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  1. We did have a History section up until the site was streamlined.
  2. The loss of the Central League Not being allowed to tackle The stupid hand ball rules Throw ins (there should be a time limit on taking them) Subs taking ten minutes to put their kit on Soft penalty decisions for top six teams. etc etc etc
  3. Wednesday score at Filbert Street
  4. Hot tea and team talks before extra time at Filbert Street
  5. Action from the replay at Highbury
  6. Great Great player. Was lucky enough to have seen him play, not just against Wednesday but alsi at Wembley in the 1970 League Cup Final. He was on of those few players that made it look effortless.
  7. Michael Oliver gives the softest penalties, then his buddies at VAR back him up.
  8. Compared to the Stoke game it was a footballing spectacle.
  9. Gave it to Bannan, I'm not his biggest fan but thought he worked his butt off both ends of the park today
  10. This plus I still have another two seasons after this on a multi season ticket.
  11. Great picture of the USA TV channel ABC filming the 200th Steel City derby, September 1966. It ended a 2-2 draw.
  12. Yeah, and I had to walk to my girlfriend's place in Walkley. Buggered up my new Sheepskin coat
  13. Congrats Neal, I was never in with a shout after Josh Allen's tear.. So just miss out on making it a repeat final. Good luck to both of you.
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