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  1. Don't be ridiculous.....they are expecting a championship quality midfielder who is better than what we have and stays fit and on the field for the remainder of the season , this is not Sam Hutchinson !
  2. If that is indeed Hutchinson I think it's a mistake bringing him back , smacks of desperation , he couldn't hack it in Cyprus so why come back here when we let him go before ?
  3. Why do some teams give out the names of players who have covid , whilst one's like Wednesday don't ? We have no idea whether lees, Shaw and Moses are affected, injured or rested
  4. Been like that a few times on bt, trouble is I can't get rid of it
  5. But little Rotherham took them all the way to extra time ?? Chorley gave Wolves a game Luton gave Chelsea a fright Blackpool came close at Brighton Wednesday were comprehensively dicked 3-0
  6. Looking forward to it , really ? Are u a sadist by any chance ?
  7. What I want to know is where are Dunkley, lees , Shaw, luongo and odabajo ...we need them all back sharpish for the league plus we need strengthening ......Chansiri get some foo.kin players in and stop phukin about
  8. Patterson could be a decent Sunday league player tbf
  9. We've creating foo.kin nothing this half , they worked out our weaknesses at the break , we are what we are ....shybo !
  10. Ah forgot about them .....well Moses might have made a difference but I know for sure Rhodes wunt have !
  11. I hope it isn't a repeat of when we went to Chelsea a few years ago , never turned up that day and we were easily rolled over. Nothing to lose tonight ,it would be great to see us put up a fight and and give Everton a proper game but I haven't forgot our defeats at Rotherham , Huddersfield and Forest which were some of the worst performances I've ever seen from a Wednesday team. If we lose but have put in a performance I'll be ok with that.
  12. Great night , the league cup then meant so much more than it does now , hence why it felt like something really special to get to the semi final. Remember thousands of us being there and at the time we were a very good side.
  13. Kin ell he looks about 40 on that photo and that'll be about 25 year ago !
  14. Read the pre match stereotype earlier but nothing really about who colud be back Sunday. Windass ? Borner ? Dunkley ? Luongo? Westwood? Didn't realise Dunkley was injured. So we have Lees fit maybe , who plays alongside him ? Green could play upfront , maybe Marriot , it's all guesswork. Is anyone else out , apart from Iorfa? Then there's whoever had covid! God knows what the team will be Sunday.
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