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  1. The contract thing is going to have to be a necessary evil. So let them run their course and clubs make new signings where possible, even though the season still has games left. This may be harsh on the likes of Borussia Dortmund who will probably lose the likes of Haaland and Sancho, but it’s better than null and voiding a season three quarters of the way through or having the same issue next season,
  2. I’ve just said, scrap 2020/21 or for a better use in terminology, merge this season and next. Like someone has said, even if sport can restart in a few months, we might have waves of lockdown again next winter. Better to complete 1 season fully rather than fudging 2 seasons.
  3. Why don’t they just scrap the 2020/21 season and call the current season the 2019-21 season; resuming properly when it is safe to do so?
  4. It’s pretty inevitable though isn’t it? Travel of tens of thousands of different nationals to different territories across Europe, all at different stages of what is now a pandemic. Plus catching up on domestic seasons (which if not abandoned completely will need to be settled).
  5. FAO of the “it’s only flu” brigade: Yes, it is very similar to flu and the death rate (thankfully) isn’t that high. In isolation, that’s not the issue. The issue is that if everyone (or a load of people) are ill, the NHS will NOT cope. Even if you recruited as many clinicians as possible, spent a bottomless pit of money, this would still leave is unprepared. So the people that would otherwise survive, might be too far down the queue. Then that’s added to other conditions the NHS has to serve. What about babies due over the next few months, cancer treatment, surgery? Yes, it is only flu, but don’t be so naive not to look at the bigger picture.
  6. The points deduction has go be the factor (as well as whatever the fizz has gone on with Westwood, Hutchinson et al). But imagine finding out that the club could be deducted points because of how expensive YOU are and what YOU’RE being paid - then pretty much downing tools, the complete opposite of what should happen.
  7. The ridiculous thing is, if they’d got the kit out in July (or better still May), they would have sold many more and made much more profit even at higher costs/lower price. It’s infuriating to see how scarce the shop looks and the commercial side generally when that’s another avenue for revenue (instead of just rip off tickets).
  8. This is how I’ve felt for a while, the worst is having to go to work and try to explain why we are so poo. Even worse, just seeing pigs fans let alone what comes out of their mouth.
  9. Nice little summary from Bez on there. On a separate note, it’s nice that that Bristol City still hate Bristol Rovers despite not being in the same division for ages. Always nice for clubs to have a mutual hatred regardless of size, rather than the likes of Leeds who have complete unrequited hatred.
  10. This will be my first match since the Huddersfield penalty shootout out debacle. I booked my ticket before the Derby game 🙄
  11. Well done to Palmer! Played across about 3 different eras of Wednesday teams and countless managers. Decent player at this level
  12. There was a few times where he went for shots from the same position as some of his screamers in 15/16 but sadly they had a different ending. Encouraging to see him performing though
  13. I’d take him. One of few men who I’d be confident could get us out of this predicament. But there’s no way out fans would wear it, so it’s a non-starter.
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