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  1. No chance unless we don't sell many more season tickets .....I'd love to know how many fans have asked for and got a refund
  2. It'll definitely be more than £20 , I think it'll be between £25 -£30
  3. This itself shows how bad things have got at our club , when we signed Rhodes, Fletcher and the lad from Barnsley , these 2 couldn't get a game and rightly so at the time , now we'd do anything to get em back
  4. 40 years without missing a game that is very commendable , so it's got to say something about the state of things if you alone aren't going anymore
  5. Yea think of the joy of watching Patterson and co away at Forest green etc , it'll be thrilling entertainment
  6. Combination of all 3 I'd have thought and the biggest factor for most will be CHANSIRI !
  7. Ok Blackburn but they were champions of England in the mid 90s and playing European football for a few years but historically not as big a club as Wednesday, you've only got to look at their crowds back in 70s and 80s before they had Jack Walker and spent their way to winning the league. Let's go back further we've won one trophy since 1935 , one bloody trophy, the league cup , it's a crying shame a club of this stature
  8. Only Sunderland and Forest are big clubs from that list , Forest finished in the top 8-10 regularly in the championship didn't they? And Sunderland have been in the premier League in that time
  9. I've said this a few times before and what wednesdayites need to realise is we are the biggest underachieving football club ( for so called big clubs ) in the last 21 years we have achieved nothing apart from be relegated 4 times ( inc. this year ) get promoted twice from league one ( nowt to be proud of for a club this size ) and we've only managed to finish in the top 6 of the championship twice ......in all that time name another big club who has been as bad as us ? Or not won anything / been in a final ?
  10. Question : Why will it not be Moore's fault , more than it was Monk's , Pulis or Thompson's ........ the fault lay's with Chansiri and the hopeless squad he has helped assemble but please don't assume that Moore will be any better than the others
  11. I don't remember Monk ever criticising the players in public
  12. I've heard him twice now after the games and he sounded the same both times , not overly concerned , all the usual football sound bites , if he doesn't realise now there's a huge problem here he might as well go back to Donny
  13. How totally predictable 3-0 now , at 1-0 with 10 men we might aswell have declared and given them the points . I've never seen such a group of losers than our lot. Darren Moore must be wondering what the hell he's let himself in for
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