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Honest opinion - what would turn you into a regular?

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I've been with my wife for 20 years, married for 16, and I've been to every single home league game Wednesday have played in that time.

That's only because all us part timers have been taking it in turns to have a go on her when you're at the game.

You can thank us later.

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Guest Ferkorf

So it's cheaper go to away games than to Hillsborough? ^^

No obviously not with travel but without travel yes.

Its more value for money as I can't get to all games. So when the choice comes to go to an away game for a full day out with the mates and a new adventure or go to Hillsborough where the atmosphere has been shaft for years, ticket prices are now stupidly high and we have the same routine of pubs its a no brainer for me.

Ill be a season ticket holder again soon but like I just said I only get out once every 3 weeks if I'm lucky so I would pick an away day over Hillsborough everytime just for tge actual day out in general

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I drift in and out of my level of commitment with Wednesday dependent on whats happening in my life (new house, child, work), not how the team is doing. It infuriated me seeing some posts on facebook saying plastic fans don't deserve a ticket for this semi, or people who haven't been much in the last 2 seasons shouldn't get a ticket. Like they are the ticket police or something, people who love the club always love the club. 

I think any fan should get a chance at a ticket. What they should have been saying is (if they really wanted to be opinionated) was if some random who supports Newport County (for example) asks you to get them a ticket because they fancy going then you shouldn't, it should go to a true Wednesday fan.

Re my commitment in 2011-2012 I had a seat with some mates in corporate which was an investment even before the bi - weekly bar bill and taxi home. 2012-2016 I've been probably 5 times each season due to house, child, work and burning a chunk in 2011-12.


Next season I'll be made redundant, but I'll still turn out when I can.

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Living less than 4 hours away, having children that didn't go to school (can't get to midweek games in time after school), not having a business that takes so much of time.

If I lived half an hour away, I could and would go to every game but (and fair play to people who live further away than me and go every game) Friday is a good example. I left home at 12.30, got there just after 6 and got home at 2am. My eldest had to have a day off school sick, I had to close my business for the day and find a babysitter for my youngest as wife was away.

Unfortunately for so many of us, football becomes a luxury, either for time or money reasons. I wouldn't get to Hillsborough any more than I do now if it was free.

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I've seen a couple of full houses this season, of sorts.   Loved them.  Can't wait for Wembley and I know i'm tempting fate saying that, but it will be awesome, again.   I remember 91, 93 and then also Cardiff and I loved them all, but obviously 93 less (twice - my sister got married when we beat the blades so I missed that game!) 


I'm not into "I'm a better fan because I buy a season ticket etc" - I just genuinely want to know what would turn those floaters (be careful!) that turn up for big games, to change them into regular - if not 100%, but at least more often, regular attenders at Hillsborough?


People have tried these kinds of threads before, and they ALWAYS degenerate, so here is an attempt that is asking before hand to not turn into Truefanâ„¢ V Part timer and i'm a better fan than you etc.


Cost is obviously a factor, and lets be honest the play off game was cheap.   But other than cost, what else would tempt you back, or keep you away?


We are now a successful top side championship team, so some have now lost one reason.  Note I said reason, not excuse.    Lets keep this civil.

simple, its down to cost, i have blue blood but cant keep the pace with todays prices, its gone from a working class sport to a rich mans game

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Guest jackowl1867

I haven't been since 2009, I moved away, life changed, still follow the Owls on TV every weekend, haven't been on here in forever, I blame Lloydswfc, I would love to go again, distance is a huge factor plus ticket, hotel etc I do miss going loads, watching it Friday night I was I tears, I had goosebumps watching cauldron Hillsborough come alive.

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