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  1. We shouldn't really need a gee up song for the next game, they should already be stoked.
  2. We took at least 7000 to Ipswich. We were in the side seats where the away fans are always placed now but there were thousands packed onto their terrace behind the goal away to our right (you always see the goal to the left on the telly) They overspilled onto the pitch and hundreds had to be led to seats further down the stand we were sat in. I seem to remember Jemson scoring a cracker away at Ipswich but can't recall if it was a league or cup game. This is when the Tractor boys were a decent prem team.
  3. So if i order a mug and a print it will be £3 + £1? But if i order a print and a mug it will come to £2.50 + £1 ? Btw, not denigrating your items or service at all, the mugs look class. Just curious as to whether you mean the additional item has to be the same as the original item ordered or not?
  4. Read the thread ya lazy thing, Viv was sound though. And get some kip Radio head, just been whatsapping your Ged.
  5. Sorry but i haven't got a clue how the Man U player's song goes?
  6. 9 men? Anyway Snoots, a Pokemon can never be as good as a beercan sandwich.
  7. Has he been darn't pit? Where's Gary Bannister?
  8. I used to wear fireworks to matches in the 70s but flares are out of fashion now. Just bought a cracking wheelbarrow.
  9. Hey, Bristol City, remember you're a Wobble.
  10. Only just got back! Don't ask, unreal night but I'd do it again. Anyway the footie was great, especially second half. Wouldn't have won that game under Carlos or Jos but this Bruce team has summat about 'em. I sense something, a presence I've not felt sinsssss.........
  11. 3 of us setting off at 5.15, I reckon we'll easily make the double figures.
  12. I can't set off until 5.15 so am hoping M62 is okay.
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