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  1. £50k a week? Us paying £35k a week? £100k? You need to check your bait. You will never get a bite with this tripe.
  2. I think there's some confusion between what we actually owe and what is yet to be written down in the accounts. As I understand it, Rhodes has been fully paid for but his 'book value' is still £4m, to be written down at £2m a year over the last 2 years of his contract. So, if for example, we get £4m for him tomorrow, we get £4m in cashflow into the club (not relevant to FFP) and get rid of the £2m 'loss' that will be applied to each of the next 2 sets of accounts. If we sold him for more than £4m, any amount over that would go on the P&L to reduce losses. Anything less than £4m and the difference would have to go on the P&L as a loss.
  3. The Chansiri family has a net worth estimated below $1bn and DC is not exactly at the head if the family. Forbes Thai Rich List has Kraisorn Chansiri (DC's Dad) at Number 41 with a net worth of $155m with the comment that he has shared his wealth with his family. Other estimates have the 'Chansiri Family' fortune around $800m. Obviously DC has a good few quid but it's not a bottomless pit and I don't belive the story of him turning down an offer of $175m.
  4. Obviously aware of this, they only put in goals from the biggest 2 clubs in the division to avoid embarrassment to everyone else. Being the world's biggest team, we have to have 3 out of the 5 to even things up.
  5. Yes, and I live a 5 hour walk south of Westminster. London is quite big (and I actually live in Surrey!)
  6. Good idea. I just checked on Google and it's 59 hours and 10 minutes from my house to Hillsborough.
  7. Keeping FF over Reach is a bit rose-tinted. Reach is an ever present, always puts a shift in, is 26 and can change a game. Forestieri is an unreliable, petulant 29 year old who can change a game when he fancies it. Forestieri might be the 'better' player but I know who I would rather have arpund if I was trying to get promoted.
  8. There is absolutely no chance that Rhodes is on £72k a week. I don't think hospitality includes inside information on players contracts.
  9. I think these maths work on a lower than realistic target price. POTD target price should be average £22 kop, £25 North, £28 South. These are competitive prices in the Championship and the club can't be responsible for pricing everybody in. There will always be those that can't afford the prices wherever they are set. Using your own maths, getting the 10% S/T saving would then have a lower cost implication meaning the revenue would only fall be around £1.8m across S/T's and POTD, £300k of which is VAT. (Some) of this revenue can be recouped from those who attend purely based on the lower POTD prices but if it leads to lower ST Sales, that offset has to be considered but even a modest increase of 1000 POTD based on prices at £22, £25 & £28 would bring about £500k of Nett revenue into the club. My own view is that the club could get the S/T prices to somewhere around £450 Kop, £520 North, £580 South and POTD at £22/£25/£28 at a cost of below £1m and that is a relatively small cost to pay for the benefits the lower prices bring.
  10. Yes but if you compare championship attendances now with 10 years ago (same clubs) they haven't changed much and a number for the Championship 'ever presents' actually had lower average attendances last season than in 2009/10
  11. And I think that you are missing my point that by making sweeping statements like "5000 extra per game at £30 is an extra £3.5m a season" you are skewing the argument by using completely inaccurate figures. Yes, more tickets equals more revenue and nobody is arguing about that but it's not close to the kind of figures you have suggested. Yes it's worth having and yes (some) will spend (some) money in the ground but the main reason match tickets should be cheaper is not because it generates any significant additional revenue but because at no cost to the club, higher attendances at lower prices make fans feel much more connected to the club rather than the current antipathy felt by many.
  12. Tickets include VAT, as does your season ticket but as they are retail sales, not specific VAT exclusive price is ever shown. No way are 50% of people buying programmes (we don't currently sell 12000 per game) and your figures assume that they are 100% profit. Also, there is no way, and this is backed up by club accounts that the average profit on other matchday spend is £10 per person, per match. This would require a spend closer to £18 (plus VAT) and it's a small proportion spend who £22 a game on top of ticket costs I'm not disagreeing with you regards the ticket prices, just pointing out that its easy to chuck figures out there but it's never quite that Straightforward.
  13. It's not quite this straightforward though. Sure 5000 a week extra at £30 each would bring in another £3.5m but that has to be offset against the people currently paying more. Add to that the fact that £600k of it is VAT, there are extra policing and security costs etc etc and it's not quite so appealing. Yes of course there should be more people in the ground and yes of course the tickets should be cheaper and yes of course, more tickets would bring in more revenue but nowhere near the kind of figures some suggest. As for 'moneyless tills', I don't think you can knock the club for moving into the 21st century. Everything is cashless these days because it's actually really really expensive for businesses to handle cash.
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