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  1. How many touches did he have , 3 or 4 I reckon , think he flicked a header on . I thought he should have done much better when Bannon put him through but somehow just couldn't get into the ball and the defenders snuffed him out......spent force in the modern game I'm afraid.
  2. He's shybo Weak and slow He's league one /two at best
  3. Apparently he likes playing a centre half at left back or right back , hence van aken playing at left back. Speaking to a West Brom fan at work who says he did it with them and with Stoke , he like tall players in those positions by all accounts , surely tough van aken is not suited to playing there.
  4. I thought Harris was still out , he got 3 matches didn't he ?
  5. You're the fanny We've been diabolical in 90% of games this season
  6. I've actually seen us win twice there , the one in 2011 and the other in the fa cup 3rd round around 92 , we won 2-1 I think
  7. Preston have lost all 5 of their home games this season....oh dear .....you know what's coming !
  8. It's absyml , only 1 win their in the last 22 league games and that was 2011/12 when we were promoted from league one , we have won their twice in that time in the cup. Time to put that right tomorrow , if we can manage to get a goal that is.
  9. Well he's had 5 different managers now and the one common theme is that he's a spent force ......time to get rid
  10. Who I wonder are the 2 new injured players this week ? I'm guessing Brown again is one of them possibly luongo still not ready
  11. Great press conference, positive and a million miles away from boring Monk .......feeling better about Wednesday already
  12. Good research .....looks ok on paper .....still dint want it though
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