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  1. We’ve got the manager from that day at Wembley in 2016 and are now after the goal scorer. Hopefully Robertson will be next
  2. Agree with most of the request for the home shirt, apart from the hate for the 95-97 shirt - I loved that (and still do). I say this every year but please can we have an orange away kit.
  3. I don’t think it’ll be tougher next season but I think the likes of Stoke and Swansea could be a lot stronger as well as who ever doesn’t go up out of Villa and West Brom. Leeds will probably get even closer next season then fall apart as usual.
  4. Sad to see 2 key members of the 15-17 team going but the right decision. Hooper is a great player but you’re never gonna get anything like full season out him.
  5. Exactly, bit weird but worse things to be bothered about.
  6. No he wasn’t, see earlier post on “Sunderland Til I die”, he refused to play.
  7. The least gutted I’ve been about my team losing a football match. Up there with England’s defeat to Belgium in the group stages last year.
  8. This thread. Not Jon Newsome off his chuffin’ nut.
  9. I tell you, honestly, I would love it if we beat them. Love it!
  10. He just knows the job, knows this league and knows football. I said long before we appointed him, there’s no better for getting clubs out of this division apart from maybe Colin. But at least Bruce keeps clubs in the top division.
  11. For me, it’s not necessarily the points between us and 5th/6th, it’s everyone else in between that’s the problem. But at least it keeps it exciting
  12. They were doing all sorts with the crowd noise tampering. Also apologised for chants with swearing in on more than one occasion, and they were the pretty usual chants you’d expect too. Who’s sat at home watching a derby and getting offended about hearing the odd choice word in a football derby on an evening??
  13. Decent player in the worst Wednesday team of my lifetime. Deserved player of the year. But it in the summer of 2004 we just signed better players and unfortunately for him, he was out of favour. I’m still fond of him mind.
  14. Agree. We replaced great players with “they’ll do” players. Pearce 100% one of these
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