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  1. 1) Lloyd Owusu 2) For his first touch
  2. We'd only spunk any extra revenue into the pockets of players and agents anyway. Football needs less money ruining the sport, not more cash for the lower leagues...
  3. Onge

    Next Friday night

    Or, knowing how mental this league is, we could go there and get a surprise result. No, I don't see it happening either but you never know...
  4. Onge


    Thing is, he can't even do the basics right - our terrible new badge and the two worst kits in our history show he doesn't really get what an identity means to a club's fans - or he doesn't care. Focus on the important things, not putting your stamp on (aka ruining) the club's brand...
  5. Onge


    If people want Megson, why not throw Joe Kinnear, Alan Curbishley, Peter Reid and other has-beens into the mix. Some people need to realise it's not 2002 any more...
  6. Absolutely turd of a ref yet again tonight. The very worst kind - extremely fussy but extremely inconsistent. But let's be honest, our defending was the reason we lost today.
  7. Onge

    QPR Restricted View

    A few years? That was about 15 years ago!
  8. Onge

    That Referee

    Fair enough (I didn't bring it up though!)
  9. Onge

    That Referee

    That was one of the worst refereeing decisions I've ever seen. I'm still mad about it all these years later!
  10. Onge

    World cup bid 2030

    It was going to be renovated for the bid and obviously that didn't happen. If the World Cup is to be shared across the British Isles far fewer English stadia will be needed. There's no chance Hillsborough would make the grade...
  11. Onge

    Outside View

    Ain't no doubt.
  12. Onge

    Time Wasting

    I think it's a good idea. We need a radical change to stop this nonsense. At least trial it somewhere first. Once the time wasting has been dealt with, can we then move onto the diving and play acting please. Those are the two biggest cancers of the modern game (apart from all the money that is, and that'll never change sadly)...
  13. Very fortunate to get a point tonight... but Reach's goal deserved to win any game. Got some tough games coming up - next 4 games will shape our season (I expect more inconsistency).
  14. Both were specatular and beautiful, but which goal do you prefer?