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  1. Live on twitter now

    You get them in Marks and Spencer mate. They do salt & vinegar, pickled onion and curry sauce flavour.
  2. Festive Period Games

    Don't let them get you down. Whilst most sensible people would admit that all is not quite right, there are so many who seem to revel in perceived 'failures' of the club that I'm sure they would prefer it if we got relegated a couple of times and went out of business. Enjoy. Bring an extra jumper though.
  3. Pubs showing Ipswich vs Weds in London

    You can come round to my house if you want. I will have a pint of shandy ready for you.
  4. What’s your point? If you are trying to say that we are close to the bottom, then by your own logic, we are also close to the top. If you are saying we are miles off the top then the same applies and we are also miles off the bottom. Pointless thread but thanks anyway.
  5. Is this just a boast post? OK, we get it. You were living it up in a fancy hotel in Kidderminster.
  6. Mine was for the PlayStation and my son plays as Wednesday so it’s clearly Wednesday related news!
  7. Sorry, I wasn’t saying your sale wasn’t any good! It was a generalisation about sales, The whole thing is ridiculous anyway with electricals. All the different product numbers for essentially the same product just so they can’t be price compared or price matched and so particular model numbers can be advertised as on sale when other virtually identical models have been available at the lower price all along. Its all very clever but is purely consumer manipulation.
  8. I’m so over it already. ‘Black 2 weeks’ as it should be called. Email inbox full of ‘deals’. Sales are not like the old days anyway. It’s very rare that genuine bargains come up, usually just a load of price manuipulation to give the appearance of savings. Marketplace is so competitive that there are always companies out there who will work on the tiniest margins all year round.
  9. I got a 49” Curved Samsung for £399 from RGBdirect for one of the kids’ bedrooms this week. Not Ultra HD but then my main TV is UHD and I can’t see any difference on Sky Sports UHD to normal HD.
  10. Problem is that whilst I would love to buy a multipack of John West, I just can’t commit to that many tins of tuna so I’m left having to buy individual tins on the day that I need them and the prices are outrageous.
  11. Because it’s probably caught and canned by the same company!
  12. Has tha seen price of tuna? Can I chuck Asda value tins?
  13. "He has played all the time scoring goals, we do not like to score goals"
  14. But we are back to the same point aren't we. £2k a week is £300k before tax on a 3 year contract. He has no idea if he will get another contract after this one and probably no idea what he will do if he doesn't make his money playing football. Wanting more IF more is available is a way to try and assure he makes some decent money out of football whatever happens. You can't blame the lad for that. Also doesn't mean he has been tapped up. He has agents who will know what other young players of his standing are getting and will have friends around the England set up. Won't be hard for him to work out what he might be able to get elsewhere without being tapped up.