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  1. Most bookies will honour bets where there are points deductions (the only ones i've seen that won't are spread betting firms). A demotion to league one will not necessarily be honoured though. I did check Bet365 terms and conditions though and couldn't see any mention of this.
  2. He is not helped by the ball being continually passed back to him to hoof upfield. Why don't we try to radical tactics of trying to pass the ball to a team mate.
  3. v leeds prostitute (from leeds I think) protesting about having to pay tax also remember the old boy v York came off leppings lane end I think
  4. the odds suddenly went from 33/1 to 8/1 on 05/12/19 (last thursday) before drifting out to 14/1 after saturdays win so something happened last thursday-maybe the news of the short paid salaries
  5. that maguire bloke said it was 7.5m per year but i think he has made an assumption based upon the accounts which show 7.5m due within 12m and 52.5m due after 12 months
  6. i hope you are correct hookowl i am letting my anger come out via the keyboard
  7. he has made mistakes not because of the rules but because he chose to ignore them or was blase about circumventing them (we have friends comment) the man has shown himself to be arrogant and not too bright
  8. Ladbrokes and coral are in the same ownership.
  9. Ladbrokes rules state that an expulsion is a void bet but points deductions are included. It may be worth checking the rules before diving in.
  10. 1) To include the sale in the july 2018 accounts, the sale would have had to have completed before this date I assume. 2) Once the sale has completed then stamp duty would have to be paid. 3) What are the rules on post balance sheet events? When can you adjust and backdate?
  11. sorry to be contrary but i think he's a cracking player
  12. a vision of monk as count dracula just flashed into my head-not a pretty sight
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