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  1. Always loads of goals...hope we get the most of them...a win and we've definately turned a corner...please stick with the chaps that played The Villa off the park Carlos!!
  2. Bristol City Attendance Competition

    26,426 ... its obvious!
  3. Paul Thompson was good. I actually like Alan Biggs...so there!!
  4. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Brilliantly written squire and Happy (un) Birthday today Howard!!
  5. Dispatches

    ...and even wore Pat Butcher masks on away trips!!
  6. Stop coming up with good ideas...NOW!!
  7. Haven't been for a while...im staying up in Sheff for another week on my latest visit and im going tonight to see what all the fuss is about...so there!!
  8. Not going tomorrow,anyone else?

    Im a reyt part timer...been up to do a couple of gigs this weekend and decided im staying up in Sheff for a few more days this visit...going on the Kop!!
  9. Recognise him from The Wap/Rebs/gigs and Wednesday games..Rip Geoff!!
  10. 47 years....Chuffin' 'ell !!
  11. Is that one of those 'fun' office chairs that hand cranks up n down??...or is he really that tiny??
  12. RIP Stevie Adams

    R.i.p Steve
  13. Megson Propaganda

    We'd have stormed it via the playoffs that "Jones" season I reckon with GM in charge...and had another monster of a day out for the Final....Would have loved to see how and who he added to the squad too...it wouldnt have been a team of 'safe players' thats for sure!!
  14. Megson Propaganda

    He's doing really badly at Burnley...well solid at the back...really work hard for each other...play good football...matching up well against teams waaay 'above' them...how dull !!!