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  6. Dawson has everything, he’s shown that at different times. The key is getting it all out on a consistent basis but that will only come with experience and confidence. He’s still a kid in GK terms. On the free kick though the biggest mistake is he’s got 6 in the wall, that’s why he looks too far over. That needed a 4 or 5 man wall and they all needed to shuffle a couple of feet over to his right. Another error I noticed from the officials though was they had a man on the end of our wall didn’t think that was allowed anymore?
  7. We weren't keeping the ball with him on the pitch so it was understandable to sacrifice him for some proper height. Didn't work in the end but it was probably the correct decision as he wasn't effective enough.
  8. Monk was going absolutely mental on the touchline, and rightly so throughout the game at the numerous poor decisions. Post match is a different thing all together and I thought he was excellent like he has been in all of his post matches so far. We can't let the poor decision cloud the fact that we let them back into the game.
  9. If Westwood is indeed going to be injury prone this season (really hope he isn’t) I would like to see us bring a new keeper in during the next transfer window.
  10. The issue wasn't which side he was stood it was how far across he was stood, it was ridiculous. Tomlin's free kick had hardly any pace and went in in the bottom corner, he should be saving that and would have comfortably done so if he was positioned correctly.
  11. You could argue there were other aspects that might have helped prevent the goal. Dawson, like any keeper was covering the side it would be easiest for the free kick taker to dip it over the wall to,the furthest corner from him. The wall covers the more difficult angle for the set piece taker. It didn't do its job. If you watch the replay the only man between the goal and Tomlin that jumped was Flint. Our whole wall were static as they watched it sail into the net, feet firmly planted. If Fletcher had jumped it would have hit him square in the chest. Oh and the ref and linesman didn't do their jobs properly either.
  12. I actually think Dawson is decent but thought he was very poor on Friday, it reminded me of the Norwich game as well I thought he was poor in that game as well, both games he was drafted in at the last moment so it's bound to have an effect on performance.
  13. I can't help feel that Dawson is tarnished in the minds of some fans because of Westwood being dropped all the way up to Christmas last season. Hardly Dawson's fault. He's as good a shot stopper as any but he's a bit dodgy on crosses. But he's relatively young, one of our own and can get better so get behind the lad.
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