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  1. Seems to always be full/wing backs for some reason. Johnson this season, Morgan Fox, Lewis Buxton. Even Palmer looked done at one point, though this was a few years in. Then suddenly got much better.
  2. Fair enough. I'm glad she reached out and his Wednesday friends can be in the loop.
  3. I'll see what announcement we get. If it is one open to the public so to speak, I'll let you know.
  4. Just found out that one of my colleagues, who happened to be a fellow Owl, has unexpectedly passed away. I know he travelled with the Rotherham Owls, catching the coach at Thrybergh. His name was Neil Monk if anyone knew him. Just thought I'd mention it in case any of the Rotherham owls knew him. He wasn't actually that local, living in the Castleford area these days, so it might take some time for the news to filter through. He was only in his late 30s, which makes it all the more tragic. RIP mate.
  5. What worries me about modern football is how poo the bottom end of the Premier League/top of the Championship is. This season Norwich and Watford only got 45 points between the two of them. But you know they'll be back in two seasons time. Last year none of the relegated teams got to 30 points. Yet Fulham thrashed the Championship at the first attempt. Season before Norwich went down on 21 points and again walked the Championship the next season. The bottom end of the Prem is full of bloody useless, uncompetitive teams but the parachute payments guarantee they'll just be back. Now don't get me wrong, when we went down in 2000, both us an Wimbledon only just broke 30 points. But the difference is, we never got close to getting back and neither did Wimbledon.
  6. He's not 80 for another 8 months so maybe a short term deal until January. Hips went at least 40 years ago though. Continued to play for some decent level non-league sides and messed those up pretty bad.
  7. My uncle was a very decent goalkeeper in the early 60s. Was offered a contract at Leeds. But this was back when there was a maximum wage for footballers and he turned it down because he was making more as a trainee mechanic at a coach company. I get that 60 years is a long time, but the difference between making less than the average wage to thousands of times more than it is am insane rate of inflation.
  8. There's a lot of money in football and players should be making a good chunk of it. They should be getting 50% of turnover as they are a big part of the reason that revenue comes in. But at most clubs they seem to be getting over 100% of the revenue and that is so far beyond sustainable it is ridiculous.
  9. Good shout. Ironically made his debut in replacing the aforementioned Uchechi part way through that weird League Cup game with Blackpool where it was 36 hours before a league game and Megson was just playing any warm bodies that wouldn't be needed for the league game.
  10. Not a good candidate for legendary status. Played far to many games. I want my legends to be like Latchman, Urby, Uchechi, Keller and the all time blueprint for a legend Amado.
  11. Really odd one. His views are clearly abhorrent but there will be some who argue he has the right to said views. I'm not saying you can force him to wear the shirt, if it goes against his personal morality (no matter how misguided his morality is). But his club can certainly chose not to let him play if he won't wear it. That too probably opens up a can of worms about his employment rights. But it's only like a coach freezing a player out until their contract runs out, it's not like he wouldn't be making a living whilst still under contract.
  12. Mandatory conclusion substitutes for any player who goes down with a head injury. Give the medical team five minutes to assess the player and either bring the player back on if they are fit or make the substitution permanent. If the player is okay, they still have to stay on for the full five minutes. Protects players with genuine head injuries and hopefully stops players putting it on to break up play. ------------ Mandatory time added on for certain events. Goals and subs add 30 seconds. Any injury adds at least a minute and then goes up by multiples of a minute. If a player is down for 70 seconds, that add two full minutes. ----------- Reinstate all FA Cup replays in every round and extra time in the league Cup. Sqauds are bigger than ever but teams constantly fighting for less and less playing time. ----------- Each squad must contain 3 homegrown players and 2 Under 21s.
  13. Hopefully about July next year. Never been a fan of changing every year and it seems even less fair in the current climate. Would love us to switch to an alternating 2 year cycle. Keep the away shirt as it is one of our best ever and just change the home kit is you must. Both are still full price so I'm not so sure it is guaranteed we'll change either.
