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  1. As long as theirs an incentive for the club's to receive a bonus for getting through rounds it'll remain, Carabao is sponsoring it now , if it had no sponsorship then it might disappear but I do agree with you it has no appeal for the teams in the premier and championship.
  2. I know said we'd won but on penalties after drawing 0-0 in 90 mins
  3. We've won 2 and drawn 1 , technically the win at Walsall was on penalties .....but we have played very well tonight and my optimism has grown after this and Cardiff
  4. I suppose clubs like Rochdale will need every penny they can get at the moment but I see what your saying about it normally being a tenner if it was attended normally , also with teams not taking it as serious as they once did , that's another reason for fans not wanting to pay a tenner
  5. There aren't many clubs like ours that have had early bird season tickets , so for the vast majority I would have thought they'll be paying £10 a match and they won't have got s season ticket yet because of the covid situation, I think we are in a minority . It's up Wednesday to sort some fair package out for people with season tickets but of course tomorrow is the first match and the only way you can watch legally is via ifollow at £10 , the club have been silent , which is no surprise to me.
  6. Just the way football is today, I don't like it either but then there's lots about the game I don't like anymore.
  7. Yes and no , looks like the EFL have made the rules for the club's on this. Doesn't seem fair to me who having already paid for my season ticket , I'm only getting home and away midweek games for free at a value of £10 a match
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