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  1. onslow

    No sign of the kit!

    Great to feel part of this club. As a member, and informed around key areas of interest, early when the debate is present, able to contribute to the decision making process, and with the result being a successful launch of the new home kit. Supplied to the timescales the fans have asked for (repeatedly), rather than being left open to interrogation and misinterpretation. Fingers crossed it’s worth the wait and the mullah it’s expected to return, over the general satisfaction of all....
  2. onslow

    Another one going

    Guess it depends on who’s lined up to replace him. We might be looking for a higher calibre coach now that the academy has started to produce consistently.
  3. onslow

    1st fixtures

    Fixture Day is finally here!!!!!!
  4. onslow

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Hard to play Charity matches on a loam pitch Kivo’s and his mates would have needed to play in flip flops...
  5. onslow

    Next season

    Waste of time typing your thoughts
  6. Time for an official Owlstalk sorts it MegaThread.....
  7. Indeed, i’d never noticed beforehand, the terracing for the corner was cast straight onto the old terracing of what was there beforehand.
  8. onslow

    Mathematically safe now

    Excellent Time to get next seasons kits out now before the seasons done
  9. I’ve also heard the Megastore is about to have a refurbishment, likely this summer. A Company I work with has been in to measure up! things on the move commercially now, good news.
  10. Can you get this channel on Slisbongo
  11. Wwweeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddnnnnnesssssssssssssssdayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  12. onslow

    Sheffield Wednesday Board

    So Chansiri is a Chairman, of a one man board ??
  13. onslow

    Now here is a home shirt...

    This is how you do it, blue & white, black trim... http://www.footballshirtculture.com/17/18-Kits/odense-boldklub-2017-helveg-6-home-shirt.html
  14. The detail on these kits is incredible, right down to the collar bones showing through the fabric. Great job Karl black shorts uplift the Home kit to another level though.....