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  1. Pm me for details if you are interested £10 on North
  2. Why have we stopped loaning any young players to other clubs, makes no sense , I know we have used half a dozen of them in the squad but apart from Thorniley and Penney the rest need games at proper standard as they are not up to it yet?
  3. Watto

    Neeskens Kebano

    Why you lot still talking about him ? He's off to turkey with his mate !
  4. Any idea how many have been sold?
  5. Watto

    Chelsea Away

    Can't even remember that , bloody ell , remember the 1-3 replay though
  6. Watto

    Fans Today

    The players were flat from the word go and?
  7. Watto

    Agnew on recruitment

    We have hardly any goals in us , surely a creative player is a must or at least a replacement for Onomah!
  8. We seem to have stopped loaning youngsters out and we don't bring in young loan premier League players either like most other championship teams do , why not?
  9. I agree it is a good move by Chansiri BUT let's wait and see before we go all out love for the man again , he's made some Terrible decisions in his 4 years here ,let's just hope now he's learned from these mistakes and we move forward in a much healthier state
  10. Villa will have had money to bring in those sorts of loans and will be seen as a more fashionable club ,not sure Wedneday have the same pull even with Bruce at the helm or will have the money to pay the loan wages
  11. Watto

    Hutch's salute....

    Would love to know the exact reasons Hutch, Westwood and Boyd were left out , something about not fully training or being available ? Or maybe they went against Luhukay's method's , either way , the player's seem to be being proven right
  12. Watto

    POTG ticket prices

    £30 max
  13. Watto

    All Those Staying Away.

    Ive got 2 spares for today's game so if anyone wants to go who says the prices are too high , well for £10 each you've no excuse . Pm me if interested