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  1. This is the biggest improvement I want to see this gen. The AI in TLoU part 2 was exceptional and I want more of that. The next biggy for me is Horizon Forbidden West. Machine AI in the first was pretty good but Human AI was terrible.
  2. They've done remakes of 2 and 3 and 1 has had about 3 remasters.
  3. I especially agree with the last paragraph. While the move away from horror to more action orientated with RE5 I still loved it especially playing with my mate. RE6 was a disaster for me but I'm currently going though RE7 now (3rd run, doing a madhouse difficulty run for the Plat) and loving it. Gonna get the demo for this downloaded and try it out.
  4. Yeah I'm hoping for a 4K/60fps update then I'll be playing again.
  5. Yep moved back over other side of sheff so more of a treat now. Dinner and chicken sheish In a naan and chips and cheese sauce.
  6. I’ll take an actual left back, a striker and just any decent player that can create from Midfield, whether that’s a centre MF or winger I don’t care just anybody that can pass reyt and gets into box to support as well. Kieran Lee mark 2 basically.
  7. I hope he enjoys his time. I’d happily have had him carry on with us. Best player since coming down outta prem. absolute pro, just gutted his injuries meant we couldn’t see even more of him. Good look lad.
  8. Honestly just that one clip is better than anything we’ve done this season. God I miss the football from that season. We were great to watch at times.
  9. I’m just happy Wednesday are doing badly this season so it’s easier to tell the difference against previous seasons lines.
  10. Chansiri is just being a proper ******** at this point. Fans have ******** done their point and all while the club has been going backwards for the last 2-3 years.
  11. Only played 2 hours of breath of wild and wasn't my cup. I hate weapon breaking in particular and thankfully that isn't a thing in this game. I think the art style is pretty similar with this being prettier due to hardware. Still early on in the game so can't comment on the story.
  12. Anyone else get this game. Started yesterday and put 6 hours into it. Really liking the the artistic styling of the game. The combat is pretty fun but my favorite part so far has been the puzzles in the Vaults. I love Greek mythology too so it works for me in that respect too. The humour isn't great but it is aimed more towards a younger audience I suppose and probably to get them into open world games and interested in Ubisofts other open world stuff. If your stuff for something to play I'd check this game out on PS5/new Xbox as I got it for £33 on Amazon which consi
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