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  1. The Ipswich kit from last season is definitely one of the worst.
  2. Got a soft spot for Wycombe and want them to do well (except when we play against them).
  3. Well if you're gonna turn out to be Nostradamus, could you predict us signing Messi please?
  4. I'll be very surprised if we sign Hector. I fully expect us to find a new CB elsewhere, sadly...
  5. So when the plane does fly over Hillsborough tomorrow, how about a nice chant of "7 grand, to St. Luke's Hospice, 7 grand to St. Luke's Hospice"?
  6. 2020 - promotion 2030 - Champions League glory You read it here first...
  7. Steve, stop sitting on the fence - would you love to bring Hector back or not?
  8. Reach vs Leeds. Bonkers goal, that...
  9. Ahhh, Simek's goal at Millwall... What a day that was. Me and friend were both individually delayed and ended up missing the first 30 minutes. Just got in to see Lucas mess up his knee whereby the Millwall fans showed their class by singing "let him die". Bully goes in goal, second half he flaps at a corner - Millwall score. I had no complaints about awarding the goal, but thankfully the ref saw it differently. Next thing, we are down the other end and Simek scores. Millwall fans go apoplectic, chucking all manner of things on the pitch. After the game, we're kept in the "cage" until every last home fan has gone and then have a police escort to take us all to Euston... but I live in south London so have to sneak out via a break in the police line. Good times. Still voted for Nilsson though....
  10. Mine was Fessi's goal, but I guess a hug between manager and player is in the same league...
  11. We forgot to put the order in on time so next season our players will be playing in vests and pants.
  12. Fulham and Huddersfield came out of nowhere to mount a challenge too. Anything is possible in this league. So QPR to run away with the title next season then?
  13. The scapegoating of Fox is getting tiresome now. He did fine yesterday.
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