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  1. londonowl

    Premier league 2

    That's why the Spanish league is so carp. Barca and Real negotiate their own rights deals so the rest of the club's can't get any decent money in. Same thing would happen here, Man U would get hundreds of millions in TV money and Huddersfield would get about £1.36 but still have to try and compete in the same league. The reason the PL is the best in the world is because all 20 teams have money and can put up a good fight.
  2. londonowl

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    Very admirable at 2-1 up with 2 minutes to go...people would be going mental if he did it a 2-1 down with 2 minutes to go in play-off final!
  3. londonowl

    One person to blame tonight.

    De Gea Alves Hummels Ramos Alonso Kroos Kante Modric Salah Messi Ronaldo
  4. londonowl


    They didn't, they blocked it and cancelled the transfer...Or was that a different one? QPR tried to sign about 5 new players whilst under embargo.
  5. Birmingham breached P&S rules but more to the point, they carried on spending after being told they couldn't even to the point where the EFL had to start blocking their transfers. If they get 12 points, it's not for breaching P&S, it's for completely disregarding the rules.
  6. londonowl

    Reading Away

    It's a weird one Reading. For those of us that go with kids (and drive there) being miles away from town is no disadvantage. The stadium is ok but they can't get any atmosphere in there because the fans are very quiet. It's a nice away day with a couple of kids when the whole point is going to watch the football but probably not so much for those that go for the beer and day out.
  7. You gonna drink 8 pints in 8 hours....you will still be sober. No excuse not to get the full 16 in.
  8. londonowl

    The Club's Strategy

    Arguably, spending every available penny on the playing squad is a better strategy. A ticket price reduction to increase the gate will make little difference purely from a financial perspective and with income the way it is, stadiums, stands, facilities etc all need premier league money to get the best standard. I don't agree with a s**t or bust mentality but think that the goal has to be to reach the PL almost at any cost because then the ground will be full, the TV money will come, the youngsters will be tempted away from 'bigger'clubs and spent wisely, that £200m windfall for a single prem season can go a long way to funding facilities fit for the long term and securing the medium term future of the club.
  9. londonowl

    Revenue Generation

    And how big is this new business centre going to be? How much income would it generate? I completely agree that the club has to explore new revenue streams but there has to be some value in it. Building a new stand that will sit 80% empty for 80% of matches so we can put in a business centre that raises £200k a year is not really viable. I'm sure when the time comes to rebuild or move, non matchday income will be at the forefront of the planning but for now, we are working with what we have.
  10. londonowl

    Revenue Generation

    Sorry, just saw you said business centre to rent out. That's definitely not going to classify as football income is it.
  11. londonowl

    Revenue Generation

    It depends. It's all a bit complicated but given that there isn't any space at the stadium, it wouldn't actually be part of the stadium would it. It would be a totally separate property somewhere else so how do you explain that as football income? What's a busy and successful conference centre going to make in profits? Less than £1m a year that's for sure. I'm not trying to knock the ideas just saying that it's never as straightforward as it seems.
  12. londonowl

    Revenue Generation

    This is not completely true. None football income is treated differently. Otherwise, he could just put £100m in, use it to buy a profit making company as a subsidiary of the parent company and use that profit to offset the losses of the club.
  13. londonowl

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    I can tell you why I haven’t taken it if that helps. For me, it doesn’t really represent a saving worth having. A few quid a match maybe but not enough to be worth bothering. Perhaps also worth considering this. When the bundle went on sale, there were 11 games left before Christmas and you could choose any 6. Using the Kop as an example, the price for a member is £165. That gets you 6 games before Christmas. Assuming you would then attend another 6 after Christmas and could repeat the deal, that would be £330 for 2 x 6 match bundles plus £50 membership. £380 for 12 matches. Kop Early Bird Season Ticket, £455. Most ‘casual’ POTD fans don’t attend 6 out of 11 matches. A much better idea would be (still using the Kop as an example), £222.50 for any 8 matches. Half season ticket price for around a third of the games. No separate membership charge if you take the 8 match deal. I think that would sell quite a few.
  14. A day is probably coming where attending a football match is a less regular thing, like going to the theatre (at least, that's what they do down here in that there London). Watching on TV is becoming much more 'normal' and going to a match is now knocking on the door of £50 by the time you've bought a pie. You can't beat being there but it looks like this is where it's heading. Fine for clubs that have so many fans, they only need a portion of them to turn up to fill the ground. Not so great for teams like us where it's all hands on deck to fill the place.