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  1. It's almost as if he actually knows what he is doing!!!
  2. We're only 3 games in jeez...and but for Windass kicking that blokes head off we may well have drawn that game too and been unbeaten under Pulis...come on give it a bit of time yeah??
  3. It'll be a dour affair today but Tony will get us organised and up for it and The Wednesday will triumph 1-0 (please!!). I'm hoping for pace on the flanks with Harris and Reach and plenty of support for Rhodes through the middle as we start to suss out an actual game plan. I don't doubt we'll be solid at the back just need that confidence on the break!
  4. Has to be Harris on the right and Reach on the left - I think Pulis will "rest" JVA and rejig the back 4 - leave Rhodes up top for a few more games he did work hard the other night and let's see how we go!!
  5. .... A bit of a JJ outlet up front then.... Bring it on!!!
  6. I suppose it all has to start sonewhere...what if you get told you can attend but you live in an area, when Covid risk is higher...are you allowed to travel?? ...so you tell the club you can't make it and they then go to the next person on the "list" to offer it them.. It'll take a month to distribute the tickets - maybe only people in the immidiate postcode areas will be allowed to attend - we'll see. Anyway living down in S Wales near Swansea I'm off to the Liberty on Weds night to try and peep over the gate in the corner to watch the match!! UTO!!!
  7. I'm hoping for some nastiness from us - who is going to take on the mantle and be the one TP puts his coat around in training and becomes the 'gaffers' favourite? (listen to the Peter Crouch podcast with TP as guest and you'll get a bit of an insight into how he works!!) Some organisation and at least a point today please chaps!!
  8. No surprise at all to me.. Pulis loves strong vocal characters as a part of his squads - the difference being is that he can handle them and that they toe the line with him regarding discipline!!
  9. Can't wait!!... I hope he rips into everyone and shows who's boss from the word go... we need a character like him...sort em all out Tony!!!
  10. An ideal fit for us at this time!! A strong character who will weed out the weak and chuck em away and about bloody time too!! We'll get a real togetherness from the squad that's left.. discipline and single mindedness and a pace and power game will develop over time - go for it Tony you've got my vote!!! Let's be nasty buggers for a while!!
  11. TP will stop all the mamby pamby fannying around - Discipline and bloody hard work to come for our lot... Bring it on!!!
  12. There was absolutely nothing happening in midfield today...we were saying the same thing...Bannan would be there to play thro and get things moving (this is what I thought Boyd would be used for when I heard we'd signed him!).
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