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  1. A company and it's owner are 2 totally separate legal entities. Quite normal for companies to owe money to their 'owner'.
  2. londonowl


    I can't bring myself to want him. I just don't like him for some reason. Add to that I'm not totally sure that he is a particularly great manager and I would be very uninspired if he came here. That being said, his CV is probably better than any realistic targets though FWIW, I think there is almost no chance of him coming here unless something bigger is going on at the club.
  3. londonowl

    Alan Nixon

    What factory? I know its a joke but I don't understand why things like this come up time and again. DC is a rich kid. He doesn't have a factory because his 2 most successful businesses are SWFC and D Taxis.
  4. londonowl

    Alan Nixon

    Bookies are wrong all the time. They don't need to be right, they just need to form their markets properly so they can take a profit pretty much whatever the outcome.
  5. londonowl

    Alan Nixon

    I would say 7-1 is about right. Realistically, we are not that likely to go down but that is more about the shortcomings of other teams.
  6. londonowl

    Alan Nixon

    We are 7-1 to go down so don't see anyone taking an evens bet with you.
  7. londonowl

    Birmingham Tickets

    Haven't attended a single game this season and won't be going to this one either. Yes, I'm a part-timer anyway but I usually get to around 10 games a season with my 2 kids. When membership was announced at £90, I told my kids we weren't going this season. The backtracking wasn't enough for me to overcome the show of complete contempt of POTD fans. I am 'disengaged' and the odd £20 ticket will not change that because it is not a question of affordabilily. I will be back of course but it might require a complete change of attitude towards fans by the club and I can't see that happening any time soon. I don't expect anything special or think I am entitled to anything..I am just one man making his own pointless protest!
  8. londonowl

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Mr Chansiri, you have openly stated that this is a learning curve and that you do not have the experience if running a football club. Our current CEO has had one job in football which was an unmitigated disaster and our advisors have conflicts of interest. Isn't it time to accept that you are out of your depth and to employ an experienced management team to take over the running of the club?
  9. londonowl

    What's to stop

    Any deal with the club had to be at fair market value. Clubs will push this as far as they can justify so that they can put a few more quid in than they could actually raise in sponsorship but push it too far and the EFL will disallow the entire amount in FFP calculations.
  10. londonowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Funny shaped bus for the 3rd goal
  11. londonowl

    What's to stop

    No need to evidence it. I'm pretty sure anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds looking at the Chansiri family knows that DC is not out there desperately trying to work out how to shift an extra £120m into the club. I don't doubt he's got a right few quid but talk of him being worth £500 million are pie in the sky.
  12. londonowl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Erm...I'm pretty sure I already said that the Chansiri FAMILY is worth $700m (Forbes Rich List). DC has no involvement with TUF and owns only a very small percentage. This is all public record because TUF are a publicly traded company and report all shareholders with a stake greater than 1.3% (DC is not one of them, you can check this information in the TUF annual statement where you can also find the exact value of the Chansiri family holding in the company. DC owns Gemini Watercraft which leases boats to TUF and owns a share of Chansiri Real Estate which owns the head office of TUF and leases it back to them. He also owns a couple of other very small companies whose only interest are in trading with TUF in one way or another. 'Secretive International big bizz' has one major drawback, they publicly report everything for their shareholders and even dopey forum members can spend half an hour reading through some stuff to get a basic understanding of the structure.
  13. londonowl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Whilst I'm sure Gazette Live is at the forefront of international business, the Chanisiri family are estimated at $700m by Forbes Rich list. Fair to assume that DC, who has never had any involvement with TUF is not controlling $520m of that 700.
  14. londonowl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    He's worth nowhere near 500 million.
  15. londonowl

    10 men for the good of the game?

    When it's used properly it's actually really good. Was in Germany watching a match last week and it was only after i got home and read match report I knew they had used VAR 4 times during the game. Like with everything else, FIFA just made a total shambles of it in the World Cup.