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  1. Leaping Lannys Perm

    The playlist for this weekends match

    That song sounds like the reverse of I am the resurrection. Three verses before the chorus kicks in. But with I am the resurrection it is perfect. Leaves you chomping at the bit for the chorus and when it finally comes it is an explosion. The best live experience of my life was I am the resurrection live. A field full of 100,000 people dying for the chorus and then exploding into song when the chorus finally comes. I'd also argue that I wanna be adored. Is the best gig opening song ever. A really slow intro that gets louder and louder on the bass before the rest of the instruments finally kick in. The only other song that comes close is Plainsong by The Cure.
  2. Leaping Lannys Perm

    The club is listening and acting

    Between 2000 to 2004 I had a free student membership that got me into games on the North for £12. Even with the price hikes, it seems to me they can match that £20 in 2018.
  3. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

    Nearly signed for Jossy's Giants until he saw the paperwork.
  4. Leaping Lannys Perm

    I really wish...

    It's happened twice this season. The other time was Millwall. Long may it continue if you ask me.
  5. Leaping Lannys Perm

    My epic story

    Was he a dreamboat?
  6. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Fair point, well made.
  7. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Presumably they offered more in wages than we did. Firstly, well down to the lad for earning a better paying job. He deserves to celebrate that like anyone else who earns a better paying job. Secondly, if we can't compete financially with the likes of Hearts, we really are in trouble.
  8. I'm not going to complain that we were hard done by here. The rules are the rules and if the rules say that wasn't offside then it wasn't offside. However if that isn't offside then the rules are wrong and unfair to ALL defending teams. The pass was made to a player in an offside position and Lees was forced to make a desperate lunge to cut out that pass. This lead directly to the goal. If a player is forced to make an intervention to stop a pass to an offside player, then the rule should say that is offside. Teams should not be forced to defend passes to offside players without it being offside. The interpretation of the law wasn't wrong. In fact it could be argued that the linesman did his job of interpreting the rule very well. But the rule itself is unfair.
  9. Leaping Lannys Perm

    D taxi

    Clearly a Photoshop so someone can make a rear door joke. No way is there really a taxi company.
  10. Leaping Lannys Perm

    'i dont wear red'

    Never understood the avoiding red thing. It is the football equivalent of not being comfortable with your sexuality. Refusing to wear red (outside of match day) is like refusing to watch a film because it has a gay character in it.
  11. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Squad Value

    So Jack Stobbs is worth £600k bit we would only deal at £800k? You are right, we'd be mad to let him go for £600k.
  12. Leaping Lannys Perm


    Who's John? Don't think I've come across hum before.
  13. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Sean Clare

    I doubt it to be honest. Nuhiu signed a new contract while we were under the embargo and there is no way he'd take a low ball offer when he was in such form at the end of last season. It is of course plausible that our offer wasn't good enough for Claire but if we couldn't afford to tempt him then, nothing will have changed now. We don't suddenly have more money because the embargo has been lifted.
  14. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Couple of records

    I think I'm correct in saying that Derek Dooley has the best goals to game ratio in English football history. Struggling to find definitive proof as every English record on the internet seems to only cover the Premier League years (because apparently football began in 1992) but there are some World top tens out there (that don't include Dooley) and he had a better ratio than several players on the list and there are no English players.
  15. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Couple of records

    Given that the second example was Tony Christie, I doubt that most goes on for that long. I once spent a night drinking with Chesney Hawkes . Does that count for anything?