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  1. Goal of the Season Competition

    Nuhiu v Preston for me - great skill, aesthetically perfect, spot on camera angle to fully capture its beauty and it came from such an unexpected source. I could watch it over and over again. OK, it wasn't against the best opposition nor was it a significantly important goal, but for me that's not important. Not just goal of the season, it's one of the goals of the decade...
  2. Thankfully he is better at football than he is at spelling... "Honored"? "Program"? "#awaw"? Dreadful...
  3. Safe standing petition

    Signed. I hate sitting at football, but I hate obscuring someone's view more. Let's have the best of both worlds...
  4. The Battle for 16th Place

    Hutch is playing for Millwall, the traitor...
  5. He's one of our few saleable assets - not too old, not going to be on high wages and if he can shift the injury there would be suitors for him (unlike a lot of our squad). Given we're unlikely to want to part with Fessi, I can see Winnall being sold to help balance the books.
  6. Exactly. QPR players took their foot off the peddle as they knew the game was won. At times, it felt like a training game. I'm pleased we didn't completely capitulate and salvaged some small pride in the end, but in the context of the match our improved second half performance meant bugger all.
  7. Wildsmith

    Wildsmith does need to cut out the errors if he's to make it as a top class keeper. Maybe dropping him will help motivate him to up his game.
  8. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    I wanted to leave after the first 15 minutes, but at least we didn't capitulate I suppose. I really hate losing to poor teams, but when you play like we did you don't deserve anything from the game. At least it wasn't as bad as the Millwall match (performance wise)...
  9. Joey Barton

    Utter cretin who can think himself lucky he's not behind bars.
  10. Short-sighted decision by the powers that be. It is used elsewhere across the globe and there is clearly a demand for it. Better to have a designated safe standing area than what we have currently.
  11. Will there be a time...

    I expect e-sport events to be in the Olympics within the next 30 years. For younger generations it'll seem like a natural evolution of sport, even if many will be baffled by it all...
  12. Have they fixed the issue with the online store looking 5 years out of date and having nothing worth buying as well?
  13. Sit? I get my tickets for row ZZ in the Kop so I can stand like a Real Supporter™.
  14. Sunderland tho..

    April 2000. Two late Kevin Phillips goals see us lose 2-0 to at home to Sunderland - one of my lowest points of being a Wednesday fan. I'd foolishly let myself believe we might stay up after back-to-back wins but that result brought me crashing back to earth. I trashed my room in frustration. It feels nice, all these years later, to return the favour. Enjoy League One...
  15. We were never going down, despite the what the hysterical types on here have been saying. Let's just enjoy the last few matches and cheer on Nuhui's late bid to win this season's Golden Boot...