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  1. Not surprising though is it? Yes I may be a fair weather fan but I live 200 miles away and can't be arsed for most games but for an interesting game, will make a day of it with the kids (who both support Wednesday despite being born and raised in London). Carlos' first two seasons, I think we went to 7 or 8 home games in each and a few away. Last season we didn't go to any. To be honest, the £90 membership or whatever it was annoyed me so much that I haven't really felt the same about going since...even though he backed down. It's a principle thing. Treat the fans like
  2. Would be lucky to make the top 16 if it was Sheffield and Ireland. We love it because it's home but take your rose tinted glasses off and make no mistake, it's a s**thole that wouldn't make the top 30 today let alone top 16. There will be no major football event played at Hillsborough ever again. The world has moved on and it's been left behind as a crumbling reminder of the 'good' old days.
  3. Anyone who has paid by card should start chargeback proceedings. With Visa, you can apply for this on both visa credit and visa debit cards. The club (well, the owner) needs to know it is not acceptable and that fans will act. Chargebacks come with significant fees for the merchant and a high number will also weaken it's negotiating power for future card processing. If everyone started doing it, the club would have to act and actually start processing the refunds properly.
  4. Doesn't affect me but I think this is disgusting. We are not talking about millions of people here, simply no excuse to take so long other than absolute contempt for the fans.
  5. In.last full year accounts are available, Bristol City received £6.9m from EFL for being in Championship. Charlton received £1.3m for being in L1. So £5.5m lost revenue off the bat plus any fall in matchday income and commercial revenue. That was 2 years ago, L1 income has been staying stagnant, Championship income has been increasing so that gap will have widened.
  6. In Deloittes latest report, Championship clubs turned over a combined £785m, League 1 was £191m, so revenue across the league 75% lower. Even that is misleading because that £191m included Sunderland who managed to turnover £53m with player sales and PL parachute payments. Figure actually to £150m under 'normal' circumstances. Obviously individual clubs can outperform that with bigger crowds etc but that equates to a base income of around £6m per club. Whichever way you spin it, Wednesday would be lucky to turn over much above £12m in league 1. Championship
  7. That's kinda the point...put up or shut up. Make whatever losses you want if you are prepared to back them up. If you are not then you shouldn't be putting the club at risk by leveraging it against your own losses.
  8. Quite simply, owners should be allowed to spend whatever they want as long as they are prepared to put future losses into an escrow account. So, let's say for arguments sake, Wednesday are losing £25m a season, if DC wants to carry on like that, no problem. He should have to put £125m in escrow to cover the next 5 years losses by which time all the contracts will be up and the club will be able to reorganise even if he wakes up tomorrow morning and decides he's not putting another penny in. Haven't got £125m? No problem, organise your business so it's not losing £25m a
  9. This may be true however if that is an argument that Wednesday have some type of protection, the last 20 years says that we are not a 'big club'. Yeah we can get 25,000 in the ground but in the days of TV money and perpetually full PL grounds for all clubs, that doesn't mean anything any more.
  10. As I get older, it gets harder to convince myself that blindly following a company with so little regard for its customers because of some form of tribalism is all it's made out to be. Honestly, you start to wonder if you really care what happens any more, it's not my football club any more, its Chansiris business and what do I care if his business fails or not, it's not like he's ever done anything for me. I do however understand that its different when you are local. I live in London, the club is not part of my community and as we only.go a few times a year, it's not
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