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  1. Probably evens up in the end but there was no justification whatsoever for adding 10% to the injury time before the free kick was even given.
  2. I heard Barbie and Ken are sister and brother.
  3. Green light for everyone to go for it. No financial penalty. No embargo. A minimal deduction that would put no big spending club anywhere near relegation. Precedent set now.
  4. Bit out there but Haydon White who was in the U23s but turned down a contract and signed for Bolton. The fastest player I've ever seen. Thought he was going to be a reight player and was disappointed when he left. Played for 8 teams in 6 years, mostly on loan and barely got a game anywhere. Now finally found his level at Mansfield.
  5. Hutch is out? Out of the way *******, he's mine!
  6. I had always assumed this was the case. Would explain such a long absence without any stated injury. But then Chansiri came out and said what he said at the last fan forum which I assume rules that out, unless DC want to get sued.
  7. A big part of the Championship's appeal is that it is so competitive. On the day, anyone can beat anyone which can't be said for most top European leagues. If Norwich had lost to Rotherham yesterday, and by all accounts they had a very tough time beating them, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as big a surprise as Man City losing to say Cardiff or Fulham. Having said that, it's hardly like the 3 relegated sides wee wee the top 3 the next season so it's not like the Championship is a low standard.
  8. Didn't the players say yesterday that staff hadn't been paid?
  9. So they think the players are wrong for taking action to get paid what is owed them? That right there is what is wrong with business in general.
  10. So they have paid the Youth Team but not the general staff? Weird way of doing things.
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