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  1. Can only be Ron Springett for me. Grew up watching the great man.
  2. I think one of Bruce's biggest strengths are his contacts and ability to attract top loan players. Just look at the players he got in at Villa the last two seasons and Hull before then. I appreciate he will be handcuffed financially but still think we will have new quality players in our team next season.
  3. I Totally understand where you are coming from towards the nets m'lud I have exactly the same feelings about floodlight pylons. I miss the five shadows from each player and that wonderful sight coming down Herris Road for a night match and seeing the old girl lit up (and don't get me started on the old neon sign).
  4. This, another season long loan then see where we are this time next year. No doubt there will be competition for his services.
  5. I feel drained reading this thread
  6. But what does she say about the mural??
  7. Ten minutes just the right amount of time for the fans in the South to get over the bridge then walk up to Leppings Lane
  8. Another one at Derby last season the foul on Fletch where the ref told him afterwards he got it wrong.
  9. I can picture Norwich away this season with 2,500 Wednesday fans all wearing that shirt. It would be brilliant.
  10. Till Man Utd nicked it after the league cup final
  11. Takes over from Big Dave as being the last player to score for us on his debut.
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