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  1. Think of their human rights - doesn't the UN forbid cruel and unusual punishment?
  2. And if plenty of lower league clubs do indeed go to the wall there will be more players looking to sign for fewer clubs which will result in lower wages all round. The PFA need to look at the bigger picture here...
  3. It wasn't FFP - they went into administration. Again. And now look where they are.
  4. Bournemouth will have the parachute payments and £40m from Man City for Aké. That, with their track record of overspending in this division, means they will have a massive financial advantage over most of this league.
  5. Get 'em published ASAP so the EFL will have even less reason to listen to Charlton's lawyers. "We'd love to listen to your case, but *taps folder* the fixtures are already set. Sorry."
  6. We should be able to make reasonably good loan signings but I can't see us making many permanent signings (well certainly not ones of the required quality anyway)...
  7. Anyone who thinks he should stay needs to give their head a wobble. He is incompetent and is destroying this club. You wait years for a rich owner to take over and when it happens we spend a fortune, go backwards and start a new season on -12. Typical Wednesday.
  8. Fair enough. I just look at the current badge and think: not my club. Sure the current one is traditional, but by Jove, it looks so dated...
  9. Infinitely better with this badge.
  10. The current badge is bad on every conceivable level. I cringe every time I see it...
  11. Home kit is decent. Slap the proper badge on it and it would be damn near flawless.
  12. We didn't win a home game after the restart... and there was no atmosphere at all, negative or otherwise!
  13. Spoilt for choice, so I'll just plump for Brentford away...
  14. If anyone offers decent money for either, we must accept it. Chansiri needs to understand accepting decent bids for our players is essential if we are to balance the books. No-one is indispensable.
  15. A day out at Wembley and a terrible club badge. Oh, and £43 a ticket to watch Bristol City.
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