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  1. Pulsar

    Holte End

    As we were walking back to our car there was a group of fairly balanced Villa fans having a go at their team then one said "we just didn't have the pace or attacking threat that Wednesday had" It was really pleasant to hear and of course the lad was correct today.
  2. Well if i was the OP i would put this topic over on 'Villa Talk', only i would insert the bloke's real name too. He would absolutely get ripped to pieces. I hate these kind of football 'fans' with a passion, i mean really detest them and i know i have no right The OP was having a laugh when he said the bloke was a big villa fan. He's no Villa fan.
  3. Pulsar

    Name The Signatures

    I think it's Andy Blair?
  4. Pulsar

    Matt Penney Goals for SWFC

    I've thought it for the last couple of seasons at u23 level but having seen him play the games he has I'm convinced he could be a very decent defensive OR attacking midfielder. The lad has talent.
  5. Pulsar

    Is It Beyond Belief

    I can't access this thread 'cos i'm on Skegness sans I'll get mi coat!
  6. Pulsar

    Ron Atkinson

    He actually said that he couldn't think of any players who wouldn't come to us back in the day but did then go on to say we nearly signed Gordon Strachan. Ron spoke to Strachan as he was leaving Man Utd and he agreed to join us. Ron then sold Mark Procter back to Middlesbrough to fund the deal (good old Wednesday board not learning from Wilko leaving us) Anyway hopefully another member can fill in what Ron actually said but I'm sure he said that GS pulled into a services and got talking to a Leeds representative and they marched on together.
  7. Dom Howson was on the table next to us at last night's do. He was sat with Staton, Big Ron, Alan Smith, Katrien Meire, John Pearson etc. Let's just say he can't take his ale.
  8. Pulsar

    Chuffin great game

    You were near me then. Being young and a short arse i always stood behind the barrier above the path halfway up bang behind the goal. 3-0 up at half time ffs!!! There was a woman near us crying when their 4th goal went in. To the OP, yes it was a great game but more heartbreaking.
  9. Pulsar

    Ron Atkinson

    Would also have been good to meet you Snoots and put a face to a name. Big Ron was class both during and after the event and we had a decent chat to be fair. I also confessed to him that it was my question from table 9 which asked why he used to wear his sunglasses at night games His retort was ace. Btw, can you get me Katrien's contact number or e-mail? PM me x
  10. Pulsar

    Ron Atkinson

    Mate, I've just logged on and seen my post has gone? Did i step over the line I merely said she was a babe, and she was. We were on the next table and i got one of the lads to google if she was married lol. I'd seriously date her Ron was a legend btw!
  11. Pulsar

    Under 23 attendance

    Average u23 attendance last season was 43.5 Fact
  12. We met Don Goodman in the petrol forecourt coming back from the Sunderland cup game the other week. All our mini bus started singing his name, he was beaming. Top bloke.
  13. They have a new stand on that away end now. Just noticed the buildings top right, we played down there in the league cup 2 seasons back (Helan had a stormer ) and popped into the Chinese on that main road before walking down that meandering path on top of pic. I daren't even mention George Hirst came on as sub and looked iffy.