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  1. Hate the fact we ain't playing for 2 weeks now. It's like watching a great TV show and being left on a cliffhanger and having a mid season break. I just wanna find out what happens next. On the plus side though Fletcher and Hutch have time to recover hopefully and Winnall and Hooper get some more time to get fitter. Role on the 30th! Anyone doing anything remotely exciting until then? I've just got some decorating to finish....and I flipping hate decorating.
  2. fizz 1 point, need 3. Stoke is one of the easier games we have left so I'm defo of the mind we should be gunning for 3 points. Possible losses to Norwich and Leeds although I do think we can get something from those games.
  3. Exactly. December I was thinking avoid a relegation battle and start pre paring for a re build. Now we have something to play for and looking good to boot.
  4. AN absolute phenomenal turn around. If we don't make it this season which will be tough then hell who cares I'm looking forward to next season under SB already.
  5. It's improvement on last season I suppose. Don't think we'll make the playoffs but the form we are currently in bodes well. If Bruce can conduct some shrewd business in the summer and we can offload and load of the poo we have, plus get some of the youngsters out on loan then we could have a proper push next year.
  6. I thought the same, it's a derby for christ sake, let em get stuck in a bit. Felt like he was blowing up every two mins.
  7. This. The idea was good excution flipping shocking
  8. Yep looking really good. Playing game after game too. Hopefully he doesn’t need a rest yet. Need him at derby. Great performance tonight
  9. Palmer was excellent tonight. I thought lees was solid too. Hutch was a beast. Playing games consistently too now which is what we need from him.
  10. Boyd can just go for me but yeah reach and Bannan could do with gaining little muscle.
  11. Exactly, a lot of people sat FF is the best player in the squad. If i was to pick between a fully fit FF or KL I would pick KL everyday of the week. His skill, work rate, goals from midfield, temperament and professionalism are exceptional.
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