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  1. Great picture of the Kop, but I'm trying to work out who the players are. My first thought is Graham Pugh and David Ford, any other ideas?
  2. Just logged on, sounds like I'm missing a snorefest.
  3. Because the independent panel is SAG
  4. As a manager he had managed against 91 league clubs he got the full set of 92 when he came to Hillsborough as QPR'a boss
  5. Knowing our luck it will be SAG that handles it
  6. Yeah great work by northern rail. Headed to Manchester thinking of going back via Leeds, Leeds train cancelled. Managed to get to Huddersfield by Transpennine and finally got the Sheffield train that was delayed by 15 minutes. A poo end to a poo day.
  7. Apparently Leeds station is closed today for renovation so not sure if replacement busses will be bringing them into town
  8. The one I have was passed down to me, it has the buttonhole hoop on the back instead of a pin
  9. Could not have put it better, lots of great memories. R.I.P. Rita
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