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  1. Pulsar


    I thought NASA had employed a dyslexic countdown announcer. Ignition's gonna be a blast! See what i did?
  2. Pulsar

    Morgan Fox

    Can't believe people post on Owlstalk at this time of the morning.
  3. Ticket's gone, that was quick!
  4. Hi guys As per title. One ticket plus a seat on Bullys coach if needed but have to get to Anston or Thurcroft Could always collect ticket in Hull if you prefer. Be quick, inbox for number Regards Paul
  5. Pulsar


    The atmosphere is good to great at some games when we're playing well and winning and not so good when we're losing. It's not rocket science, never been any different. Do you go to away games? This would help you appreciate Hillsborough a little more as some home crowds are dire apart from the usually terrific noise from the Wednesday end.
  6. Pulsar

    Ref - Cup

    I thought the ref was one of the better ones we have had for a long time. Was keen to play on a lot of the time but he did let two clear fouls/trips on Winnal go late on.
  7. Do that again and I'll kick off.
  8. Pulsar

    Press Conference

    Same, didn't he have blonde locks? I've just realised that our incoming management/coaching team's initials are: SA SB SC That's gotta mean something Really enjoyed that press conference although i got bored after 23 mins and switched off. What did he say in the last 10 seconds?
  9. Great post Mr A, but Snoots' is better. I'd have 'loved' it 50 times if it let me click on the heart more than once. I'm in bed with man-flu and can't sleep so popped onto OT for a daily peruse. Snooty's post has inspired me so much I'm going into work early, I'll look after my customers with much gusto this morning but it won't last As for the football and Wednesday experience, i agree with you but I'm wearing my giddy hat as i don't get much chance to wear it these days. Used to wear my magic hat a lot until Jack Charlton nicked it and never gave it back. I remember some underlying feelings and similar giddyness when HW and RA took over and look what happened there, I'm going for a hat-trick. UTO!
  10. Pulsar

    Just shook megsons hand!

    I hope Donald Trump doesn't hear about this. I once shook Gary Megson's hand too when i cut him a key in the heel bar underneath Rackhams around 86/87 Also served Roger Wylde, Cliff Thorburn, Len Ganley, Bobby Knutt etc. The best one was when Phil Oakey (Human League) walked in, sat down and passed me his stilettos to repair while i made small talk with Susan and Joanne, pretty surreal i can tell thi. I tried chatting Susan up but she walked off, I shouted 'Don't you want me baby?' FACT
  11. Pulsar

    Song for Hector

    Were you guys not at West Brom? He already has a great song, we sang it 3 times.
  12. Pulsar

    Chris Brunt wins lottery

    Are you appearing to be whooshed intentionally? Roamin already told you who Olly is. Just say it in your head a few times and it might sink in, Olly Varadi. Olly was his nickname back in the day as a take on Oliver Hardy, you must surely remember this? Unless of course you're younger than us ya jammy sod!
  13. The OP must be totally unaware of the personal life of Steve Bruce this past year? Surely? If not...
  14. Ben Pearson got exactly what he deserved today. I've never enjoyed a player getting sent off as much as i did today, total Karma for the Fernando incident a couple of seasons back.