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  1. That is light years away from Jos the Dross , speaks well and is clear in what he wants . At last DC listened and we now have a manager who should get us challening.
  2. Mate at work is a west brom fan , their home shirts have gone down to £10 so why the hell are ours still a rip off £30 !! We've still got no idea how to maximise the pricing at our club.
  3. Cringe ........as if Mr Chansiri will understand wtf the fans are singing. He'll sign if we can afford him and if he wants to play for us , more likely to be a loan anyway.
  4. Think you'll find all away fans do this at half time in the concourse , apparently it's in thing to be a complete bell end
  5. Only one win there in the league from the last 20 , that's a terrible record, let's hope today we can get 3 points and finish the season on a high. Great news to hear Kieron Lee is in the squad, we have missed his drive and energy , let's hope he can recapture his form from a few years back and earn himself at least a years contract. COYBAWW
  6. Last season we got beat 1-0 first match of the season and we were garbage ! Match your refering to was season before when Reach scored last minute, also garbage and if I'm not wrong year before that we were beaten 1-0 when FF got sent off .....we are due a good performance up there surely.
  7. I wouldn't keep Sam, he's a 100% committed player no two ways about it , but personally he's never gonna give you more than 30 plus games a season , he's not getting any younger and I think he is a defensive midfielder , can't play him offensively hasn't got the legs or creativity for that.
  8. 81/82 season wasn't it ? We beat Cambridge week after at home and went about 4 points clear in third place with around 5 games left , you know the rest!
  9. I think he did pretty well at QPR tbh Loved the guy aswell , I was about 17/18 when we he was playing for us and thought he was reyt cool We had a good side under Jack Charlton and then Wilko and Bannister was instrumental in those sides
  10. That is a good question , same with Abdi, absolutely stealing a wage the pair are !
  11. Steve Bruce is what we needed at this football club a few years ago , instead we continued with Carlos for to long and then brought in a nobody who had been out of the game for 18 months and was totally inept , his press conference's were very dull every time and he never gave me much hope , he never gave you injury updates either and his English was poor .....Steve Bruce is a massive breath of fresh air
  12. If we beat them at Hillsborough we will only need 4 more points than them from 4 games , they have s game in hand aswell home to Millwall so it's a very tall order however you look at it and then there's also all the other teams to overtake , we'll need a miracle really !
  13. Thought fox did ok but nobody can tell me pelupessy is a championship footballer , limited ability on the ball, always looks to play a short ball sideways or backwards , he never drives forward with the ball and lacks pace. I honestly think we could have plucked a midfielder out of the national League and he'd have been better than Joey.
  14. It's amazing really , only a few months ago a lot of people on here were saying get rid ( me included) , to many injuries and that is true but when you see what a good footballer the lad is well it makes you think again. Would he accept a 12 month contract ( to prove his fitness) and if he gets through the season without any more injury issues then offer him a longer one ?
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