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  1. The trouble fella is there are to many on here just happy to go along to the games, have a few pints, banter with mates etc but don't seem unduly concerned about where we are going as a club. You are correct there is very little info coming out of the club, the squad isn't good enough at present to finish top 6, we need a manager for sure and we need 3 or 4 players to fill in positions that have yet to be addressed, we also need to sell 3 or 4 aswell ie Winnall, Rhodes, Fox. We must be one of the most patient fan bases around, 20 years out of the top flight now but it's seems ok for Wednesday to be ambling about mid table for lots of people. Here's hoping we get the things I mentioned above before the transfer window shuts otherwise I see another tepid season treading water. WAWAW
  2. There might be something in this depends if it's true but if it is, it could be one reason Bruce has gone, we all know what DC is like , very stubborn and IF Bruce wanted João out to make way for another player he'll not have been happy.
  3. Strange we didn't announce the signing of Kieran Lee after the other 5 ? Club seems to have shut down today !
  4. Hughton or monk are the only ones I'd be happy with
  5. Why do people always stick together to stick the boot into someone who has a different opinion , like schoolyard bullies ....I can see your point and I for one have never trusted Chansiri with our football club , let's see who he puts in charge next , this is a big call for him now .
  6. If we could move out Winnall and Nuhui and bring in some pace and power upfront or maybe young premier loanee that would be a big bonus for me
  7. Is it a possibility that Bruce is not happy with the way things are progressing off the field ie DC over estimating players values, ffp still not sorted so not giving us a fair chance of a top 6 place and that could be why he's talking to Newcastle aswell as the crap about it being his dream job!
  8. No hate for Bullen , just don't want him as manager long term
  9. I doubt the question will be asked myself , has howson got the boll.ox?
  10. It's one thing seemingly that DC has got right , we will see , he was under pressure from a lot of the fan base before Bruce came in , was selling up infact. It's only July rubbish doesn't wash , it's 3 and a half weeks away till the first match at Reading and we remain under a soft embargo with no new players registered and no one sold ! How long before we find out what exactly our club is doing to get out this mess?
  11. What about this one with the S W from the badge either side of the Owl
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