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  1. I'm pleased for Fox. I wasn't best pleased with some of his performances the last 2 or 3 seasons but i hated the booing. I used to clap him at the same time to counteract it. It's the way i am, I'm a rebel, resistance. Anyway i doubt he heard me. Back to his current performances, it seems to me that certain players perform and show their true worth under certain regimes and management. Well done GM
  2. Love this bit, couldn't agree more.
  3. Good old Ken. I sometimes have no customers in my shop for 15mins but as soon as Popmaster starts people begin drifting in expecting me to converse with 'em making me miss the 80s band who sang such and such FFS!
  4. Never believe what you read, nor even what you see. I was there and the ref even blew up before the alloted 7 minutes. Edit- before the alloted second half 7 minutes.
  5. A little inaccurate, it was 5 mins first half and 7 mins second. Mate set stop watch for the 2nd half 7 mins and the ref blew whistle a little before thank goodness.
  6. I'm certain 'Shut Up' reached the top 10. I was a massive Madness fan and was thrilled in the 80s when it was announced that Madness were the first band since the Beatles to have 15 consecutive top ten singles around the time Cardiac Arrest was released. Of course i could have dreamt this but I'm 100% this was announced on the radio or TOTP at the time.
  7. Ditto. He was kind enough to check up on me when i couldn't get on here for a month or so. He must be in Monte Carlo with Stubbs.
  8. I think you're right but I'm not Shaw though.
  9. Absolutely, on top of the build up play too. I enjoyed it that much i watched it twice
  10. Fukkity fukk fukk.. this is great! Up yours Neil. Oh and well done Liam.
  11. Do you not have a spare set? Very risky because if you lose the only set you have you're looking at a lot of money to replace and re-code your transponder keys so yes, i needed the original keys back very much.
  12. The staff were equally excellent with me when i lost my car keys on the North a few years back although i drove through to pick them up.
  13. I dreamt about Gary Banister and Charlie Williamson (it was kinky) Any betting list that has Ant & Dec and Paul Gascoigne to be manager can't be taken seriously.
  14. Only a few though mate otherwise it'll be Caroline Slack!
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