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  1. Onge

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    I've been a member for at least a decade (and I get one for my wife so I can get two tickets) primarily for away tickets but frankly it stopped being value for money when it went up to £50. Probably won't stop me continuing, but I definitely don't get much for my money...
  2. Couldn't agree more about the badge - it's hideous. I too refuse to buy anything with the badge on. For me, it's a 5/10 kit. Loses points for not being striped on the back, the socks, the gold lettering... but mostly it loses points because of the badge.
  3. Onge

    New Kit video

    Reminds me of our 99-00 Premier League relegation kit. These things go in cycles, so this will be our Premier League return kit! #believe
  4. I don't give a fig about making commentators lives easier! The solid backs came into fashion in the 90s/00s - commentators coped fine before then. A decent shirt has stripes on both sides...
  5. Gah! I had hoped the rubbish half stripes/half solid blue fad had been left in the noughties where it belongs. But other than that (and the "wrong" badge) it's a decent effort. Black shorts - lovely! Shiny looking material too! It's not perfect, but it's infinitely better than the last two season's monstrosities...
  6. The Portuguese league is "a higher level"? Don't make me laugh...
  7. Onge

    Best free kick

    Yeah, most people haven't bothered to read the question.
  8. Onge

    Weirdest Wednesday goals

    I was there and still didn't understand what was going on! As you can imagine, the Millwall fans took it all with with grace and humour...
  9. How depressing to think that we will never again put a run like that together against teams of such calibre, nor see such talented players in the blue and white. Still, better to have loved and lost and all that...
  10. Onge

    If you HAD to choose...

    66?! Surely they printed his score upside down?
  11. Onge

    Tribal Owls T-shirt

    Awesome design, better than anything in the club shop (primarily because it uses the proper badge!). There are websites that allow you to make some t-shirts fairly cheap these days. Go on, do it - I'd buy one!
  12. Onge

    Paul Carrick

    Have to agree with the top man bit, even though I've never met him. My best friend was a big fan and battled with cancer from the age of 11. My friend went to a concert of his and Paul treated him like a king - he let him go backstage and get loads of things signed, nothing was too much trouble. When my friend passed away he even wrote to the family to offer his condolences. I'll always have maximum respect for him.
  13. Onge

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Not only did the defender not see red, the ref didn't even give a foul! Don't remember a lot else about the player except for some reason he was given the number 8 squad number. Frankly we should retire it as noone will ever be fit to wear Waddle's number...
  14. Exactly. Then you plan which games you want to go to months in advance only for Sky to move the game and ruin your best laid plans...
  15. We weren't that great in '98 to be honest. We did at least give Argentina a good game...