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  1. Some good posts here - yesterday did feel different, almost a crescendo of how desperate everybody was for something to enjoy - a release of our valves that have been closed for too long. I was in the North and in the first half there was a moment that captured this. On the near touch line, mid Lep half, somebody I cannot remember - might have been Bannan/Hunt - as too many quality moments to our game yesterday!) put in a challenge - a near lost cause but went for it and got a limb on it. To a man, woman and child, there was a groundswell of a roar that erupted from on the North. It was surreal - like we all knew at the same time what we have craved for so long, we could now see and wanted more of it. A great day.
  2. Brilliant Snoots. As others have said - one of the best in a very long time. “Odious Toad”
  3. Great goal. But, we were in decline. It was the beginning of a slippery slope to where we are now.
  4. Why fear Rotherham? If it’s based on last season, it is massively misplaced. 3-0 Wednesday.
  5. £1-2m we have to sell. Bigger financial issues demand it - always thought he signed as a favour in the event of being relegated. BB does not belong in league 1 - imagine the squad we will have and him trying to ping it all over to someone who is not on the same wavelength. Not going to happen.
  6. This is brilliant to see the support from our former players. Hope the players get as affected by this as I have!
  7. Done with this bag. I have typed many things far worse and prescriptive and deleted. I feel well and truly done.
  8. What a great OMDT Snoots. We are very lucky to have you - thank you! 2-0 Wednesday UTO
  9. Personally, I am glad the club have come out and said this. Not so much the moral/legal aspect, but that 100% of follow revenue goes to the club. Whilst we would all wish to be at every game in person, we can't and therefore the ifollow is the next best thing for me to watch my team play their matches. Yes, not ideal without atmosphere, but being able to see them play is more important. It has always had me scratching my head when people say "no way, no crowd not same, not watching it" - I mean what do people do when they are at a game? Also, there is the small matter of knowing every game watched is going some way to help the club be in a better position, financially.
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