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  1. What are "the consequences of calling someone a mug"...it's a while since I've lived up north. Surely it's a contextual thing. It's not like he's walked up to you in the pub, tapped you on the shoulder and called you a c**t is it.
  2. Are you sure? I think the OP carries on from the thread title. Monk out...OF the starting blocks and off to a flier. It might be a cr@p thread but it is grammatically correct!!
  3. If you look at this from the other side, it could be a good thing. The whole business is rotten to the core and if Monk has done anything wrong here, it's probably more a case of being the unlucky one that's been caught out. Going forward after the exposure, he will probably be straighter than most!
  4. The problem is that we need a change...Bruce was to be that new broom but gping back to part of the old team with Bullen just doesn't put any impetus into he club. Every one just goes along as before. Ot knocking him, hes doing OKish and it's not like there are a queue of great managers waiting for the phone to ring so i don't know where you so turn but I think we are just desperate for change. Club has been too stagnant over last couple of years and can't see that changing with Bullen.
  5. No need for name calling. I think it has been pretty well established now that whilst there were a number of factors, the actions of SYP were the biggest single contributing factor. Their behaviour afterwards didn't exactly cover them in glory.
  6. From 2002 to 2016, the total employ of SYP fell from 4628 to 4507, a drop of 2.6%. In 2002, there were 3199 police officers and 1429 staff. In 2016, there were 2495 police officers and 2012 staff. Police officer numbers fell by 22%, support staff numbers increased by 29%.
  7. Realistically, for 95% of our games, is there any reason everyone can't just be released together? If our fans so bad that we are bashing up away supporters at every opportunity then SYP should start convicting people and get banning orders. The whole thing is a smokescreen for a total failure of policing of what is, let's be honest, a fairly routine event (a football match attended by less than 30,000 people).
  8. What about the 90,000 that exit Wembley all into the same forecourt, roads, trains etc. I've been to the Milan Derby, Classico and Dortmund v Bayern in the last 3 years and fans are all mingling together before and after the game. I get that some people are bell-ends and maybe thats where we should be aiming some of our frustrations but the whole situation is so ridiculous that it can show nothing but absolute incompetence from SYP and a total inability to police a football match. No doubt they will blame it on their budget but when you look at the public available numbers for SYP, actual coppers have reduced dramatically but the number of 'auxiliary and support staff' has gone through the roof in the last 15 years. They are choosing to spend their money on office staff and then are completely incapable of effectively policing any kind of event.
  9. Spot on mate. Reading, Basingstoke, Guildford, Crawley, Milton Keynes etc all uninspiring places that people only move to because they are cheaper than London. These towns have absolutely nothing going for them but people like to try and look down their noses at others because it makes them feel better about themselves and fact that they can't afford to live in London so have to spend 2 hours a day on a hot, packed train just to get in and out of the sh**holes and earn a living to pay for their 1980's 3 bedroom semis.
  10. If there was £90m to spend, Rafa wouldn't have left. In one if his last interviews, Rafa said that he wasn't asking for the money to compete with the top 6 but he thought the club had to at least try to compete with the teams from 7th-12th and he inferred that he wasn't being given a budget to even do that.
  11. Is that unreasonable? How about you put the egg on and use the remaining 3 and a half minutes to tie your shoelaces
  12. At least you won't look like a two hat flouncing round in head to toe Lonsdale gear.
  13. What are the odds on Ashley shafting Bruce. If it all starts to look a bit too expensive for Big Mike, he won't think twice about leaving Bruce in limbo and moving onto someone else.
  14. F**k that. Sometimes I'm all in favour of cutting off your nose to spite your face. DC should stand his ground and let it be known that if you are looking to poach managers or players, you should look somewhere else. If this is all true then Bruce has tried to stiff us and he should get a taste of his own medicine and not just be able to waltz off in the sunset having breached his contract which he was happy enough to sign 6 months ago.
  15. My mistake, we are owed £60m for the sale of the stadium (£38m was the profit on the sale). £7.5m within a year, £52.5m after more than 1 year.
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