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  1. Been for a walk this morning through beeley woods and the level has dropped by over a meter there so with no more rain forecast for today it should start to drop further downstream.
  2. You can clear as much as you like which speeds up how quick it moves through an area but at some point it'll probably get to a choke point. There needs to be more natural flood plains to slow the flow down and give the rivers time to flow out to sea especially at high tide moments
  3. Blockages were an issue I believe and it also depends on other factors like other watercourse that feed into the don and the watercourse levels of what the don feeds into.
  4. Gutted about Englands loss this morning, hopefully a nice easy 3-0 win today to lift my spirits
  5. I love union but can’t stand league.
  6. For me its the rugby. Love both sports to be honest. Wish we had a good rugby union team in Sheffield to compete in the premiership. So yeah world cups come round every 4 years and we are good enough to win this one. We can still do well even if we drop 3 points. To be fair i’ll not be happy if either result doesn’t go our way.
  7. Agree I thought he was fantastic. He made some great passes out to reach on the right too.
  8. Absolutely useless. What a waste of a loan!
  9. This ref needs to give us more of a break with our defensive tackles. How hutch has a yellow I don’t know. He’s been immense.
  10. I’ll be gutted if we don’t win this. Just need to cut out the mistakes at the back and we’ll be good.
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