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  1. mozzy85


    You should do even if its the shorter Miles Morales one. Short but sweet and gives you a very good introduction to fast load times, great graphics and Ray tracing.
  2. Part 1 and 2 are my favorite single player games ever. However not too happy about this, just a waste of resources that could be pumped into a new IP. I mean I'll probably ******** buy it because I love the games but its just not needed really. I reckon they are probably lining it up for a bundle pack, exclusive at first but will be ported to PC eventually like HZD, Days Gone and Death Stranding.
  3. Give me a fully fit Kieran Lee over FF any day of the week. Consistent performer, model professional, scores, tackles and passes and doesn't spit dummy out. Best player we've had since PL days in my opinion.
  4. Looks like you've already been on razzle with optimism like that!
  5. I mean there are some absolute belters there. Got me PS+ is more than worth its money.
  6. For me its not that he is arguably the best finisher, he just is the best finisher out of that lot. I really hope we can tie him down and actually use him properly.
  7. and yet isn't our best ever sale currently ******** steve bruce to Newcastle. Says everything you need to know.
  8. It’s a cracking game I really enjoyed going for the plat and doing the different endings. Currently playing need for speed hot pursuit remastered. Pretty good to be fair. Just a very simple racer.
  9. Really enjoyed this version of the movie. Theatrical release was bloody awful, but this was much better.
  10. Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix both had excellent intros. Also Luther, loved the track.
  11. HZD is soooooooo ******** good. One of the best games of the last gen. I just want 60fps and 4K update for PS5 for my fourth play through.
  12. Really enjoyed this game. Literally at the last fight in hard mode which I need for the platinum. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of some of the fights. Will be glad once it’s done though.
  13. nno, na, nada, not a chance in hell.
  14. To be fair they did a cracking job with Fallen order and no MTX's. The licence has been given to multiple companies now. Ubi being one of them who also like MTX's
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