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  1. Gotta love Hutch ain't ya. No bullshit just tells it as it is. Hopefully we get those 3 points today and gain some ground.
  2. What did you think to TLoU P2 then?
  3. Pre-ordered it after getting a load of PSN vouchers for xmas. Can't wait for this game, loved the first and completed it about 4 times. It was easily one of the strongest titles on PS in that the generation. Plays so well on PS5 after the update too.
  4. Yeah its amazing, was my first fromsoft game and its my fave of the ones I've played. Just love the setting, the trick weapons, the combat style etc. I'd be happy if they just got the OG one to run at locked 60frames in 4K.
  5. If you haven't played the first one I'd do that. The combat is not as good but the story is still top notch. Uncharted series is by the same developer, story isn't quite as strong and its more like a hollywood blockbuster but still very nicely crafted games. To be honest nothing is on par in the same sort of linear narrative style. Two games I'd recommend that are God of War (2018) semi open world with a cracking story and the combat is mint, games even better if you played the OG trilogy. Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing, its open world, about 40 hours to complete everything. Great stroy, fantastic combat and a great twist in the narrative. Something more out there is bloodbourne, difficult learning curve but once it clicks its amazing.
  6. Gaming is my main hobby if I'm honest, love it and play most of the big titles, well PS ones and third party anyway.
  7. yeah I rate it as the best single player game ever. Love it to death. Ghost is very good but doesn't do anything new to open world games, the combat is really good. Outriders is pretty fun but no end game. Miles morales is really fun, pretty short but if you liked spider-man you'll enjoy it. AC valhalla suffers with lots of bloat-ty poo , wish they'd have condensed down as Odyssey suffered with this too. Witcher 3 is right up there as one of the best games ever. An open world game that nails the story and has side missions that are quality, its also getting an upgrade for PS5 in the new year. All in all you've got a good bunch of games to keep you busy for 100's of hours there
  8. nice, wish I could erase my memory of them and play them fresh again.
  9. Its actually a pretty solid game, had issues when first launched but I recently played it on PS5 and it plays like a dream now. So smooth. Its a solid 7.5/10 for me, limiting factors are takes a while to get going and the motorbike is really poo at first and the upgrades come slowly at first, same with weapons. Once it gets going though its fun.
  10. how'd you react to the first big moment?
  11. how'd you react to the first big moment?
  12. Recently completed Rachet and Clank rift apart and thats a great PS5 experience if you can get a cheap copy, really enjoyed it. Just playing through the remastered Mass Effect trilogy. The first one is a massive improvement on the original version. The second one is just cracking, forgot how good these games were.
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