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  1. home tickets

    Trouble is our players are not top players , earners yes and that's where Chansiri has royally f...ed up , no young premier league loanees like most clubs, no young players full stop,just experienced championship players some past their best( Loovens, Fletcher, Wallace , Rhodes) !
  2. Season Ticket Renewal

    £555 On North this season with early bird
  3. Season Ticket Renewal

    The cost of watching Wednesday is simply to much for the product currently on offer , regardless of whether you are season ticket holder or not! I've had one for the last 5 years and before that would pay on the gate(when it was affordable and not a pis.take like now). How expensive does a season ticket cost before people turn round and say enough is enough ? We are going sideways as a club instead of forward , the owner needs to have a different plan to which he has at present which seems to be fleece the fans for every penny he can get, how come Wolves spent wisely and sit top of the league without charging their fans top wack for ticket prices ? Disillusioned
  4. It's awful?

    I agree about Rhodes , very very overrated , had a great chance tonight with that header and with him being so prolific he should score , trouble is he's not is he! Easily knocked of the ball, seems to run around a lot without doing a great deal , all this about he dunt get the service , garbage, it's an excuse , is it 7 goals in 36 now ? That 8-10 Mill price tag is weighing heavy
  5. Great Point

    We were bobbar , got a point fair enough but the performance was poor
  6. Bored

    I'm bored aswell pal but I will always check the score out while we are playing if I'm not there have done all my life, you can't be a Wednesdayite if your just not interested any more?
  7. But saying the same things week in week out , his interviews could last a fraction of the time they should do , he just says the same things goes into great detail about things that should be said in a few minutes
  8. Absolutely bang on , fed up of Carlos's drivel, it's mind numbingly boring , I like the bloke but my god he could put a glass eye to sleep
  9. You do when he says the same half dozen things at EVERY press conference !
  10. Hillsborough in the snow!

    It was the 1978/79 season I think remember it being chosen for the Yorkshire television game shown on Sunday dinner time ,could have been 77/78 , it was rare to get a good win in those seasons
  11. Even so it's not something you'd sing in public in this day and age whether you were racist or not !
  12. Stars In Stripes.... 80's Pt1

    Great read Backpass if your of a certain age ,as mentioned it's a retro mag with stories and articles from the 60s 70s and 80s mainly
  13. Is Sammy still around and in the Hackenthorpe area does anyone know? Great times back then like many have said even though it was a god awful time on the pitch, went to a few away games with Hogs Head pub back then , I'd be about 15 when I first met Sam, was a legend back in those days
  14. Thanks pal you well put , just what I meant