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  1. Why would you want to scrap with your own fans to the point where someone needs medical attention? Absolute dickheads. I do wonder how much coke has to do with this. Get sniffer dogs on duty outside the North in future
  2. Complete embarrassment to the club and disgraceful set of affairs. Certain individuals were out of order for specific actions (such as Ballance and maybe the former England captain) but the problem is the people at the top. Sadly, YCCC have always been backward in promoting diversity. In our county, we have cities, towns and communities rich in south Asian heritage (who also tend to be cricket fans). We should have taken full advantage of that instead of doing the opposite. This goes back further than Rafiq, we were way too slow in recruiting British Asians considering how long they’ve been part of our communities. I hope not, because cricket is huge in our county, but this could be fatal.
  3. If only we’d all been as perfectly behaved as you throughout our entire life, regardless of upbringing.
  4. The question has also occurred to me is, where is the PFA in all of this? They’re meant to be a trade union, surely they should challenge the unfairness and stupidity of this. Or are the only interested in making sure premier league players never have to take a pay cut during a pandemic when the taps are turned off?
  5. Education course, okay, but a fine and four match ban for something long before he signed his contract is outrageous. It seems a more severe penalty than someone being actually homophobic (or racist) on the pitch in the present. Basically, if you want to be a professional footballer, don’t ever use social media. In fact, parents, if your child might become a professional sportsperson, ban them from social media.
  6. I didn’t watch it by why did Young Blud represent Rest of the World? He’s Donny born and bred
  7. I’m pleased to see so many on here agree this is ridiculous. Who are these people that trawl through someone’s tweets though? It’s not a quick thing to do going that far back
  8. I’ve just been watching the highlights of that match. People talk about how lucky we were not to be 5-0 down in the return leg, but we also battered Brighton in the first leg. Looking back, it’s bittersweet considering what’s happened since, but I’ll always remember what a special night it was. Has anyone got a clip of the interview with Forestieri and Lee after the final whistle where them and the interview can’t hear each other over the noise of singing to hey Jude? It seems to have disappeared from YouTube but i remember it being a video that was hard not to bring a tear to eye.
  9. This will be our 4th spell in the third tier. The first season of the last three ended as follows: 75/76: 20th (avoided relegation to Division 4 on final day) 03/04: 16th (worst position in my lifetime) 10/11: 15th (saved from worse by Megson eventually turning the team around) Please Wednesday, don’t fart about this time. Just get out of that god awful league straight away!
  10. I’m not a fan of FFP and think it’s a compounded unfairness when taking into account competing against parachute payments. However, if Chansiri was able to spend more but restricted by parachute payments, why does he struggle to pay the players on time?
  11. I just can’t be arsed with this division again. If I was confident we’d go straight back up, it wouldn’t be so bad but in each of the three spells we’ve had down there, we’ve struggled in the first season. It’ll mean the likes of Cheltenham or Accrington Stanley doing the double over us and enduring some truly awful games at Hillsborough.
  12. Instead of deducting points or fining us or whatever, the EFL should just confiscate the club from Chansiri. I know they can’t legally do this, but it would be a good reform to build in if we’re having some kind of reset.
  13. The red button coverage is as depressing as it gets, no crowd noise, one commentator, standard definition and of course watching Sheffield Wednesday.
  14. We should set up the MASSIVE league with Forest and Derby. Also invite Eintracht Frankfurt, Parma, Nantes, Feyenoord, Dukla Prague (if they still exist)
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