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  1. He means what are the buildings in the pic which are no longer there. They've all been flattened to become the Wednesdayite car park but it did look like there were a lot of businesses going o. It's strange because the pic has obviously been taken post '87 due to the covered kop but i can't recall all those and I've been going religously since 1980. Mainly due to the fact we always caught the 215 from Dinnington to the old Pond st. Then then the 82 from outside Alfredos. Would always get off at Hillsborough near the leisure centre or near Charlie Browns and straight onto the kop. Started driving to the games in 90s and would park anywhere but cannot recall those buildings. ST in the north now and park in the Lepp petrol station. I remember the flagpoles though. Great photo.
  2. The only thing i have been told about him is his middle name. Wasn't it 'oops'?
  3. A great thread by the OP! I've always been fully behind Jos and got annoyed at some of the anti threads on here. Those stats are better than they appear because Jos has managed more games over a longer time than the rest so to maintain that average is quite something. I reckon our future is in good hands.
  4. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    "Keiran Lee has had a babby" Has he? No wonder he's struggling with his hip. FFS!
  5. I had no idea Chansiri worked in a mobile phone shop applying the correct treatment to faulty apps. No wonder the taxis aren't here yet.
  6. It's the way you post with unreasonable panic everytime results go against us. You are ginger in my head, deal with it. Grade A weapon? I'd certainly destroy you pal
  7. I always watch these highlights hoping things pan out differently to what i watched on the actual day if the result didn't go our way. Sadly this never happens!
  8. Exactly! The ginger cyuntt weren't piping up when we beat Leeds, Preston and Sunderland. If i were Neil i'd ban the spineless tvvat!
  9. 'Fans' like you do my head in! We've been on a decent run with only 3 or 4 of our long term absentees having recently returned. Go out and purchase a backbone from somewhere. ^^^^^ The above text is my reply to your other thread. I'm certain you are the only individual on this site who totally didn't understand the context of the word 'fan' to which you went off on one Make sure you put all your crayons away.
  10. You forgot the most important player IMO, Kieran Lee.
  11. Lichfield alien said: How many away games you been too this season??...you shudnt be calling me a 'fan'..believe you me...I'm a fan Jesus, what a pathetic post that is! Aside from the painful grammar in at least 3 instances, questioning any Wednesday fan on his ability to attend is classless, your post pretty much sums you up. That said, you don't even want to go there. Unless you have been to every single away game then you have attended less than us. If we are not driving to the away games we are catching the train to London or Bully's Dinno/Maltby bus or the Wednesdayite Wilfreda Beehive coach to the rest. Ask Grandad or Tango, I'll chat to 'em at most. I even massaged the former's ears at Sunderland but we'll leave that right there And because i went to all the pre-season games too does that make me a better fan than you? No it doesn't so shut the phook up! I'll re-itterate what i said on the other closed topic you foolishly duplicated regarding our manager, you have no backbone!
  12. 'Fans' like you do my head in! We've been on a decent run with only 3 or 4 of our long term absentees having recently returned. Go out and purchase a backbone from somewhere.
  13. Does he? Is the bloke on the right a young Bobby Gould?