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  1. UTO. Thinking of everybody. Stay well, keep up the Wednesday love and good humour! Drink your beer, look after your families, look after your friends, help our older folk, those who are unwell, and those who need help, stick together everybody. Love football.
  2. I;ll leave it to the experts I think ... https://www.vox.com/2020/3/10/21171481/coronavirus-us-cases-quarantine-cancellation
  3. Only a muppet would publish material that is not factually based or correct (at time of going to press). It is also ok to report and publish comment on allegations I think that it’s more about an appetite for bravery. A football club would always need the local press as much as the local press would need access to a football club. Trains and Gravy.
  4. “The Trust’s membership will decide how the Trust will be run in future, who will form the board, and whether we as individuals have a role in that. Our job for now is to ensure that the Trust is established.” Kid: Look mum, I’ve built a Space Rocket Mum: How lovely, where is it now? Kid: I don’t know, somewhere in space I think.
  5. Sadly, yes. Playing side of things is appalling, just that feeling of absolute confusion and surrender all round.
  6. On reflection i agree with you, fair point. EFL ruling is the main story for this season. Playing side of things is simply chaotic can’t see anything that can be done.
  7. This season is in the “lap of the gods” or luck if you’re an atheist.
  8. Neither does the article you posted from 2017. So so what is this thread about then? Asking for a friend like!
  9. Fire sale - that’s his only option. Terminating contracts of certain “big knobs” and paying redundancies for long serving staff cost money. Then of course there’s the hopeless and costly wranglings of the inevitable battle to extricate himself from the financial burden of the current relationship with the Blood Sucking Vampires. There’s always the academy to draw down from no problem ... ... oh wait a minute - seems to have been overlooked in favour of third division signings of Benelux based second team players.
  10. Doyen collect asshamsters. It’s their MO. IMHO
  11. I am not flipping watching the show tonight because I’d end up kickingtheshit out of the tv screen.
  12. I’m sure he probably does care, but I’d suggest more from a personal career perspective than a deep rooted love of the club. He must be absolutely flipping gutted that he’s come to a club with such huge potential for him personally and our club itself, only to find out that it’s a proper sh1tshow from the top to bottom. But he needs to go for our sake and his own.
  13. That sounds like a resignation/dismissal response if ever? No way you can backtrack on that.
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