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  1. John Terry

    I honestly never rated him. As a man or a player. Compare him to Maldini, Passarella, Puyol, Koemann, Baresi, Cannavaro, Matthaeus, Beckenbauer ... the list goes on add British centre halves into that and JT really is a no mark. IMHO UTO
  2. 12 days - 4 important matches

    Agree, and for me it highlights just how important it is that we stick by the players Home and away. Get singing, get loud, get Wednesday. UTO
  3. Adthe Nuhiu

    Another good assist.
  4. Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    I think that to even speculate on Jos' appointment at this critical time is perhaps just another pump of oxygen into the negative and severely fractured mindset of our fanbase. TBH I'm more cheesed off with how we, collectively, as Wednesdayites are so bloody prickly and unsettled at the moment. Yes it's natural as this is a chuffing car crash of a season, but we really need to try and look beyond the gloomy and nervous opinions that are so prevalent amongst us at the moment. We are overreacting to a very poor refereeing performance yesterday, but we aren't evaluating the fact that we did not put the ball in the onion bag when it mattered; disallowed goal, "bent" ref, John "twattingshitbag"Terry, limp-legged villans, or not. There is no damn conspiracy, just a bloody depressing cloud of negativity that a lot of people are getting sucked into. Stop the bus and get off the bloody thing. We have got Jos. Jos has a pretty decent career record. Jos has got simply bugger all players to choose from at the moment. Jos is playing some youngsters, they are getting Championship experience. Some very good players are recovering and will be back before end of season. Hopefully we will have big clear out in the summer, a more focused and clearer transfer policy in place. Whether Jos stays or not is really neither here nor there at this present moment in time. IMHO we should be avoiding this type of debate. It is not a personal "pop" at the OP, as do understand why this may be a current thought pattern, it is just my own opinion of what we shouldn't be getting wrapped up in as fans. UTO
  5. 12 days - 4 important matches

    Cup replay is anyone's guess TBH. Would like to see us get a minimum 4pts from those three league games. We really are a depleted squad so in all honesty I'm expecting not much. UTO
  6. Letter sent to FA

    Did you also enclose a pair of shoes? OMG WTF FFS Let it go...
  7. What's he like in a sandwich though?
  8. Jos Anagrams

    The Joy of Google.
  9. Carlos Anagrams

    Slippery Titmonkey. Do I win???
  10. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    Yes. Would love to see Lucas get a start against Swansea and smash it. A big "up yours" to Carlos for overlooking him. There were times in the dog days of Carlos where I could've literally torn my hair out (if I wasn't bald) when games for crying out for Lucas to be brought into the game... ..it's done now, over. The Joao has been unleashed. UTO
  11. Starting 11

    Westwood Venancio Lees Van Aken Pelupessy Clare Lee Bannan Reach Joao Hooper
  12. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    I've always rated Joao from day one and also prior to joining us. Thanks.
  13. That's where I'm at with it. I really think his optimum position is the left flank in a 3-5-2 / 3-4-3. He's playing well at the moment so can't take anything away from him for now. Hope it continues.
  14. Obvious song for Clare

    Loovens definitely was One Man Band after that tackle!!