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  1. mozzy85

    'i dont wear red'

    I wear red because I like the colour especially deep shades of it. End of the day Red was a colour long before pigs were in existence. I wouldn't wear red on matchdays apart from maybe some dark red pumps I had.
  2. He can't be blamed at all, I'd bet my house he would have wanted to play every game that he has missed. Consummate professional and a great player, it's the reason he's my favorite.
  3. I live like 5 minutes away and was wee wee wrapped when I got to ground. What a game though. One of the most memorable ones for me and the crowd just went nuts after that last goal.
  4. mozzy85

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    Pudil as well I believe.
  5. mozzy85

    Wednesday U18s 4 v 0 Charlton Ath

    @John O'Brien which day next week do we play forest?
  6. mozzy85

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    I like the scenery but I love driving so the roads are awesome to drive when they are empty (if ever).
  7. mozzy85

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    This,had to drive that way 3 times in last month and it's a nice drive but it's a ball ache getting stuck behind lorries and poo drivers.
  8. mozzy85

    Morning all

    *fold not golf
  9. mozzy85

    Morning all

    You forgot we have Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper coming back into the golf soon as well. Can’t wait to see Lee again myself, great player and someone else who can score.
  10. Really hope he’s the player we know and love from a couple of seasons back.
  11. In, no question about it really. He's had a bloody tough time. The team lacks natural leaders especially in the back line and Jos hasn't been able to bring anyone in. Once KL gets back from, injury that will defo help the midfield too. We really need a quality RB and Centre half to come in, ones with voices and organisational skills.
  12. Yeah defo. He’s looked pretty good.
  13. Did Boyd really play in Prem. He’s not looked great tonight.