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  1. I'm still seething about that decision! The most blatant foul you could see, as last man, Sougou dislocated his shoulder and not even a free-kick!!!! Some of the refs we've had over the years eh?! Lotfus Road is a dump, the view is woeful and we rarely get a result there. But I'm still going on Friday...
  2. Speak for yourself - I've got tickets! I hope to see a reaction - even if it is from a lot of fringe players who won't be first choice against Wigan.
  3. MOTM goes to the scoreboard operator at ifollow who didn't realise teams switch ends after half-time and for 5 minutes had the score as 1-3 after Blackburn scored their fourth goal...
  4. Ref indicated it was a stamp - from the relay it was never in a million years a stamp. Not convinced it even warranted a yellow card. I guess having a player wrongly sent off in a game where we don't turn up is the best game to get it. Not as if it changed the game - we were useless from minute one.
  5. Nice idea. Can see EPL deducting 20 points from us for doing it though...
  6. When you're lying on your death bed and reflecting on a lifetime of following your team, you won't be thinking about those seasons where we sacrificed a cup run to avoid relegation. No-one will be thinking "that season we finished 17th in the Premier League - good times!" Despite what happened afterwards, I bet Portsmouth and Wigan fans wouldn't give up their cup wins for anything. And thank God that Big Ron didn't have the "cup is a distraction" mentality in 91. Seriously, anyone who doesn't dream of us one day winning a cup - why are you a football fan art all? It's only the hope that one day we might win something (no matter how deluded that hope is) that keeps me going. And we'll never win anything if we just play our reserves in every cup match...
  7. But jellyfish can sting and then you need someone to urinate on you to numb the pain. That could work for us!
  8. Didn't he train with Newport in the summer? I suspect he'd still want quite a hefty salary...
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