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  1. Same. As i was reading all the criteria i was convinced it was gonna say.. Kevin Keegan! I was even excited by the prospect but the computer said no!
  2. "I had 50 quid on us to lose (by the actual score if that happens) and i've won 4 grand!! Get in ya piggy phhoookers" ps. i don't gamble
  3. Pulsar


    An absolute dream scenario for the media that one, on a par with anything ever seen in the Championship i think. As has already said, the fanbase is already split so can't see how a successful manager could have any more of a detrimental impact.
  4. Pulsar


    That is beyond scary. I was a kid in the wonderful 83-84 season and the media kept going on about the fact that SWFC were back in the big time for the first time in 14 years. That to me at the time seemed as far away as World War II. 19 years FFS!!!!! Nearly half of my life, how the chuff did that happen?
  5. Pulsar


    No it wasn't, it was a real possibility but some of our blinkered fanbase put paid to our chance of getting out of this league. United fans weren't complaining when Quinn, Bromby and Geary were their 3 main players when they got promoted so i don't see why we shouldn't be professional and see beyond all this petty, immature hatred. There were times when i didn't like the man but i don't half admire his record and the game of football is a far more interesting arena with characters like Colin. Yes, even the battle of Bramall Lane included MM and Colin did speak about the possibility and it would have happened without all the vitriole. At the time it was split 50/50 so Milan and Colin considered it was better to leave it alone. He's since gone on to have even more success. Compare the Cardiff side he got promoted to any of the teams at the start of last season and consider what he could have done with the players at his disposal here. And some still put their personal feelings ahead of the success of Sheffield Wednesdsy football club. Just wow!
  6. Pulsar

    Pubs for brum

    Yep, Ibis hotel. Great beer, great food and only a 10 minute walk.
  7. Our tickets are marked "restricted view" and there is a post covering the far corner of pitch. What's the opposite to mystic?
  8. Restricted seats but not bad
  9. Pulsar

    U23s at Hull

    Anybody else read through this thread with the same suspense and ultimate excitement as me when we scored our winner? Just me then Really enjoying following our academy sides these days.
  10. Pulsar

    Last minute opportunity

    I'm sure the player in the background is jumping up and down celebrating a goal? Thorniley?
  11. I'll let thi off then. Was just trying to 'excite' you as this thread has become tame and civilised. Boooooooooooo!
  12. Apart from the different building on the right, the different wall on the left, different floor and lack of overhead beams, that is exactly the same place Nice picture of Senor Bull btw, you all still look handy. So as i was saying, uncanny that you have recreated the exact same spot.
  13. Pulsar

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    I've witnessed first hand all the goals posted so far but i still can't get over Reach's strike v Leeds the other week. We bang in line with it from our North stand seats and when the ball was on an upward curve it had no right nor possibility of dipping the way it did. The Leeds lot were screaming "Wheyyyy!" for a reason.
  14. Are you a gambling man? What's your steak on that?
  15. And Barry 'white men can jump' Bannan'. Joking aside, i bet Pudil and Penney are stoked that they won't have to face the rapid acceleration of Traore.