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  1. Make that about the last 6 years !
  2. And last season at their place they scored a late goal to draw 1-1 , so in all 3 games they've needed a late goal to earn them a win or draw!
  3. We haven't beaten these since 2007 , it won't be easy , West Brom aren't 2nd for nothing and they will be going all out for 3 points. If we perform as we have last 2, we should get something,if not we'll lose. I work with an Albion fan so a lot riding on it for me personally.
  4. Which he never spoke about it , unless I missed it !
  5. I reckon Fletcher came on and felt something wasn't right,can't have been 100% and I imagine this was why he left the field after 2 mins Saturday. Gave his all this season and was our main man, his goals and all round play will be sorely missed but at the end of the day we can't carry on paying silly wages , I reckon he's been offered something elsewhere and if it's better than it is here you can't blame him. Sad way to be leaving. .
  6. Typical Wednesday to leave everything till the last minute !
  7. Can anyone tell me what Rhodes did Saturday? He isn't good enough and hasn't been since he came here around 3 years ago. He isn't strong enough physically to hold off defenders, has no pace and just doesn't get involved enough in the 90 mins. He's on big wages and just hasn't re payed these apart from a cameo at forest where he incredibly scored a hat trick in the first half. Sadly for Wednesday he's got another year left on his contract , with Fletcher possibly missing again for a while and only Wickham as his only viable strike partner it's not looking good for us upfront right now with FF, Nuhui and winnall all on their way by the looks.
  8. I was at that West Ham game , was about 15 at the time , they were baying for blood after the game , never seen anything like it before then , good job there were coppers about escorting Wednesday fans back to tube
  9. There were loads of occasions like that in the 70s and 80s where we were getting crushed.. infact Peterborough away last match at theirs when we went up 04/05 was scary outside turnstiles
  10. Sky go is the same , won't allow you to cast from phone /tablet .I watch through the play station , never tried it through firestick, is it possible does anyone know ?
  11. I've got an android phone , can watch you tube etc through Chromecast. No cast option on drop down menu on phone , trying through tablet now also android to cast.
  12. I have just attempted to watch highlights through Google Chromecast but it doesn't give you the pop up box on your phone to cast it , anyone able to watch through chrome?
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