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  1. Exactly. No bloody bookie has any odds up for that yet... Come on already!
  2. This team selection has echoes of Jos. Baffling. Let's hope he knows what he's doing...
  3. Terrible signing - big wages and a poor attitude. At least we've learnt our lesson since then, eh...
  4. I couldn't follow any phoenix club... literally, given I live in London. I've always gone to our away games in the capital but a phoenix club would only play in the local area for many seasons so it wouldn't be feasible for me. Regardless, I'm an SWFC supporter. If they go, I will have a football club shaped void inside I'd take to my grave.
  5. We're on quite the roll of bad news after bad news... So, what will tomorrow have in store for us? Moore walks? New EFL charge? Hillsborough gets flooded again?
  6. Within 12 months he'd started ringing the alarm bells - sacking Gray, charging £39 a ticket vs Bristol City, giving us an abysmal club badge. The performances on the pitch let him get away with it though. The staggering catalogue of errors that have followed since though really shouldn't let him get away with anything any more... and yet here we are - with a minority still on the fence...
  7. I've never known things to be as bad as they are now. Even the HMRC winding up order seems like a pleasant memory compared to this.
  8. 19th position... I hope we finish next season as high as that...
  9. Forget next season - I fear the worst indefinitely...
  10. The best is still to come!!! (Who am I kidding)... I guess it'll have to be 2011/12, just for the ending...
  11. Definitely. I was Elev5 until fairly recently.
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