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  1. I’ve just been watching the highlights of that match. People talk about how lucky we were not to be 5-0 down in the return leg, but we also battered Brighton in the first leg. Looking back, it’s bittersweet considering what’s happened since, but I’ll always remember what a special night it was. Has anyone got a clip of the interview with Forestieri and Lee after the final whistle where them and the interview can’t hear each other over the noise of singing to hey Jude? It seems to have disappeared from YouTube but i remember it being a video that was hard not to bring a
  2. This will be our 4th spell in the third tier. The first season of the last three ended as follows: 75/76: 20th (avoided relegation to Division 4 on final day) 03/04: 16th (worst position in my lifetime) 10/11: 15th (saved from worse by Megson eventually turning the team around) Please Wednesday, don’t fart about this time. Just get out of that god awful league straight away!
  3. I’m not a fan of FFP and think it’s a compounded unfairness when taking into account competing against parachute payments. However, if Chansiri was able to spend more but restricted by parachute payments, why does he struggle to pay the players on time?
  4. I just can’t be arsed with this division again. If I was confident we’d go straight back up, it wouldn’t be so bad but in each of the three spells we’ve had down there, we’ve struggled in the first season. It’ll mean the likes of Cheltenham or Accrington Stanley doing the double over us and enduring some truly awful games at Hillsborough.
  5. Instead of deducting points or fining us or whatever, the EFL should just confiscate the club from Chansiri. I know they can’t legally do this, but it would be a good reform to build in if we’re having some kind of reset.
  6. The red button coverage is as depressing as it gets, no crowd noise, one commentator, standard definition and of course watching Sheffield Wednesday.
  7. We should set up the MASSIVE league with Forest and Derby. Also invite Eintracht Frankfurt, Parma, Nantes, Feyenoord, Dukla Prague (if they still exist)
  8. Could this effect international football? Could players involved in this be banned from UEFA and FIFA tournaments? Might get very interesting
  9. Do we think this will happen? Whispers on social media that it’s more than just posturing to get more from UEFA. I can see Phoenix clubs being set up, at least for the English sides. Then just leave the breakaway six to have their international fan base and those the see the matches who treat it as a London theatre break. Atmosphere will be non-existent, but the owners will probably be happy to see the last of the local working class gone.
  10. It is absolutely ridiculous the grip gambling has on football now. We must be in the minority not being sponsored by a betting firm - and most of the ones you see on shirts aren’t even that well known. It needs government regulation, gambling companies ultimate responsibility is to their shareholders so can’t be truly trusted to self-regulate. But it is huge business and generates lots of money, including jobs, which is why politicians are reluctant. Although the Bet365 CEO earns obscene amounts of money, at least they’re tax resident here which is unusual in gambling. Th
  11. Still no Englishman has won the Premier League. No Briton since 2013.
  12. Out of C Ronaldo and Messi, the former is probably the better athlete, better all rounder and is more decorated domestically and internationally. But Messi seems technically more genius. Pele loses credibility because of the extra goals he adds on to his tally but he’s probably too under rated by people under 50. There’s a goal he scored in the 1958 World Cup as a skinny 17 year old where he lifts he over a defender and slots the ball home that looks absolutely sublime. Even more remarkable with how much balls weighed then. Also worth remembering the crap Pele and Marad
  13. Fully deserved, top quality pundit and well qualified for the job. It’s a shame about the people saying she only has it due to her race/gender. The extreme end of the BLM mob and BBCs obsession over a London style representation of diversity have to take some responsibility for that. I firmly believe with them, more people will have accepted her in the job.
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