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  1. Wickham on a season long loan would be a good start
  2. A funny coincidence in our history are the seasons that end in zero. Other than on two occasions plus in 1940 when the leagues were suspended we have got either promoted or relegated. 1889/90 won the Alliance league 1899/00 promoted 1909/10 neither 1919/20 relegated 1929/30 champions 1939/40.n/a 1949/50 promoted 1959/60 neither 1969/70 relegated 1979/80 promoted 1989/90 relegated 1999/00 relegated 2009/10 relegated 2019/20???????! Let's nope this is one of the odd occasions that neither happens
  3. Barnsley put a figure of £7.8million loss if relegated. That figure would have to be taken into account toward any punishment that brought about us going down.
  4. If either side appeal does that put a stay on the decision until after the appeal?
  5. Not true I was logged in watching the warm up and got kicked out
  6. But that would interfere with the late SKY game and we can't have that
  7. Aaaggghhh spoke to soon got kicked out now when I try to sign in I'm getting a "sorry but theres been a problem signing you in please try again later"
  8. I have been on that page and can sign in the top right hand corner. Is that all I need to do?
  9. OK maybe I am doing it wrong so please guide me through the process. I am going to ifollow and clicking on Season ticket holders which then asks me for the promo code. I am entering the one whjch I used yesterday fo set it all up. Am I right doing it this way.
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