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  1. Herries road ...again!

    I'll raise you 362!
  2. Absolute joke. We have been crying out for a striker for the last 2 years and we go and get another centre half! Carlos out.
  3. What a fantastic read. Found myself getting a little excited waiting to read/see about the next ground!. Thank you Kivo. Right, back to work!
  4. The best OMDT. Because of it, I feel a Wednesday 4-0 win.
  5. Feel more positive?

    Compared to what I have witnessed from childhood to my current mid 40's, "shambles" is not the word I would use, but I respect your view. Re Celebrations, not sure what else I expect to be honest. They have arranged a dinner, as we would have expected and tried to arrange a marquee friendly. Not sure what else would appeal to our fan base other than a pie/kebab, chips and a pint night, although it would probably have to be free of charge to make ! Re Commercial, it is not what is should be and hasn't been for so long, but I believe we have the right man in place to sort it, if his CV is anything to go by (Joe Palmer) - it won't be sorted overnight though. New Kits - what else could they do when the initial, preferred manufacturer suddenly doubled the cost in May? Re recruitment close season, I do not believe it has been through lack of trying - more puzzling for me is that we have not got rid of the dead wood. As for the 3 games we have had, what if we had won them all? Would we be nailed on for promotion? No. Neither does the opposite apply after the 3 results we have had so far. At least performances have improved (in my view). What is a shambles is the negativity amongst our fanbase. This is not aimed at you/your post, but I cannot fathom why some people pay money to support their team and from the first minute, moan. It peed me off all last season and on Wednesday night during the first half, left me thinking about moving my ST from the North to the South (hoping it will not be as bad?) or not going as often as my ST allows. A 360 mile round trip for each home game to listen to constant negativity, is becoming too much to bare. Some of our fans ignorance in understanding the impact of their constant negativity does my head in, coupled with their evident lack of a (footballing) brain, based on what they come out with. I am by no means a happy clapper. Most of last season was so frustrating and I cannot remember a close season where I was not excited about the new season, however, if I am there, I will "support" them.
  6. Feel more positive?

    Er, really?....
  7. can't see it so here we go ,

    Mind The Gap!
  8. I have returned 2 of mine this afternoon. I asked the question via twitter to SWFC tickets and they asked me to DM them and advise the ID numbers and they said they would refund and release the tickets.
  9. The Hillsborough Lights part 2

    At the risk of being slated by all who hate the contrived, here is something slightly different (albeit on iPhone - but Android users should find something similar). Download "Magic Lights" free app. Edit the "flashlight" and choose the first light as blue or white - you do this by moving your finger over the palette of colour to resemble white or Wednesday blue. Then add "+" the other colour not already chosen. Then change the time to "1.0" seconds on the slider and make sure you switch the LED light to "off". "Saturation" should be at max. Then press "play". Once set up, easy to get it going. Reckon it would look the hollocks. If nothing else, you can have a Wednesday themed disco light, indoors! Enjoy
  10. Question re: S6 PA system

    If the e-mail has still to be sent, then add me to your list. Sit on 4th row of North and therefore being relatively "open", was still too loud. As others have indicated, the Yorkshire Tea advert has been way too loud all season.

    Come on Barry, keep in time with me!
  12. line up for friday

    On reflection, me putting Rhodes to start, is not likely, nor wise. However, having waited so long for him to come, I just couldn't leave him out!
  13. line up for friday

    Clearly, Carlos needs to assess who the best pairing is. This will also vary, depending on who we play. However, in playing Wigan, we can afford to put the big guns up front and see what happens and change if necessary. Hoops should, IMO, start on the bench - he takes longer than most to get back to match fitness - not a criticism, but reality. Jones to fill in behind Fessi and Macca, as necessary. Abdi might be a game too soon, but I just want him to play and play there! Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Jones Macca Fessi Abdi Winnall Rhodes
  14. Skybet odds have shortened overnight from 8/11 to 4/9 with Villa going out to 5/1......