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  1. I was at that game (I live in south London and my boss was a Palace fan) and I've no memory of Eddie Nolan either! It was an early kick-off on a Sunday I seem to remember... Took me an eternity to get home as well... What a depressing day that was...
  2. I think 19/20 will be voided and 20/21 will go the same way too (won't be enough time to play all the matches unless all cup competitions are scraped, including UEFA ones, and the money men won't let that happen)...
  3. Wimbledon away 1994 - Gordon Watson scored the only goal. Wasn't just my first away game, it was my first Owls game.
  4. One that perversely sticks in the mind is Fulham away a few years ago when we lost 4-0. We sung for 90 minutes despite being battered, made more noise than the home fans when they scored and bounced so much I genuinely worried if the stand would collapse. Felt strange having a good time despite the performance.
  5. And it only took a global pandemic/crisis!
  6. The players are so media trained that they'll still say the fans were incredible in the post match interviews for games that are played behind closed doors...
  7. I can see our game and Millwall's next game bring postponed.
  8. Wildsmith did well last night. He needs to cut his hair though...
  9. Iorfa. If Wildsmith had just got a stronger hand to the goal, it would have been him. We didn't disgrace ourselves, but we showed zero ambition.
  10. Go for City to score 4+ goals and for us to score zero.
  11. The pigeons. At least they turned up for 90 minutes.
  12. Big Dave's "assist" was brilliant! What a decoy... ahem...
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