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  1. DTaxis first passengers tonight!
  2. We are lacking somewhat ... too much game time for Onomah. IMHO.
  3. Diana Dors. Not from Dore. Shame. UTO
  4. F. Spiksley

    Any live stream for tonight

    Down hill at a guess.
  5. A bit harsh! Won't ten minutes of chanting "scabs, scabs, scabs" suffice? Unless it's yet another relish joke..
  6. F. Spiksley

    Happy Birthday to...

    He's older than 2 surely?
  7. F. Spiksley

    Front 4

    João Hooper Matias FF Reach & Bannan in midfield.
  8. F. Spiksley

    When you know..

    Yes, agree entirely. Pleased for BB hopefully his good run of the green continues and now more of his left foot super slices hit the target. Seriously hope his confidence is boosted by that goal. Super equaliser under pressure. Another point in the bag. I'm pleased with today's result against a last season Prem team; regardless of their proper dip in form. UTO.
  9. Bannan marking Crouch on set pieces!!
  10. I suspect he has. Hence his post!!!!
  11. Get some pace, width, and a Midfield General? Possibly another CB?
  12. Des, Roland, Waddle, Mel. Would like to see JJ have a twenty minute run out as an impact sub.
  13. F. Spiksley

    Squad Rotation

    I feel dizzy!