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  1. One thing for sure is that he'll be interested if the deal came be made. Was on the tube with him to Wembley in 2016 and he was buzzing. Loves the club.
  2. Perfectly clear. But it didn't make sense in reply to my post with several clear indicators of sarcasm. Perhaps you replied to the wrong post but no harm done.
  3. I made a very clear reference to one of our most famous players and apologised for being a wee pipe. How was it not clear? Unless the wee pipe comment was a general apology for my life so far.
  4. Really? That clearly wasn't implied by my post or anything. Did you genuinely believe I didn't know who Pearson was either?
  5. In all the years he was manager at Brentford and now Villa, I can't believe no one has made this connection until now. That Pearson bloke at Watford looks familiar as well. P.s. sorry for being a wee pipe. Couldn't resist.
  6. Sorry if I am being thick here but: If 20,000 save £10 a game then this would be a £200k loss. If, as you suggest half of the fans spend an average of £10 in the ground you'd need 40,000 extra fans to make up that £200k short fall. So we'd need 60k paying fans to break even. Am I missing something here? That seems to me to be the maths.
  7. Not sure how I feel about this to be honest. My gut reaction was why didn't we loan him out and see what he had. But apparently he's already 23 so hardly a young player to build up. One hopeful positive though. He's gone within hours of the window opening. Hopefully this is a sign that DC will finally stop hoarding players.
  8. Damn you and you logic. Just when everyone was excited that Uncle Dave, who has always come through for us with no exceptions, would save us.
  9. Where's the love for the legend that was Julian Bennett? Bennett in THAT Yeovil game deserves to take all 11 positions in the team.
  10. Not seen a bunch of people from Nottingham move so quickly en-mass since they were running through the picket lines!
  11. If this was true, surely Ant or Dec, whichever looks like Herman Munster, would be a Newcastle legend.
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