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Ronaldo to Citeh?


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31 minutes ago, FreshOwl said:

Damn that wasn’t the best example lolprobably around 3-4 teams from that era would be on par with today’s premier league, but the rest would get battered. All my opinion of course  


I watched a lot of Premier League years growing up ok 😂


The levels of fitness and conditioning is the reason current day teams would beat 90's teams.


Could probably level 90's teams v 60's team in same way.


Now imagine current day v 90's teams on same fitness and conditoning.  Overmars would be like Robben. His 97/98 form is one of most underrated ones in PL era.


Oh and Hirst with 20/21 conditioning...


Julian Dicks being a beast of a centre back instead of a clogging penalty machine.


As you can tell by my username Im obsesssd by 90's football and nostalgia is the best.

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On 30/09/2021 at 09:49, BIG D said:

Never, ever has a second team until my daughter met her fella who's a City fan.

Had some great lads days out in Manchester with a match thrown in and it means I can go and watch Messi again in a few weeks.

Used to like United but not now although having Ronaldo in my FF team alters things slightly.


Same for me, benched today - Ole out!

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40 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Shame that. Really wanted them to lose. 


Players got the manager out of jail again, just like in the last Champions League game when Villarreal ran rings around them. Relying on the undoubted talent they have rather than actually have a coherent plan to get the best out of them. 

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