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  1. One?! We're owed about three Champions Leagues by my reckoning...
  2. He's been a very disappointing signing. He had a reputation for being full of running but I've never seen that in a Wednesday shirt. Whenever he plays, I don't see what he brings to the team. Can't see him signing for another club at this level when he leaves us...
  3. Missus wouldn't even let me call our cat Wednesday, so I was never gonna get away with calling our daughter that. It was her name whilst she was in the womb though - that's got to count for something...
  4. Proper stripes front and back, a proper badge and no sponsor. It's a yes from me.
  5. On the way home from the Den. It was a poor game and 0-0 was a fair result. Think it's clear Joey and Hutch can't play in the same side but at least Bruce corrected that at half time and we were better in the second 45. Shame we didn't get to see any of the deadline day signings - think a bit of pace might have helped.
  6. As long as we play a striker this time, I don't mind too much who gets picked...
  7. Anyone who thinks we can make the play offs this season has been sniffing too many marker pens...
  8. Timeless? I think it looks hideously dated - it was a 1950s reject after all, but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you're going to get a new badge it should feel at home in the 21st century - like West Ham, Juve and even the Premier League have done recently. It's about branding and it need to work across various media (especially on digital screens). When you factor in those things, the current badge is a massive step backwards from what we had before - it simply isn't versatile enough. So putting personal taste aside, the current badge commercially will do us no favours in my view...
  9. The old crest would win the best crest in world football... #bringbacktheoldbadge
  10. Exactly. A lot of people are making a mountain out of a molehill on this one.
  11. In real time, I didn't think ours was and I did think theirs was. VAR confirmed my first impressions. It's just so typical that any other season in history we'd have got the decision - and away at Chelsea of all places - but as is the Wednesday way the footballing gods urinated on our bonfire. Not that it would have made a difference - we weren't at the races today - but at least the fans could have had something to cheer about...
  12. 20% off now, but you'll get it back when we're promoted...
  13. Palace away and Charlton away (cup) in the mid-nineties. I was barely a teenager so kept very quiet. Not that I had much to cheer about - we lost both matches. Both horrible experiences. Vowed never to sit with the wrong fans again.
  14. Video was good until it said "your badge" and then showed that rubbish imposter! #gettheoldbadgeback But having seen what other (even non-league) clubs do on social, it's nice to see SWFC doing something half decent in this space for once...
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