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  1. Paying up front for a player and amortising are 2 different things that are not related to each other. If you buy a player for £1m and pay the full value immediately, it would still be amortised which is just an accounting principle to value an asset over it's lifespan. If you buy a car and pay £4k up front then use it for 4 years, it has cost you £1000 a year. All amortising does is recognise this in the accounts by splitting your £4000 purchase price over those 4 years because at the end of the first year, you've paid £4k for it but it's still worth £3k so it's only 'cost' £1000 to that point.
  2. Do normal people in London not have to pay rent/mortgage then? Absolutely no reason for a league 2 footballer living in London to have higher outgoings than me.
  3. No way Ashley buys SWFC. Whatever you think of him, he's undoubtedly a very shrewd operator and there will be opportunities far better than us either now or in the very near future. With pretty much every club in Prem selling out every week anyway (Or at least with average attendance over 90% of capacity) historic fan base is not worth what it once was. Build a team, get it to the premier league and people will come. Difficult to see what else Wednesday have going for them as far as an investnent goes. Ground is more of a millstone than an asset.
  4. He didn't though did he. He sold a premier league team and built a championship team. Got £160m in and spent £112m.
  5. Not sure they did say they were struggling with money. They said 'they could lose £50m this season'. In last accounts they had £35m cash in the bank with no bank or directors loans and consistently return profits of £20m+. They might lose £50m this season but they are in not 'in trouble' and are in zero danger of going bust. This is just an example of Prem clubs trying to get ahead of the news...players not responding all that well to proposed 30% pay cut and there will be a lot of blowback of it comes out that clubs are claiming gov't money for furloughs of non playing staff.
  6. People are very quick to forget. There will be a lot of positive noises about a lot of things over next couple of months then greed and stupidity will take over as usual and nothing will ever change.
  7. Like I say. Appearance of change. They hold more capital but they also hold more liability. Wait for the junk companies crisis to hit then we will see how much things have changed.
  8. They didn't really change though did they. Sure, they 'followed' new rules but there is more debt and more money traded now than ever before. Debt at 3 times world GDP compared to double in 2008. Nothing changes, it just gets a few tweaks along the way to give the appearance of change.
  9. This season is finished. No way any promotion, relegation or titles can be awarded because that's not the rules. Too much money involved so too many lawsuits. As far as PL helping out lower leagues, I think that's a gross underestimation of how much the 'lower leagues' might need to weather this. Estimated the national league alone will need £10m. Sure, PL clubs have plenty of income but they also have plenty of expenditure. Bigger issue for PL is breach of contract with Sky who are not going to be too keen to make full payments when they've lost not only a chunk of season but arguably the end of the season is the most important to them. Reality is though that the big losers in all of this will be the small businesses that either supply clubs or rely on their fans. Pubs, takeaways and catering companies are obvious ones but there are so many businesses linked to a football club one way or another and you can guarantee that when policy decisions are made to deal with the financial fall out, it will be all about tax breaks etc for the actual clubs and once again, the small guy will get f**ked.
  10. Worth bearing in mind that the new Bolton owners didn't take much of the debt on plus Bolton have a very profitable hotel and a ground that's not so old it is little more than a burden on its owners. In my humble opinion, as a going concern, we would be quite an unattractive proposition to investors. If I was looking to buy a football club, without Rose-Tinted spectacles, I would have us pretty far down the list for a variety of reasons which means we need to be cheap. And we won't be. The upside of SWFC is that is has plenty of fans and history. That's it. It's in a not particularly wealthy part of the world, has no assets beyond a crumbling ground (and doesn't even have that in theory), training facilities etc have all suffered from years of underfunding, the playing squad is essentially worthless because of the contract values, its losing around £30m a year, has pre-sold it's future income and has issues with the local police and council. Look around, there are any number of 'tin-pot' clubs in Championship and League 1 that would be a better platform to build a business from.
  11. Personally I think P&S will become an easy excuse to not invest. DC has done very little in the areas that he is allowed to invest that are not part of P&S. If he's got hundreds of millions burning a hole in his pocket and is fully committed to making the club all it can be, he's had long enough to build training and youth facilities the envy of every club in the league. And to those that have suggested 'he can make back what he's spent on us in a month' then why bother waiting for PL money before doing something about our stadium which is barely fit for purpose. It doesn't affect P&S if he builds a new one or spends a couple of hundred mil on the one we've got. The only money ever spent by DC has been to either raise income or increase the chances of getting the PL payday. Outside of that, the 150th 'celebrations' are a perfect example of how little money has been spent outside of that 'investment' in getting to the PL. I'm not trying to do the guy down and I'm sure P&S has impacted his ability to spend but there is an underlying suggestion by some that P&S is the only reason he can't spend his way out of trouble and personally, I don't buy it.
  12. Brentford are on the way up. They are doing it slowly and doing it the right way. When they get up to the PL...and they will, it will be with a great business model, new stadium and sound finances. Brentford will be the new Bournemouth and good luck to them, because I dont think there is a better run club in the Championship.
  13. I'm afraid you are seriously overestimating the Chansiri family wealth. Don't think for a minute that the £150m+ that has been spent here is a drop in the ocean. P&S aside, this is no Man City style 'money no object' venture and many of the schemes we have seen over the past couple of years have only served to bring revenue forward without actually having any benefit on P&S. There would be no benefit to any one of them if DC was just writing blank cheques.
  14. We aren't relevant enough to be "the biggest laughing stock". 90% of people have no idea what goes on outside the premier league let alone what the form of a club who haven't been relevant for a quarter of century is like.
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