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  2. First to every 50/50 and second ball........what a refreshing change!!
  3. Nah JJ was completley unpredictable. No one, JJ included, knew what was going to happen when he got the ball. Harris is dissapointingly predictable.
  4. Only deliver with in ten yards of s6*** I'm afraid
  5. I think it’s a leek? Not sure what the hoof looking thing on bottom of plate is though
  6. Not sure but cracking a mirrorwank off in the boozer just in case... Pussyand gravy!!!! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  7. Does Alex Hunt’s mam know he’s out at this time?
  8. Good to see Lees having a word with the young lad. Time to impress.
  9. Jeez have they just picked him up off the local estate?
  10. Be a big loss, a this stage of the game, losing Hutchinson. He’s been very effective tonight.
  11. Are you listed on Just Eat? Can I place an order.
  12. Alex Hunt coming on.. Come on yiung'un REYT player, hope he's got it mentally and physically
  13. I shouldn't really ask but does that bloke's plate of food have vag1na shaped pasta on it? Asking for a friend.
  14. 3,024Owls in an attendance of 11,871. Well done lads. Sing 'em to death, FFS.
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