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  1. Looked poor against the Germans today. Not trying to be harsh, I know he hasn't been in and around the 1st team for a while but Penney, Baker and Fox were very poor, McEachran did ok but we had no width and no good delivery, we need to hope and pray Harris and Odubajo stay fit this season!
  2. Biggest thing with Bruce leaving for me is all the backroom staff going too, it was the whole coaching team, it's a lot of work for just Bullen to take on, and that's not to mention his average record and lack of experience. We need a complete coaching team to come in.
  3. Yes:- Cook G.V.B. Cowley No:- Pulis Pardew Tekka
  4. Alan Browne has 12 goals from midfield at Preston this season, I'd prefer him to Pearson to be fair, not saying we could afford him but we need more goals from that position, we need someone to replace Lee.
  5. Hector cost us both goals! And all we are doing is Hoof. My word
  6. Totally agree on that. I feel for the forwards, midfield needs addressing when we can.
  7. By change it up I meant in regards to our approach on the pitch, rather than lumping it in to their CB all night, try something different. And what's wrong with putting Aaron's on at half time instead of Boyd, you know, a bit of pace, maybe Lazaar as well in the same flank, can't be any worse than those two, at least it would be a different approach.
  8. Don't think people expected us to steamroll them, however we should be showing much more than we did tonight. I agree Millwall looked well organised at the back, but when all we do us put it on the head of their big centre half everytime we get near their box, then it's not hard to be well organised. What's wrong with changing our approach when it's not working, get creative FFS. Really need to buck our ideas up.
  9. We were pathetic really, midfield far too deep, Bannan should be higher up the pitch looking to link up, therefore whenever the defence get the ball it's just hoof! Reach and Boyd redundant. How can Bruce not change things up after that? Also I can never understand a manager not using all his subs, especially when his team is playing as poor as that, I have no words really, just poor.
  10. Boyd is useless! Not the only one tonight but he gives nothing
  11. Won nothing all night, midfield non existent! So frustrating
  12. Genuinely can't get over some of the negativity over these signings. First of all I didn't expect us to sign anyone, so going to Ipswich Saturday, having addressed the areas which have needed attention for the last 2.5 years is a massive bonus! Yes we don't know a deal about these lads but at 23 Iorfa has had 80 odd appearances for wolves, he knows the league and has attributes we've been crying out for. Plus he's our player. As for the two loanees, again they are two positions we needed strengthening, and they will improve the team, without a doubt. On top of all that Steve Bruce is now in charge, and he sounds like he can't wait to get started, I'm buzzing, it's the start of a new era, with a manager who we can all get behind, he could be the next Big Ron! Get a grip and get behind them. The time for whinging has Gone, along with the likes of Jos Luhukay, enjoy the ride, UTO! COYBAWW! WAWAW!
  13. A leader is something we've seriously lacked all the way through Chansiri's tenure. We need them all over the pitch, barring Hutch I don't think we have any. I'd welcome any signing with this quality.
  14. Away at Rotherham a couple of seasons back, Kieran Lee 96th minute winner! Surrounded by snarling toytowners!
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