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  1. Berter than the usual Tuesday night though.
  2. Bloody hell Millwall away on a Saturday Still QPR away on easter Monday though
  3. His son has just signed for Grimsby Town.
  4. a very popular train is that one.
  5. Another London trip added now with Charlton getting promoted. The Oyster Card is going to get some hammer.
  6. I bet Luton are looking forward to Millwall coming back to their ground.
  7. So when do the fixtures come out so we can find out which Tuesday night we play Millwall away . Not played them on a Saturday since 2005. QPR is as bad it makes you wonder what the people at the EFL are on or is it just laziness.
  8. OK so let's put this right: John Harkes was the first USA born player to play in a cup final. On top of that he is also the first USA born player to score in a cup final.
  9. He went to Wolves and Man Utd before making his way to Southampton.
  10. Remember Big Sam scoring from a penalty at Hull in a 4-4 Boxing Day match. Mind you also remember him hitting the clock on the North Stand.
  11. It would have been Jack Charlton who would never have got an England cap if Swan had still been playing.
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