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  1. I was fond of Gray and disagreed with his sacking, but he didn't rate Antonio so he wasn't perfect!
  2. We're bigger than Everton and Southampton?! Getouttahere...
  3. The Stockholm Syndrome is strong with some of you that's for sure. How can anyone have faith in this team away at a promotion chasing team who will be fielding an ex-striker in hot form? Have you not been paying attention these last 12 months?! 3-0 Reading. (Hoping this post ages badly )
  4. Oh I don't know... Being 2-0 up at half time and losing or conceding from our own corner in the 96th minute against 10 men might be a tiny bit more frustrating...
  5. The online shop has always been appalling. I'd go to Amazon/eBay before I go to our own site which commercially is an own goal for the club.
  6. Get it on our honours board! "Zero points won from losing positions - 20/21".
  7. From 2000 to 2005 I didn't see us win a match. In a 4-1 defeat at Wimbledon, a marshall joked that I over-celebrated our goal. I wise cracked that I didn't know when I'd see us score next so should enjoy the moment. It was 3.5 years before I saw us score again...
  8. Absolutely not. Anyone who still believes we have any chance is in denial.
  9. I can see why some outsiders might consider this move career suicide for Moore. We've seen these sorts of things before - like Coleman leaving the Wales job for Sunderland - and they rarely end well for the manager. But if Moore manages to turn our fortunes around, his stock will be sky high. If that happens (please do!) we shouldn't be surprised when he leaves us for a Premier League job. Boom or bust awaits for Moore I believe... knowing Wednesday, I fear the latter...
  10. I will say it though - the current badge is an embarrassing, hideous mess.
  11. I think that was worse than today. And losing 0-2 to Sunderland late in that season was worse still (for me anyway). But only because I was a teenager. 20 years of disappointment has hardened my resolve. I expected relegation from day 1 this season. I'm in a surprising accepting mood. There's only so much disappointment I can take before I have to detach myself emotionally from it all...
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