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  1. mozzy85

    Jos trimming the squad

    stick up and coming acadamy products in their too and it wouldn't be too bad as long as injuries and fatigue are monitored correctly and kept to a minimum
  2. mozzy85

    Jos trimming the squad

    this It's why years ago I wanted caps introducing on wages but it's too little to late now. Players earning £500,000 a week in china. Absolutely mind boggling. £200 million for a player that will probably up for an oscar in the new year. £5 million for Gary Madine!!!! World of football has gone flipping bonkers and as you've mentioned the money we spend has gone through the roof.
  3. If your talking about catapult then no. Catapult make a GPS system that tacks the players heart rate/ calories burnt / forces in movements and stuff like that. My ex used to work for them so know a little about it. They are one of the market leaders in that technology. Looks like we have the latest version too as the logo is different than it used to be.
  4. flipping should have been. Off for the semi and final though if we get their.
  5. Yeah I wasn't expecting much from the team to be honest. Thought we'd get to last 16 at a push. Safe to say with the way the draw has fallen and the way we have played I'm pretty optimistic we could make the final (still think France will win it). With that optimism comes nerves too. Stuck at work unfortunately for the game so will be keeping an eye on the BBC sports page!
  6. mozzy85

    Pelle Van Amersfoort

    God I hope not
  7. mozzy85

    Liam Palmer

    I think a lot depends on him, how much does he want to be in the first 11 for a team wanting promotion? He's gonna have to double his efforts, work harder on his fitness, extra training to improve his technical ability and his passing. If he wants it and works his flipping socks off and has a manager that can instill confidence and give him a carrot to chase then you never know. It's in his hands to a certain extent.
  8. Gonna be a really tough game, seen some people talk about Sweden like their a nothing team. They will be organised and disciplined and will be tough to break down. Not much attacking threat so we should really commit the wingbacks to attack today. Would swap Alli to play just behind Kane if he's fit, bring in Loftus-Cheek to play in Alli's role. Gonna be tough but if we play well we'll give them a good go.
  9. Yep really poor reffing. If that was me I’d have brandished it at 3 more of them and they’d have soon got the flipping idea! Bunch of cheating fizzes. Part of me glad they had that little bit of hope before we took it from them.
  10. 7 for me. Wish the stripes were down the back and sleeves. Plus a proper collar. That would make it a 10.
  11. I think a lot of that was nerves especially in the first half. Hope he settles down now and it clicks. Still not expecting much from this england team. Be really happy if we made quarters.
  12. Yep I'd go with that too. Linguard got into good positions and just needs to nail the finishing aspect. Young didn't do anything bad I think but would still prefer Rose.