. Spiksley


    Boy done good. Well played Dawson. Super penalty stop.