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  1. He was very loyal to Wednesday as I remember and was prepared to see his contract out even when we got relegated...a shining light in a struggling side! A very good player!!
  2. Rumour

    Heard one myself today .... Madine .... !!!
  3. Half and Half scarves

    I bought a Carmarthen Town one when 'we' got into Europe against a Danish side (cash from sales went to the club)...twas a close game...only just lost 11-2 on aggregate!!
  4. Just got back

  5. Just got back

    You walked/trudged past me Mums chap...im a Worraller when up in S6...came back to S Wales this morning after seeing the forecast and need to get some bloomin work done...you could have kipped in the 'best room' at Mums and gone to t'Shoulder for a beer if Id still have been around...mind you id have gone to the match too and walked it back so scratch that...hahaa!
  6. Rumour

    Me mate saw it all as well...and Whelan was 'bobbing down' in the back so as not to attract any attention too...cover blown!!!