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  1. Our lack of creativity is relentless. These turgid displays are so predictable - we don't even have 10 minute spells where we knock on the door. At least my insomnia is cured...
  2. Derby v Wycombe as well... That ends up a draw, we win! Good times! Who I am kidding...
  3. Obviously - why do you think we have a credible chance to sign him?
  4. And it'll get disallowed for no reason. Then we'll get another red card for dissent. Only 10 minutes on the clock...
  5. Can we have a decent game from one of our goalkeepers please? We're long overdue...
  6. Crossley in goal. He's lethal from corners in stoppage time. Bougherra couldn't be bothered to defend most of the time. Warhurst. Obviously.
  7. He'd have to score at least 5 goals to be the game of his life! I'd rather he saves that for the play-off final...
  8. Everyone will vote for the PL. Those who don't are either lying or on the wind up...
  9. No-one wants him to fail, but many fully expect him to...
  10. Which would you choose? 1. Eye cancer 2. Amputating your left foot 3. Removing your own appendix without anesthetic
  11. Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any worse...
  12. Manager should pick his staff. No point them staying, especially if they'll want to up and leave when Monk gets another job.
  13. The best refs let the game flow and they set that up in the first few minutes. Really pleased he kept it up all game. If all refs were like this the game would be a far better spectacle as the players wouldn't bother with so much gamesmanship as it wouldn't be as effective.
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