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  1. PeteG_1984


    Yes the pitch is more important but the megastore should still get lots of attention. Fans always want to buy stuff with their club on yet our shop is just woeful. Also as someone else said, it just sets an unprofessional image letting it go to rack and ruin.
  2. PeteG_1984

    Next SWFC Manager

    Random manager who has spent his career in the French second division.
  3. PeteG_1984

    Fighting at blackburn

    Was it against Blackburn fans or civil war in our own stand?
  4. PeteG_1984

    When Did Carlos Go?

    Carlos should have gone after the pigs defeat but it was another 3 months before he did go. And even then that apparently relied on the Swansea offer. That is why I can’t see Jos being sacked anytime soon.
  5. It probably will be a League One game next season under the Dutch Irvine
  6. Anyone in attendance last night (including Bolton fans) deserves lifetime membership of the TrueFan club. Doesn’t even cross my mind to actually go to games anymore and I very nearly didn’t even bother to watch on Sky.
  7. PeteG_1984

    Another Opportunity Missed!

    Didn’t we host a Westlife gig a few years ago?
  8. PeteG_1984

    David Garrido

    He got loads of abuse when he tweeted after the derby for not being a ‘proper fan’. I just don’t get it, if someone says they support us, what’s the issue? Not like we’ve got a massive waiting list of people at the gates at Hillsborough is it?
  9. PeteG_1984

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    So did Fulham 24 hours ago
  10. PeteG_1984

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    At lot of times over our history we’ve been reluctant to call for a manager’s head due to there being “no one else out there”. I think most people would agree that there’s plenty out there that have a better pedigree than Jos.
  11. PeteG_1984

    clive betts

    Rivalries aside, you’d think this would be the last thing that would happen at a Sheffield football ground.
  12. Any manager that’s hints towards “just another game” (which those comments are IMO) is destined to lose a derby. Great
  13. PeteG_1984

    Are we as a club on a whole, just too nice!!

    We are always a bit too nice to returning players too. We also have a tendency to have love affairs with bang average players (eg. Sodje, Stevie May etc).
  14. PeteG_1984

    Lees why...

    Exactly, if I’m doubt, clear your lines not just casually pass it across the face of the goal. We did this a few times last night too, completely unforgivable.