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  1. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/january/matt-penney-extends-owls-contract/ He signed an extension at the start of this year unil summer 2019
  2. I wonder if we have an option to recall him? Seems like in the past we haven't thought to put this into some of our loan contracts and it's ended up costing us! Be great if they got him scoring and we can bring him back!
  3. In celebration of the big man signing a new contract, I compiled all his goals from this season!
  4. Full time. 10-1!! Well done young owls!
  5. U'18's currently winning 9-1 against Huddersfield! I have no idea how to post the tweet directly from Twitter
  6. Nope! I'm in Belfast... although not originally from here.
  7. Clearly offside when the free kick was taken, but not so sure he's off when Lee's heads it forward
  8. No Venancio! Here's hoping he's just being rested and he's not another one to add to the injured list!!
  9. I know he's currently out on loan.. but we've broken him too! Confirmed on Instagram.. out for the season!!
  10. I work with his Uncle, so I'll ask him
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