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    just had a look to see which champ teams had signed players for fees. the following had not: villa, derby, sheff utd , sheff wed, leeds, Bolton, qpr, Rotherham. Rotherham have just come up and I doubt whether they will be one of the 6 teams, sheff utd have probably not signed anyone because of the ownership dispute. Bolton were under embargo which was lifted to allow loans so maybe still under embargo. To add to this Birmingham are rumoured to be one of the 6. So that leaves us with : villa (who we know are in trouble), derby, Wednesday, leeds, Bolton, qpr and Birmingham - 7 teams and 6 are rumoured to be under a transfer embargo.
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    I think the commercial side is emblematic of the competence with which the club is being run
  3. waynecoyne14


    giddings asked if we were one of the 6 championship clubs under a transfer embargo and jos danced away from the question-most of his answers were about playing youngsters , working with the players he has.
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    That survey

    DC I think is naiive and proud and not likely to admit mistakes or the fact he was misled by doyen. There's no getting away from the fact that our recruitment lacked focus in terms of looking at areas that needed strengthening. we also should have mixed it up and bought some younger lower league players. DC has no one but himself to blame. .
  5. why behave ? can we not criticise our glorious leader?
  6. I don't think he'll be spending much, based on last year where we loaned no one when we had all the 'injuries' -it looks to me like the spending has stopped and he's looking for a way out.
  7. why do we need a big name manager or big name players-who gives a throw what he thinks
  8. maybe it should include correct grammar in job advertisements too
  9. waynecoyne14

    The 1990's Forestieri

    it's time to put on music-it's time to dress up right
  10. waynecoyne14

    Brian Hornsby

    he was one of the players that you went to see-I mean one that had the capability of performing above the level we were at , same as rodger wylde
  11. why doesn't smegma get a job?
  12. waynecoyne14


    praise to the false prophet: atdhe, smeggo, kim jong un,
  13. you are nearly as big as me you are a giant among men - well small men take this information and use it to help us up the league catapult us up the league
  14. age 59 started watching around 1968 1 Pressman 2 Nilsson 3 can't think of a decent left back -i'll go with wilcockson can't be doing with king or worthington 4 Walker 5 Pearson 6 Palmer 7 Sheridan 8 Waddle 9 Hirst 10 carbone 11 di canio
  15. waynecoyne14

    Time for Moneyball?

    DC would end up signing baseball players