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  1. I think for the most part this team is good enough to challenge for the playoffs. If we can be very astute and acquire 2-3 really good players to improve certain positions then we could push on even more.
  2. mozzy85

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    We don't have to buy from Britain though with our over inflated prices here, there are players abroad that would love to come here and would be cheaper, we just need to find them. Or than improving all the positions, just focus on 2. I think getting more players in that ain't gonna improve the first 11 would be a bigger waste of money.
  3. mozzy85

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    I’m confused why you say cover. Surely the aim is to improve the squad. We get players that are gonna make the aforementioned players, the cover players. Either that hat or we will never actually move forwards.
  4. mozzy85

    Jonas Lossl

  5. mozzy85

    Offload dilemma

    out of those I think only Fox we could get a fee for and even then it would be less than what we paid. Can't see the other three being pursued.
  6. mozzy85

    Best 3 goals as voted for by you!

    Gotta be Nuhiu for me. Absolute belter! You don’t see many like that at all and coming from AH too after the turnaround he’s had! Great stuff.
  7. mozzy85

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    no one will take a punt on Boyd or fletcher. Rhodes as has been mentioned will not be sold as it will cost the club in the short term I believe. Hopefully we can move on Palmer, Fox and Jones for minimal fees.
  8. mozzy85

    Lap of honour

    Mine too, class act. Really hope the rumours of his career being over are bullshit. Really hope to see him back.
  9. mozzy85

    Ash Baker

    This!!! He did well but made a few mistakes. But that’s part of learning the game. Was far better than Palmer. Its a a joy to see these youngsters coming through.
  10. Degryse was defo one of my fave players at this time.
  11. He wasn’t crap.........he was a cheeky monkey
  12. mozzy85

    A season that could have been.

    this is it, imagine if CC was still in charge. Would have been a lot worse is my bet.
  13. I see what you're getting at but for that money I would take that. Yes they are both great players in this division but with the right scouting network and coaching/management anyone in that team is replaceable. There's really only 2 players that can't be replaced at the moment in world football and that's Ronaldo and Messi. There are always options out there.
  14. Real shame we didn't get rid of CC after the Hudders debacle. Oh well we are finishing the season well and things are looking up. Bring on next season.
  15. mozzy85

    Attendance today

    Not bad for a dead rubber game.