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  1. I love Hillsborough now but i started going regularly in 80/81and miss the old terracing. Even the current Lepp looked class when it was terracing at the front and in the corner, somehow looked a lot bigger and cleaner and the stadium lines were better. However, have seen many pics of the old Leppings Lane from the 30s to the 60s and it looks amazing, especially when it was packed. There used to be a small roofed section on the North West corner and it still stood for a season or two when the Cantilever was built. I know we have to move on but i do miss old football groun
  2. 22 I believe when we signed him. So don't think he came through our academy. I was on the kop for his debut against Coventry. I've got a pic of his diving header in my scrapbook. Definitely Charlie Williamson in the front row. Couldn't tell him apart from Gary Bannister when they had their blonde streaked Purdies. UTO!
  3. It was designed by Wednesdayite for us and we owned the rights since that day. If any company started using three same Owl then they would be getting taken to court by SWFC. Keep off the beer x
  4. Well i didn't want to jump in but I'm sure somebody will have a picture of the Wednesday fan that won a competition to design a new club logo in the 70s for SWFC. I'm pretty certain it's owned by us, the only issue would be if the fan that drew it didn't want it used anymore but i highly doubt it. Chansiri didn't say anything about any rights when he changed to the current badge, saying something along the lines of having a new club crest to modernise and take the club forward. Working well so far! I think the 70s minimalist Owl I grew up with will make a comeback so
  5. That is an amazing set up Gary. I concur with the others about the Bukta shirts too Are you from Mansfield by any chance?
  6. Wasn't it his corner that Chapman headed in against Man U in last few minutes in front of Kop and a packed Hillsborough? 85ish? Nearly 50,000 as i recall and United were unbeaten under Atkinson. I was stood in the middle as a young un and the whole ground erupted! Kicked off outside too at the Penistone rd/parkside junction as we walked towards Pond st. Happy days.
  7. https://tenor.com/view/not-serious-joker-sure-gif-19915819
  8. Didn't it used to be Four Lanes cafe on the 80s? I remember going in and Gary Bannister and Megson were sat with others finishing their cups of teas and grub. Happy days.
  9. Really? Appreciate everybody's point of view but the season 2 finale, along with The Heiress and The Jedi episodes has been the cream even of an already high standard show. Chapter 8(16) was just perfect IMO and has brought many fans back onboard after the sequel clusterfuck.
  10. You're a true fan and a fine gentleman Snoots. The way I'm feeling right now i don't think I would be arsed to put down all that bang on content. I'm gonna see who we attract as our next manager before I can even be bothered to swear!
  11. .....or the division's best keeper Excellent MDT as ever Snoots. I'm excited too, weird innit, how we keep that faith, how we feel about Wednesday. UTO
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