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  1. Done with this bag. I have typed many things far worse and prescriptive and deleted. I feel well and truly done.
  2. What a great OMDT Snoots. We are very lucky to have you - thank you! 2-0 Wednesday UTO
  3. Personally, I am glad the club have come out and said this. Not so much the moral/legal aspect, but that 100% of follow revenue goes to the club. Whilst we would all wish to be at every game in person, we can't and therefore the ifollow is the next best thing for me to watch my team play their matches. Yes, not ideal without atmosphere, but being able to see them play is more important. It has always had me scratching my head when people say "no way, no crowd not same, not watching it" - I mean what do people do when they are at a game? Also, there is the small matter of knowing every game wat
  4. That is as good a post match interview that I have seen. Intelligence in getting the players in a huddle and the message associated with it. Bring it on.
  5. Sorted out the West Yorks radio issue - go to settings on bottom right of your live screen and click on "away" comms.
  6. Thanks @Whitechapel Owl. Derby for me, please. Thank you.
  7. I think I am gradually dying of a thousand cuts. I am normally very positive, no matter what. It is the way I have been for the last 40 year of supporting. I hate home games where around me there is so much negativity especially having driven for 3 hours to hear it. But, tonight I feel a bit broken with it all. Palace, Burton, Sheff Utd at home, Colchester away, Huddersfield play off etc etc did it as well - but this is an accumulation of it all. They are merely one of the thousand. Add the uncertainty as to whether destiny is in our hands and that is where the straw that held well, starts to
  8. Whilst I went for option 1 for myself, I will do option 6 (merchandise) for the kids tickets. I, and they, will probably get more pleasure out of an Owls Superstore visit than watching the games they should've seen, so win win for me! Seriously though, top drawer by the club for unloaded options.
  9. It was almost the throw of a coin to decide! In the end, I went for who I felt had a bit more craft in the game.
  10. Hodge Nillson Worthington Walker Shirtliff Sheridan Brunt/Whelan Waddle Hirst Chapman
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