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  1. Who did we get in the 5th round?
  2. They've gotta beat Tranmere yet
  3. Tbf , daveyboy is always slagging off fellow fans , everyone has an opinion whether u like it or not , mud slinging isn't needed but I suppose it's part of the mentality of this forum. Anyway WAWAW !
  4. Once you have been using this site for a while you will come to realise a lot of poster's are on the wind up , don't take it personally mate it's the Owlstalk way
  5. Btw how do you find out which sports channel certain matches are on ? Or is it always same ones for bt games ?
  6. If you have broadband then you automatically get the app free and able to use bt sports ,I'm assuming it's fibre broadband. Btw on the app the extra channel doesn't appear now , last night it did !
  7. I have bt broadband but don't pay for the sports package but as I understood if u have it as your internet provider u can get the app on your phone /tablet and on the app you will find the extra channel ......if not try mobdro or vip stand.
  8. I am sure if you have the app it is available on bt sport extra you don't need the ultimate channel.
  9. Yes you do but if you know someone who has it you could acquire their login details and watch it via the app.
  10. Game is on BT sports extra if you have the app like me you will be able to watch it and cast it , I have bt broadband but won't pay the extra fiver for sports but I can play it using the app so it's a no brainer.
  11. Even the rumour mill is silent this week , looking like the final week (or day) before we act and bring a few players in
  12. We did years ago yea, we used to get the side terrace at one time aswell , must have given us over 7000 back then, I'm sure we used to get over 5 thou behind the net but not now with ridiculous segregation rules and safety boll.ox!
  13. Do I really need to explain? For a start we have nothing upfront without Fletcher who is out until April at the earliest. A pi.ss poor midfield with no bite or boll.ox ( Luongo aside). A squad who over the last 2 seasons have proven they aren't good enough for top 6. And in Murphy and Reach haven't got a challenge in them. Anything else ?
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