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  1. Not been in the match day squad for a few weeks, but also not heard his name mentioned. Is he injured?
  2. Right you are! Didn't spot that. Was just wondering why Cody blocked his face out.
  3. Could this be Mendez-Laing behind the emoji?
  4. Canada play on the 2nd, so Theo could be called up? Palmer?
  5. How many players do we need called up for Internationals before the Sunderland game is off? And who else is likely to be called up?
  6. Is he injured or just not getting selected?
  7. We will lose today, but Derby will either lose or draw too. We'll then win our next game, Derby will lose, Rotherham will do what they need to, to just keep us in with a chance on the last day. Then we'll just f**k it up at Derby.
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