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  1. Think about it ? Dawson is rested (apparently) so Westwood becomes second choice
  2. No Westwood on bench ......why doesn't Joss stop talking rounduns and just tell the truth that he's been ousted for a reason that was s being kept very quiet
  3. So Wildsmith starts tonight, so with Westwood seemingly 3rd choice you'd expect him to be on the bench ? Interesting if he isnt.
  4. Watto

    I just go

    Have never understood this logic myself. I have a season ticket but I do sometimes miss the odd game at home if I'm not happy with the performance of the team. It actually annoys me when people don't moan at anything the club does , I suppose it's how we are as people as to how we support the club , I'm far to passionate to let things just go and take any old Shi te!
  5. He had no bloody choice on that matter
  6. It is with our manager's yes Other clubs manager's in our area are actually worth listening to , JL could send a glass eye to sleep
  7. Why do people say they like Joss? He seems to lack any charisma and is doing an ok job so far. I want him to do well but something tells me he won't , just get that feeling
  8. Of course it is , it's the massive let down from being so close to where we find ourselves now that has upset the fans and the fact that we've been so badly run it's almost unbelievable!
  9. Watto

    #SWFC Community Work

    It seems people like Neil and many others have a better idea than the club itself does to bring in extra revenue , a very sad state of affairs
  10. His English is poor and you would have that he would be trying to learn the language for obvious reasons. I don't know how he comes across in the dressing room but if his interviews are any indication it might have a few players scratching their heads
  11. Jones is definitely as good as pelupessey and Boyd is better than Fox so to not have them in the squad is bloody stupid
  12. Watto

    Another pathetic manager

    I think Joss is just happy to be working again at a decent level after 18 months unemployed. I'd like to know who decided he was the man for this job ? I just do not think he has what it takes to be successful in the championship regardless of our off field problems BUT i hope to be proven wrong
  13. My god you have to patient as a wednesdayite! I've noticed,especially the last couple of seasons that we aren't quick at giving any info to the fans. This one about positive news coming soon , I wonder, maybe it's just a bit of spin from Chansiri.
  14. Watto

    Another pathetic manager

    I agree but we don't run this football club !