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  1. Mickjj


    Crosses? We all have them to bear, ours is Jos.
  2. Mickjj

    Credit Rotherham

    On another note I thought they looked like a bunch of Paris rioters with that kit they wore.
  3. Has Lord Snooty got a new job? It was like listening to an old Pathe News clip
  4. Mickjj

    Secret Santa

    I'd buy Jos a train ticket to anywhere away from here
  5. Have to agree about BB, I hate those little floating chips into the box which almost always amount to nothing. I don't question his commitment and he needs someone to play alongside who can allow him tho play higher up the pitch instead of always having to drop back to get the ball. The point the OP made about having a go at his team mates was evident again yesterday when he tore into Thorniley after the first goal.
  6. Mickjj

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    He's gone......to get a new cushion for his seat in the dugout as he's worn the other one out.
  7. Mickjj

    Do something DC

    Thing is there is nothing coming out of the club at all. No vote of confidence or "Jos is our man" ," We must rally round " statements, just silence which seems to give the impression of a loss of interest.
  8. Mickjj

    Where was Fletcher?

    Didn't expect him to start but was amazed he wasn't on the bench. Actually with Jos in charge maybe I shouldn't have been
  9. We may get Elev8ted into that one
  10. Could very well happen, after all it's how the Prem came to be in the first place
  11. Mickjj

    No Trouble ?

    My mate (who's in his sixties) got punched in the face just outside the ground before the game by some random hoolie.
  12. Mickjj

    Bannan's last three appearances

    Would he be bigger in inches ?
  13. Mickjj

    Pudils head

    Maybe, but anywhere else on the pitch it would have been a free kick.
  14. Starting this season Prem teams have to have a section for away fans at pitch level that can be seen by the cameras. This is to enhance the image of the league on TV overseas creating an atmosphere that which ever team scores fans can be seen celebrating.