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  1. From Discover on Google https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/championship/sheffield-wednesday-bruce-should-go-all-out-to-bring-in-benjamin-kololli/amp/ Jos Luhukay - Portuguese? SWFC - West Yorkshire? I despair at journalism these days.
  2. Tha what!? What a strange tangent you choose to take, JR hasn't cost us ours either, it's a culmination of mis-management. Your teabags are too strong.
  3. Incredible that we're involved in 4 of the 5 top goals. Wednesday are the team to watch.
  4. You could well be right but I heard exactly the same said from one of my Blunts mates a couple of years back regarding Billy Sharp. He's not stopped singing his name lately.
  5. I absolutely agree Shandy, i had the odd stumble myself so i made a decision to stop drinking. It was difficult and still is at times but things are much easier without the bad influence of alcohol. There's only so much help people can offer, there has to come a point when Gazza takes responsibility and welcomes and heeds his help. Stopping drinking would be a massive step.
  6. I do wish i had used different terminology though as i used to love Gazza as a player and character. I think i should have said "i am disappointed where he is as a human being" but that doesn't sound too complimentary either. I've never been happy with the circus of the tv cameras following him around as i don't think this has helped him in the slightest but it was always going to happen. I guess this is why he needed expert guidance and the help to adhere to it.
  7. That's the one mate, it's only pay on the day as far as I'm aware and it's a fiver. Never been any reported trouble or break ins either unlike beyond the 5 arches.
  8. It's only the last couple of years that i have felt confident enough to open up to loved ones that i struggled with both depression and mental illness and continue to do so. I am however fortunate to have had my own business to occupy and focus my mind aswell as have a multitude of interests that allow my contentment from turning to other thoughts and moods, including SWFC. Above all else i have let go certain people from my past and embraced both family and friends i once used to shut out because despite being an 'illness' or however people like to call it, i and many others do have a choice to behave in a certain way despite the power of the demons. So i do feel i am in a position to have an opinion. If i had done half of the things he has then i would be disappointed in myself. Yes it's difficult sometimes but i do listen and value my help. I obviously don't have a bigger void to replace as I've never been a professional footballer so I'm also disappointed that he spurned the coaching and management positions he had and was offered.
  9. Why? I've never been happy with how things have gone for Paul Gascoigne since his fantastic playing days. There has to be a point where he takes responsibility for his actions sometimes. The people with who he chooses to frequent and the actions he undertakes. You can't keep using his 'illness' to justify his catalogue of misdemeanors. I didn't.
  10. I appreciate that but his well documented physical violence towards his wife Sheryl during his playing career was well before his illness. I've had certain mental health issues as I'm sure many have on here but I've been quite fortunate in good direction and healthy family and friends support network. His bad choice in friends and constant drinking didn't help his journey to 'diagnosis' There are multiples of other instances including repeated racism that will always leave me disappointed in him Shandy.
  11. Best one I've seen live is Paul Gascoigne. Fantastic footballer. Disappointing human being.
  12. Stopped using the Wednesdayite car park a few years back as it was taking longer and longer to trickle out onto Penistone rd so started using the Lepp petrol station. It's good for us and we always meander back from the North Stand and have a coffee and chat until the traffic has disappeared.
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