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  1. Yeah great work by northern rail. Headed to Manchester thinking of going back via Leeds, Leeds train cancelled. Managed to get to Huddersfield by Transpennine and finally got the Sheffield train that was delayed by 15 minutes. A poo end to a poo day.
  2. Apparently Leeds station is closed today for renovation so not sure if replacement busses will be bringing them into town
  3. The one I have was passed down to me, it has the buttonhole hoop on the back instead of a pin
  4. Could not have put it better, lots of great memories. R.I.P. Rita
  5. And why does it always have to be the full back that takes it? sometimes running twenty or more yards downfield for it. Why not take a quick throw in now and again and keep the game moving.
  6. If you really had something you wanted to get off your chest you could write a letter to the Green Un and hope it got printed a week later.
  7. Stuck in hospital after a knee replacement so for the first time in quite a while instead of being at the match I'll be enjoying the company of the everyone in the OMDT.
  8. Especially with mister bates on the bench.
  9. Is must be important that he kicks it into touch eighty percent of the time
  10. Another great example last night, no lids for the hot drinks "Sorry we've run out"
  11. The Owls travel to Rotherham on Wednesday 28 August (7.45pm) in the Carabao Cup second round and ticket details are as follows: SWFC have received an allocation of 2,552 tickets for this fixture: PRICES Adults: £23 Over 60s/Disabled: £13 18-21s: £13 Under 18s: £8 Under 13s: £6* *Under 13 tickets can only be purchased via the SWFC Ticket Office when bought with an adult ticket. There are 17 wheelchair spaces priced at £13 for adults plus all relevant concessions at the above price and a carer free of charge. TICKET SALES Wednesday 21 August at 1.00pm: Season Ticket holders with 680 or more Ticket Priority Points Wednesday 21 August at 3.00pm: Season Ticket holders with 640 or more Thursday 22 August at 9.00am: Season Ticket holders with 600 or more Thursday 22 August at 11.00am: Season Ticket holders with 560 or more Thursday 22 August at 1.00pm: Season Ticket holders with 520 or more Thursday 22 August at 3.00pm: Season Ticket holders with 480 or more Friday 23 August at 9.00am: All Season Ticket Holders Friday 23 August at 11.00am: All Members and Owls Foundation Members Friday 23 August at 1.00pm: General sale Please note that all sales dates are subject to availability. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Ticket Office, at the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop or by telephone on 03700 201867 (option 1, £2 booking fee per ticket). Supporters who attend this game and purchase in advance will receive 10 Ticket Priority Points.
  12. Can we make it two winning results on the same day?
  13. People who go down to the concourse ten minutes before half time then when everyone else heads off down when the whistle blows the tvvats are trying to come back up the stairs.
  14. Would love to see a picture of penistone road from that time with all the flag poles with flags flying.
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