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  1. onslow

    Van aaken off

    Back to the Netherlands. Then off to Chelsea for £45milliion in 18 months time.....
  2. onslow

    2018 review

    What’s our league record for the year?
  3. onslow

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Will be released in the January transfer window
  4. onslow

    NOW TV

    anybody else sound gone on NOWTV??
  5. onslow

    Team for tomorrow

    Beautiful kit mate
  6. Anyone know when was the last time we had a league top scorer ??
  7. onslow

    new shirt

    Were the EPL badges extra, or do all the shirts have them on??
  8. onslow

    What do you think of this?

    Who’s stolen the Goalposts ??
  9. onslow


    Might be a follow up with the surgeon. He was at the same place in summer 2017
  10. onslow

    Out of interest

    Don’t players on trial count? Sam Smart, has he signed yet?
  11. onslow

    No sign of the kit!

    Great to feel part of this club. As a member, and informed around key areas of interest, early when the debate is present, able to contribute to the decision making process, and with the result being a successful launch of the new home kit. Supplied to the timescales the fans have asked for (repeatedly), rather than being left open to interrogation and misinterpretation. Fingers crossed it’s worth the wait and the mullah it’s expected to return, over the general satisfaction of all....
  12. onslow

    Another one going

    Guess it depends on who’s lined up to replace him. We might be looking for a higher calibre coach now that the academy has started to produce consistently.
  13. onslow

    1st fixtures

    Fixture Day is finally here!!!!!!
  14. onslow

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Hard to play Charity matches on a loam pitch Kivo’s and his mates would have needed to play in flip flops...
  15. onslow

    Next season

    Waste of time typing your thoughts