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  1. Young George Hirst

    Actually, Homebase are in financial trouble. Closing a load of stores. That’s not part of the analogy, they just are. Should have paid more to their best staff instead of letting B&Q poach them all!
  2. Just seen a post

    I'm sure there must be something in this. I know that Brendan Rogers has categorically stated that he's not for sale and Celtic have just turned down £12m from Brighton but these things don't just get made up do they.
  3. We are going up this season!

    So what are you saying?
  4. We are going up this season!

    12 Point off the pace. In 19 games we would need around 43 points if we are lucky with points required to get into 6th. 12 wins & 7 draws? 14 wins and a draw? It's over for this season. We would have to match what Wolves have done so far (2.3 points per game) to stand any chance of scraping into 6th.
  5. Without looking for ill in everything the Chairman does, I can’t help but think this is no more than a way to justify the upcoming ST prices. Will go something like this when ST prices are announced. “At the recent fans forum on pricing, fans made it clear they wanted to see continued in investment in the team and our pricing strategy has allowed us to once again target our goal of promotion to the Premier League whilst offering a great saving against POTD prices’.
  6. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    Yes, silly you. Talking to another Wednesday fan about Wednesday, would you say ‘we have just signed a new player’, ‘they have just signed a new player’ or ‘The Owls have just signed a new player’. If it’s not the former, you are an anomaly and certainly not evidence that you should be belittling others.
  7. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    They say discuss the post not the poster so on this occasion, I'm going to withdraw. You should take it that you have schooled me on the world of investments.
  8. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    "Jem’en fous de l’historie du club’’ - L’Echo, Brussels 29/09/15
  9. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    I actually do not have any words to answer that.
  10. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    I can't even be bothered to explain this to you. The fact that you have listed bonds next to gold as non revenue generating tells me that this is a pointless conversation. Good luck getting your £5m together.
  11. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    Erm...liquid assets. Cash or readily converted to cash. Cash, bank savings, stocks/shares, gilt bonds, gold, mutual funds. That's about it mate. You have to be able to convert an asset into cash within a very very short time frame (days) without impacting it's value in order for it to be liquid. The whole 'I'm going to need £5 million in 30 years' is a ridiculous statement. My house will be worth £5 million in 30 years at this rate so I'm all set. Might as well pack up work today. Not having a dig mate but you really shouldn't be telling people they need to research stuff when you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
  12. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    I think you’re missing the point. He’s ITK innit.
  13. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    Seems like £10k a week for a good 18yo prospect is about the going rate at the top academies. Whatever we have offered, we are between a rock and a hard place. Sure he's on of our only decent prospects in forever but can we match the big Premier League academies? Can you pay an academy kid £10k a week when we will have first teamers on less? Can you expect GH to sign up for £5k a week when he can get £10k? Herein lies the problem. We theoretically can pay him but it would undermine a lot of other stuff at the club through the academy and first team. We all want to see him play for us but with no guarantees, surely the club has to look at it from all angles.
  14. Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    I assume you are factoring inflation. You don't need £5m at today's prices. Also, it's a retirement why do your assets need to be 'liquid', surely they need to be revenue generating. The only people that need £5m in 'liquid assets' are drug dealers going on the lam to Brazil.