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  1. Love 'em or hate 'em, when Madness released 'Cardiac Arrest' they were the first band since the Beatles to have 15 consecutive top ten hits. That's some going for a 'novelty' band! And anybody dissing grown men wearing Fez's or pork pie hat's and dancing about at their concerts need to have a word with themselves or do they sit on their hands when Wednesday score a goal? The Nutty boys gigs are a fantastic night out and that even includes any of the Complete Madness tribute band gigs I've been to.
  2. Was going to say Banno, he scored on his debut and i thought he scored at Ninian Park in our promotion year. I still feel gutted he didn't play for us in Div 1
  3. Hey maybe you're onto something here, Thompson coming through the ranks having worked with the younger ones and succesfully may I add with the youth team 3 or 4 years ago. It's so good and refreshing with his more attacking mindset than the Pullis, Monk, Jos borefest. Attack has always been the best form of defence and NT will do it in a clever rather than gung ho way. Liverpool did this for years with their old boot room carousel, Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Dalglish, Evans et al Maybe there's a chance for Bullen in a couple of years.. again
  4. I can name all those squad players, fond memories of Shelton, Shutt, Sterland Jonsson etc I strongly believe if we'd had a smaller squad with less rotation and changing of a winning team in Carlos' first year then we'd have gone up automatically. Especially regarding the strike force, was it 6 or 7 strikers we had? Look at Joao now with a regular run in the side and the resulting understanding with his striking partners and midfield. You obviously need cover for injuries but Carlos changed for the sake of changing, did too much cooking and spoiled the broth at times. As good as we were to watch we finished well behind Burnley, Boro and even Brighton who all had settled sides. We kinda nailed it against Brighton in the semis but Carlos' tinkering came back to bite us in the final. As for now, we are having more injuries than we did under Sturrock due to various factors such as a lot of games in a shortened season and a poorer quality pitch so a fairly big squad is necessary. I do think Thompson is managing to rotate in the right way and the players currently seem to accept this, be on board with it and are clearly playing for him. Long may it continue.
  5. Well there were Wednesday fans on all four sides of Turf Moor that day but the OP's photo is the view looking out from the side most of the Wednesday fans were on. We were further to the right with the Burnley fans to the left (next to their Kop end) If you have been to Burnley in the last 20 years+ we were to the left of where you'd sit these days.
  6. A good write up but DC has to take responsibility I'm afraid. After getting rid of Stuart Gray he had to appoint a top rate manager with a proven record, then success with the money we threw at it would have been more likely, if not then at the very least the long term plan would have been more sound and the seeds would have bore more fruit.
  7. Got a big tarpaulin sheet on the back of the West Stand with an Owl with titts, what's up wi thi? Hey, could be the infamous Teet Owl? If Chansiri came out with that statement it would go a long way to reassuring a lot of our fan base but he would have to also concede he has made mistakes and is still wanting to learn while not blaming supporters. This would then be a true Carlsberg moment. UTO
  8. For the semi at Highbury? Well i was on the North Bank with the Wednesday and Brighton had the smaller clock end. I forget which side stand we had?
  9. Their ground is 50% different now to '83. the big side terrace where the Wednesday hordes (and Burnley fans) were stood is a totally different stand now housing seats and boxes. Their old Kop to the left of the pic has also been replaced with a similar seat and box stand. Both sides drastically cutting their capacity down. I think the stand opposite, visible in the pic and the stand to the right (where away fans are now housed) are pretty much the same.
  10. I love Hillsborough now but i started going regularly in 80/81and miss the old terracing. Even the current Lepp looked class when it was terracing at the front and in the corner, somehow looked a lot bigger and cleaner and the stadium lines were better. However, have seen many pics of the old Leppings Lane from the 30s to the 60s and it looks amazing, especially when it was packed. There used to be a small roofed section on the North West corner and it still stood for a season or two when the Cantilever was built. I know we have to move on but i do miss old football grounds.
  11. 22 I believe when we signed him. So don't think he came through our academy. I was on the kop for his debut against Coventry. I've got a pic of his diving header in my scrapbook. Definitely Charlie Williamson in the front row. Couldn't tell him apart from Gary Bannister when they had their blonde streaked Purdies. UTO!
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