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  1. waynecoyne14

    Neeskens Kebano

    very small, quick tricky player rarely got a game for fulham, scored at hillsborough in urby match
  2. waynecoyne14

    Lookman deal done....wow

    RB leipzig were rumoured to have had a bid of eu25m turned down for him. Everton are not pulling any trees up and he offers pace and a goal threat even if only from the bench. This would not make any sense at all.
  3. waynecoyne14

    Lookman deal done....wow

    everton manager on tv today saying he was an important player for them absolutely no chance of this happening
  4. waynecoyne14

    A new signing

    apart from lacking intelligence, natural ability, awareness, finishing skills, being able to remain calm under pressure and make the right decision you may have a point
  5. waynecoyne14

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    apologies utah another one just popped into my head, 2-0 up at stamford bridge and we lost 3-2, mickey droy scored 2, he was a big ugly fker
  6. waynecoyne14

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    oh and a good memory was beating wolves away with a late rodger wylde winner (circa 1976)
  7. waynecoyne14

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    losing away at wigan- the terraces were grassed i remember probably had had cattle on them , losing away at gillingham- nicky southall screamer losing away to cambridge 4-0 i think first sight of dion dublin
  8. handling anything superbly doesn't ring true- I still expect some doyen coach from Cypriot 3rd division
  9. waynecoyne14

    Shine a light protest

    alternatively-a have a shi te protest may be just as meaningful owlsman will coordinate
  10. waynecoyne14

    A Ploy?

    good point-well made
  11. waynecoyne14

    A Ploy?

    Dear DC I am to blame for your incompetence now please f**k off
  12. waynecoyne14

    Front page of Star tomorrow......!!

    bolton are probably worse, i have a sneaky feeling ipswich may get out of trouble wednesday 11/2 to be relegated and 25/1 bottom look decent prices
  13. waynecoyne14

    Jos storms out

    if you are in a job with a pay off for being sacked and a clueless indecisive owner would you walk and forgo the payoff? And why keep asking him if he is going to be sacked when it isn't his decision? He is correct in his reaction-giddings is a smarmy ingratiating self important cum-sucking tool.