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  1. Owlstalk Lost Theorem = Hindsight + (Biggs > Howson ^10 / Giddings) roger me ragged and they get paid for this bobbar! Alan, we know this already.
  2. I'm in the Carlos in camp. Being honest. I have lots of faith in this season still, but for sure he's up against it. Monte Carlos or Bust!
  3. What's his left hand doing????
  4. Dear Playing staff, If you are reading this, log off immediately and watch the L***s match on repeat until you fall asleep. Get up watch it again and again and again. Then play like this on Saturday, do this every match Home and Away. Never log on to here again. Love F. S P.S. don't Fuckit up, or there will be a flipping meltdown of gargantuan proportions.
  5. The definitive "whoosh". Christ on a jeffing bike. Joe Palmer's on wind up for real!!! UTO!!!
  6. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    Isn't it? Howson wrote that on his phone whilst sitting on the sh*tter. It's not in depth, paraphrasing a thirty second chat he had with Jack Hunt, at best!
  7. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    Players definitely need to step it up IMHO regardless of tactics. I like Hunt's sentiment, I think he's being honest but in all fairness it's just another piece in the press, saying the same thing we've heard repeatedly by other players since start of the season ... ...just quoting a different player this time. Dom Howson filling pages, hitting his targets, so he gets his pay cheque. If we have any chance of wresting back control of our own destiny this season we need to see out October with three wins Derby, Barnsley, Millwall. My only current criticism of Carlos is not tactics but his lack of ruthlessness - if players don't perform once then fair do's, put it down to a bad day at the office, but if the same core of players continually flounder and don't perform as you've set them up then drop them - simples; and yes that does include Bannan IMHO.
  8. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    This is our government's cabinet ...
  9. New LED Flood lights

    LEDs in themselves are not the issue, it's the rate of flashing. For a photosensitive epileptic it's more about the Hertz frequency so strobe effect type of lighting and in particular fluorescent tube lights and some older screens thankfully becoming less common these days.
  10. Meh... players need to talk with their football now, owe it to us and to their manager. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owls-owe-fans-a-big-performance-against-derby-county-admits-defender-1-8811661
  11. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    Not for a lot of people clearly.
  12. Craig Shakespeare

    Another Shittempest Friday ... FFS.
  13. Just a rumour...

    No, in a couple of weeks. It's a fact!
  14. Just a rumour...

    Clocks go back soon. UTO