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  1. Mickjj

    Adam Reach

    Tap ins and penalties don't count
  2. Found it interesting at Chelsea when we were awarded the non penalty that Bannan was preparing to take it when Fletcher who has scored all the pens he has taken for us and also Scotland
  3. Mickjj

    These clean sheets

    Reading had more pace to launch a counter attack than we ever had under Jos.
  4. Mickjj


    So back to our lass then
  5. Mickjj


    Our lass does
  6. Loved it when Jamie Vardy called him out on it basically telling him what a tvvat he was.
  7. No surprise it sold out so quickly
  8. Mickjj

    RIP - Danny Williams

    Always sad when someone passes so won't go into his time with us today. RIP Danny
  9. Mickjj

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    I'm presuming no streams of the game are available.
  10. Short notice I know but a shame to see it go to waste. I cannot attend due to ill health (not because I'm watching the cricket) PM me if interested
  11. Lot of talk from DC not much from SB
  12. Mickjj

    Dion Dublin on the debate

    Everyone gave him a standing ovation and chorus of "There's only one Dion Dublin". He was quite taken aback by it all.
  13. Mickjj

    On The Way Back - Fans

    My Son watching on TV over in Canada told me they kept talking about how much noise we were making.
  14. Mickjj

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    How were the prawn sandwiches?