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  1. Cook seems to me the obvious appointment but knowing our nutter he would rather have a puppet so he can keep playing football manager. I hope his folly continues his wealth depletion.
  2. you can't put a large bet on these markets-try putting £100 on they will limit you.
  3. You do have to give managers time if its the right manager , which I don't think monk is. However which decent manager will want to spend much time being governed by our version of kim jong un?
  4. the auditors also audit the books of the company i work for and seem very professional
  5. he would have sold to any dodgy fecker like he did at portsmouth and nearly did with mammadov
  6. on at 66/1 with Ladbrokes-no cash out available
  7. done 6-0, 6-1, 7-0, 7-1, 6-2, 7-2, at 35, 50,90,150,200,200 bought city supremacy at 2.25 goals bought phil foden goal minutes at 12 sold time of citys 4th goal at 83
  8. try looking at oddschecker and if you open only 1 new bookies account betfair exchange is probably the best for odds
  9. Most bookies will honour bets where there are points deductions (the only ones i've seen that won't are spread betting firms). A demotion to league one will not necessarily be honoured though. I did check Bet365 terms and conditions though and couldn't see any mention of this.
  10. He is not helped by the ball being continually passed back to him to hoof upfield. Why don't we try to radical tactics of trying to pass the ball to a team mate.
  11. The Act available on starz play (via amazon) True story of a mother and daughter and a case of munchhausen by proxy (the mother needs the girl to be ill so that she receives validation from caring for her). Terrific performances by the two leads Joey King and Patricia Arquette.
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