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  1. Too true the the ones who are smoking would be straight out.
  2. This is the World Cup quarter final W.Germany v Uruguay, I was lucky enough to be at the game . It goes to show that the World Cup was not the big draw it is nowadays, just look at all the empty seats.
  3. Still sends shivers down my spine every time I see this picture.
  4. 1 roqa Santa Cruz 6 Claude Makelelele 14 Jermaine Penant 22 Kevin Prince Boatang 11 Claudio Pizaro
  5. So if the season is just cancelled and we all start again next season Will the teams on parachute payments get an extra lump sum or will they be made to manage on the same as everyone else?
  6. Going back to the yellow away kit.
  7. I wasn't at the Fulham game but went to Stamford Bridge which wasn't the smartest thing to do back then😄. I remember Joicey's tongue in cheek comment after the Oxford match " I'm lethal from six inches"
  8. Wonder if they will come out with a ten year kit.
  9. Thanks for that, you are right it is a good read.
  10. From a football standpoint nothing compares with the 1974/75 season. The 1-0 win at Southampton the day after boxing day was our last win of the five we had that season plus we only scored twice more. Crowds of around 7,000 average made it worse. The only bright spot were the away days which were some of the best I've ever been on.
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