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  1. I did this myself recently and pretty much got that 20 apart from substituting West Brom for Fulham. I took into account loads of things including history, honours, catchment area, fan base, recent success etc
  2. I can’t read that article without winning a prize from Aldi
  3. There’s no defence of the prices championship fans pay other than the serious imbalance between premier league/parachute income and FFP meaning it’s the fans that have to stump up; particularly for clubs with any ambition.
  4. Chelsea are just utter scumbags. Haggling over an amount that’s nothing to them. Feel sorry for Hector the most. This stock hogging of players to farm out on loan for eternity has to stop.
  5. Like half the loanees in the football league that are employed by Chelsea, he’ll never see the first team.
  6. Already in. I was storming the league until about February last season then had a Leeds style collapse. Unlike Leeds, I won’t make the same mistake this season!!
  7. Such a shame about Bury. It’s a pity the Neville brothers didn’t get involved in their home town team, an established league club with history rather than a vanity project essentially aimed at killing off FC United.
  8. Anyone wanting style over promotion wants their head checking
  9. A mate of mind posed this question on a WhatsApp group (even bothering to find my post where I’d defended Bruce). We did the right thing. He was identified as the right man and it was a plausible reason. Bruce is the one that has been a total tailface. What this has shown is our class and his selfishness.
  10. I like the idea but next time I need some cheap work out clothes, I can see my boycott going as well as boycotting Wetherspoons.
  11. Really pleased with that statement. I thought it’d be the usual “thank you for your services, good luck bla bla bla” but DC has made sure shots are fired back.
  12. I think we’d be cutting off our nose to spite our face. He’s still a good manager at this level, did well last season and has started to build his squad. However, there’s absolutely no way he can come back now. The atmosphere would be nasty and there’s no way DC would do it.
  13. 5 years ago maybe but it’s a no from me
  14. Adkins and Zola? Seriously? Imagine the wee wee taking we’d get from the smelly side of the city if we appointed the former
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