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  1. Spot on - it is how I saw it too. Also, at times, it was like Mattias had come on with certain instructions from the bench and then others behind him had other ideas as to where/what he should be doing. He genuinely looked lost. I took no pleasure in witnessing him being loud mouthed by Bannan. It just looked like Bazza was making out in front of the crowd. Hector and Westwood were more professional in how they got their respective message across, during and after the game.
  2. Ah, didn’t realise Hector had a year left on his contract.
  3. I agree with all you say. I wasn't so much saying get rid of them all - just not so fussed on which players do end up leaving. The ones out of contract beyond Westy and Palmer, should go - unless Lee and Hoops show miraculous recovery and quality in the last month or so of the season. I do not think we'd be in a position to buy Hector - more likely season long loan.
  4. Good thread this. Interesting to see varying views that as a result I have found myself being swayed one way then another as to who does and doesn't go/transfer listed. Above it all, I feel Westwood, Hector and Reach (unless £10m+ bid comes in) need to remain, anything else is fair game, be it through not being good enough or for us to raise some money. There are plenty who have either shown varying degrees of attitude, aptitude and fitness for too long. I can't be doing with players starting to get their fingers out of their arses just because they are out of contract at the end of the season (Nuihiu put pay to that) - the only exception being Palmer. He deserves a contract. I would also keep Wildsmith as No2.
  5. I have had enough of looking at a front line that does not give expectation of goals. I don't mean a worldy or a pen or a deflection. I mean somebody that is able to shoot and score in the 6 or 18 yard box. Someone who knows where the ball will be played from and where. Someone who does not head It over, wide or fall over. Someone who gives a poo , someone who cares without needing to "choose" to care. Someone that is good enough, young enough and fit enough. Maybe I expect too much, but maybe we have all got used to an abject forward line. Winnall is probably all that exists that "could" deliver on all fronts. That is not enough.
  6. They have been bent over for their incompetence since 1989 and we continue to pay the price...
  7. STH North + 2 kids. Personally, very happy for rest of season to be priced as Brum game. Only reservation is how this will make existing STH think when early bird prices come up in Spring and more importantly any potential new STH thinking it ain't worth it for next season based on £20 a game paid for the rest of this season?
  8. Thanks Lord. Not just for this epic, but all the others you have done throughout the year, as well. Your post really does expose the utter dross and pain we have gone through during 2018. Strangely, the part that got me most irked was the bookings stats table from the Villa game! Unbelievable Jeff. 2018 is going into Room 101.
  9. 27,666 Been having a sniff around their website and they were only allocated 2,234 tickets. Further to previous posts, also worth noting they can watch the game live on their own Blues TV for a tenner (as its Tuesday, its permitted). Also looked at the price of tickets for their next home game v Bristol City and seems tickets prices for adults range from £20 to £25 (Main stand half way line) and from £5 for kids and staged reductions for anyone up to 24 years of age!.....belongs on another thread, I know!
  10. Spot on. Apart from the already stated individual horror shows tonight, Lees looked shot/lost - not sure which. Not the first time, this season or last. He is our Captain.... Now, unless that means you have to be the only one willing to be giving out gifts at local hospitals at Christmas, he shouldn't be. Watched him closely last season (appreciate curbed by injury - but with an eye on likelihood he would take over from Glen) and as much I have enjoyed his presence for the first 3 years, a leader on the pitch he ain't. Sometimes, people need to look to their leader for inspiration, direction or a kick up the ass, none of which are forthcoming from Tom. I just couldn't help feel that is what we needed tonight, from the first minute to the last.
  11. When fit, he is the most important player in the team.
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