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  2. Imo Rhodes does not have the athleticism, to be a footballer. You can see his body shape & running gait are all wrong. Ordinarily, he would have have been binned at academy level, however his footballing brain & finishing were good enough to compensate. Now, in his late 20s, his athleticism is so poor, his other attributes can't get him through. He's just not up to speed with the game & always a few yards/seconds too late. Harry Kane, may have similar problems in 5 years time.
  3. Someone take him off our hands please
  4. Moses 19/20 season; Played 18 games Red cards 1 Yellow cards 6 Penalties given away 4
  5. Your username reminds me of someone else who used to revel in us losing so they could make twattish posts...
  6. You can't play Nuhiu and Rhodes together. Nuhiu is rubbish when he starts s game, takes the pace out of attacks. I'm not saying Rhodes is back to what he was but he looks good alongside Wickham. He's been holding the ball up nicely and looks a million times better than before. Da Cruz is a good footballer, he's strong, quick BUT what is his position? We lost all our shape when he came on.
  7. Remember when David Jones became the only player in history to be sent off for politely questioning the ref's decision? After much fanfare, they soon stopped applying that rule! As for West Brom, I understand that 'tactical' fouls are a part of the game these days, but there's a way to do them which don't endanger your opponent, and they pushed things a bit far on occasion - particularly Austin's hack from behind on Murphy.
  8. I can't be the only one that finds it funny... Owlstalk has had a collective voice for years, complaining that we're not savvy enough to see games out and control the tempo of a game when we're not in possession by committing fouls in the right area, standing over free kicks etc... one team does a job on us by utilising those tactics (and, ya know... being a better side...) and loads of you lot are moaning about it! Yet I can guarantee you the next time a side scores from a quick free kick against us, there will be a 10 page thread on why Pelupessy or someone didn't stand over the ball to prevent the quick taking of it
  9. It was a penalty. He shouldn't have done it. Other than that I thought he had a good game.
  10. If the opposition do it, it's frustrating; if we did it I would be happy. The trick is doing it at the right time where the opposition are about to hurt you but the outcome is a lesser danger. WBA were good at that. You also need enough good players on the bench to replace the inevitable booked players on the pitch. Don't really like it against us but would be happy if we did it.
  11. What about moving money around the world mate? We're being told that it's become much tricker to get money into the country these days is that true?
  12. See, this is the kind of perceptive tactical analysis that you just can't get anywhere else.
  13. He was going to add Chris Bart Williams like some have suggested. The Problem was that Bart Man never played s game with laces in his boots and Pete can only draw boots WITH laces unfortunately 🤷‍♂️
  14. Bruce was only here for 18 games. Whatever issue arose around Christmas time, there's nothing to say it wouldn't have happened under Bruce as well.
  15. And in simplistic terms it's called living beyond ones means ..... Football is a very complex game of Three Card Brag these days ..
  16. Some really poor cynical fouls last night from West Brom. Sawyers, O’Shea, Austin and Pereira. I thought Austin could’ve been sent off for his.
  17. It was a soft penalty, the ref buckled under all the West Brom players throwing tantrums. Other than that he had a reyt game I thought
  18. don’t come on here with your sensible answers... there’s just no need to facts or genuine observations pal.
  19. So far I think there's two sides to it. The players heads haven't dropped after going a goal down or making a mistake...there hasn't been that negativity from the stands. "Garbage Wednesday, come an sit up eer wi me" etc. On the other hand I think the team have missed that feeling of the Kop 'sucking' the ball in. That roar that goes up when we put pressure on, win a corner etc.
  20. This. it's clear that Rhodes couldn't hit a barn door at one pace at the minute. There are fansl i know on here that'd do a better job. Working better, but he's a striker. ( ? ) lets hope we keep picking up the odd point or two and all the efl crap works in our favour.
  21. With 5 substitutes at your disposal and only 5 or so games left and the game being played in 4 quarters theres a "Take one for the team ethos abound" and WBA exploited this avenue expertly and with great success ... Works even better with a weak Referee.. And very easy when you are playing against a team without a captain .. One of our first priorities is getting a captain ..... Been bumbling along without one for a long time now .....
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