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  1. I guess this is what happens when you get rid of negs.
  2. Just not our night. We didn't play badly and didn't deserve to lose 3-0 but the squad is too threadbare to get a result against the top teams. Reach in the centre didn't really work but personally I would start him at LWB over Harris, especially against the better teams where we need more protection. My biggest concern is the defense. I'm not going to throw Odabajo under the bus as much of what he did was effective but he can't be expected to perform at CB, not a good enough marker. We need at least 2 of our back 3 to be genuine CBs.
  3. I'm not debating that but the ref didn't see it. So who told him it was?
  4. It is amazing how many penalties he gives away. Feels like that is 5 this season but can only specifically remember the 2 against Preston so it might be conformation bias. Seemed to be playing well up to then though.
  5. Referee takes an age to decide and then points to his ear. Commentators say the lino doesn't flag. So who was in his ear? Tinfoil hat on.
  6. Everywhere he goes he can't get a game. What evidence is there over the last 4 years or so that he offers more than Wildsmith or Dawson? Would end up a very expensive reserve keeper and we are already stuck with one of those.
  7. A last minute settlement is reached so no verdict is actually given so everyone 'saves face'. The problem is, what we did was dodgy as hell but the EFL seem to have cocked up and someone gave permission when they shouldn't. A compromised 6 point suspended deduction in a settlement will end up appealing to both parties when it becomes obvious neither can be confident of victory.
  8. Palmer, Bonner, Lees and Iorfa seems like the logical back 4 if we use a back 4. But we are left with just Odabajo as a senior defender to come on as sub so we may be forced to continue as a back 3. Makes you wonder why we gave up on Bates given the circumstances. He must have been dire or a real negative character.
  9. I must admit, I thought they'd be able to play as long as they hadn't player for 2 other clubs this season. So much for FIFA trying to reduce the burden on players.
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find it. Can returning loan players play for us in July when their loan contracts end? I'm thinking in particular about Penney with Fox gone but van Aken may be needed on the bench if we get some injuries at the back. Also, can anyone think who else has been on loan that could also be eligible. I'm assuming there were a fair few younger lads but can't think who. And any other senior players?
  11. Iorfa looks to have paid off. Pudil was solid for a free transfer who wasn't believed to be the highest of earners. Ditto Wallace. Hunt and Joao both went for profit after making a contribution. Bigger contributions from Hunt and bigger profit from Joao. Hooper and Fletcher made significant contributions but were injured too regularly. After that, I'm struggling.
  12. No-one will ever beat the urban legend that was Diogo Amado.
  13. Quite comfortable with our position on that list.
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