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Lord Snooty

Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

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17 hours ago, BIG D said:

I don’t understand a lot of the comments and I’m. It sure what people expect. Truth is we’re not very good and Bruce has a job on his hands to make us contenders next time.  The defence is a 1000 times better than under Jos. Get a few more games under FFs belt and hopefully keep him fit and get a couple of the new lads into the team and things will improve. Certainly beats getting pumped every week. 


Maybe I'm just expecting too much, but I expect us to be able to retain the ball and not be penned in our own half for much of the first half by a team in the relegation zone, who are as toothless in attack as we are.


Far better second half, but it wasn't difficult to beat that first 45mins.

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16 hours ago, Rogers said:

When we got to the play offs, it was built on a solid defence, we rarely smashed teams. We ground out results.  


We are starting to get clean sheets again, which is positive. The rest will come IMO 




The first play-off season?


We swept aside Cardiff, Forest, Charlton, Brentford, Birmingham, and Wolves by a 3 goal or more margin. Only 4 other teams outcored us to. We have some work to do before we are anywhere near that standard.

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