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  1. Nixon

    It needs to be a Megathread mind
  2. Bannan’s impact

    Agree on the whole but noticed yesterday he was falling into his old habit of coming too deep to get the ball, even being in line with the back three. He is so much better when he's receiving the ball in the opponents half and attacking their defence.
  3. Talking of foreign players, the first premier league season there were only seventeen foreign players in it and we had two of them, John Harkes and Roland Nilsson. This season there are ninety two different countries represented.
  4. It does if you have a £40 bet with a Leeds fan.
  5. Won a number of important defensive headers today.

    No mate its Billy the Fish(cake). Here he is the last time he played against SWFC
  7. Not sure what role he has but good to that he is still active in the Fulham set up. Was happily chatting with Owls fans behind the bench yesterday.
  8. We had some reyt good away days, saw some abysmal football and were relegated by easter.
  9. I remember Joicey's interview afterthat long awaited goal tounge in cheek telling the reporter "I'm deadly from six inches out"
  10. So you knew Linda too? Iwad at the wedding also we most likley know each other.
  11. Nuhiu is on

    Like any other footballer I bet he's bursting with pride every time he pulls his nation's shirt on. Good luck to him.
  12. Sam Winnall

    The deal breaker for me would be that Derby have to take Buttercup back and a clause written in that they can never send him to us again.
  13. I've still got all the originals plus the child sizes I bought for my sons I'm sure others have said this but I haven't read the whole thread.
  14. Reach by quite a margin
  15. West Ham, as it would be another new ground to visit. Huddersfield,. Still goes through me every week seeing them on MOTD thinking if only. Swansea,. Obvious reasons Do think West Brom are doomed sadly, so one of my choices won't make it.