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  1. If Norwich get promotion they won't want him I'd have thought. We need them to miss out....just.
  2. Nope I think palmers not been to bad and joey did well last night to say it was an onslaught. The fact is fox is very flipping poor and we need to bring in a good LB in Jan.
  3. Which game were you watching. Every time Penney got the ball and ran with it he gave it away. I was glad when MM came on. Fox is just poo , I’m happy we got a clean sheet and especially against the pigs. That doesn’t mean I’m happy to accept how meadiocre we were in attack last night.
  4. mozzy85

    All the Dawson haters

    Nobody hates Dawson, the fact is we have probably the best keeper in the division on a lot of money sat at home. What Dawson lacks is the commanding aspect. Westwood is great at this and is also a great keeper. Im happy for our first clean sheet and happy it’s dawson who got it. Should give the lad and the defence a big confidence boost. Would hope that Jos sticks with that defence now, just replace fox with Penney
  5. mozzy85

    Bannan last niight

    He worked hard and made some good tackles. But his passing was sub par by his own standards and I’m sure he’d admit that himself. We needed his passing to be on point to make use of any breaks and to relieve pressure.
  6. This really, bannan, Penney were pants last night. If we’d had the likes of Lee, FF and Hooper it would have been very different. flipping Fox should be nowhere near the team either. Bloody poo .
  7. Yeah I added this about a minute later
  8. mozzy85

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Tell him to sit on a rusty nail
  9. Bannans done fizz all as well
  10. Penney needs to come off. Been so wasteful tonight.
  11. Article on BBC sport about football players at the time of WW1. Very interesting read and one of our former players is talked about a lot. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/the_last_pass Quite poignant with Rememberance day coming up.
  12. mozzy85

    Why Are Fans Paying Top Dollar

    I was debating whether to pop down today. £39 quid on north, our lass said “£40 quid to watch them play, crazy” I agreed. Changed my mind ordered a Thai curry instead. Made the right choice.
  13. mozzy85


    Reckon Westwood would be a good choice...oh wait.
  14. mozzy85

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Absolutely pathetic.