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  1. Good prices for what ? Nobody knows what sort of team we will have out com August , we have been garbage for a good 18 months / 2 years , Chansiri doesn't have a clue what to do next, embargo , etc, etcI I wouldn't consider them good prices at all , they are what we have to pay to watch Wednesday next season and I for one won't be paying them I'm afraid. I find it unbelievable how many fans are just happy to continue forking out for season tickets in the state the club is in. Chansiri needs to sell up and when he does or a miracle occurs and we start progressing again then
  2. The fanbase to carry on accepting all the sh.it that is happening to our club due to one man and blindly going to games expecting us to compete without the correct tools to do the job. What will it take to turn our fans against this mad regime of Chansiri's?
  3. How hardly anyone saw he was out of his depth years ago baffles me , as soon as the second season play off failure had happened we were up sh.it creek and Chansiri has been making mistake after mistake with the running of our club ever since.
  4. Fkin Morecambe , unbelievable we are playing these next season ( if we are still able to play) , Fleetwood, Cheltenham , we have never faced these teams before in the league, there could be more ? I'm not relishing facing any of them because I know we will be embarrassed by them , we are turning into what Bolton were a few years ago. They had to start with the academy kids for a number of games as they had no senior players available, it's happening here and it's totally appalling.
  5. Any other club , someone would have removed or defaced that by now.
  6. It makes me wonder wtf made Moore come here , surely he must have known something about the going on's at the club under Chansiri before he came.The only sane reason I can think of is he was given a decent contract which made it worthwhile, maybe now he's thinking I can't wait to get out of this madhouse.
  7. Not the most exciting news is it ? Celtic in a behind closed doors training session in Wales
  8. I get what your saying and in previous seasons I've bn the same but just lately it really hasn't had the same appeal , how can it, when we know we are going nowhere with our little dictator at the helm!
  9. We must have took around 8k down that day it was mayhem , remember standing on that end behind the goal uncovered standing and a hot day , the pitch was bone dry cause I remember Mark Smith missing the penalty and the dust coming off the ground as he hit it. The result was a big anti climax for the thousands that travelled but we were promoted all the same as Chesterfield lost that day.
  10. We started that season off on fire , we were top until around November I think and then couldn't win a game for months , finished off well and got to fac semi against Brighton .......JC left and Wilko took over and the season after we were promoted.
  11. As a fanbase we are as soft as shybo , anywhere else there's demonstration's outside the ground against the owner, not Wednesday , we have a majority it seems who are willing to just put up with the Chansiri shitshow and suck it up. A proper demonstrations against Chansiri is needed , just needs organising properly but I think that ship has already sailed and IF we get off to a good start next season all will be forgotten again !
  12. We definitely need a new goalkeeper, Dawson and Wildsmith for me are not the answer.
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