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  1. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    He was shi.t when was with us pure and simple , it's just the Wednesday way why he now seems to be scoring and probably cause he's in a better team right now
  2. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    And the tw.ats never seem to get any injuries either
  3. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    Holding their own ? They are Foo. kin joint top of the championship in their second season, it's horrible I know !
  4. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    Unless we get a fit Hooper and Lee back along with Fessi ( when he ant got the strop on ), Winnall in support and a few more additions in January , we do t stand a chance of Top 6
  5. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    Disagree? What set of players ? Who out of that 11 to tonight would get in any top 6 team? Reach , maybe Bannan, possibly The rest? Seriously I'm struggling
  6. Watto

    We all need to admit it

    Bang on the money that for me. It's killing me seeing them near enough top of the league whilst we struggle to remain in mid table and all the time the gap will widen like last season, it's sad but true. Big difference is they are being run correctly and have a manager who knows how to motivate a team and get the very best out of an ordinary set of players
  7. Watto

    Jos To Blame

    I blame Chansiri , Joss is just his puppet master. Sorry for not having much patience , 18 years outside the top flight and in those 18 years only 2 were spent in the top 6 ! How much patience should we have as a so called big ambitious club ? How long you been supporting us , about 5 years?
  8. Watto

    Jos To Blame

    Neither blind nor stupid Nor deluded like yourself No need for personal insults Do you think we will all be as patient as you ? Not sure Joss is the man to so the clearing out either. While ever Chansiri is making all the important decisions on the footballing front we will never achieve anything, he got us into this poo he now needs to get us out of it and thinks we can be promoted this season ,you couldn't make this crap up. Try and debate without being like a spoilt child with the name-calling
  9. Watto

    Jos To Blame

    Rebuilding what ? How long will that take like ? While ever we have Joao and Nuhui starting games there's no reason build. I can see it being like this for years yet and that's ok is it ?
  10. But DC wouldn't have a clue who the person would be would he ? Clueless on footballing matters and still has no one ( as far as we know )to advise him on such matters ......the club is a shambles imo
  11. I don't feel sorry for anyone who reputedly earns around 30k a week whether it's a short career or not , in a year that adds up to £1.5M a year , most people won't earn that in their working lives, if they've invested well in their 10 year career they should be well sorted !
  12. Watto

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    If it's Desso how come out neighbours at S2 seem to cope just fine on the same surface , Saturday saw them unchanged for the fifth consecutive game.k
  13. Watto

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    Not every foo.kin last one of em though
  14. The worrying thing for me is the strength in depth that is available at the moment , it's scarily poor. Two very tough games coming up
  15. Watto

    Fernando injured

    Matias appearance's has been an absolute joke situation , the little spell he's had recently could actually be the longest run he's had in the side since we signed him in the summer of 2015 ,along with Hooper and Abdi there can't be many other clubs with as many crocks on the books