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  1. Looking pretty decent. Build for the 4th goal was sexy!
  2. I go on holiday tomorrow. Was hoping they'd be in the shop.
  3. That home shirt is fantastic, wish we could buy it without the sponsor it will inevitably get.
  4. that bell end can suck a wee pipe! WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW WAWAW
  5. Really bloody hell! Whats he using for for his skin care
  6. As if hughtons looking for a lay pay day. He’s been managing for about 10 years if that. Even Bruce is still young really at 58.
  7. Glad we’ve bagged a few in both games. Get that confidence up.
  8. Police are being nice to you letting you have your mobile, guessing they want you to get updates on match. Good lads.
  9. Can she cook a mean dinner and give a good blowy? Forgive
  10. Great news.....if ya can really call it that now. Welcome to Wednesday Mr Harris. Now I just want that official news on KL so I can go to toilet and knock one out!
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