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  1. I don't even watch Match Of The Day anymore. Can't ever imagine a day where I'd choose to watch another team when Wednesday are on TV...
  2. Onge

    Away games, a closed shop?

    Whilst it was not a glamour tie, Reading away did go to general sale before selling out. Some away games are still achievable if you don't have a season ticket...
  3. Talking from experience?
  4. Can you name an Owls team made up of players whose surnames are also words in the dictionary (can you tell I've had a dull day)? Here's my less than stellar effort: GK: Grant LB: Brunt DF: Walker DF: Purse RB: Hunt LW: Blinker MF: Lines MF: Coke RW: Waddle FW: Booth FW: Bright Manager: Pleat You might find this link will come in handy: List of Sheffield Wednesday players
  5. Londoner with no ties to Sheffield. Palace are my local team, dad is a Chelsea fan (but is anything but passionate). Was never encouraged to like football as a kid. Watched the '93 FA Cup Final as a naive 10 year old with no understanding of the game or geography and decided to make it more interesting I wanted the blue and white team to win. And here I am 25 years later, wondering what it could have been had I chosen the other team...
  6. Onge

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    Of course, but that's what makes it so sad. Basically each season, every club has the chance to win the league/promotion and win one of the two cups. 3 trophies up for grabs each season. That's what glory is all about - winning something! Now money is everything and trophies just ain't that important, what's the point of the sport? Is 17th in the Premier League really something to desperately aspire to? For chairmen it is, but the really sad thing is fans are starting to think the same. The FA Cup is the greatest club cup in the world and yet it's been completely disrespected over the years. It's really sad, but until people stop buying their Sky subscriptions this won't ever change.
  7. Onge

    Revenue Generation

    The sun hasn't shone on Hillsborough for about 2 decades. We'd be the first company ever to lose money on the bloody things...
  8. Don't be silly - 20 years ago João would have still been in nappies.
  9. Casual wear, scarves, hats... The usual stuff. These days I just eBay that kind of thing...
  10. I said I wanted more merchandise like that. The retro shirts are great (I've got one), but I'd like more.
  11. Not likely to be well received, but more retro merchandise with the old crest on it. Before we changed to the current crest, there were some retro scarfs with it on them so it wouldn't be unprecedented.
  12. Onge

    Wednesday In One Word

  13. Does Jos have a mental block when picking a team against Millwall? This does not look like a strong line up...