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  1. Thirty years of being a Wednesday fan has made me immune to confidence. Cautiously optimistic is the best I can muster...
  2. Mine just cut off and I can't get it back again... Is it working for everyone else?
  3. I'm one of them. Great, great player who was a pleasure to meet, but I can't stand his politics...
  4. I don't get it either. Why would I want to pay to be in it? Why would I want to view a load of entries from people I don't know?
  5. Exactly this! I enjoy football in all its forms. I watch people having a kick about in the park. I've been to matches from non-league to internationals. I've watched women's football for years and the standard is improving all the time. There is no need to bash it at all. The matches in this tournament have been great to watch and England play some brilliant football. Looking forward to the final - it would be great for England to FINALLY win a tournament!
  6. To play on after THAT Clint Hill foul on Sougou remains to this day, and without a hint of exaggeration, the worst refereeing decision I've ever seen. That's about the only thing I remember about him though...
  7. Slap that badge on our new kit and you have a modern day classic...
  8. It's a wonder anyone bothers to bid for any of our players. We never sell anyone.
  9. Both excellent - and an outside sponsor for the first time since Chansiri took over! Only way you could improve on them is if they had the proper badge on them. Otherwise - damn near flawless...
  10. In 1999 we played in our new kit on the last day of the season. Can you imagine that in this day and age! Kits used to last 2 seasons as well - with the cost of living crisis it would be a nice gesture for Wednesday to revert back to that cycle, instead of trying to milk the fan base every 12 months...
  11. With inflation, by the time we return to the Premier League in 2047, £90 for a ticket will feel like a bargain...
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