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  1. £24.99 per month don’t forget the 75p per click on each page. The Wednesday Way
  2. Seriously hope this lad has a second job or a good ebay account. Might need it if he signs for us.
  3. Get off the fence. He needs to go now. Wrong bloke in the wrong job. He needs to admit it sell up and go. WAWAW
  4. Him out Renamed THE WEDNESDAY Blue and white stripes, black shorts and black socks for the home kit. Away - yellow Badge - the proper one with the owl from the early 80’s onwards. Sponsor - none - keep the shirts classic. The Ground is Hillsboro - ideal world of knocking down the West Stand and re-building a blended option with the North and South Stands. Getting people excited about watching us and developing a young fan base for the next generation at affordable prices. WAWAW
  5. Marvellous! So he cost us what 10m? Plus 35k a week over the 3 years he was with us if Norwich paid his wages whilst on loan? So 15.46m plus JVA’s pending departure who cost 4m over 4 years @ 20k a week. = 8.16m combined 23.62m blown on these two. great return on investment on the pair. The Wednesday way!
  6. Yet another one of a long list who’s pockets we’ve lined handsomely. We must be the perfect holiday camp to the Dutch Jonk Urby JVA Pellypessy how ever your spell it flipside Sibon frustrating but good at times Super Reg Plus to an extent Trustful can’t think of anymore clogs. anyway think of us whilst sipping your Amstel JVA Good riddance
  7. £20 Adults £10 Concessions - Over 60's £5 upto 18 yrs That LDV/Pizza/Fizzy Pop cup thingy £5 Adults / Conc £1 Kids FA/League Cup £15 Adults £8 Conc £3 Kids Make it affordable and let's build some new memories for the younger fanbase - Dad & Lads, Mams & Daughters etc. WAWAW
  8. I remember that game like yesterday! Warhurst being electrifying down the flanks for them and thinking oh &*(^ when we were 2-0 down. Then we had some spine and resilience unlike what's served up now. 2nd biggest crowd in the country was a frequent occurrence for us at this time with the side to boot! The passion and drive of our support will never diminish we are who are and proud of it. The fact that you see ridiculous amounts of money in the game and clubs that we used to beat on a regular basis in the European Cup Final, fair play to them just shows what good organisation and
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14152756/ this is documentary is also worth a look if you have time it’s on Netflix. interesting observations about the industry in Asia. Very harrowing what people have gone through just to make ends meet.
  10. Living in Australia does have it's benefits! In all seriousness I hope that a boycott is implemented so he actually pays attention and acts. Personally I would just go to away games for the first few games of the season say 5 - and boycott the home games. Good luck stay safe WAWAW
  11. Good, that's a start. His ROI is abysmal - £18m ish outlay for 18 goals back - £1m per goal! Why he ever was signed after the loan period I dont know - if you get a striker who gets you 3 goals in 21 starts on a loan deal you dont sign him full time.....oh hang on he's a gift! FFS cant make it up but only we could do that and we know who pulls the strings there. Good record at level, shame that we're a complete cluster &*^% and have been which rarely aligned to his strengths. If someone is offering a 3 year contract then good luck to him. Sure he can exhaust
  12. A view from a far 12000 miles away in Canberra...I've watched the last two games live as they were on here via Bein Sports. Last week against Forest was utter woeful negative crap. No conviction at all. Yesterday was good to see us actually have a crack as we had to, flip side embarrassing to see us opened up very easily. I'm actually surprised it took us down to the last few minutes of the season for the inevitable to actually happen. I was tempted to bet on the double relegation in October with us and the pigs which was about 6/1 at the time, couldn't bring myself to bet against us and
  13. Sometimes it's like being in the penthouse, sometimes it's like being in the *&^%house. Sometimes it's worse than an afternoon of the mother in law nagging. Sometimes it's really good. Either way I wouldn't change a thing, I live in Australia and have done for a while and still wear my shirt(s) with pride and don't care what anyone else thinks or says. I frequently get asked 'oh who do you support in the EPL?' I reply 'Nobody'...'why?' comes the response....The reply.....'The Wednesday' and let them figure it out. We have a worldwide uniqueness to our DNA. WAWAW
  14. Fantastic and great to see Best of luck with the operation. WAWAW
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