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  1. You don’t fancy a return for Curbishley then I take it?
  2. If the Cowley brothers are that jeffing good then they’d be at a bigger club already. IMHO. Blows smoke and polishes mirrors. NITK.
  3. Reading 0 - 5 The Wednesday We will SshitpPiss all over them. UTO!
  4. Does anyone have a view on the current rules on Prem clubs and sending youth/academy players out on loan? Do we do enough as a club to source players or do we have trust and faith in our academy system? Is the art of squad building more to do with developing youth rather than spunk cash on “off the peg/ready to wear” squad players?
  5. I’d prefer to see us play ... (long winded cliche ridden paragraph here) ... this would definitely get results.
  6. Options are: 1. The ‘A’ Team 2. The Equalizer 3. Shaft 4. Terry McCann to name but a few out there on the market!
  7. Who is most likely to generate a biggish price tag? That’s who I’d get shut of.
  8. "Ich Bin Ein Hamburger" Steve Bruce 17.7.19
  9. Whatever!! TBH we should focus on getting our kit sorted out. Basics!
  10. I didn't want him here in the first place.
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