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  1. Funny we've being calling him "Dot junior" throught the series
  2. If it was because he spoke out about the Super League then good on him for standing by his views
  3. True, the Premier league was formed when the "Big Six" demanded a bigger share of the TV money or else they would break away.
  4. "Mother of god" "I'll tell you fella" "its a bent copper"
  5. They would probably love to but no way is Bannan letting anyone else near any dead ball situation.
  6. I believe Dunkley was brought in for the role but as is the norm at Hillsborough he never got of the treatment table
  7. We were all hoping for trips to the Etihad, Anfield and Goodison but not to be playing the under 23 squads.
  8. He's definitely been great fir my fantasy team.
  9. Watching Chernobyl again. Just as chilling second time round.
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