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  1. Lol excellent m’lord. Hoping for a good win tomorrow.
  2. mozzy85

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    To be honest we obviously don't get that much which was partly why some of the teams in our division have been talking about a Prem 2. I don't like football on a Monday either, it's just weird.
  3. mozzy85

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    fuckingwankers, sky that is
  4. Got just the usual socks, chocolate etc. But our lass has got me a track day out near donny somewhere so get to drive 90’s 911 turbo in the new year!
  5. Well it couldn’t get much bloody worse. They need to pull their socks up today!
  6. mozzy85

    New manager new right back

    New right back, new left back, new centre midfielder needed at least.
  7. Time to get lost Jos.......oh wait you already are.
  8. No flipping shot still. tug
  9. mozzy85

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    That’s completely poo . Gutted for him and us as he’s a great player! Dont think we’ll see him again unfortunately. what a shame
  10. fizz my life. 1 clean sheet all season :/
  11. I’m sorry but a fry up for someone who is gonna go training and burn in the region of 2000 calories can probably get away with the odd fry up.