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  1. See KL would be my shout, but his professionalism, attitude and work rate makes up for that. The only thing is can he play 40+ games. I hope so because he's awesome.
  2. If he was more vocal (and not injured) he'd be my captain.
  3. Don't understand how anyone can neg this statement. He is a model professional and if the team had the same level of commitment and professionalism we'd be looking very good for next year.
  4. Not sure about the latest injury/sickness, I was talking in regards to the fact he had to retire with how bad his was when he was younger.
  5. You say that but look at what Hutchinson has been through and he's been vital since Jos went. Plus Hutchs injury was worse. I think if he could make a solid comeback I see no reason Lee can't. I'm sure Bruce knows what he's doing and will evaluate him like everyone else in the squad.
  6. I'd say fizz it and resign him, but he is my favorite player.
  7. I'd missed that one and saw he got 45 minutes on the official site.
  8. whats the latest on Kieran Lee?? Has he played in anymore development games, if so how'd he do?
  9. Put 6 past legs again on Saturday and that’ll help
  10. I mean this is something I can be guilty of at times. Thing is I do this to force them into rushing passes and making mistakes. I know I can do this and still have enough energy to track back or go forward if I do force a mistake. Problem is it’s less likely to happen at that level as most players will be comfortable in possession.
  11. Exactly this seasons push has always been a free shot and no one honestly thought we had any chance back in December. If we fall this year I won’t be upset. Just gonna wish the summer goes quick so we can get back to it and really go for it next season.
  12. Norwich are strange. They haven’t made to many changes since the game last year when we battered them 5-1.
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