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  1. I don't think it's healthy to worry about who in the media likes or dislikes us. It doesn't affect my team or my support for them so ultimately, why does it matter anyway?
  2. I've got a tenner on him to be the next manager at 10/1... and I still don't want him to be appointed!
  3. Ref has been dreadful but in fairness we've had some dodgy decisions out of him (soft penalty, Bannan could have seen red). Need a second goal to calm some nerves.
  4. I'd just follow England, but with a gaping Wednesday shaped void in my heart that could never be filled (as a Londoner following an AFC Wednesday style club wouldn't really work)...
  5. Never knew the stand had Dunsbyowl written on the side. You learn something new everyday...
  6. Yep - they don't let you cast to your TV, which renders the app pretty useless if you ask me...
  7. I still haven't warmed to the current badge... mostly because it is so damn ugly. But chuck the previous one on some merchandise and I'll happily part with my dosh. Changing the badge is by far and away Chansiri's biggest mistake as chairman...
  8. Yes, yes, but we normally drop points against these sorts of teams! Strap yourself in - we're heading for the moooooooon!
  9. Last summer it was rumoured he was going to leave to go and play in Greece, but his wage demands saw the move fall through. At the time I was disappointed - I felt we could do with him off the wage bill as he wasn't really featuring in the first team. He's completely proved me wrong - he is a vital part of the team who always gives 100%. Hopefully he can have a great season...
  10. He looked iffy last week, but thought he was excellent today (although I only saw the second half). Hopefully he can build upon that and start to show us what he's made of...
  11. Well that's cleared that one up then...
  12. Mine was a couple of weeks earlier. :)
  13. We were top under Irvine in League One going into September - I remember because we were top on my wedding day. I had a dream whilst on honeymoon that when we returned home, we had fallen to 15th in the league. When I got home... we were 15th! Typical Wednesday!
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