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  1. And that's BINGO! They'll be offering places in the starting XI to anyone who turns up with boots before long...
  2. Might be quicker to just list the players that aren't injured and are ready for 90 minutes on Saturday. So: Wildsmith Dawson
  3. OK let it begin

    I don't mind him trying out new things, but not playing with any strikers when we had 2 on the bench is lunacy. If he wanted to rest them why not start with Big Dave and then take him off for João? Wallace is not a striker - one time we found a bit of space, he went wide to overlap rather than through the middle. It was amateur to watch (and I'm yet to see what Boyd brings to the team - I thought he had an engine on him but he was very lethargic today). Jos still has my support, but let's not pretend he is above criticism...
  4. I agree. I used my Oyster Card - it costs me £2000 a year. I await your cheque Mr Chansiri...
  5. It really didn't - we were absolutely dire tonight against a very average Millwall team. The scoreline flattered us today. We had absolutely no outlet which is no surprise as we had no sodding strikers. If you could win a game passing sideways and backwards and then surrendering possession we'd be world beaters. I was hoping that we'd make changes at half time as the tactics were clearly failing (yes we were winning but that was our only shot on target all game) but we waited too long to do anything. One of the worst performances I've seen in years. Quality goal though...
  6. Stripes next

    I haven't bought a shirt in years, and I loathe the new badge so don't want any related merchandise with that hideous crest on it, but if we do indeed go back to stripes I will 100% buy next season's shirt to send the message to Chansiri never to give us stripe-less shirts again!
  7. Katiren Meire

    Let's hope she can bring us back our stripes! ;)
  8. Millwall ticket news

    We were kept behind in the walkway "cage" until all home fans had dispersed. Then the police escorted us all the way to King's Cross, which was a problem as I live in South London. I managed to sneak through the cordon at London Bridge to get home. So whilst I didn't see any trouble that day, maybe they want the game on a midweek just so they can keep their police costs down as fewer fans will attend.
  9. Of all our injured players, Westy is the last one I'd choose to recover quickest. He's a quality keeper, but we're not really missing him at the moment and would much rather our outfield players return to the team sooner rather than later...
  10. SWFC Acrylic on Canvas

    I reckon it's the wrong badge...
  11. Typical carlos match!

    Was thinking the same. Very definition of a bore draw.
  12. Reasons for optimism One defeat since Jos took over Some key players coming back from injury in the coming weeks (hopefully!) It's in our hands as we still have to play Bolton, Hull, Sunderland and Reading who are all below us We need 5 teams to overtake us - we have a 6 point gap to the drop zone, with better goal difference than most around us The bookies have at us an average of 15/1 to go down Reasons to worry Crippling injury crisis 1 win in 15 Only three teams have scored fewer goals per game than us Jos is inexperienced in this league and country Complete lack of attacking threat posed by the team for many months So are those who think we'll be fine burying their heads in the sand? Are those who are convinced we're going down just being drama queens?