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  1. PeteG_1984

    A year ago today

    Completely agree. The fact that Huddersfield stayed up and stronger teams are coming/staying amplifies this more.
  2. PeteG_1984

    OwlsTalk Super 6 17/18 Season

    I think I finished in the top 3/4 last season. This year not even the top 30/40
  3. Amazing night, almost brings tears of joy recalling it. Tears of despair thinking about what happened to both teams since
  4. The players and fans look suitably delighted in those photos. Which is good as we're still waiting on the next one.
  5. I was going to say that, regularly had more at Euros. Last one we had Westwood and Pudil didn't we?
  6. PeteG_1984

    Jay Bothroyd

    Correct in that most were excited when he signed. In recent seasons he'd scored a decent tally of goals at championship level and won an England cap. Where Dave Jones went wrong was persisting to play him when he clearly didn't give a single poo. JB just had a terrible attitude from day one. Didn't even pretend to be remotely pleased to have come here on loan and (I guess) had a negative affect on the dressing room. As someone said earlier on the thread, it was as if we should have just been grateful that someone as great as him has signed for us. Also, getting weapons tattooed on your body is pathetic at the best of times but when you're well into your 30s?? Just puerile.
  7. I still like it, always fun if we've won and/or the piggies have lost. Yes, a lot of it (particularly in the week) consists of the same callers who can be boring but then you can't really complain about that if you don't pick up the phone yourself.
  8. PeteG_1984

    Modern Football

    Don't get me wrong, diving a play acting winds me up as much as the next bloke and as a football fan it's quite embarrassing. However, we're not also saying in the same breath that we want a return to the days when the more technical players would be literally kicked out of games are we? (Steve Bould/David Hirst not close to our heart?) That is much worse than diving IMO, it's not going to wreck anyone's career.
  9. PeteG_1984

    The REAL Beast from the East

    Surely even the dads must be starting to like Nuhiu now
  10. PeteG_1984

    Leeds tho!

    Leeds probably edge it as biggest club in Yorkshire, but not by much. This is mainly due to the fact that they are in a bigger city with an even wider catchment area, with only one club in the said city. However, accusations from Leeds fans out being deluded? Seriously? I’m sure if you look up that definition in the dictionary, you’d probably find “Leeds fans”
  11. No one comes close to Snodgrass Horrible ‘orrible cheeky monkey
  12. Never say never but I think it security at the Olympic Stadium (I refuse to call it its naff actual name) is pretty bad from what I’ve heard. Mainly as it wasn’t built for supporters being segregated. Also West Ham fans probably have disproportionately more “proper naughty” supporters than other clubs.
  13. PeteG_1984

    2005 v 2012

    The 2005 play-off final was a truly magical day but other than that (and the semi-finals) it wasn’t an amazing season. 2011/2012 had everything and was a complete roller coaster. The culmination of that season was the stuff of dreams. 2015/16 should have been even better and I reckon someone travelled back in time and disrupted the space/time continuum meaning that Hull won in the parallel universe we currently live in.
  14. PeteG_1984

    Tell you who we miss

    We miss anyone who can do the 100 metres in less than 15 seconds
  15. I would say the summer recruitment (or lack of). This didn’t addresss what we desperately needed even with a full squad, making it even worse with the level of injuries we’ve had this season. The route of the summer inactivity would probably come down to a record signing in January 2017 of a player we didn’t really need. Then everything what could have gone wrong this season has gone wrong.