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  1. Pulsar

    Going, going, gone.....

    I just don't think you understand.
  2. Not sure but he definitely came on as a sub at Cambridge away 2 seasons ago.
  3. Yeah but if they throw in a free SWFC beach towel I'm in. Oh hang on........
  4. We just missed out on the benefits of parachute payments when we were relegated in 1999/2000 Had we had it we would surely have fared better and managed to not sink so low.
  5. Pulsar

    I just watched! #swfc

    If that's the only game you went to a couple of seasons ago you may think he has good distribution. I'm a long time North stand ST holder and If you look harder you may find one or two other examples of good distribution but i could show you many more where it leaves a lot to be desired. Please don't get distribution mixed up with being a good goalie and shot stopper with which he excels at times.
  6. Pulsar

    I just watched! #swfc

    You're joking right? I like Westwood a lot but his kicking is abysmal at times. I lost count of how many times his goalkicks sailed out of touch over the last couple of seasons.
  7. Pulsar

    Pre season then ?

    Said the man with the orthopaedic shoe
  8. Pulsar

    Pre season then ?

    Not be the USA mate, Jos is the same as Bergkamp.
  9. Pulsar

    Pre season then ?

    2 games to be finalised yet but i wouldn't rule it out. Your insight serves you well. I know a couple of Ranger's lads who work up in Scotland and they have confirmed this. I must say i was surprised after the couple of incidents in our 2nd meeting with 'em at Hillsborough last pre-season but i will definitely be going to this as I'm sure we will be well received, at least by the Rangers half of the city. Be interesting to see how we get along with any Celtic meanderers. Hope we take a few thousand up there. The other games planned are less inspiring but i'd much rather have them than the slow paced games in the hot climate we had in Portugal the last two seasons. It didn't prepare us well at all and it showed when we were so slow out of the starting blocks at Preston, one of the most frustrating games I've seen and a massive realisation for all who travelled how the season would pan out. We are going to reverse the roles and play Rangers off the park. I cannot believe how stoked i am for next season and what a great man manager, methodical and tactically aware gaffer our little Dutchman is. Remember when Brighton had a couple of goes in the play offs 4 and 5 seasons ago? Then 3 years ago so nearly went down, they were way more perilous than we were this season. Then two seasons ago they lost out to us before automatically going up last season. Get your money on us lads! UTO!
  10. Pulsar

    Pre season then ?

    Nope, it's definitely not the Algarve, it's a lot closer to home is all I'm saying.
  11. Pulsar

    Full Backs Needed.

    I know he's not an out and out right back but judging by his performance on Sunday i think Ashley Baker is an all round upgrade on Liam Palmer and can defend better than Jack.
  12. I'm sure there are but Edinburgh's a lovely city. Uncle used to live in Leslie Place in Stockbridge just outside Edinburgh before moving to London rd just off Prince's street. Amazing buildings, amazing city.
  13. Pulsar

    Jos's Record

    Hi Carlos! Can you tell me please how Atdhe has scored 14 goals in 15 games while he managed about 2 goals in two seasons under you? What has our current manager done that you failed to address? FWIW most of us really liked you and wanted it to work but you massively underachieved. Cheers (in Portuguese)