  14. Thank god this has finally happened. Takes guts to be the first one (at least in 30 years) but hopefully this opens the floodgates. Statistically speaking, there must be hundreds of gay footballers in the professional game in this Britain alone and I hope more can feel comfortable to do the same. I honestly think football in general will be very supportive. I think that your average football fan is a lot more decent than some people like to pretend. There will be trolls I'm sure, but it should be pretty clear that only random twitter eggs have anything negative to say.
  15. Anyone remember the game away at Leicester where the two sets of fans were throwing them at each other, whilst lit. That was fun to be in the crowd with your seven year old daughter. They also stink to high heaven and are quite acrid if one is let off close to you. Imagine a whole stand of that.
  16. Not necessarily obscure teams/leagues but it is interesting how many England international players have spent time abroad in recent years. Abraham, Bellingham, Tomori all currently abroad whilst playing for England. Sancho and Trippier were the same until this season. This has been such a rarity over the years. The last time you had a decent numbers playing abroad was when British clubs were banned from Europe and most of them just went to Scotland. And there was also a handful in the early 90s playing in Italy. But for most of the PL era, all the England squad played in England. Think it says a lot about how few chances young English players get these days at top English clubs. Just kept in the reserves or loaned out for years until they decide to give it a go abroad. Only Bellingham seems to have gone abroad entirely by choice, the rest have, to some extent, failed to get the game time they wanted in England, at least at one point.
  17. The current kits are still being sold at full price so we may well be finally using the kits for more than one season. Potential good bit of PR if we do given the current cost of living situation and a great away kit to boot.
  18. Didn't Palmer re-sign earlier in the season? Or am I just imagining that?
  19. The original Wimbledon came from non-league to reach the top tier. As did Wigan. The phoenix Wimbledon came out of deep in non-league and made it back to sit shoulder to shoulder with MK for years now. Several other phoenix clubs are also on their way back up. It can be done, and done properly. A lack of focus or direction is no excuse whatsoever to steal another club's very existence. That will never be right in the British game, or football in general for that matter.
  20. You are right, which is why I have already retracted my statement about the individual fans in an earlier post. After this amount of time, any fan under 30 is completely understandable and I am sure there are also ones who are older than that who got into it via their kids. I remain morally opposed to the club itself. But I was wrong to use such a term about the fans, at least those who have come along much later.
  21. No I won't. It should never be forgotten because it must never be allowed to happen again. Maybe my comment about moral corruption was out of order in relation to individual fans, so I'll retract that. But the general point about the actual club (not the fans) is valid in my opinion. I'm glad they are doing good things for the local youth. But a local youth set up could have done that and built something just as effective without some unscrupulous owners stealing the legacy from another set of fans.
  22. I'll never understand why Frachise FC get a single supporter. They don't deserve any. But when they built a 30k stadium I assumed they must have found enough people with no moral compass to support them. But at that average, their stadium is less than 1/3rd full for most games. I know we rarely get near our full capacity but at least we are always well beyond half full. 1/3rd full must be cavernous. You may as well only have one stand for home fans.
  23. Don't bet on us not to make top 6. If you want a consolation bet, go with a variety on individual match results. The other three to win and us lose is 57/1 Sunderland to draw, the other two to win and Wednesday to lose is 138/1 Us to draw, Sunderland and Plymouth to win and Wycombe to win by two clear goals is 50/1. Even allowing for three stakes, even he shortest odds of these is better odds than any bet I've seen for Wednesday not to make top 6. As always, I don't want to win any of these bets (hence only putting a quid on each, though that is a normal stake for me). But if one does, at least I'll have some money to spend on drowning my sorrows.
  24. Francis always gave a lift. Watson could be relied upon for a fair few goals off the bench. JJ could lift the crowd if he came on when we were having a drab game. But, whilst it won't be a popular opinion, I'd go with Nuhiu, just for the carnage he'd cause. Like him or loath him, he made defenders panic and for a not very prolific striker he had an excellent record for goals after 90 minutes. And he'd be just as effective if you were ahead in a tight game. Held up the ball well and moved like a heavily loaded train. Took an eternity to build up any type of speed but once he got going he would just plough through people.
  25. Rotherham have been crap for months now and we have a game in hand over a suddenly struggling Franchise FC. We'll probably need to win all 3 but if we do that I think we've got a great chance.
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