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  1. It's the casual jog back after play from Brown that sums him up....
  2. Well they've saved you getting to 488 and being disappointed once again if you look on the bright side
  3. Why does the ref wait until their players are in position at the sub from the re kick off. That guy just jogged over to right back position and the ref waits to blow the whistle to start ..????
  4. 2nd Half Lump count is on.. Forward ball over the heads of at least 2 players...lets see
  5. I don't recall them being this darker shade of blue. Must have faded not long after installation
  6. £8.32m..... laughing boisterously as he drives off in his gold plated convertible Lamborghini to the Sunset lands of Stoke-on-Trent, his thick luscious hair billowing in the breeze and Morgan Fox in the glove compartment What a time to be alive eh Onwards to Brum
  7. R.I.P the Stantions......long missing from a park near you to hang your tracky bottoms from
  8. I can help you with that decision pal....become a Green Bay Packer Northern working class fan base, great traditions, no fancy dome stadium and perennial under achievers ... perfect fit for a bored wednesdayite
  9. Beautiful shame there isn’t a higher res picture around
  10. i never noticed before, it’s pretty much the same typeface for Hillsborough on the back of the Kip. Nice touch
  11. We need a virtual museum section on the club website,...there can only be so many historic photographs knocking around. Be great to have them in one place for everyone to see
  12. Bring back Bob and his magic calculator all is forgiven* *(apart from your years of subterfuge with us)
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