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  1. I dreamt about Gary Banister and Charlie Williamson (it was kinky) Any betting list that has Ant & Dec and Paul Gascoigne to be manager can't be taken seriously.
  2. Only a few though mate otherwise it'll be Caroline Slack!
  3. Stopped in the city centre last year for mates 40th, class city in all honesty. Not saying the Reeperbahn visit was worthwhile but we went again just to make sure.
  4. Flew to Hamburg from Brum last year with Flybe. Damn thing was a Turbo prop, the one with propellers, we made it though. Good luck Peacock and check the plane's elastic band.
  5. If i saw you do that i would kill you. However.... i still laughed
  6. Larger / beer? Is it a 2 pinter? Soz, couldn't resist
  7. Haha. At least MOTT isn't the new Leeds motto to help them through their continual falling apart..... MARCHING ON TOGETHER TOGETHER
  8. Not sure what that is but used to have King or Von Ludwig at Kelham Island about 10 years ago. I'm not usually a beer person but this was chuffin' lovely, was white or pale beer and was reyt creamy. Turned up one night and landlord said they couldn't get it anymore. Not been to the pub since.
  9. Have to agree, went to Kaiserslautern in the early 90s and saw the cultural grand sum of phooook all but went to Hamburg last October for a few days and it was ace. Didn't enjoy the flight in the turboprop though
  10. I'll bet not many get that Ghost? I used to love that song and i hate country and western as a rule. Hollish group weren't they? I prefer this pop chat to all this financial guessing.
  11. Hate to be a pedant but it should be pronounced "Wah Wah"
  12. I like Lucas ..... on his day. That's the problem though, he only turns up when he feels like it, the rest of the time he has the face on and his body language winds me up. I'm sure Man U fans say same about Pogba but unfortunately Joao isn't in the same bracket. He'll always have potential but his attitude and workrate won't be enough to allow his ability to flourish.
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