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  1. This will be like an away game. 1-0 win
  2. You don’t have to bottle every game to be certified bottle jobs, but if there is to be such a title, throwing away leads into draws and defeats in the dying minutes multiple times in a season would surely qualify you for it. With regards to the OPs comments on the play-off defeats, yes we lost to a good Hull team but our players didn’t turn up they day. Some might say that’s a case of bottling it. And the Huddersfield capitulation was certainly a case of bottling it. Sorry
  3. Fond memories of Carlos. Went sour at the end like it does for 95% of managers in football but there’s been much worse and he led us to our two most successful seasons this century. Yes his tactics were abysmal against Huddersfield and the capitulation against the pigs was unforgivable. I wouldn’t have him back now but gave us some lasting memories.
  4. Captained the shittest Wednesday team in my life, the second worst in our entire history. Terrible player in an even worse team. Decent manager though
  5. Looked amazing for the first four games of 96/97, got an England under-21 cap then pretty much disappeared. I remember Pleat playing him further and further back saying he’ll ‘grow’ into the striker position; whatever that means for a guy who was top scorer in the premier league for the first games.
  6. fizz the glamorous away day, someone poo at home. Let’s go on a cup run and have three trips to Wembley.
  7. Forgive me if any of the points I’m about to make have already been made but I’ve not read the whole thread. I was a season ticket holder until the end of 2014/15. I gave it up purely as my daughter was born that summer so my time (and money) was needed elsewhere. I still went to about 5 or 6 games in 15/16 and 16/17 which was helped massively by the good seasons we had then. I also retained my membership. But in 17/18 when the football was dire yet prices still sky high, it became easy to not go. The problem is that I was now fully out of the habit. There are now so many little reasons that add up to put me off going. I have a lengthy commute in the week so only get to spend more than an hour a day with my kids on a weekend. Going to football then wipes out about 5 hours of that. Added the still extortionate prices and it just doesn’t seem worth it. And now we have this situation with the road closures. I’ve not been since this has been the case but it sounds like it’s such a faff getting there by car now. And by public transport would take too long. What I’m trying to say is that we have a half empty stadium, have external pressures such as those from SAG and the council but the least the club could do is try to make it as appealing as possible for people like me to decide to make the trip to Hillsborough. Instead it just seems an even bigger chore than ever, despite the results.
  8. On a side note, how has Penney been getting on at St Pauli?
  9. Brighton in the first leg of the play-offs. Just a magical night, don’t think I’ve ever experienced a better atmosphere. As a neutral the Sheffield Wednesday 4-4 Jordan Rhodes game.
  10. Exactly. Jonk, De Bilde and Hinchcliffe on the books mostly injured whilst having to recruit absolute dross like Ashley Westwood, Ian Hendon and Paul McLaren.
  11. At least he’s been wise keeping his international job too. Must be so depressing for Stoke fans. Money pouring out the club and players who should be decent clearly not giving a poo.
  12. Could be a good deal for all concerned. Would free up som cash in wages at least. And for the debate about Celtic being a big club, they’re probably one of the top 5 or 6 biggest clubs in Britain. They’ve got the whole of Ireland, half of Scotland and many catholics around the world supporting them. As someone said earlier, if they were in the premier league within a few years they’d be right up there and competing in the champions league.
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