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  1. Tiptoe thro' the Shoreham With yer handbag, and yer water pistol Tiptoe thro' the Shoreham with me.... Always made me chuckle...
  2. Who knows what will happen tonight??? .. Not us and not DM and not even the players...have beers crisps n nuts and Teletext all ready to go here in a rainswept South Wales... Bring it on....
  3. If the lad Mike Batt is on the bench we could be in trouble!! Come On Wednesday!!
  4. Too true chap I agree... In the last minutes of a game when under pressure you shouldn't need anyone to tell you to gerrit int stand and then get yourselves reorganised... Players have to take responsibility sometimes!!
  5. I loved him when he played for us so a little polite applause when his names read out but then boo him like mad panto villain style during the match until the final whistle and only then sing all you want to him when he leaves the pitch...we're too nice to returnees at S6...and we need the points!!
  6. I'm not going to moan and turn all mardy until we're 15 games in then take stock...soooo today its all going to click and we'll be solid as owt at the back... boss midfield and be clinical up top... a comfortable 2-0 victory!! - (just taking me meds now!!) Come On Wednesday!!
  7. Both Oxford goals caused directly by players just not doing the basics and fannying about....shocking!!
  8. Get in their flippin faces from the off Wednesday and we'll be fine...Up The Owls!!
  9. Remember the OP's 0-1 game well ... After a decent start to that season especially at home we then in a typical run of Wednesday scores lost 3 on the bounce at S6 0-1 to Burnley (on Motd with 30k in the ground) then 1-2 to Forest with the crowd down to 20 odd thousand the this one v Oxford 0-1and back to normality with 17k and all hopes dashed once more!! I really enjoyed that season mind as we were pretty decent at home apart from these 3 losses that all came together... We Willie on the wing and Joicey n Prendo up top with Clements destroying anyone that dared to try and run past him!! A good honest bunch of triers - couldn't fault the effort!!
  10. Went to the Swansea v Owls game with my Swans mates down here and they outed me in the first 5 mins to everyone sat around us the gits!! ... They absolutely hammered us 1-1.. . ..Gray scored with a header for us I seem to remember ...good fun!! Been on many an away end and chatted with the locals its usually fine and we're all like minded folks...The Leeds kop wasn't fun mind...
  11. Such sad news bless her! Our thoughts are with Jose and their families!!
  12. He's a vital part of our squad is Paterson...gives us some grit and determination when needed and he scores a few too y'know!!
  13. Have a crafty peek at the table after 15 games before panicking - that's always been my "things should have been sorted out by now point" ...I'll join in the moaning then myself if its looking a bit meh!!
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