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  1. Should have kept Dave Always a good option off the bench to terrify opposition defenders and would have fit into Pulis’s style
  2. I’m a bit underwhelmed by Tony Pulis but I’m prepared to give him a chance. We have to. Looking back at his managerial record, most recently Middlesbrough. They very nearly reached the play-offs but fell away. Sacked him then ended up in a worse position (nearly going down). West Brom - kept them a solid premier league team until the season he was sacked. They were lying in 17th place but after being sacked were relegated. At Palace, led them to 11th in the premier league but left the following season after non-football issues. Stoke - his most suc
  3. Completely agree. So many people over the last week or so have been piling in to say how we’re not a big club bla bla bla and trying to blame our demise in this “myth”. I don’t think anyone believes we’re as big as the clubs regularly playing in Europe. But we have underachieved over the last 20 years and we are a club that are of a calibre that should be in the top flight. That’s not saying we have a right to be there or taking anything away from the clubs there on merit, just that we have a right to expect a team capable of playing there. But if we are to
  4. I think out of Pearson and Cook, you’d choose Pearson. Proven manager at this level and higher. However, we’ve been here before and it’s unlikely he’ll come here. With that in mind, Paul Cook would be worth a punt. He’s had steady progress throughout his career and exceeded expectations everywhere on limited budgets. Yes Wigan got relegated but we all know it wasn’t because of what happened on the pitch. The difference with Gary Monk is that Monk is a Championship managerial merry go round guy. Had a string of average performances and we went for him. If a Nig
  5. I don’t think there’s a single person on the planet who follows Wednesday that is still behind Monk but it’s got me thinking if Chansiri has ever given any of our managers the boot. Carvalhal was said to be sacked but it later transpired that he’d left with mutual consent after interest from Swansea. Bruce obviously left. Did Jos Luhukay resign or was he actually sacked? If not the latter, I fear Chansiri will just let us rot under Monk without doing anything.
  6. The service has been non-existent. However, I cannot for the life of me understand why we leave Rhodes on the bench. He’s been mostly terrible for us but he started the season brightly. Monk obviously wants rid, but seeing as he’s costing us a fortune we might as well give him the same chances other people are getting.
  7. Maybe the players have PTSD from seeing those nasty home fans that Hillsborough still haunts them?
  8. I don’t why Chris Wilder is complaining about spending of others. No one is forcing him to play David McGoldrick in the premier league and expecting him to be any good.
  9. I’ve never rated him. He had a decent World Cup when we made it to the semis but other than that I really scratch my head as to how he’s ended up where he is. I agree about English centre-backs. We used to have an array of them but we’re really struggling now. Obviously my coaching abilities are zero but I do wonder if there’s an obsession about distribution and “playing from the back” which has neglected the basics. Yes, it’s great if a central defender can play from the back but their primary job is to prevent the opposition having goal scoring opportunities.
  10. I love 90s football. I think it’s a bias combined with it being the era of my childhood and being absolutely obsessed with football as well as there being a great Wednesday team. If I was to properly analyse it, I would say it was peak football. The early days of the premier league when there was still the innocence of some of the antics but the start of exciting foreign imports coming in. By the 2000s, it became more sterile. The Quickly Kevin podcast captures this mood perfectly.
  11. To be fair, some of these proposals kind of help the likes of us, with the removal of parachute payments and stopping clubs without them from betting their house (and houses they don’t have) on the golden ticket of promotion. But it does make promotion less lucrative. Which isn’t a bad thing IMO. What stinks is the top clubs having more power. Little details as to what these means but could be uglier than just simply a larger share of money. I hate how it’s also as if the current top 6 have always been that top 6. Fair enough Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsena
  12. For me, pretty much every kit (home, away, goalkeeper and third) of the 1993/94 premier league season. Maybe it’s nostalgia with it being the first year of the Merlin sticker album but I love some of the busy detail of keeper kits and the Norwich/Coventry kits as well as the design of the likes of Everton and Man City’s that year. Obviously all of ours were great. Even the pigs had a nice away kit that year (probably as it has blue in it)
  13. There’s quite a few previously established league clubs that are now playing in the sixth tier (or lower). York and Stockport being a couple. Coventry until very recently were the most miserable team to support, as they went on the most drawn out decline since winning the FA cup in 1987 which ended up with them in the third tier. Since they’ve had a couple of promotions and a Checkatrade/JPT. Either us or Sunderland would probably rival them now.
  14. Yes, they are the people directly involved but with a lot of knee jerk reactions by privileged white blokes in London panicking, there seems to be no thought of how this makes racism worse (or ignited underlying racism).
  15. It does look pretty blatant from sky sports. Yes, organically look to recruit more diversely but the sudden approach they seem to be going for is incredibly divisive and has led to the abuse Alex Scott and Micah Richards have been getting. The three that have been sacked aren’t the greatest pundits in the world and particularly Nicholas and Thompson are pretty much dinosaurs. However, that show isn’t about the quality punditry and getting the scores (you can get that elsewhere), it was about the interaction between them. That’s why although Alex Scott is a quality pundit, I don’t t
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