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  1. You're making reading this thread like watching the Masked Singer. Either that or you are a professional crossword setter!
  2. Ooh goody I like guessing random names! Bill Gates? Bono? David Blunkett? Ive not read any of the first 12 pages btw.
  3. Simply can’t fault you for dedication Simaniac!! HE was, and is, always the epitome of sticking it to ‘em. if it isn’t HIM then it needs to be someone with similar DNA. UTO
  4. Would be nice to bully teams on the jeffing pitch though. plus ça change! .
  5. Must learn to roll my “R”s like that commentator. He was an amazing player.
  6. The 8 year old lad has insisted on a half term tattoo. Love him to bits!
  7. There’s only one thing that Amadeu Paixao has in hand and it isn’t scouting ...
  8. Boiled down all the threads and comments into a mere 12 words. I salute you.
  9. Stewart Grey ... ... could he do a job for us?
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