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  1. Love the home and away kits but the third one not so much. If the two bold lines were in line then I’d like it more.
  2. Used to watch it a fair bit and always follow it still. Detroit pistons were my team.
  3. Sounds like I got lucky with my work experience. Got to work at an architect office, they were really good with me. Showing me what they do. Taking me to sites and had me doing some very iffy designs myself haha. put me off though when they said you had to do poo loads of law school on top of any architect course.
  4. wouldn't have a scooby. But I'm just glad we are looking at some younger and more dynamic players. Be nice to have pace and something different to what we've got. I'd like wilkes but if Hull's owners are being dickheads after having an agreement in place then I get where DC is coming from. Sometimes its about the principle of it. Don't know anything about the Swansea lad so he'll be surprise for me anyway. Happy with our recruitment so far so I trust DC/DM to get us what we need.
  5. get where you r coming from and I like the bloke. Works his testicles off which is the first thing I want from any player. But the transfer window is about improving the squad and for me Wilkes is an improvement
  6. Thats reyt bullshit. Players will always love the money but their are plenty of players that move clubs for varying reasons including location and the chance for first team football. Our own Chris Kirkland left in 2015 to seek first team football but also due to anxiety he was experiencing while travelling from lancs to Sheffield. A lot of footballers will move for the money but don't lump them all in together.
  7. did we finish last season earlier too? I mean I know we had our playoff games so we did but was the actual season over later. Feels like the new season is coming around much quicker this time.
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