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  1. I very much doubt that if the police have anything to do with it
  2. Watto

    New kit designs

    Hows about the club actually bloody getting the shirts out sometime before the season starts ,no news again or any dates on new kit !
  3. That's when we played a youth team plus Carbone and still managed winning 1-0 , tragic what happened to Tom
  4. 1987 I think, we arranged to play our neighbors at the stain in the centenary cup I think it was named , beat them 3-0 , I remember mainly cause I was living in South Africa at the time and was back in Sheffield for the summer.
  5. Watto


    All this Abdi is quality ? When I have seen him play for us, on the few occasions he's been fit, he's been nothing special imo, certainly no better than what we already have in midfield
  6. Watto

    ffs Wednesday

    Even worse we were 3-0 up in the penalty shoot out and then we missed all the rest whilst Wolves scored all there's , only the Wedneday way that one !
  7. Watto

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    If our transfer policy is anything like last pre season we'll be very underwhelmed again Let's hope we replace Loovens and Wallace but with such a massive squad I'm not sure we will. We need to hope players like Jones, Rhodes,Abdi and Fletcher go elsewhere so we can spend on decent players
  8. Big Dave will only ever be a squad player for us when we have everyone fit , he should go and find another club possibly in league one where he could get regular football and be a real threat at that level , not sure though that any teams at that level could compete with his wage demands .I'm assuming we've given him a one year contract
  9. The internet will kill the programme off like it did with the Green un I'm afraid Haven't bought one in over 20 years I suppose , nothing inside them that you can't find out online
  10. Average Championship keeper for me , to many injuries and he's not getting any younger either
  11. Watto

    Empty seats

    More concerning is why the blunts have a better average attendance , is it because of pricing maybe ?
  12. Watto

    What stopped us?

    Leeds because it's one team city ? Can't think of any smaller cities that get larger crowds year in year out that haven't moved to a new purpose built ground , maybe Norwich or Newcastle but both sides have had mainly premier league football over the last 20 years. Arguably if Wedneday were to get to the premier now we'd average at least 30-35 k but sadly we've gone from a big club up to the 90s to the rest ie Derby, forest etc
  13. Watto

    Suns out... Guns out...

    Body beautiful
  14. Best Wedneday kit ever that