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  1. It was so blatant that I can't help but wonder if it is a legit tactic and we are all just in the wrong. I mean, I think it should be given offside but it seemed like such a blatant and deliberate tactic that I suspect it might be allowable somehow.
  2. No I'm just good at poetry. Just so shocked anyone would make an Ed Lasley WCW joke without mentioning the time he was Warriors love slave.
  3. I know it's the Booty Man but I don't get the link.
  4. It genuinely feels like this has happened at least 4 times now. It is probably less than that but that's what it feels like. If it is a recurring theme, travelling without a third keeper on the coach is criminal.
  5. Couldn't care less. Not hurting anyone. Maybe he wanted to be part of the message. Good for him.
  6. Great news for Cheadle. Don will be delighted.
  7. He is a player who can be completely unplayable at time. But only if the team we are playing can't figure him out. Sometimes he scares the opposition and they can't get near him. Nothing more wonderful than when the Nuhiu Train gets up to speed. Against some teams he can get the on the ball and just plough forward, slowly but unstoppably. Other times they know how to deal with him and he never gets going. Very few players in Wednesday history can claim to have changed the game more often than he has when coming on as a sub. But very few players have also had as many ineffective games either. Definitely a feast of famine player. But always worth having as an option.
  8. A little misleading. Dawson for example is homegrown but has just turned 24 (which surprised me). Penney is playing regularly in a very competative German 2nd tier. Several other players in League 1, 2 and Scottish Prem. The stat may not be inaccurate but there are several home grown players getting game time.
  9. You may be right. I'm not going to claim to be an expert but I was under the impression it was 2 defenders, with no specification for the keeper.
  10. Just seen the video on Twitter. Very borderline as to whether he was offside when the initial shot came in. Certainly doesn't seem in the realm of an obviously terrible decision.
  11. It's that right? You need two defensive players between the attacker and the ball, one of which is usually the keeper. If the keeper is advanced of one defender, surely the keeper and the defender are still the two defenders. I wasn't at the game as I have the flu. Was the keeper possibly further from goal than Fletcher?
  12. Score 4 in the second half against Stocksbridge less than 3 months ago. Gosh some people on here eh. If it didn't happen yesterday they can't remember anything!
  13. Best header of the ball at this level by a country mile. He's a beast.
  14. Was always a dodgy situation. I'm assuming there is an accounting law that allows you to do it but it is questionable at best.
  15. It's about 4 terrible errors already this season. And remember two seasons ago? He was costing us goals left right and centre before he got injured. Remember the one where he went wondering out into right back position and was left stranded when a cross came in and he wasn't even in the box. At the end of that season, many were wanting us to cash in on him and let Dawson and Wildsmith fight over the spot. But then when he stayed but Jo's wouldn't play him, we were all up in arms. In fairness to him, when he came back in the team last season he was a big improvement and was rightly praised. But this is two out of the last three seasons now that he has been decidedly shaky.
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