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  1. There was absolutely nothing happening in midfield today...we were saying the same thing...Bannan would be there to play thro and get things moving (this is what I thought Boyd would be used for when I heard we'd signed him!).
  2. Win on Saturday and we'll be fine...lose and it could unfortunately go to another level...
  3. Jeez...Jos is really struggling...this will not end well for any of us!!
  4. I like Barnsley Mick (soz) - he'd be a good fit for us...always thought so!
  5. Im expecting a German brick 'outhouse' of a striker to come in on loan and bulldoze us to a string of 1-0's and promotion next season as Jos takes proper control!!
  6. Think I joined in talking about it being hereditary supporting Wednesday and mentioned my Grandad etc...summat like that..(I think!!).
  7. I actually thought he was playing an accordian in that pic...(puts specs on....aaah...he isn't!)
  8. Really looking forward to this...especially as I live 'down here' and am off to the game with a mob of my Swans mates so it should be a laugh one way or another. Carlos will be resting just about a whole team so I reckon we've still got a decent chance of getting thro whoever makes our team tonight!! Take care travelling Owls...
  9. .....and me sat with the Swans fans so 1001 !!
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