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  1. Surely the club should be showing these games as a matter of course
  2. Sunderland are getting 30k crowds in league one after 3 seasons there, I'm not sure we could muster that in the championship.
  3. The club should be promoting this game more , I'll bet most fans won't even know we are playing tomorrow night in the Youth cup , the u18s seem to be doing well this season and a decent crowd behind them tomorrow would be great for them.
  4. Early 60s , mid 80s and early 90s have been the only times where Wednesday have been a team to be truly proud of.
  5. He's not the man , only here because of the buffoon we have as our owner who never knows when to pull the trigger , it's obvious Moore is a yes man so this will help him keep his job longer than he should. I've got little appetite for the game tomorrow, not bothered about going even though I have a season ticket and can't see where the goals are coming from , we need some players in to galvanise us as the last 2 games have been awful. I never want us to lose but my god I'm slowly losing the will for us to win either , it's so sooo dull and uninspiring.
  6. Am I the only person who thinks we need another striker? Berahino - not a chance he's going to start scoring and looking like something of a player. Kamberi- works hard but not going to score more than half a dozen. Windass- has hardly played all season and yet to prove he's going to be a hit when he does play regularly ,won't get more than 10 if he stays fit. Gregory- knows where the net is , works hard but needs a partner to play alongside , also has limitations and is past his best. Theo has left and not been replaced yet and shodipo has been poor when played. All in all we are weak up top and the stats prove this with the lack of goals we've scored this season , 2 in the last 4 games is pathetic tbh.
  7. Scoring goals isn't going to be our biggest problem, we've scored 2 from our last 4 away games , very poor . With only Gregory and the inept Berahino up top I can't see that changing anytime soon , I know we need a few centre halves but we definitely need a striker as soon as possible with windass and kamberi missing.
  8. First game in the old 3rd division that one , didn't go but heard about the bother that weekend
  9. West Ham 80/81 season , the cockneys wanted to lynch us after the game , was proper hatred back then with little or no police protection. These days it's a different world altogether.
  10. I have , I purchased a season ticket,just haven't got the appetite to turn up Saturday.
  11. Easiest way is not to fkin get one , had enough of the shambolic running of this football club, the owner does not deserve the support this club gets after continually shafting us time and again.
  12. So without windass , Patterson ( not a forward anyway) and kamberi we will be left with Gregory and the non existent Berahino again , not a prayer we scoring many Saturday with those two plus no Theo and with no sign of any reinforcements coning in. What is the point going Saturday to watch yet another lacklustre display ?
  13. And what makes you say that on what you've witnessed so far, he's been a big disappointment.
  14. I think the bit about anyone being there was tongue in cheek , I mean you'd have to be about 95 to remember it , I wonder who's the oldest person on this site ?
  15. This wins hands down , Chansiri didn't have a Scooby what was being sung and clapped along to it like a bloody seal
  16. If you had posted a picture of a game there in the 60s/ 70s /80s /90s it would have maybe got more chit chat , just saying
  17. Why ? Must have been REALLY quiet on the matchday thread yesterday afternoon
  18. But DM is a really nice man so that makes it ok FFS!
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