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  1. He's playing in the under 23's Neil? We can only judge him against Championship opposition
  2. No chance With the way Joss is protecting players he'll be about a month away
  3. Tbh before the last 2 games I bought into what Jos was trying to do with a very limited team at his disposal ,since then he seems to have done his best to not win either game after the top performance against Derby with his team selection. If we go on to lose the next 2 then surely even you might start asking questions ( or maybe the club can never do any wrong in your eyes) ?
  4. Der? Probably less than 6 weeks I'd have thought Btw , your such a contasending fella aren't ya?
  5. Why has it took Jos around 6 weeks to realise this now ? Or is he now only making it public?
  6. Why not set the rule before the season starts? Why on the Thursday after?
  7. Wtf was the dynamic anyway? He always used that chuffing word
  8. Sorry grammar queen ! I shall endeavour to do better next time
  9. Because they are asking the questions ( or trying to) that we as fans want to know and getting crap answers from manager's that come across as not understanding the question or talking in foo.kin riddles and it's reight annoying
  10. That we will never know , I tried asking at the time and everyone on here said he wanted look at what we had , players would be back from injury and we weren't going down so t didn't matter ......ermm
  11. But you have a problem with Carlos anyway! So any excuse you'll have a go I wanted him gone aswell but I'm not naive to believe he completely stopped giving a crap about the players fitness
  12. Rate jos so far?

    How has he steadied the ship exactly ? One league win since he arrived , 8 points from safety .....that isn't steadying the ship!
  13. Resting players

    You'll find the foreign coaches are fans of the squad rotation rather than the homegrown ones