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  1. I think I am gradually dying of a thousand cuts. I am normally very positive, no matter what. It is the way I have been for the last 40 year of supporting. I hate home games where around me there is so much negativity especially having driven for 3 hours to hear it. But, tonight I feel a bit broken with it all. Palace, Burton, Sheff Utd at home, Colchester away, Huddersfield play off etc etc did it as well - but this is an accumulation of it all. They are merely one of the thousand. Add the uncertainty as to whether destiny is in our hands and that is where the straw that held well, starts to break. I have seen us being poor before, many times - maybe worse than this, but this feels different - little hope that it can get better, little hope that we can get as close again to the Premier League and definitely because of what the other lot are doing. Probably that last one makes it all the more painful. It really is quite depressing.
  2. Whilst I went for option 1 for myself, I will do option 6 (merchandise) for the kids tickets. I, and they, will probably get more pleasure out of an Owls Superstore visit than watching the games they should've seen, so win win for me! Seriously though, top drawer by the club for unloaded options.
  3. It was almost the throw of a coin to decide! In the end, I went for who I felt had a bit more craft in the game.
  4. Hodge Nillson Worthington Walker Shirtliff Sheridan Brunt/Whelan Waddle Hirst Chapman
  5. He also appears to choose to castigate those who have already been subject to wider criticism from the 'fan' base - ...Still, so the song goes "we've got...". I like him in the team, don't get me wrong, but I would never have him skipper in a million years - zero leadership on the pitch and the song really is a bag of poo .
  6. This is it, nail on the head re our forward play at the moment.
  7. Today, from the first whistle, Pelupessy was up their midfield like a rat - 1 misplaced pass all game? My MOM. Bannan and Luongo looked like they could be a real threat, Battled hard, accurate cross field balls and were hanging around the edge of the box in attack. Luongo broke up play more than Bazza. Borner was great second half, Iorfa good throughout. Odabajo got better as the game went on. Palmer, standard performance we see week in week out. Reach worked his ass off all game. He didn’t win everything but by God did he bust his balls to recover it. As long as I see him putting 100% effort in, that’s fine with me. I thought Fletch was not as effective/impactful as previous games but nonetheless a 7. Murphy was a waste of a sub. With fresh legs, I expected him to get round their left back, but did not make one attempt to do so. Harris was as Harris has been thus far. Ran their right back ragged, throughout. Final ball could have made such a difference to the final score. Not once did I feel comfortable with us attaining and maintaining a lead, but we worked hard and got our just desserts in the end.
  8. Listened for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed every minute - thought 90 mins plus might be a stretch but it wasn’t - spot on analysis and depth. Well done!
  9. Colchester 0-4 Stevenage 1-5 Burton 0-3 Huddersfield play offs
  10. Back on topic, funny thing was seeing stewards on concourse still pointing with their arms/hands which way the exit is as a couple of thousand people are toe to toe heading one way! One old boy who I smiled at said “I have to keep my arm like this otherwise they won’t pay me!”
  11. A few have mentioned the kiosks so.. pre game at kiosk, asked lad serving, “2 pints of Wednesday please”. Wingman next to the lad doesn’t move until till man asks him to get 2 pints of Wednesday. Wingman trots off towards the pumps. Wingman trots back to the till man and asks “which one is it?”. They both trot off to the pumps to find “Wednesday” pump. Till man trots back and only now does he ask the next customer for their order. Meanwhile wingman starts pouring my pint from about 2 feet below the nozzle and wonders why it’s full of froth after 2 seconds. To enable till man to keep serving, I speak to wingman and suggest they hold it near the nozzle and at an angle. Wingman ignores advice. Till man intervenes and takes over, heeding advice stating “we are only agency staff mate”. Sweet baby Jesus.
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