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  1. Remember it well , he then went on to score 2 in the next home game to which he and his team mates ran Infront of the Kop to give us all verbals.
  2. Deary me , maybe Chansiri thinks there a big club cause they have a university or summat !!
  3. My dad went to his keep fit sessions in the gym at Hillsborough, be around 76, 77 , my abiding memory though is me and my brother playing football on the pitch in almost total darkness and the buzz we got from it taking penalties at the kop end with a small strip light behind the net . Thank you Tony for not tellin us to get off the pitch , RIP big man x
  4. Give it a rest now fgs , you've made your point and I wasn't even one of those slating the players .
  5. And I wonder when the last time it was before Birmingham , Wednesday have always seemed to struggle to come back from going behind especially away , can't be a worse record anywhere tbh!
  6. 11 hours on a train to see us get stuffed 3-0 , you deserve a medal pal
  7. Do you honestly believe that ? No way are we going to win this league , play offs at best I reckon , it'll take us another month to get going properly aswell !
  8. WHY? you are literally saving a couple of quid for 6 games !
  9. Why are they making it so late for general sale ? It's not like they are going to sell out a week before the game , didn't it used to be about 3 weeks for all home games ?
  10. Wrong thread.....this is the Sheffield Wednesday matchday thread !
  11. I hope to your right, no place here for him any longer , big trier but not good enough.
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