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  2. I'd go 442 with fletcher and Nuhiu up top. Take a point now if offered.
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  4. Will have to be physical and match their aggression and be up for the battle to beat these sheep sh*ggers. Would be a good 3 points...
  5. Forever and ever We'll follow our team 'Cos Sheffield Wednesday We are supreme. Let's beat these and go top!
  6. deliberated long and hard put us down for a narrow loss in order to achieve a narrow win. Up The Owls !
  7. I tend to use Apple Pay for contactless. Instant receipt and more secure than pulling your card out in a crowded area.
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  9. I've heard Monk talk about Forestieri a few times, he says the right things but never sounds enthusiastic about his return. I can't decide whether it's GM not wanting to make it appear we're reliant on Forestieri, or if he has reservations in regards to him. Whatever it is, hopefully the team are putting in performances to keep Forestieri out, or he steps up and shows his capabilities that make him impossible to leave out.
  10. All objections have to be addressed, would encourage you all to write in.
  11. Keep it quiet. There's always an alternative route by sea.
  12. History tells we will see a disappointing performance to bring us back to earth. Enjoy the weekend!
  13. How much overtime are you willing to put in before you scratch your head and think " what the f-ck they are having me over here" ?
  14. Thats just for queries relating to it. Formal comments (objections) for consideration should go to the address below. I’d urge everyone concerned to send a letter. Deadline is 7 November
  15. Sod the negativity 1 - 3 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Fletch, Nuhiu and Harris COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS
  16. Agree, I mentioned this to my dad earlier who wouldn’t be able to attend based on what’s in the TRO. Because of his mobility issues I drop him right outside the club shop before parking up in Wisewood near my house. To do that this season I’ve had to go up through Fox Hill and Oughtibridge but that’s worth it to make sure he keeps going as he has done for over 60 years. I’ll be absolutely raging if this TRO means he can no longer attend. Another thing, to comply with the law don’t they have to advertise in the affected areas rather than just post them to local residents? I’m sure when navigating public places in the past I’ve noticed these things attached to lampposts. Are they trying to push this through on the quiet?
  17. Gone for a win, why not? They've got a decent team, strong at home, but on our day we are a match for anyone. Good couple of weeks on the training pitch, nice and fresh with stronger options now on the bench with FF, Lees. 0-1 to Wednesday, Fletcher on 65 minutes
  18. Don't push your luck, or they might close the road at Kings Lynn.
  19. Cardiff a bit of an agricultural team time we put one (or two) up their furrow.
  20. Cardiff are good at home.. we've got a good defence..a point looks on the cards which would do me..
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