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  1. Football Rivalries

    I basically put pigs three times. Don't care about the other "Derbys" half as much. Nothing even comes close to representing what this game means and the tension surrounding it and the sheer relief when you win.
  2. Swfc fan glassed in Globe pub

    Yep totally agree
  3. Swfc fan glassed in Globe pub

    When ever I see something like this I always prepare myself to see what sort of bobbar sentence has been given. I wasn't surprised but I am angry. What the roger about that sentence is gonna make the person actually think about what they did. They are just gonna laugh it off. To add, what a set of cowardly flaps.
  4. Herries road ...again!

    The fact is it would be classed as a poor use of Police resources. With resources already stretched to capacity it's probably not justifiable. Especially when you consider the perpetrators will get a slap on wrist and community service.
  5. What happens if Winnall bangs em in

    We buy the Derby team and take him back off loan???
  6. McGugan - GONE

    Yep really wish it had worked out with him!
  7. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I'd flipping piggy back him down for that much. If we can get 14/15 million then that would be cracking.
  8. That is a really strong side and we should win really. Looks like theres goals in that team for sure so guaranteed to lose 1-0.
  9. U23s 1pm ko

    he could do summet. Wonder if we could get his name in a song....
  10. Forward line

    and scored 2.
  11. U23s 1pm ko

    Good result for the young un's. Would love to see some of these guys break into the first team in the future.
  12. Stick with the diamond!

    This for me. Against QPR the second half was much better. Also better to watch too.
  13. Female Lino

    It was flipping cringey as flip. So many stupid blokes feeling the need to have a pop just because she's female, sad. Yeah she was awful but no reason to single her out. Need to take a long hard look at themselves, pathetic behaviour!
  14. Winall and Fletcher??

    Haha I laugh when ever I see somebody else spell it wrong and now I've fallen victim!