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  1. That's all to complicated for him to be a success at hillsborough, just confirming what we've encountered so far, need to get rid imo.
  2. Brilliant, happy birthday Mary and wll done swfc.
  3. Another couple to add to moored tinkering, never get a settled side.
  4. Can't get worse, and if Moore keeps this up crowds will dwindle so less income etc, its only league 1 and Moore can't get it right.
  5. It would be worth a try and almost certainly bring together some sort of understanding , togetherness and form improvement but Moore just won't do it.
  6. Spot on, I just don't think Moore gets it, nice guy but sorry he needs replacing.
  7. Yes he should but would welcome him back even as an ambasador for the club, would attract a good manager, never happen with dc though.
  8. well said, the most important thing is to enjoy your game, twice the player.
  9. And yours too, its great to express your opinion but not fall out, one big family wanting the best for the club.
  10. well said but we need results and entertainment, is Big Ron still around.
  11. Yep a Charleton at this level and not on his own, Daren Moores signings are not good enough.
  12. Good luck to him hes doing a great job, and so is his chairman, credit to him for persuading him to take the job.
  13. Think you used to clean Pughies boots.
  14. Hes a good player and the best footballer we have, doesnt belong in this team IMO.
  15. Well ive had a few beers so ile try and work out how you know tomorrow but i would take Alan Knill no probs, he set up a good rotherham team and they played some lovely football, probably/most likely behind wilders success at the lane, not sure youre right about warne not enjoying the job hes doing and you do say hes happy what hes doing, bit of a contradiction,
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