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  1. Why the chuff did i watch that until the end? Annoyingly riveting. FFS!
  2. I'm sure we also got schooled by them a year or two later when they had your namesake playing upfront, Aaron Maclean?
  3. Me too, infact i was at most of his games. Hard as nails!
  4. Borner reminds me a little bit of the great and brave Mick Lyons and Graham Coughlan. He will put his head and body wherever it's needed and to be paired alongside the awesome Dom and our emerging fullbacks I've never felt this good about our defence since the early 90s. Make no mistake, Borner can also play a bit too, he's not a clogger, has a thinking brain but will hoof it when needed and that's a fantastic old school combination. Now if we can add one or two quality signins or loans up top then we are a force and will go on another run. God i love my team tonight x
  5. Our medical team only use four!
  6. Cheers mi duck, appreciated, If I'm not participating in the art of input, i'm always hovering and I'm good kind sir x I sincerely think Monk will comfortably get until the end of the season and depending how and where we end up, into next season too. I await January with much anticipation.
  7. But you're not giving him a chance. Look at boro now, won their last 3, you'd have given him the boot long ago if you were a smoggy. The season is a long one and will be full of twists and turns, yes, some even exciting. Just ride it out.
  8. Jeez! After 90 mins v Stoke we were only 5 points behind Leeds, how we played is pretty irrelevant as far as accumulating points is to get us out of this division.. A little perspective is needed, let's judge Monk when he is allowed a transfer window or two.
  9. Hmm okay ^^^ Diplomatic (blinkered) words from Neil Millwall Harris.
  10. I've never had us down as a one man team but i believe if Fletcher had been available for the last 2 games we'd be closer to Leeds pointswise but thankfully not geographically. That's all I'm prepared to say after today!
  11. I've only plussed you Snoots in the hope Karma will help me sleep after today/yesterday. I'm sure and i hope Monk will get time from both the fans and the chairman but more importantly time to get his own players in. I'm beat, sweet dreams.
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