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  1. Remember this like yesterday and had a fantastic view of where I was at in the North that day. Cant believe its been 25 years but anyway thanks God for the memories and putting this young Manc on his arse! There's only one......
  2. millomowl

    Jon Shaw

    My memories of him....Rushden & Diamonds away. Sure he hit the post late on..That's it
  3. millomowl

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP Young man xx
  4. October 1984 Aged 6 v Leicester won 5-0 and Imre got a hat trick. Sat in the South stand with my dad and remember spilling a can of pop over me when we scored! The fascination was fixed from that day on. WAWAW
  5. Yes - South West Cumbria...Reason my Dad told me I was a Wednesdayite and took me to my first game when I was 6 against Leicester in 1984. He chose Wednesday as he shares the same name as a player in the early 60's read in the paper that he had a good game one day and as a teenager that was enough for my Dad. We had relatives in Rotherham so was handy if wanted to make a weekend of it. Otherwise it would be a 6 hr round trip for a home game then picking up selective away games. I wouldnt change a thing supporting our amazing unique club through thick and thin. You don't chose Wednesday, they choose you WAWAW
  6. millomowl

    On This Day in 1992

    And we had also beat them the season before 3-0 very easily at home and again the boy wonder got 2.
  7. millomowl

    2003-4 season stats

    I did a good amount of games this season both home & away. I think the attraction of ticking some new grounds off the list kept me going. Seeing the marvellous Kim Olsen at Port Vale...trips to Blackpool..Brighton ( that hockey ground thingy ) Bournemouth in midweek playing crap and getting beat. Graham Lee's free kick at Tranmere and ended up drawing.Being 2-0 up in no time at Wycombe got us a bit excited for a few minutes. Wrexham was fun also....singing the national anthem when we went 2-1 up sticks in the memory. Rushden & Diamonds away ( do they still exist) not to mention the first trip to Brentford and their hospitable pubs on each corner. Oh dont forget the great win against Salisbury in the first round of the cup!
  8. millomowl

    On This Day in 1992

    Remember this one well, cracking game and great to see the boy wonder scoring for fun. Think my dad went on a several month rant about Graham Stuart's goal and that nobody took him on. Ah the memories....miss those days and THAT TEAM!
  9. millomowl

    On This Day in 1991

    remember this like yesterday...drive down with my dad from Cumbria and met up with my uncle and a couple of his mates up at the horse and jockey. No booze for me as was only 12...a load of villa fans come in and helped themselves to the fag machine off the wall and stuff from behind the bar. Anyway that beside....fantastic view from the North of the boy wonders goal. Just a shame we lost that day. Bit weird as didnt have any Judas thoughts towards BFR at the time probably still in shock of his departure but we still had that fantastic team....ah the memories!
  10. Pressman Nilsson Worthington Pearson Walker Carbone Palmer Sheridan Waddle Hirst Di Canio Subs: Hodge Sterland Anderson Warhurst Harkes Varadi Marwood Manager: Big Ron Other squad members: (if allowed) Chapman, Alexandersson, Hyde, Bart Williams, Bright, Williams, Lyons. First game was in October 84 against Leicester won 5-0 Imre got a hattrick - Aged 6. Addicted. WAWAW
  11. millomowl

    Sheffield Wednesday monopoly

    Land on SAG/SYP - reduce capacity by 5,000.
  12. For me this has to be Viv, rediculous amount of experience when joining us and great memories of him chipping in with vital goals. Great player!
  13. Remember this game well, another strategical dentist appointment to get out of school in Cumbria and in the Beehive with my dad, uncle and his mates. Remember there was a few Germans in there singing and the atmosphere was good before the game, in the ground was amazing. Their fans with all the flags spread out, fireworks. Sheri’s free kick was pinpoint and Wilson’s celebration sticks in the memory. We then cheekily stole their chant and it’s still used now. Glad I can say I’ve seen us in Europe with that and the spora game. Dont suppose Wrexham away and the final in 2005 count as Europe away games! UTO
  14. millomowl

    Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    I’m still waiting for the shop to reply to my email from last October in regards to last seasons shirts, forwarded again this week for shipment costs and VAT off for a shipment to Australia. Im not expecting much movement anytime soon from them on the current form.
  15. millomowl

    9:01 am 23rd October 2017

    It's slowly moving, the 2nd & 3rd gear from last year has moved into the change kit section. No new home shirts yet just shorts & two sizes being XL & 2XL not available.