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  1. There's no defending it. It's absolutely scandalous and in any other company/industry, a company withholding customer's money for over a year would be on Watchdog. I don't care if you need the money or not, this is causing irreparable damage to the club.
  2. I live in Wimbledon and it's a different proposition to something from Wednesday because it is targeted at the fans who are also owners of the club. Yes they want £10k but many have already put at least that in to get AFC Wimbledon back into the league and back to Plough Lane. You can say 'they only get attendance of 4700' but many of those are incredibly committed to the club and let's not forget that Wimbledon is a very affluent area where a 3 bed terraced house costs somewhere around £1m. All that being said, I don't think they will get anywhere near the 500 they want and I dont think they actually expect to, I think it's just a sneaky little fundraiser. It's not easy to go back to the doners who funded the stadium and ask for more but by releasing this, they have set themselves up to try and raise some more money next year.
  3. League 1 didn't change same was as championship did. 60% of income can be spent on wages, income includes any gifts from owner. There are no 'caps' on losses.
  4. Yep but in league 1, any donations to the club by the owner are included in the income figure which is different to the championship where the losses owner can cover are limited.
  5. Next year we will find out what Chansiri is made of. SCMP which is the L1 equivalent of FFP includes any donations made by the owner in the turnover figure. What this essentially means is that you can spend whatever you want as long as the owner is willing to gift the money to the club, it can't be in the form of a loan. If Chansiri has the money some claim, buying his way out of L1 should be very easy with essentially no restrictions on what he can put in.
  6. Offsetting losses against tax is really only effective when the losses are 'on paper'. Chansiri has not made 'on paper' losses, he's made actual cash losses and no amount of tax saving will make up for that as it's only ever going to be a percentage. Yes, it may decrease any liability he has is Thailand but there have been suggestions (Not by you) that the whole thing is just a tax-offsetting exercise which is just nonsensical.
  7. What a load of c**p. My old Merc was independently valued at £50k for insurance. It isn't worth anywhere close to that because nobody would pay that for it. It's worth what somebody will pay for it, not what somebody 'values' it at, independently or otherwise.
  8. Oh, he's staying whatever happens. I don't think any part of him can accept selling the club at a loss or as a failure. Most likely he will just go full Ellis Short if we go to L1 and wash his hands of the place without actually selling it. Won't put any more money in and it will just rumble along to being another Portsmouth, Sunderland, Bolton, Wigan etc. Clubs that's only aim is to survive in business.
  9. Personally, I can see an advantage as a club of going down, releasing most of the team and starting again but I could never wish us down even if I think it's not such a bad thing. My worry is that we will scrape by on the last day of the season, renew half the contracts that are expiring and have to watch this dogger bunch plus a few s**t loan signings go through the same thing again next season.
  10. Yeah but if we are within 6 points he will have it the other way round and claim that the team he built was good enough but that the EFL had sent us down even though it wasn't his fault and he did nothing wrong.
  11. It's amazing how often the phrase 'written in the stars' appears on this site. George Hirst to score winner for Rotherham against Cardiff to send us down? Rooney to pull a full Roy of The Rovers and come off the bench for a 95th minute equaliser? Hutchinson to get sent off after 5 minutes at Derby?
  12. Nobody knows. Derby didn't have that ultimate pressure of lose and you are relegated today. We did.
  13. From what I've seen today, I think there's a good chance both us and derby could lose on last day of season!
  14. The whole situation is farcical. The fact that we could very realistically be relegated only on goal difference after the absolute shower of s**te that we've seen this season and the chucking away of endless points is frankly embarrassing for the other teams around us.
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