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  1. For years everyone has been going on about the tat in the club shop. Some effort is made to do something about it and it's just complaints about the prices. Everything we sell will be in relatively low volume. If Tesco go to a manufacturer in China and say "we want half a million coffee mugs, any design will do" they are going to be a hell of a lot cheaper than when you want 250 in a specific design. £25 is probably about the going rate for a branded beach towel. Maybe a couple of quid high but not exactly outrageous.
  2. I think you might have answered your own question there. You wouldn't arrange a fun day the players will be at between 2 (potentially, though not now) big games in 4 days.
  3. 10 games left. 1 defeat and 3 draws would give us 70 points. Never going to be enough. 8 wins an absolute minimum and that probably wouldn't be enough. Season over but be good to get a good finish to the season to put some belief into the squad.
  4. Nah, we would be better to get one that says Sheffield Wednesday on it.
  5. No. They are the rules of a full embargo. It's on the EFL website.
  6. That's not entirely true. You can replace any player you release even if you have over 24 provided that the total annual cost of employment for that player is no more than the lower of a) £600,000 or b)75% of the cost of employment of the outgoing player. I wonder if you can get away with 2 out, 1 in at a cost of £1.2m a season or 75% of combined outgoings. I think not but sure it's an area the club will look into.
  7. Reading the Norwich forums, They are pretty happy with him and reckon he's doing a good job. Seems like he's happy there as well. Problem is, if they don't go up, he's too much money for them to do the job he's doing for them this season and if they do go up, they will be looking for better.
  8. Ron had a dig at him on the telebox after an away game (palace?). Think KP was a bit put out by that.
  9. "Newcastle have been extremely generous" translates as "For anyone listening from the EFL, we didn't pay anything for them". I bet Ashley's mad for a brown envelope...he looks the type! Either that or DC has been round all the Sports Directs and bought 2 million of those massive carrier bags they are always trying to knock out...or next year's kit is going to be made by Donnay or Lonsdale.
  10. Hope and optimism is what sport is all about isn't it? It's what gets you excited a week before a game and it's why some defeats hurt so bad. Personally, I'd rather be with the fruitcakes than the perennial 'realists'.
  11. IF you look at it from the other side, we stole quite a few points with worldies early on in the season so we are probably pretty much exactly where we should be.
  12. 9 or 10 points no good. If you want to start to close the gap, needs to be 12 or 13 points. Would have to average nearly 2.5 points per game to end of season to have a chance which is highly unlikely!
  13. And Rugby. And Cricket. And Tennis. And Baseball. And Basketball. And American Football. And Hockey.
  14. I don't think it's a Wednesday problem. It always seems to me that half the away fans have got no interest in the match. Turn up 10 minutes after kick off, head to bar 10 minutes before half time, cone back 10 minutes into 2nd half and phook off 15 minutes before the end. Young lads using the match as an excuse for a day on the beer. Same all over the country. Annoying as hell for those that are only there for the game but most of the time it's harmless enough.
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