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  1. Am I the only person that doesn't massively rate Westwood? He's a good keeper but his distribution is awful, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is Jos' problem with him. Anyways, if this is purely a footballing decision by Jos then good on 'im, his squad, his team, his neck on the block.
  2. Yes, you are completely wrong. Whatever we do, the money, less his amortised value (of around £1m) will go into this year (actually, this season for P&S purposes). Rhodes totally different because of his ‘book value’ on the balance sheet.
  3. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I don’t agree with this. There are posters who find a way to complain about absolutely everything and if there is nothing to complain about, they make something up and then complain about that. Rightly, they are dismissed. Those if us that have a genuine issue with a particular thing or things and can make reasoned posts that have been thought out are generally not dismissed quite so quickly when we do make a negative point.
  4. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    My last line on the subject because I'm not trying to be a moa we for the sake of moaning and everybody else seems to be happy enough. I don't need it to be cheaper, I can afford it however I have choice and on this occasion, I have drawn my line in the sand. I think the whole affair has been an absolute car crash and shows an utter lack of everything I would want from an owner. I'm not renewing. Just expressing my own personal view, I'm not looking for agreement or to whip up a frenzy.
  5. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    It's gone down to last year's price but has also been devalued. I wonder how the ST holders would feel if next year, Season Ticket price stayed the same but you were assigned a random seat for every game and didn't get priority points. New "gold level" season ticket introduced with priority points and guaranteed seat. 80% more, £1000 on the kop.
  6. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I’m not a perennial complainer but have now started to have a more negative view on things. If that makes me one of them that would ‘actually like us to fail’ in your eyes, I can accept that. In my own personal view, I can’t understand pages full of ‘cracking deal’, ‘great gesture’ and ‘well done Mr C’. Has everyone been so brainwashed into stupid prices that having a second, lower, level of membership that is more expensive than the top level (only level) of membership at 99% of clubs in the country is something to rejoice at and proclaim the brilliance and fairness of our esteemed leader?
  7. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    To quote myself, the priority is confusing. I read it that the £90 membership has ticket priority over the £50 membership. If I’m wrong, I will take back what I have said. Has anyone confirmed this with the club yet?
  8. londonowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Me. Rise from £30 to £50 was justified by club by double discounts and the ticket priority. Price is now £50 without the double discount and moving a level down for ticket priority. Full membership is still £90, almost certainly the most expensive in the country. As a part-timer who lives 200 miles away, the biggest benefit of membership is ticket priority, I’m really not that ar**d about the £5 discount. Charge me £30 with no discount and I will take 3 of them out now, once multiple levels of priority are introduced into membership, it becomes a slippery slope. Next year there will be a platinum membership and the benefits of the lower tiers will be reduced. You can see it coming a mile off. I’m still not paying it despite being a member for many years. I will give some credit to DC for changing it but as we’ve almost certainly sold f**k all memberships, it’s hardly a surprise. I feel a bit like I’m expected to be eternally grateful to the woman at the till for giving me the extra tenner back when she short changed me in the first place.
  9. What's the moon got to do with it...
  10. londonowl

    Pay them off

    That’s a rather petulant post, and arguably a little ignorant. Certainly arrogant.
  11. No. And therein lies the problem. We have found a way to get right in the s**t without actually buying many decent players, or at least players with any significant resale value. When you think our only players really worth much are probably BB who was free, FF who was a cracking buy at £3m and Westwood/Lees who were already here, plus Reach who to be fair to him, came in at about the right money. The only way to compete at this level is with successful player TRADING. We’ve just been collecting them like some high stakes Panini album.
  12. If you finish with more points than the team who comes third this season, you will finish first or second. If you are looking at previous seasons as this graph is, if you hypothetically finished last season with more points than the team who came 3rd last year, they would have been 4th so you would have been 1st, 2nd or 3rd. i wouldn’t bother calling NASA.
  13. Wrong drug mate. You're thinking of weed/acid/ecstasy/mushrooms/insert any drug that's not heroin, crack or coke here.
  14. I love a stat and graph but can I just point out that finishing with more points than the team who came 3rd does not get you automatic promotion. It gets you 3rd place. If you are looking at historical seasons, you need more points than the 2nd place team, therefore finishing above them and pushing them down to 3rd.
  15. londonowl


    Being the son of a wealthy and successful businessman does not automatically make him a good owner or businessman.