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  1. There’s quite a few previously established league clubs that are now playing in the sixth tier (or lower). York and Stockport being a couple. Coventry until very recently were the most miserable team to support, as they went on the most drawn out decline since winning the FA cup in 1987 which ended up with them in the third tier. Since they’ve had a couple of promotions and a Checkatrade/JPT. Either us or Sunderland would probably rival them now.
  2. Yes, they are the people directly involved but with a lot of knee jerk reactions by privileged white blokes in London panicking, there seems to be no thought of how this makes racism worse (or ignited underlying racism).
  3. It does look pretty blatant from sky sports. Yes, organically look to recruit more diversely but the sudden approach they seem to be going for is incredibly divisive and has led to the abuse Alex Scott and Micah Richards have been getting. The three that have been sacked aren’t the greatest pundits in the world and particularly Nicholas and Thompson are pretty much dinosaurs. However, that show isn’t about the quality punditry and getting the scores (you can get that elsewhere), it was about the interaction between them. That’s why although Alex Scott is a quality pundit, I don’t think she’d suit that show. Clinton Morrison or maybe a Micah Richards would though (despite being not as good pundits as Scott).
  4. Very pleasing to see the 90s over-detail and loudness is back
  5. He’s left it too late to come to the premier league as he still won’t have done it “on a cold Tuesday night at Stoke”
  6. I thought he was over rated for the pigs in League One, never mind as Man Utd captain.
  7. Away at Leeds when McDermott has just become their manager. The series of songs related to him looking like an egg, being Humpty Dumpty and falling off a wall. I also love the irony of fans from places like Burnley away at places like Bournemouth singing “Bournemouth’s a poo hole, I wanna go home”
  8. This is ridiculous. How about they get punished for flouting FFP when they were last in the championship??
  9. It amazes how deluded their fans are with their behaviour. Not a single fan condemning other fans or the club, they’re always in denial about the higher than average set of ******** heads they have
  10. They’ll have probably paid a tenner for one of the lads fighting to protect it too. I wonder if it’s refundable?
  11. I liked Petter Rudi. His time was probably summarised by saying his first season showed flashes of brilliance but couldn’t hit a barn door. Second season, much improved and was a good player to watch. Third season, disappointing like most of the 99/00 squad.
  12. If the season was only a month or two old, I’d agree (like with the season when world war 2 broke out) but it doesn’t sit right with me to scrap this season (even if we benefit). I’d be more in favour of scrapping next season to provide space to complete this season.
  13. The 97/98 team added to 96/97 rather than breaking it up. We didn’t score as many goals as we should have done in 96/97 so signed Di Canio. Signing PDC wasn’t problem, his sale was.
  14. So seeing clips of them on TV (when originally before you were born) doesn’t count? And nor does stuff you can’t remember live (ie. when you were about 2/3)?
  15. But with an extra zero on the price
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