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  1. This was my same feelings, got lauded by many. Thought it was good but not standout amazing for me.
  2. Its really good and probably the easiest of the souls games so a good intro into the universe. If you get a PS5 and have PS+ you'll also get Bloodborne which is from the same developer and my personnel favourite. Gothic setting and the weapons are much cooler.
  3. to be fair the original 3 games are around 12-14 hours long and then GoW4 is like 30+ depending how many side quests you wanna do. Even now the original ones still hold up gameplay wise as they are pretty simple combo hack and slash games.
  4. Yeah it’s a very good characterisation. as long as I get that hammer I don’t care what he is. We have fire and ice and that hammer would be lightening.
  5. Yeah it’s had a 60fps update too so it’s silky smooth.
  6. This is the one I'm waiting for. Gutted we still don't have a release date but as long as Santa Monica release it with no issues then they can have all the time they want for me. Really hoping we get Thors hammer as a new weapon.
  7. Can't wait for this and the Wolverine game. Really hoping we can do a few co-op missions with mates, one playing as PP and the other as MM. For Wolverine I hope they make it a linear story game with an M rating and dismemberment and blood like the wolverine origins game.
  8. Recently got back into this. Gotta say I enjoyed the last season. Each season has a story which is actually told through the missions and videos now rather than having to go through lots of lore. Also all lore entries are now in game which is pretty cool. New darkness sub-class is really good fun especially for Warlocks. Gunplay is something Destiny has always done fantastically so enjoying just blasting hundreds of enemies away with a great variety of weapons. The Vault of Glass raid has comeback in D2 and its even better I'd say, mostly the same just a couple of changes to some encounters to make them more team focused. Overall I'm really glad I'm back on D2 and enjoying my time with it.
  9. the road leading to the Hallam studio is particularly bad, I used to live on the estate that the path at the top goes to. Would see cars that had been broken into but also lights and bumpers nicked too.
  10. Gutted to be honest. Was looking forward to it and wasn’t working.
  11. Going for a 3-0 win. Would love to keep the clean sheets going. Hopefully some of our wingers can get a goal or two. If we can get goals from all over the park then will start striking fear into the opposites.
  12. Used to go there when I lived at Wadsley bridge. Spot on that place.
  13. This is so hard. GK and whole defence especially have been top notch. Then adeniran and Gregory have both been quality. We’ve got more to come from just these players plus players who have yet to start.
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