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  1. Very limited footballer. Neither forward, midfielder or defender. Always moaning at the ref or teammates. Trying hard is the bare minimum of any pro surely.
  2. Trouble is he has no quality , a very poor back up striker , we need to do better than him , was hoping someone would come in for him but not to be.
  3. Bought a season ticket Feb 2020, no crowds at Hillsborough the season after,so I got refunded by my credit card company instead of waiting for chansiri to give me a season ticket credit for 21/22.
  4. Definitely need Smith fit asap, otherwise it's got to be Gregory and windass ......patto and Sow nowhere near good enough, Brown I'm yet to see have a decent 5 mins !
  5. Smith will have a knock undoubtedly, vaulks still not had a run , who else was missing ?
  6. £15 for a friendly? Ridiculous for a glorified training session.
  7. What about Stevie ' bloody ' May ? I can remember all the excitement about signing him after all the goals he scored in Scotland, came here looked more like a Sunday league footballer, I remember him hitting the ball a few times and the lad just couldn't get any power behind the shots.He didn't last long here and I think he ended up back in Scotland.
  8. I was there that day with my dad and brother, I'd be a mad 10 year old Wednesdayite and can still remember going beserk when we equalised, remember standing on the open end behind the goal which we shared with their fans. Amazingly the season before we beat them 5-1 at their place and I witnessed that aswell..........sadly they were probably my happiest memories of the early to mid 70s away from home.
  9. Caleb Taylor, centre half from West Brom has been linked with us according to a workmate of mine who follows them , was in the Birmingham press/ media last week.
  10. Rothwell is quality and there's no way he's dropping down a level , could probably play in the premier League next season.
  11. I hope and want Sunderland to go up . They are a massive club who have spent 3 seasons in league one. They are similar size club to ours and have a good history and been around since the 1800's . They have averaged over 30k in league one. Wycombe are shi.te
  12. Surely this is a given set by any professional football club ? Even Chansiri must have learnt something after 7 bloody years.
  13. He's dog sh.it Got to bee better options out there than this journeyman , was really hoping he'd be moved on this summer , a backward step having him another year.
  14. Probably copied it off us like those Derby wan.kers did
  15. We were crap for three quarters of the game , a little hope in the last quarter but then Sunderland had to drop the pace at done point , it's given me little confidence for Monday night , I just hope the players give it everything and have enough to get us through the tie, it will be result to get to Wembley now.
  16. Definitely lost a yard of pace last few years
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