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  1. Leeds tho!

    Leeds probably edge it as biggest club in Yorkshire, but not by much. This is mainly due to the fact that they are in a bigger city with an even wider catchment area, with only one club in the said city. However, accusations from Leeds fans out being deluded? Seriously? I’m sure if you look up that definition in the dictionary, you’d probably find “Leeds fans”
  2. No one comes close to Snodgrass Horrible ‘orrible cheeky monkey
  3. Never say never but I think it security at the Olympic Stadium (I refuse to call it its naff actual name) is pretty bad from what I’ve heard. Mainly as it wasn’t built for supporters being segregated. Also West Ham fans probably have disproportionately more “proper naughty” supporters than other clubs.
  4. 2005 v 2012

    The 2005 play-off final was a truly magical day but other than that (and the semi-finals) it wasn’t an amazing season. 2011/2012 had everything and was a complete roller coaster. The culmination of that season was the stuff of dreams. 2015/16 should have been even better and I reckon someone travelled back in time and disrupted the space/time continuum meaning that Hull won in the parallel universe we currently live in.
  5. Tell you who we miss

    We miss anyone who can do the 100 metres in less than 15 seconds
  6. I would say the summer recruitment (or lack of). This didn’t addresss what we desperately needed even with a full squad, making it even worse with the level of injuries we’ve had this season. The route of the summer inactivity would probably come down to a record signing in January 2017 of a player we didn’t really need. Then everything what could have gone wrong this season has gone wrong.
  7. The “refund fans” argument does get banded around too much and it shouldn’t as you pay money to watch your team knowing there’s absolutely no guarantees. But the fact that those people (when many like me have just become apathetic) still bothered to cross to the other side of the country in the worst travel conditions for years and get served up a performance that takes the absolute wee wee, makes me agree with the OP. It should come out of the players’ pockets.
  8. This Is Shocking

    Swansea were there for the taking tonight and we were completely impotent
  9. He’s made my wee wee boil ever since his claims about Forestieri diving, which he went on to be guilty of himself. Horrible poopydoo
  10. Forget about the Premier League.

    I don’t necessarily think it will take as long to sort this squad out. Yes, this season is a write-off and we just need to make sure we stay in the league but there’s still some good players in there, most of which got us to Wembley less than 2 years ago and finished 4th last year. There are just a few players which the OP mentioned that are past it (I agree) and some permanently injured. We just need to spend on the positions we are short on and prioritise pace. Plenty if teams have had a poo season and then gone on to achieve promotion the year after, look at Watford, didn’t they finish lower half the season before promotion? Also Huddersfield were regulars in 16-19th place before last season. It’s not going to be easy but have a bit more faith in a hopefully wiser transfer policy in the summer.
  11. Highlight the positives

    We are higher in the league than a club with a bigger ground than us (Sunderland). So technically we’re overachieving
  12. Some of those goals were absolutely delicious
  13. Is this scenario possible?

    Correct. Boro were relegated due to that deduction. They would have been better putting out a team of youth players and getting tonked 20-0.
  14. League one

    Relegation would be an absolute disaster. We’d end up with a team where half the players are in ridiculous wages (for League One) but we can’t shift them and they’re not interested in putting a shift in. Then the other half would be what ever terrible players we could sign on a shoe string budget. Bit like in 2000 when we came down from the Prem.
  15. On this day 3 Years Ago

    I miss Mandy. Yes his ultimate motivation in saving us was to buy on the cheap, get us in better condition and sell at a profit. But he was a proper football man and although he is, strictly speaking, a “foreign owner”, he shared more in common with British owners than other overseas owners. He knew what he was doing and sacking Gary Megson aside, there were no decisions that made you question his sanity. I’m not one for wanting Chansiri out and he’s heart is probably in the right place but I’d love it if he left the running of the club to someone like Mandaric.