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  1. I went to watch my local team, Pontefract Collieries, play on Saturday with my daughters, and watched former owl Nathan Modeste score a let equalisers for them. Really enjoyed it but the social distancing was lax. Despite there being only 250 people in the ground and there being plenty of space, at least 2/3 were standing in big groups in specific places in the ground. Social distancing was easy to achieve (and we indeed did stick to it) but most people just didn't bother. And there in lies the problem. Clubs need fans to get back in but in my, admitedly limited, experience the fans didn't make any attempt to make it safe. And its not just the fans. There were club officials there who were constantly moving people from the seated areas if they sat in the wrong row (because apparently hazard tape and big signs was too hard for said fans to follow). But when the game kicked off the same officials then went and stood in the very same crowded areas. If anything, it is the clubs with all seater stadiums, who generally don't need to income as desperately, who have the best chance of successfully bringing back fans safely.
  2. Hayden White, who played for our academy, is the fastest player I've ever seen live. Sedgwick is the slowest human I've ever seen full stop. Special mention to Liam Palmer in his early days at full back. But only when asked to track back. Much improved in this area now.
  3. The answer is obvious isn't it? We've hired Reda as our new throw in coach.
  4. This story has been doing my head in all day. It is not "good news", it is a demotion. The league Cup winner or 6th place team (depending upon who wins the league cup) would have previously have qualified for the second tier European competition. Now they will qualify for the third tier one. The one that is designed to give teams from lower European leagues a competition of their own.
  5. Not complaining at all. Just an observation. Hope some of the stake a claim for a regular squad place.
  6. Must be one of our youngest line-ups in a long time. 4 players who were in our/other academies last season.
  7. Half expected the quote to end: "Except Bez. F**k off Bez!"
  8. This is probably out of their control but I can't see any of our players in the shadows. Doesn't help that my only viewing option is my phone. Was excited when I saw they'd got a new app. Was hoping we'd finally get a cast option. Alas no. Still stuck with 2005 technology.
  9. I don't know, I hear the West Lancashire Division One is a similar standard to the Prem. I'm sure there is a reason why he chose to drop to that level though. So if it makes him happy then more power to him.
  10. Best Wednesday player I ever saw at timing a late run into the box. The epitome of an effective box to box midfielder.
  11. Steve Bould Chris Morgan Jamie Ward Robert Snodgrass Michael Brown Special mention to Curtis Woodhouse who wasn't much of a player but a prize bellend.
  12. Round 3 (assuming we get there): Away to Ipswich or Fulham.
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