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  1. The least gutted I’ve been about my team losing a football match. Up there with England’s defeat to Belgium in the group stages last year.
  2. This thread. Not Jon Newsome off his chuffin’ nut.
  3. I tell you, honestly, I would love it if we beat them. Love it!
  4. He just knows the job, knows this league and knows football. I said long before we appointed him, there’s no better for getting clubs out of this division apart from maybe Colin. But at least Bruce keeps clubs in the top division.
  5. For me, it’s not necessarily the points between us and 5th/6th, it’s everyone else in between that’s the problem. But at least it keeps it exciting
  6. They were doing all sorts with the crowd noise tampering. Also apologised for chants with swearing in on more than one occasion, and they were the pretty usual chants you’d expect too. Who’s sat at home watching a derby and getting offended about hearing the odd choice word in a football derby on an evening??
  7. Decent player in the worst Wednesday team of my lifetime. Deserved player of the year. But it in the summer of 2004 we just signed better players and unfortunately for him, he was out of favour. I’m still fond of him mind.
  8. Agree. We replaced great players with “they’ll do” players. Pearce 100% one of these
  9. Little known fact, his daughter is at school with my daughter.
  10. George Boyd joins an elite group of players that were amazing playing against us, poo playing for us.
  11. 9 points off the play-offs? But Danny Murphy told me we’re in a relegation battle??
  12. He might do well, he could be a failure and the chances are that he’ll eventually get sacked and make some fans angry (like with most managers in football). However, in terms of pedigree and qualifications for the job, there is few better in this division. Best appointment we could have made.
  13. I’ve heard this quite a lot about Millwall and yes the club apparently do a lot for their community. However, they’re not the only club with a deprived catchment area. Yet, they cause an infinite amount of trouble as a proportion of their support. All clubs have their knuckle draggers, and that certainly includes us, but they attract them in droves (like Leeds do). In fact they revel from the fear factor created by their fans. IMO, there’s much more that could be done from the club, football league and FA about their fans but they seem to get an easy time of it.
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