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  1. They do what they are told because agents are the most powerful people in football and can make or break careers.
  2. Well that's me told. I wish you had contributed to the first page. You could have saved us all a lot of time.
  3. 'Use your brain', that's rich. You stated categorically that he wanted £20k a week. Do you think Leicester have given him a 5-year contract on £20k a week, a cost to them of around £6 million because they saved a few hundred grand on transfer fees?
  4. That's it, 100 pages. No more from me.
  5. There are consequences. He will lose his money. My point is that there are going to be times that the Chairman will do what he wants because that's what he wants to do and for no other reason. That is his right, most people don't actually know what has happened and if he has made his decision purely and simply because he felt wronged by the Hirst's, I may be alone here, but I can actually support him in that. IF his position was that he would rather let GH leave for free than agree to whatever the terms were and that came about as a result of something personally important to him, then my point is, he has that right and I personally believe it his choice to do so. Of course he can be criticized for it but it's difficult to have a particularly strong opinion when not many people really know the facts.
  6. You neither had to read it nor contribute. If you are not interested and know the facts anyway, why bother subjecting yourself to other people's opinions? If you are interested, I'm sure you would find that very little of this thread is about George Hirst, if you have no recognition of a bigger picture here, Love Island might be more up your street.
  7. You do things 'just because' when you have standards, morals and a sense of what is right and wrong. Maybe instead of saying 'just because', I should say 'because that's how I felt about the situation'. In a much broader statement, as you have obviously deigned the right to call my own sense of right and wrong irresponsible, perhaps you could tell me what gives you any God given right to criticise the owner? It his company and he can and will do whatever the f**k he wants with it without checking with you first. If you don't want to pay higher prices, don't. Obviously I am playing Devil's Advocate here as this is not actually how I feel but in all honesty, is that not the reality of modern football?
  8. Do you never do anything 'just because'? Most people can be guilty of cutting their noses off to spite their face just because somebody has pi**ed us off. I know I can, I run my own business and have been known to do things against my owns interests just to stop someone getting something from me that I have decided they don't 'deserve'..
  9. Can't see that happening, even Iniesta was only valued at 200,000 bottles of wine!
  10. GH wanted to stay yet didn't bother to respond to communications from the club. You can say that George wanted to stay but his advisors wouldn't negotiate but that's on George. He's young but he's a full grown man old enough to go and die for his country.
  11. Maybe he just didn't want to.
  12. Sorry, my post was in response to someone who said 'going along with the deal' and then you said planning the deal and engineering a deal were the same thing and I got me a bit confused!
  13. Well, if we listen to other stories, refusing to negotiate or enter into any talks and his dad going round telling people his son will not sign for the club tells a very different story. If he 'very much wanted to stay' why has there been no attempted renegotiations over the last 12 months? I'm not saying he didn't, just that an argument can be made for the other side.
  14. Maybe sometimes you just do what you think is right and to hell with the consequences. A year down the line, George is moving to a Belgian second division club playing at an incredibly poor standard. He's already lost 1 year of his development and who knows how much good this move will do him. I know he's young but it's a short career. No winners here but quite possibly two losers.
  15. You may be right but DC has never had any active involvement in his family business. Not going to open an old debate but there's no actual evidence that he has had any involvement in any business, except maybe a property company renting property to TUF.