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  1. Craig Shakespeare

    Appointing him would be a winters tale that would turn out as tragic as Othello
  2. Who are the 11.58% that don't think the lateness of the shirt is totally unacceptable?
  3. This is pretty much my opinion. I was on the fence a bit last season. Didn't believe he should get the boot but was annoyed at his immunity to criticism from some. Like you I was a bit more lenient after the run to finish 4th. In hindsight he should have gone after the Huddersfield debacle, that was probably our best chance to get to the premiership we'll have for a long time against 2 average teams. Yet we completely bottled it. I do like the guy and hope that he can still have his head held high and we'll remember him fondly for the good times. But the longer this goes on, the more poisonous it'll get and he'll end up more of a Dave Jones character than a Brian Laws.
  4. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    Yep, best home kit for me Best away has to be the 96-98 tango kit
  5. Exactly. Rhodes has scored the odd goal over the last year, Nuhiu has had the odd acceptable game in that time (with no goals)
  6. Christian Mayrleb

    I remember him signing but never saw him play. Much like Goce Sedloski
  7. I agree in the main, that's probably get him the England squad nowadays and make him worth £20 million+ However, after the first couple of seasons, we really should have been looking at better.
  8. The new shirts

    This would be fair enough but we all know they'll be about £60 a pop
  9. Liam Palmer

    I know the OP said he's our third highest in terms of appearances but isn't he by far our longest serving player?
  10. Just Visiting

    @just visiting where are you?
  11. My wife and father-in-law plus loads of former school mates
  12. Rumour time

    This is probably why he hasn't already got the boot. Most chairman have the replacement lines up before they pull the trigger. Otherwise, they end up in an even bigger pickle.
  13. Many horrendous memories on this thread. I'll add the captain of our worst team in my lifetime - the current Brentford manager.
  14. I know he's never come, but it would be funny if we poached Wilder