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  1. No direct sunlight = poor grass year after year, as we can’t afford to replace the south stand roof with transparent panels Time to replace that side of the pitch with a strip of 3G astroturf. We can get away with that in league uno can’t we?
  2. Well done pal, great collection If only we had a proper club museum, somewhere to donate kits and memorabilia for others to see and enjoy
  3. It is a measure of success still each tournament entered has a target and a reward, it says a lot about our clubs culture that we don’t have that true winning mentality within when it’s required that said Everton are 90th with less chance of success than us in 78
  4. $5 Billion that new LA stadium cost…! id settle for a paint job on the West stand roof to get rid of Presto as a starter please
  5. I think this is Wednesdays choice to have the white backs macron do other shirts, same design but with stripes on the back https://www.macron.com/uk/ogc-nizza-2021-22-adults-home-match-jersey.html
  6. 50 games min this year, we need options, he looks a promising addition, feeling he has much more to come once he settle in
  7. 2 points per game average in this league generally guarantees top 2 finish and automatic promotion. A Go for it win that turns into a loss is no good. Need to play smart and accumulate the points early on
  8. Gets to 12,551 and miscounts Has to start over again
  9. Yes i bought a number of items of non swfc branded Elev8 gear. Have to say the quality of product is excellent. Hoodies and long sleeved training tops mainly. Sadly the customer service was atrocious (i think it was being run through a third party then via S6). They would send through wrong items, wrong sizes. I gave up looking in the end as became to much work to keep chasing for an answer. Big missed opportunity i think to sell this gear in the club shops.
  10. I keep being told there’s no seats available. I can’t believe it’s sold out already !!
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