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  1. PeteG_1984

    Not one

    It’s not a knee jerk reaction if most expect it
  2. PeteG_1984

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    It’s not really the players fault we bought a Lamborghini when we already had 6 expensive cars in the garage when the roof was leaking. But the fans are the last people to be blamed for being pissed off about events, especially those who can actually still be arsed to go.
  3. PeteG_1984

    Time to sacrifice a star or two

    If we are still able to buy players then, with a heavy heart, I would be happy to sell Forestieri or Bannan. This squad is looking like relegation fodder over a 46 game season with the likely injuries, the imbalance and chronic lack of pace.
  4. See I’m the opposite. Strangely confident today but genuinely think we’ll be involved in a relegation battle
  5. Agree with a lot of what you’ve there. In response to your question at the end, no I will certainly not be getting an iFollow subscribtion mainly on principle.
  6. To be fair, people are more bothered about watching the likes of us, Leeds, Villa etc than Bournemouth, Watford and Burnley. But overall, the Championship would get probably not get anywhere near what it does with Sky elsewhere
  7. PeteG_1984

    World cup 2030 England

    Bet 365 put something on twitter about this and the possible venues which included our beautiful venue. Needless to say it sent the piggies squeeling. I think people are downplaying our chances of getting this. Obviously we’re not talking Hillsborough as it currently is today as it would be vastly improved (at least to the standards proposed about 10 years ago). With the amount of venues needed, even if Scotland and Wales weigh in, they’ll need at least 2 Yorkshire cities/venues. This of course leads to the obvious choice of ourselves and them up the M1. The WC will be due to come back to Europe by then and long overdue Western Europe. Added to this, we could host one tomorrow and have a country full of suitable stadia that will be well used before and after. There seems no other choice. Then again, I thought that about 2006 and 2018 so take no notice of me.
  8. Loved it. Had no. 9 Hirst put on after getting it and convinced my dad I was warm enough in just this shirt at a match despite it being December.
  9. Exactly. This is also added to the chronic lack of pace and weakness at full backs (which has been the case for 2 years).
  10. Taking away all the stuff that's been said about FFP and previous financial mistakes, as an open market value, the £90 membership of our club is simply way off.
  11. PeteG_1984


    Jeremy Helan and JJ in his prime would 100% improve this team purely due to the chronic lack of pace.
  12. I'm 34 and this will be the first season in about 20 years I've not had either a season ticket or membership. It's not about affordability it's just that I won't fund previously disastrous management of finances.
  13. PeteG_1984

    Membership renewels

    This is exactly me. When you compare it to the membership prices of premier league clubs it's even more ridiculous. I happily paid £50 last year even though I didn't get that back in discounts. But £90 I still just taking the wee wee. I know people on here will defend it and use the plausible reason of FFP. But talk to anyone else not connected and mention this price and they will fall over laughing. I doubt I'll even go to a game this season.
  14. PeteG_1984

    BBC Video of the brawl

    Definitely looks like Mansfield the main perpetrators of any 'brawling'. I thought it was interesting yesterday that Radio Sheffield reported on it ever time they mentioned the game in their sports bulletin but no mention of the brawl on Radio Nottingham, just the game. Something to hide perhaps?
  15. PeteG_1984

    #SWFC MEMBERSHIPS - Now on sale!

    I'll say the same thing I did the last 2 summers but with a caveat at the end: First and foremost, the prices are a disgrace and nobody can justify them for the level of football on offer. 15th in the second tier last term and zero new players. However, the fault lies with the FFP rules and therefore the likes of Leicester who got away with administration then spending loads in the second tier before these rules came in. We're presumably sailing pretty close to an embargo and the only means of income is fleecing loyal fans. That said, some of the fault lies partly with Chansiri for spending £8m on a player for a position we already had an abundance of. This decision alone, followed by the pitiful surrender to Huddersfield in the play-offs has caused the situation where fans have to dig even deeper to watch mediocre football.