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  1. Fair play to him. Now I know, that's a very reasonable thing.
  2. F. Spiksley

    Let off lightly

    Thought this was gonna be a statement about Kop Trumping.
  3. Isn't it though. The whole manager thing in football is in itself a side bet to the real.action! We can but lap it up... ... UTO.
  4. Kind of sentiment you'd expect from someone wanting a pay day rather than someone champing at the bit to get stuck in to a new job. Obviously you've "heard" that so it must be true ... ... etc. "Yeah I'm dead keen but first I want stuff my race full of turkey, port, and binge watch Indian Jones reruns... ... Totally committed. I really hope he never comes to our club.
  5. F. Spiksley

    If I was SWFC manager.

    Ah, the old "Bonsai Method"?
  6. F. Spiksley

    Who Is to Blame?

    That'll be God then... ... Atheists exempt.
  7. F. Spiksley

    If I was SWFC manager.

    Hi Benito, We've received your CV. Should an opportunity arise then we will reference CVs held on file. We store these in alphabetical order so you are ahead of Alan Curbishley. Kind regards, Swfc Recruitment Team P.S. please send us a bound copy of any tactics manuals you've had published.
  8. F. Spiksley

    Who Is to Blame?

    Professor Plum for me.
  9. I am gonna make blue and white pom-poms from old scraps of wool. E would be ideal for Christmas shoppers.
  10. F. Spiksley

    Middlewood Road

    Pelupessy in Boots?
  11. F. Spiksley

    Middlewood Road

    Max Factor?
  12. F. Spiksley

    Middlewood Road

    Yeah but what about the pitch and screen?
  13. F. Spiksley

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    “It started with a miss” Hot Chocolate.
  14. F. Spiksley

    MEGSON as DOF?

    Not at all, we’re at least reading the same book, but perhaps not on the same page! Yes, good points.
  15. F. Spiksley

    MEGSON as DOF?

    Would have to disagree on a fair bit of that. Subjectively, of course. Colin has a pretty good cv for promoting sides. I suspect it’s down to his management in part and his oily schmoozing powers within club hierarchy. Whereas Gary Megson is, I suspect, a bit more of a direct honest broker and says it like it is hence his bristly character with owners, who are maybe a bit more reticent about appointing him??? Pulis (not a fan personally) isn’t doing too shabbily with Boro atm; even after Villa humped them at the weekend. He got as far as he could with Stoke on a relatively meagre budget against Prem clubs awash with investors, compare him also to Sparky etc and Alan PardonMe. Wilko, last English manager to win the top division title albeit 20 odd years ago. Can’t really say they don’t work. Howard was a steady hand on our board during choppy times. Jos, has a bum deal at the minute, needs to work on his hand to be fair. God knows what the inner-political wheel is like inside Hillsborough other than the collective OT guesswork based on admittedly the odd kernel of fact. etc. ... all this talk of managers, each club b is different it’s a bit of a roulette wheel for owners and a cash bonanza for the sacked coach cannon fodder on the managerial merry go round. imho