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  1. It's fashionable to slag him off... I think he's done OK!!
  2. Kick em all out and let real football prevail!! The Champions League has become a real bore fest anyway... A Premier League with Leicester West Ham Everton etc fighting it out would be far more interesting too I reckon.. Id enjoy watching it all unfold from two divisions away!!
  3. What a night that was and what a team we had... Hirsty was a machine!!
  4. Of course we'll somehow win this one just to string us along painfully until we lose the next one.. Its the way of things!!!
  5. Great for one season and a half... mardy arse for the rest...a real talent on his day tho but probably thro mismanagement was never handled properly. Nowhere near as good as Benny Carbone was!
  6. We desperately need to be a team that can battle their way to results tho chap and thats the problem.... Weve been too bloody nice for years!!!
  7. Hey chap! Yeah that was the one went a few years running and no problems at all they were as self depreciating as we were!!
  8. I'm worried about the millions that have to be found and paid on the ground loan in September... That could tip us over the edge completely!!
  9. I've run out of things to say so from me it's a resounding "Pffft" noise!!
  10. West Ham away (when we got stuffed Harston and bloody Kitsons debuts!) with a minibus full of fellow Owls including a young lad of about 8 years old and we all went into a pub outside the ground... It was full of West Ham fans and the young un zipped up his jacket to cover his Wednesday shirt when we entered...two Hammers lads went up to him and told him to unzip it show it off and to always be proud of his team and others made a real fuss of him too...ive always liked West Ham as a club and their fans anyway but this was really good of them!!
  11. No way could he change that side from the other day... Let's see how we go on today...
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