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  1. Two terrific kits. The only thing that would make them better would be the old badge!
  2. Points deduction Relegation If being a Wednesday fan has taught me anything, it's wild optimism...
  3. He walked out on Wigan and Palace after a few months - looks like history repeating itself. I wouldn't have him back if he leaves, but if he stays he'll have my support. No harm in hearing out another job offer... unless of course he accepts it!!
  4. Good work SWFC - I boycotted last season at the hefty price hike/tiered memberships but now that silliness has been fixed, I'll be purchasing again.
  5. He doesn't track back enough. It's a no from me.
  6. Indeed - I've never understood the Millwall midweek thing either... I've been to all the Millwall away matches since we departed the Premier League and I've not seen any trouble at all - even when sharing the train with their fans. It is an odd one. Hadn't twigged that QPR might be going the same way either... Again, if the reason is down to the behaviour of the supporters it's a mystery to me why. Unless a lot of Owls fans end up in the home end with these fixtures?
  7. New kits won't arrive until mid-September. At the earliest.
  8. The Ipswich kit from last season is definitely one of the worst.
  9. Got a soft spot for Wycombe and want them to do well (except when we play against them).
  10. Well if you're gonna turn out to be Nostradamus, could you predict us signing Messi please?
  11. I'll be very surprised if we sign Hector. I fully expect us to find a new CB elsewhere, sadly...
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