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  1. Neil! Tell em! There going on about politics in the non politics section again ffs!
  2. It was obviously a 'regular' league match but special matches and cup matches were other options. I can't actually believe i referred to that game as 'regular' though ffs!
  3. I seem to remember he also scored a cracker away at Ipswich?
  4. This just shows how out of touch the Sun is. We've already had a Wendys in the UK nearly 30 years ago. I was managing the Town and Country Cobbler on Baxtergate in Doncaster from 1992 and the pub next door closed down and it reopened not long after as a Wendys. The Sun FFS!!
  5. Correct, and that 'tree' was just plants in numerous plant pots. I should know i worked down there in the 80s.
  6. Yes but we can still have the i ticket per season ticket holder policy and then 1 per member etc so at least 25,000 Wednesdayites would get tickets fairly. This is potentially a massive opportunity for the game or powers that be to get the game in order. Let's see if it's truly all about money over the love of the game. I think we know the answer but surely there must be loads of people involved in the game with the same thinking and desires as us common fans?
  7. But if the restrictions/adjustments were the same there and around the world, players would still be willing to sign for English clubs. Even if we were the only country to implement it and we had to rely on UK, local and youth, i would still rejoice. I miss good honest players with 100% attitudes like Mick Lyons, TC, Bannister, Lawrie Madden etc. The more i think about it the more you are getting me excited.
  8. I haven't really an idea of the actual impact on the game in general if the game we grew up with went back to basics but i will be honest Neil, i would love it if we did, love it!
  9. I've got most of these, i may have the two you need.
  10. That's the building we used to get our tickets for Man City away Varadi game promotion season 83/84 I'm certain it was SUT and even as a kid it didn't sound right. When did SUT cease?
  11. Enjoyed watching him play, had a lot of promise and was very comfortable on the ball. Had a little chat with him when i went to see Lanzarote Owl lookalike Billy Pearce at the Consort in Thurcroft. Lovely lad.
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