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  1. PeteG_1984

    Lees why...

    Exactly, if I’m doubt, clear your lines not just casually pass it across the face of the goal. We did this a few times last night too, completely unforgivable.
  2. But it was all just an act, it was an experimental team in a meaningless match remember. And during the summer, set pieces, headers and penalties didn’t count. However, open play goals now don’t count but set pieces and non-awarded penalties do. So Spain actually won 3-0.
  3. Great performance. This England team could be the real deal. Spain have been superb under Luis Enrique and we blew them away in that first half. Nervy second half and some clumsy mistakes but then you’d expect that with a young side.
  4. PeteG_1984

    Premier league 2

    Agree. I’ve said pretty much this loads of times. If we have to have them, they’re only allowed to honour contracts entered into before a club knew they were relegated (up to the current limit). With regards to Premier League 2 what would there be to gain from it? Surely if it’s worth it, there’d be more money now? Or is he suggesting the bigger championship clubs just gobble up all the money from lower league clubs? Doesn’t sit right for me.
  5. PeteG_1984

    Red Button Coverage

    Why was yesterday’s match ‘red button’ coverage as I thought it was the main EFL match? Really shoddy yesterday FWIW
  6. PeteG_1984

    Red Button Coverage

    I am someone who’s been watching the games on Sky. In fact, I upgraded my package to include sky sports mainly because of this. However, I wouldn’t have gone to any of the games if this wasn’t available. I was a season ticket holder up until 2015 when my daughter was born but stil went regularly the following 2 seasons but dropped off last year and haven’t been at all this year. I don’t mean to be negative when there is a lot of positivity around the club at the mo, but the combo of membership costs and pay on the gate costs have just put me off as I didn’t see it as value for money (as well as not seeing family in little free time I have if I’m at football). Now I’m out of the habit, it makes it increasingly difficult to go. What I’m trying to say is the pricing strategy could have quite a long lasting impact on the club if I’m anything to go by, regardless of games on Sky.
  7. PeteG_1984

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Losing to Leeds wee wees me off, losing to the pigs hurts deep inside. With Leeds being the other big club in Yorkshire, that makes our games against them bigger than say Donny v Bradford. There’s also the fact that they’re horrible and hated across the country, not just by their neighbours. For me it’s also personal as my father in law is one of them.
  8. Maybe not THE moment it all went wrong but certainly a key milestone. That Briscoe goal and the 10 mins after was one of my all time favourite moments at Hillsborough though.
  9. PeteG_1984

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Exactly, speed cameras and traffic lights. They can’t get enough of them
  10. PeteG_1984

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Cities that despise anyone having the audacity to travel by motor vehicle
  11. PeteG_1984

    Ron Atkinson

    Weird how there’s always someone ready to defend Dave Richards. He left us in a state that we took 15 years to recover from financially and still haven’t recovered from on the pitch.
  12. PeteG_1984

    Ron Atkinson

    Exactly. That 97/98 team looked awesome after a terrible start under Pleat. Thanks for that Dave Richards
  13. PeteG_1984

    Jon Shaw

    My memories are of seeing his name on the back of the programme near the bottom.
  14. PeteG_1984

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    Agreed. I can’t see what there is to be gained from our young lads playing 2nd string players from the lower leagues