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  1. Sad that , I would honestly have thought though for the derby, fans would have made the effort even if it's their first match of the season.
  2. The reason the potg prices are so high is simply because DC is scared of losing season ticket holders if he lowers them. If through the season these potg prices are changed for sky TV games, midweek one's etc , I as a season ticket holder wouldn't have a problem with this. We need to have more £20 offers and definitely need to reduce prices when we are live on TV , until DC does this regularly , I don't think walk ups will increase.
  3. Should have booked day off if they were that bothered about going , surely?
  4. Yes because of the first leg at Old Trafford when loads of Wednesdayite's were attacked after the game
  5. If the tickets weren't so expensive especially as it's on TV and a night game then we'd probably be able to have sold upper West to Wednesdayite's and give them the lower !
  6. We never get upper at lane .....I understand what you are saying but sod United , it will only spur their players on if we gave them a bigger following .....we need to make it as hostile as possible for Wilder and his piglets
  7. We only ever won once at saltergate , 3-1 , think it was 04-05 season when we got promoted , it was never a good ground for Wedneday that one
  8. Yes we did , boxing day , we were 2-0 up , then 3-2 down before equalising late on
  9. When did Alan Crawford play for us? Thought we were in stripes ?
  10. Yes worked with an Arsenal fan from Rotherham who all of a sudden becomes a mighty miller when they got back in the championship in the naughties!
  11. I travel through Wickersley regularly looks a nice place to live and I've always lived in Sheffield . Anyway apart from all the above , why is it again that HATE Wednesday soooo much ?
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