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  1. waynecoyne14

    Worst Signing Ever

    i think big ron signed sedloski
  2. waynecoyne14

    James McLean

    hope it hurts
  3. waynecoyne14

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    kim jong say no
  4. waynecoyne14

    Ball boy kop/North corner.

    i thought dawson was time wasting all game
  5. How long have hooper and lee been out? Hooper was boxing day I think so that's 8 months and what do we know of their injuries-hip problem. The level of secrecy or misinformation is farcical and can only encourage conspiracy theories. I wonder if these are bonus related injuries-there you go.
  6. waynecoyne14

    Lee Cattermole

    you only want him cause his name ends in mole
  7. waynecoyne14

    Petter Rudi

    was mates with jo nesbo apparently
  8. waynecoyne14

    Petter Rudi

    skilfull but a bit of a ponce- like what we have now
  9. The words in bold are key : as its us who decide on which players
  10. waynecoyne14

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    is that the one where megson was clean through and completely bottled it?
  11. out of this in a couple of days was the refrain-whats that about?
  12. where is this from?
  13. waynecoyne14

    I just go

    acquiescence ˌakwɪˈɛsns/ noun noun: acquiescence; plural noun: acquiescences the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.
  14. waynecoyne14

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    looking forward to it getting better before it gets less better
  15. We will finish: 20th Top goal scorer: forestieri Will Jos be in charge?: probably Stand out player?: reach Notable crazy moment of the season: 'we will promoted' quote from some stooge when mathematically impossible