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  1. A lot more than they can do with a club in an equally 'deprived' area that are not getting £120m+ per year in TV money. It's incredibly naive to think that a Premier League club that makes a profit every year and has a turnover 5 tines the size of ours isn't a more appealing proposition to a buyer. What you should be asking yourself is if Burnley is only worth £200m, how much is Wednesday really worth. It loses more money than when Chansiri took over, the playing squad are worth no more than when Chansiri took over and other than a bit of turf at Hillsborough and a cou
  2. Yet we've never seen a TUF logo anywhere near the club since. Wouldn't be at all surprised if DC got a slap on the wrist for this because TUF have been clear about their involvement (absolutely none) with the club.
  3. I think you are missing my point. It's pretty much as likely to be Apple or Nike at it is TUF. Ok so his family own a bit of TUF but that doesn't mean they can sponsor us any easier than Apple.
  4. Raheem Sterling rumoured to be getting £100m to become face of Puma. Bit of a coincidence if you ask me.
  5. I will. And while I'm in the subject, sponsors want either exposure or kudos. Top clubs get AIA, Standard Chartered, Emirates etc for the Kudos. We don't offer that Kudos. Everybody else gets cash rich companies needing exposure (gambling firms basically). We don't offer that exposure and in the 'bang for your buck' advertising world, who's signing off £100m to sponsor the mighty Sheffield Wednesday who haven't been anywhere the premier league for 20 years and fell out of the consciousness of everyone outside Sheffield and under 40 at least 15 years ago. The only other
  6. Maybe 'making it up' is a bit strong. At best, it would be some complicated sponsorship deal worth next to f*** all but with ridiculous clauses in dreamt up by the same clown who gave us the 10 year/lifetime season ticket. £1m per season rising to £5m per season in Premier League. Rising to £10m per season if winning Premier League by more than 17 points. Rising to £25m per season if doing the treble, winning the Champions League and keeping 81 clean sheets in the process. DC 'we've secured a £25m per season sponsorship deal'
  7. TUF are not his family. His family do not own TUF. They don't get to decide what TUF does with its money. They are shareholders in a publicly traded company and any deals with anyone connected to any of the directors has to be reported in the annual report. The Chansiri family own 19.28% of the Thai Union Group. The rest is owned by other families, banks, investment funds, pension funds, Mitsubishi and anyone else who wants to buy shares. DC can't just get his dad to dip it for £100m cos he's a bit shy this season. This perpetual myth that TUF are or can be connected w
  8. Then you thought some more and realised TUF have got F*** all to do with us. I don't even know why people keep bringing them up. They are a public company with many shareholders. The Chansiri family do not own it and do not have the authority to bung £100m Wednesday's way. And even if they did...why would they?
  9. How does that conversation go? Bearing in mind that TUF are a publicly traded company with shareholders. Daddy doesn't get to just hand over £100m from a company that he only owns a percentage of because his boy has gone and f***ed up again.
  10. He throws out these ridiculously big number shoping we, the plebs, will be overwhelmed by his support and simply unable to comprehend any figure more than 10 grand. 'Turned down £200 million for the club'. BS, 5 years ago, £200m would have bought you a low end PL club. In this interview 'I've lost hundreds of millions of pounds' If that's the case, EFL better come and have another look because that means we've lost a minimum of £40m a season for the last 5 years.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday are not that big...but, we were on the verge of a £100m sponsorship deal. To put that into perspective, only 6 Premier League clubs receive more than £10m a year in shirt sponsorship. Of course there are naming rights etc but even the suggestion that we had a nine-figure deal on the table makes the man look ridiculous. For 9 figures, you can have the club, let alone sponsor it.
  12. Either way, you are giving your money to a bunch of T1ts.
  13. The only player to show any attacking intent and actually string a couple of passes together was Reach. Didn't do much but did more in 15 minutes than anybody else did in the whole game.
  14. I'm not one for jumping on the bandwagon but I think it might be the worst I've ever seen any professional team play. Truly dire.
  15. This has been done to death. Best estimate of Chansiri family wealth is around $1.1bn. DC owns 5% of the family trust. He owns a larger share of other family companies such as the one that owns TUF headquarters. It's fair to surmise from what we know and what we have seen that that a) we don't really know what he's worth but b) he's definitely not a billionaire c) TUF have absolutely no financial involvement, as a publicly traded company it would be in their annual statements d) the money DC has spent is not a drop in the ocean to him e) he 'seems' to be limiting his p
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