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  1. Just about sums up the EFL. #notfitforpurpose
  2. Peter(RIP), Mark, Carrie(RIP)and Kenny(RIP) MTFBWY UTO
  3. He's not 60 Dunsby. I'm not having that ffs! My first Wednesday hero!! (after Curran) (so my 2nd Wednesday hero)
  4. Me and my old mates had this exact conversation on the uncovered Kop in 82/83 as we struggled to another 0-0 v Southend before reaching the semi v Brighton at Highbury. Before the Wilkinson heady days. I dare say my predecessors said the same in the early 70s as the dark days descended. The only difference between then and now is there was no internet to make the depths of our football cycle appear worse as we were without keyboard hysteria. That is one of the big things i miss about 70s/80s football. UTO
  5. Post of the whole thread! Unfortunately your proposed system is too transparent for the EFL and many clubs to agree to.
  6. There's likely or there isn't likely? FFS some so called reporters can't even get the basics right!
  7. I hear ya mate but his actions have also been exactly the same as what you have tried to do and that is to get people to rise and more often than not be has succeeded. That has never stopped him having the best record in the EFL If you're getting pantomime mixed up with publicity i would take that all day long along with any improvement and positive results. UTO
  8. 🙈 I'd have any person on this planet to manage my team who has a great CV and who is more likely to bring success to our club rather than to prefer mediocrity and worse, rather than pass purely because of a personal agenda. Big Jack, Howard and Ron still played players they had spats with purely because they knew it was better for the team and they were the 3 best managers in my lifetime. Get rid of any personal feelings and the only way is forward. Were you vociferously against Bruce when he managed us?
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