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  1. Mickjj

    Matias or Reach

    Matias for me
  2. Mickjj


    Glad he got his goal last night he deserved it. Although not on the pitch for long his fight and attitude is to be admired. Also what about that tackle on the goalie!!!
  3. Mickjj

    Forest thoughts

    "Forest Thoughts" If a tree falls and there is no one around does it make a noise?
  4. Mickjj

    CC on Talksport after 10

    As such
  5. Mickjj

    Onomah And Reach.

    In the short time Onomah was on the pitch he showed one attribute that neither Reach or Joey bring, he moves into space and calls for and wants the ball. He then looks for a forward pass or run instead of the usual sideways/backward pass.
  6. Mickjj

    Bronco Layne

    That's why we finished runners up to the uncatchable Spurs team in 61. But as the OP says it was a magnitude sight to Bronco batter his way to goal.
  7. Mickjj

    Most memorable game

    Yes Big John got the other while Dennis Law (2) ,Bobby Charlton and George Best scored for them. The game was real end to end stuff with the scoring going 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4.
  8. Mickjj

    Most memorable game

    Was at both the Leeds and Brum games. And while obviously great memories of Wembely and Cardiff, my most memorable game was the 5-4 Man United game with Jack Whitams four goals.
  9. Mickjj


    One of my favourite memories, walking down Herris Road and been greeted by this sight.
  10. I still have my Whitecaps shirt from the early eighties in the old NASL days. My youngest son always was a huge Beckham fan and has a named shirt for every team he played for as well as England shirts, he even named his dog Beckham. The funniest was when LA Galaxy played Vancouver and he decided to Streak across the pitch ( this is the censored version)
  11. Mickjj

    Old Programmes

    Call that old? My collection starts with the 1935 Cup Final.
  12. Mickjj

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    I stand corrected
  13. Mickjj

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    L-R. .? Ray Blackhall,. Andy McCulloch