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  1. In qualifiers? Only tournament (Finals) he actually performed at was 2004.
  2. What goes on in the dressing room is always going to affect what happens on the field. Part of me wants Monk out, part of me wants him to get to summer though and get the poo out.
  3. You mean after the club has entered administration.
  4. The guy loves scoring. Every time I see that reaction I smile. I think it’s because it’s exactly how I’d react.
  5. Can’t believe we’re winning. Hope we can hold out now.
  6. Lee for me. He’s been my favourite player since the PL days. Runs his legs off, works hard, tackles, scores goals, links play. We’ve missed him so much these last couple of seasons. Unfortunately injuries have taken there toll and he’ll be bit part player this season. Would love to see him grab a goal or too to clinch a playoff spot or win. Close by are Westwood, Lees, Bannan and Loovens. Those lot have been the spine of this team for half a decade or so and helped us push on massively. Looks like Dawson, Iorfa and Borner are the new lads to build that spine.
  7. Didnt think is ever say this. But we’ll miss him. Palmer is capable though so it’s all good.
  8. Good job it’s xmas then he’ll gain that back haha
  9. I'm expecting 3 points in the next game. Really need to be beating Stoke, won't be easy I'm sure especially if we don't have Fletch but man would it be nice to see the black line go above the blue line at this stage of the season.
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