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  1. Mickjj


    OK so we have the chest sizes but what about the fat belly sizes to go with it.
  2. Mickjj

    Season tickets

    Anyone happen to know if the people with 3/4/5 years season tickets will be getting a new one this season or just keeping last seasons?
  3. Mickjj


    We don't need to be put under an embargo as we seem to already be under a self imposed one.
  4. Same, really screwed my fantasy team up
  5. Can't make their mind up who's to take it
  6. Mickjj

    Anglo-Italian Cup 1969

    We also played Juventus both games played in hot weather and the attendances were so small every one SAT on the Kop getting a tan .
  7. Mickjj

    Match day Owlstalk

    Its the thrill of winning the race of being the first one to post it.
  8. Mickjj

    Match day Owlstalk

    I'm still using shortwave radio for BBC World Service
  9. Haven't a Cluedo what you're on about and I'm not going to Risk showing myself up by guessing.
  10. Mickjj

    Full Backs Needed.

    Reading this thread there will be a few who disagree with me but IMO Hunt is just not good enough. He gets the very occasional good cross in but for the most part his final ball is abysmal. If we seriously want to challenge next season and fully utilise the strength our wealth of forwards bring then they have to have better service. This is even more important if we are going to use wing backs as opposed to full backs. The same argument goes for Palmer too.
  11. "I haven't been to the game today Rob ................."
  12. Funny how it's come down to Carlos v Huddersfield again. Think it will be the same outcome as last year.