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  1. I was on 'our' end for that game...we all went ballistic obviously...TC what a legend!!
  2. All bo##ocks I reckon...expect Sharpe and Donaldson up to for them...I hope they are at full strength personally!! No bloody whinging afterwards then!
  3. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Glad his other leg has grown back...that was a worry!
  4. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Was int North with my Dad (R.i.p) .... what an amazing game as we battled and brushed em aside. !! All the pre match talk was of how they were going to walk over us...it was an honour to be there and was the springboard for the rest of our season...a brilliant never to be forgotten experience!! Oh and TC you are a legend!!
  5. Which areas are Wednesday

    ....and Cwmgwili the tiny village I live in now in S Wales near the Gower is Wednesday too....theres two of us!!...oh, and a right miserable bloke from Deepcar owned the chippy on the corner of the estuary!!
  6. Which areas are Wednesday

    Born and bred in S30 in Worrall...id say 90/10 Owls there and the surrounding areas in the 70s when the Blunts were a better side and in Div One...for a village its now huuge with the new estates that have sprung up but still very few around...Bradfield School used to be a real 'Owls school' I remember coaches turning up to go to away games booked by the pupils and kids piling on to get away early...hahaa!!
  7. Fletcher scored the winner for the Mackems in two succesive derby games a few years ago im sure or was it two wins away at the Barcodes....I remember at least one of them at St James Park anyroad!! He wont be bullied on Sunday and neither will Hooper...
  8. Well done Wednesday and cc

    Definately would have taken the point beforehand...we've had our share of last second goals...it happens. We're beginning to gel nicely now...all bodes well !!
  9. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    R.i.p Derek !!!
  10. You tell 'em chap! Play up The Wednesday Boys!!!...
  11. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Top 6...Tidy!
  12. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Leeds 2 up!
  13. Olive Grove - opened September 12th 1887

    Proper formation with 5 up front .... sorted!!
  14. Annoyed.

    Erm....watch it on tele!!!
  15. Remembering the Legend Ron Springett

    Great stuff chap...cheers for posting it as usual !