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  1. PeteG_1984

    Darren England

    Little known fact, his daughter is at school with my daughter.
  2. PeteG_1984


    George Boyd joins an elite group of players that were amazing playing against us, poo playing for us.
  3. PeteG_1984

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    9 points off the play-offs? But Danny Murphy told me we’re in a relegation battle??
  4. PeteG_1984

    A proper manager

    He might do well, he could be a failure and the chances are that he’ll eventually get sacked and make some fans angry (like with most managers in football). However, in terms of pedigree and qualifications for the job, there is few better in this division. Best appointment we could have made.
  5. PeteG_1984


    I’ve heard this quite a lot about Millwall and yes the club apparently do a lot for their community. However, they’re not the only club with a deprived catchment area. Yet, they cause an infinite amount of trouble as a proportion of their support. All clubs have their knuckle draggers, and that certainly includes us, but they attract them in droves (like Leeds do). In fact they revel from the fear factor created by their fans. IMO, there’s much more that could be done from the club, football league and FA about their fans but they seem to get an easy time of it.
  6. PeteG_1984

    Missed Opportunity

    Does seem weird that Wigan don’t have any though. Would be the equivalent of Anfield not getting any football World Cup games if England were to host the fifa World Cup.
  7. PeteG_1984

    Missed Opportunity

    Not too bothered. But on a selfish note, I’m pleased Donny has some games as I am partial to a bit of proper rugby.
  8. PeteG_1984

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    I have been a huge critic of Sky over the years for how football has gone and also their links to the Sun. However, there’s no denying the fact that they show a infinite more amount of respect to clubs outside of the premier league. Everything about last night stunk of laziness. Why the subject of Bruce not starting yet even needed to be brought up was beyond me but as people have said, to not bother researching it (Alex Scott aside) was disgraceful. Also the Sheff Utd comment from Murphy just total amateur. Screams, I know fizz all apart from seen he used to manage their local rivals. To put this into context, it was one season over 20 years ago. We’ve never even given him stock about it as a visiting manager so why we would that be a deal breaker? Furthermore, why have that panel? Surely if there’s 3 you have a link with both teams plus a neutral. Ideally Waddle should have been there but alternatively why not anyone with even the remotest link, even if they played 10 mins on loan, anyone at all but Danny Murphy?? Lastly, how is Lawrenson still in that job? Just terrible.
  9. PeteG_1984

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Is there a single Wednesday fan that has a issue with this? Genuine question as I’ve yet to come across anyone
  10. PeteG_1984

    Mark Lawrenson still hates us

    Wouldn’t say he hates us. I would say he’s the worst pundit to give that gig to though. Never ever sticks his neck out unless it’s Liverpool. Goes 2-0 or 2-1 to the favourite every time. If not clear favourite, 1-1. Yet, the BBC have let him do it for years.
  11. PeteG_1984

    Chelsea Away

    I’d be amazed if tickets got as far as non-members let alone didn’t sell out.
  12. Amusing but worse things to worry about than squad numbers.
  13. PeteG_1984

    Imre Varadi

    Carl from Brad Geordie Shaw
  14. I don’t think it necessarily needs to be £20, maybe just that psychological boost of under £30 (so £29 then). I used to have a season ticket until my daughter was born in summer of 2015, but still went regularly even with ticket prices. But as the side got more mediocre and prices continued to rise, it’s become less and less of a priority spending a few hours away from the family at a weekend knowing we’re getting robbed blind. If there was a move to actually make fans feel like they weren’t some kind of idiots to be ripped off (without going to mad) I’d support this.
  15. Exactly, no one lays on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time at work. Also, with a job like football management, he’ll be out of the door and either hated or forgotten about in 4 years time so even more so reason to prioritise family.