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  1. We've all heard of Elf On A Shelf...

    I don't get it. Fessi on a Cossie? Doesn't rhyme. Forestieri on a Sierri Lord on a Ford Blundered on an RS500
  2. I had one. Bought it in Barnsley Market though so probably a snide!
  3. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    Was Bannan there as well or just Rhodes and his mate?
  4. Under 23s today....

    Can someone translate this for me please.
  5. Don't worry. Big plans in place for 151st anniversary.
  6. Afrotunnel is opened providing a fast easy link from Libya to Italy
  7. Chris Waddle. Only player I have ever seen who could run quicker with the ball than without it!
  8. Foresteri

    Hear, hear! If we are to be pedants.
  9. Nobody to Leeds

    No. It's not meant to be funny. I am about 5 minutes from Cambrils and left the town about an hour earlier than everything happened the other day. Haven't been back. Don't be so quick to be a mardy cnut.
  10. Nobody to Leeds

    I don't have a Range Rover. I am in the Costa Dorado. It is a Villa. It's in Cambrils.
  11. Nobody to Leeds

    And to reply to my own topic, when I say "in Spain" I'm not talking about Leeds Bradford to Alicante, I'm from Lahndan darling so we took the Range Rover down to the Costa Daurada for a few weeks in a private villa.
  12. Nobody to Leeds

    I don't start many threads but my 'green rep' (it's from another thread') entitles me to because it makes me a font of knowledge and you should hang on my every word. Let's start with the obligatory 'we are title contenders'...so other than OT rumours, Star tweets and general stupidity, why are we selling... a) The Championship's most prolific goalscorer b) One of the best prospects in the league who we nicked for peanuts, doesn't cost us bundles and scores every time he plays c) Our top goal score from the last 2 seasons (who also came on yesterday whilst in some kind of exile) (and possibly d, one of the countries best young players, a Wednesday fan, who we could sell for less than it cost's to pay a decent players wages for a year). Answers on a postcard either... a) we're not b) because we are stupid c) we're not but everyone other than SWFC likes to say that we are because it's an easy way to fill a couple of column inches or d) I've got no idea but just like londonowl I'm in Spain, it's 3am and I've drunk too much San Miguel so it seems like a good idea to talk shyte.
  13. Rhodes to L**ds??

    Clearly a simple case of Journos looking for a story. Leeds have money and need a striker so they look around, find a striker who looks a bit out of favour and they've got themselves a 'rumour' to fill the pages.
  14. Fulham Tho!

    It's a long season. They've got a cracking team. Not saying they will win or that they would be my favourites but I wouldn't be writing them off just yet.