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  1. I'm 6 so nor can i. Infact I'm Spartacus!
  2. Just tried ordering one but couldn't get through.
  3. Which areas are Wednesday

    Well make sure you point yourself out next time you're in, ya got me all curious. What do you reckon on the support split around Dinnington/Anston? I'd say the Leeds Arms and Loyal Trooper are piggy zones whereas the snooker club, Cutler, Silverdales and Squirrel are strong Wednesday. The Little Mester I'd say is 50/50?
  4. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Would it be appropriate to ask Neil to pin this thread?
  5. Easy done mate! Whenever i see red n white my eyes become blurred and i end up booking in at the opticians for a check up.
  6. I'm sure the Michael Brown stunner was from a an earlier season, the game where Alan Quinn had put us in front just after half time so possibly the year before they went to prem as Quinn, Geary and Bromby joined em in the close season. This game where we were 3-0 down at half time was since they were relegated.
  7. Great photo, that's summit to be proud of.
  8. Off round town Saturday night for mates birthday so we'll be in a right tackin. However i will be up at 8am phookin buzzin' then setting off at 10 to park up at the Lepp garage as usual. Have a stroll around the ground absorbing the build up and hopefully the chippy will be open. If not it's a bag of pickled onion monster munch for breakfast before sitting on the wall on Penistone road for a natter before heading into ground early to read the special commemorative programme. Although i stopped buying programmes years ago this Sunday's offering looks remarkable. Wait in anticipation for the whistle then smile sarcastically at the bacon rashered shirts as we head out of the North 90 minutes later. It's gonna be the best Sunday in years!
  9. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    I'll be wearing my retro Bukta training jacket as usual, phook the pigs.
  10. Careful Wednesdayites

    I actually laughed out loud at this And this
  11. Which areas are Wednesday

    Ha! I do infact repair watches and fit straps etcetera so possibly, do i know you?
  12. Didn't Jim Davidson go on about Mick Mick back in the day? Actually it could've been Nick Nick
  13. Which areas are Wednesday

    S25 Anston and Dinnington is a tough one to call, I'd say more Wednesday with my tinted specs but it's probably split 50/50 although mainly Wednesdayites come into my shop but they all know I'm an Owl.
  14. Careful Wednesdayites

    'a umbrella' and 'in Sunday' Says it all about the snortbeasts really.
  15. Yeah but you said "tongue and cheek"