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  1. How do we know Luongo and Borner are fit enough to play or have i missed something ?
  2. But we had our own senior players that should have been sold to bring some much needed finances in , Chansiri kept hold of them and that's why we find ourselves in the position we are in now !
  3. There's no way Stoke, Derby or Forest don't sell out at West Brom !
  4. You can get to Birmingham for £25 if there's 2 people traveling together. Split the tickets and get Derbyshire Wayfarer £24 for 2 to Burton then a Burton to Birmingham off peak day return , £13 much better than spending £48 direct !
  5. Also remember going to Derby in the league cup around the same time , 1-0 up with minutes remaining, end up losing 2-1.We've been leading 2-0 numerous times away through the years and ended up losing ..... funny thing is I can only remember us doing it 4 times since I've been supporting Wednesday since the early 70s from 2 down to win it ....4 times in nearly 50 years ( Home to Charlton 82-83 won 5-4 from 3-1 down...... Away at Southampton Won 3-2 around 95/96 ......Home to Reading Won 3-2 around 2002 and then a few seasons ago Bristol city Won 3-2 ( Lee with a brace ) .......if anyone can remember anymore , I stand corrected. As the title says Typical Wednesday !
  6. Yea better than us ..... they just beat us 2-1!
  7. It'll be on but with no sound I imagine, being Friday night and all that.
  8. They are not great value , they are in the top 3 prices in the Championship and looking at the last 2 seasons from our league position very highly priced.
  9. We charge £50 for membership , robbery if you ask me and then it's only £5 off matchday prices , so looking at Blackburn they are looking after their own , as they should do !
  10. The casual fan does not matter anymore to Mr Chansiri, he wants everyone to have a season ticket and tbf it's the only affordable pay to watch us now , it helps if like me you can pay it off over 9 months interest free , I feel sorry for the ones that can't afford a season ticket.
  11. So are their fans paying £40 aswell ? Thought that was the ruling.
  12. Also these games were played before the league season started as was the norm back then in the League cup 1st Round , they were certainly more interesting than playing a pre season friendly.
  13. It was a two legged affair back then in the 2nd round , played at Hillsborough first leg on the Saturday and won 2-0 and on the following Tuesday at theirs it was a 1-1 draw , I was sat in the old John street stand , couldn't get a ticket for the away end but as previous people have said back then there was Wednesday fans all over the ground.
  14. That was in the league game the season before
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