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  1. I actually said similar earlier this season (apart from the director of football bit). Sadly, I fear it’s already got nasty and he’s becoming a Dave Jones instead of a Brian Laws.
  2. In my lifetime it’s between Irvine and Turner. Both guiding us to the brink of relegation to the 4th tier. But as he had slightly more money, I’m gonna have to go with Irvine.
  3. I genuinely reckon Megson could save this season and then put us in a better position for a top 2 place next season (but will probably get sacked a couple of months before the 2019 promotion). Basically the same sequence of events as 2011-2012 but a league higher
  4. Started to have doubts midway though last season but reluctantly still supported him even after the play-off debacle. My patience was completely blown out of the water on 24 September this year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, most other clubs would have seen heads roll after that result, yet here we are in midtable mediocrity
  5. 10 from 12

    No, I made my decision on 24 September. It’d take battering the pigs at the stain AND promotion for me to change my mind.
  6. The apparent "booing".

    If you paid for a suite at the Ritz and got a Travelodge room in Doncaster you’d just clap wouldn’t you and say “look how far we’ve come, I’ve no sense of entitlement”
  7. It can’t be nice getting booed but if you’re paid a lot of money and people are paying absolute fortunes to come and see you, you’ve got to expect this. If I got a job that trebled my salary for the same job, I’d accept there’s gonna be a bit more pressure to deliver.
  8. Success...what is it for you?

    This season, a genuine challenge for automatic promotion
  9. John Helm for me, brilliant guy. Of the current crop I like Johnnie Buchan. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think he makes a refreshing change from the drab tones of the others (no criticism of the others BTW)
  10. Eh? I was saying it’s us paying for it. Huddersfield were the example of how much cheaper they are.
  11. I see this morning that our cheapest season ticket is £150 more expensive than Huddersfield’s. Already Wednesday fans on twitter falling over themselves to defend this. There’s no debating that this is ridiculous. I can understand why we have to charge so much but it’s still a disgraceful indictment of football. The blame IMO lies with the unfair system of parachute payments V FFP and it’s us who are paying for that unfairness. But this is why it’s natural that the players have to be more thick skinned with critics from the crowd as a greater proportion of their wages are paid for from the crowd.
  12. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Maybe not the best but probably in the top 10 and certainly underrated but Prutton’s goal at Oldham in the last League One promotion season. Sublime technique
  13. Away shirts

    Just get a job at IKEA then quit as soon as you’ve got your uniform
  14. 4 on that list have played (or currently play) for us. Pity that they weren’t as fearful in an Owls shirt as they were against us
  15. Simon Coleman

    And even if they did have a resale price, we’d find a way to get rid at a rock bottom discount, whether that’s by ostracising them or just accepting an offer a fraction of the price you were offered in the summer. Common denominator in all this? Dave Richards