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  1. He's a good squad player and can play anywhere...he gets stuck in - I understand the Marmite thing - I think he's OK ( hate bloody Marmite tho'!!).
  2. I get to go to Bristol for a couple of days to my mates with him being a Gashead...thats summat I suppose! Bristols a top place too!!
  3. Unfortunately I was resigned to the fact we weren't going to get thro midway thro the first half when it was all just lump it and hope and the ball wasn't sticking up top and definately wasn't being played on the floor anywhere near enough.. We needed to be in their faces from the word go and for whatever reason we didn't stamp our authority on the game..thats not down to Sunderlands tactics either we just didn't have that extra 5% of "oomph" to try something different or whatever. Really disappointed today but fingers crossed for some decent recruitment thro the Summer and hope we click straight into gear from the off next season.... Id rather us go up as Champions anyway!!
  4. Give it some and have a reyt good go... That's all we ask - what will be will be!!
  5. Give it some welly lads!! We'll do it - Come on The Wednesday!!!
  6. Excitement obviously.... Come On.. you've got to be up for this!!
  7. All I can say after sitting thro that leg is.....Phewww!! Dodged a few bullets to say the least - I'm expecting 2-3 positive changes for Monday and it's up to us to force the game onto them and get on it from the start....
  8. I actually think we'll do a proper job on them tonight...then fanny about in the second leg... Come On Wednesday!!!!
  9. It's going to be close in both legs.. I actually fancy us in the first game so going for a draw or a win...the S6 return leg will be the nightmare one for me as we'll be put under loads of pressure from the counter attack plus we need to beware the late/last minute goals that the Mackems specialise in... Let's face it... Its squeaky bum time for 180+ minutes coming up! I'm still amazed we've made Top 6....
  10. Getting ready for a busy weekend here - we own and run a small campsite in S Wales.. I've been strimming and weeding the paths by the stream today whilst listening to Talksport!! Watching the game with 2 Swans fans tomorrow night next door as they have Sky... All my mates have got their tickets so plenty of messages and texts flying around on about the game... We'll be fine up there a draw or a win....
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