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  1. it is alleged that he bought players for his clubs at inflated prices with the same agent involved
  2. he could play centre back or midfield and would be a very good signing he would be playing regular premiership football if he was with a team like bournemouth
  3. they have 30m for ayoze perez which is a vast overvaluation imo-why can't they pay3-4 m if they want him? if they won't pay it make him stay here not that I want that the fat coont can fizz off for me
  4. we don't know what has happened or have I missed something? hopefully we get compensation for the fat granny but it would be the Wednesday way for him to resign , walk away , we get nowt . am I being unduly optimistic?
  5. wasn't bristol away on the red button (which was on a sunday)?
  6. ray blackhall must be one of the worst i've seen
  7. gibson needs to concentrate on failing to get into the playoffs which he well on course for
  8. What DC did was very unprofessional imo. Watching his performance in Bruce's introductory press conference was also eye opening, i know his english isn't great but: someone offer 30m to 135m and someone offer 150m to 175m and we say we talk to you if we interested wtf was all that about????
  9. brilliant from brian the blade half of me thinks he's on the wind up half of me thinks he's deranged
  10. i don't understand why he has come here-he will need to wheel and deal but without any funds. If DC has promised him funds based on a cunning plan (1867 club) then we are stuffed. Add to that he is not known for playing expansive football.
  11. this madcap scheme will be nothing to do with external accountants any internal accountants will follow the leader and this scheme is the brain child of our child without a brain
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