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  1. How about this with Sheffield wrapped over the top and Wednesday underneath
  2. C’mon designers that like the 80’s minimal owl. how do you develop this to a modern updated brand suitable for all the various media outlets we now need it for??
  3. Is Big Dave getting his YouTube 'highlights' package updated with all these drag backs and flick turns...
  4. Must be an Opportunity to sell the shirt sponsorship for this game Huge teatime audience, £9m and it’s yours....
  5. Can you post the twitter link please for us non Instagrammers!
  6. Back to the Netherlands. Then off to Chelsea for £45milliion in 18 months time.....
  7. What’s our league record for the year?
  8. Will be released in the January transfer window
  9. anybody else sound gone on NOWTV??
  10. Anyone know when was the last time we had a league top scorer ??
  11. Were the EPL badges extra, or do all the shirts have them on??
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