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  1. The detail on these kits is incredible, right down to the collar bones showing through the fabric. Great job Karl black shorts uplift the Home kit to another level though.....
  2. Well I can’t see us dropping the new badge, so what would they look with the current one. nice work btw
  3. That’s only one stripe though missing two more blue ones at a minimum
  4. F a o swfc merchandising

    now this is how you do an anniversary shirt... http://www.footballshirtculture.com/17/18-Kits/juventus-120th-anniversary-adidas-home-shirt.html no sponsor, nice an clean lines.
  5. Evolution of the West Stand

    Why not just reprofile the seating on the lower tier to make it one complete tier. The segregation issues could then be resolved easily by netting over seats like other clubs do to flex the allocations.
  6. RB - K LEE , RW Wallace LB - REACH , LW Boyd Leaves Hutch to sit in Midfield with Abdi
  7. Next season kit

    And there it is, our unique identifier. Blue and White Stripes with Black Shorts
  8. Snodgrass

    Snodgrass the new Rhodes. here we go.....
  9. Next season kit

    Just maybe we're going to use the current kit for next season as well. Imagine that, a kit for 2 years
  10. First Game Sweepstake

    Norwich ......away neutral venue
  11. Next season kit

    ahhh they just don't get it. Still It's a shame, given the annual interest this time of year
  12. So when do we think the new home kit will be released (assume it'll be a new away shirt as well?)
  13. Old stadiums

    You sure Sky Sports haven't been tinkering with the volume level on the mic's??
  14. Huddersfields shirts

    We'll have stars on our 3rd strip next season above the badge, cue the Italians thinking we've won the premier league 40 times !!