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  1. Onge

    Chelsea Away

    We lost to the Gills in Jan 2000 (so the following season).
  2. Onge

    Gary Hooper

    I had genuinely forgotten he existed. Would be nice to see him in the first team again, even if it's just a swansong.
  3. Surely Bruce would be our biggest managerial appointment since... Big Ron returned? We rarely go for (or can afford) big name managers. This is bound to be a joke right? We're actually after Stefan Bruch - an out of work German who has had some minor success in Maltese Leagues...
  4. Onge

    Kicking the back of your seat

    I normally sit on row ZZ on the Kop so I can stand as there's no-one behind me (I hate sitting at football matches). I can't see a thing, the roof obscures half of the big screen but at least I can stand (and I won't get kicked). I think you were overly patient. Next time have a word with the kid as well as the dad...
  5. 17th is still a play-off spot though, right? Right?!
  6. Currently the most read article on the BBC News website. #massive
  7. Onge

    All Wednesday DVD

    I'm pretty sure region locking is very rarely used these days, but unless your player can play PAL (it'll probably only support NTSC) you'll be out of luck...
  8. Onge

    We’re F*cked

    Funny that of all the things you can criticise Chansiri for, this is the one that grates me the most. Every time I see the badge I'm reminded that our club is simply his play thing where he just does whatever he chooses. It's an ugly, amateur looking imposter that I'll never accept. If a new owner comes in and changes it back, he'd instantly win a billion brownie points from me. I know it the great scheme of things it's a trivial thing, but boy does it bother me...
  9. Agreed. And that Villa one against us was awesome. Reach vs Leeds got my vote though.
  10. That's a relief. I can book a holiday for May now.
  11. Onge

    What I don’t get is....

    About time he earned his wages somehow. He probably snapped his wrist signing things anyway...
  12. I've felt worse - much worse - but that's only because I've become so detached from my club I'm struggling to care. I hate what Chansiri has done to this club and I simply don't trust him to make the right decisions. In the dark days of the 00s the hope that a rich chairman would come along and we'd be able to spend money kept me going. Now that's proved to be a false dawn I'm all out of hope. And worst of all, all I feel is apathy...
  13. Onge

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Chuck a Lily Allen track over it and you've got the John Lewis 2019 Christmas advert.
  14. Onge

    Next SWFC Manager

    No. No. No. Next?
  15. Onge

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    It'll be a rubbish draw as always... Not glamorous enough to get excited about, but it'll be against a team that will beat us comfortably. I'll predict away to Brighton.