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  1. Not the worst ever but still a classic embarrassment. 8-0 to Newcastle, 7-1 to Forest, 7-1 to Arsenal all worse in my time watching Wednesday. Yes they are bigger clubs but we were at their level when we lost to them so that is no excuse. For me, as bad as this one was, I think we had some worse defeats last time we were in the third division as well. Seem to remember a couple of 5-1 loses under Irvine in games that mattered more and included more first team starters.
  2. Three phases with increasing prices before we've even reached halfway through the previous season? Surely it should just be one price and phase this early in the previous season. It's clearly a cash jab before the January window but surely that cash grab could be at one price for the entire of the month, especially when it is already the most expensive month of the year for many people. Sort of feels like we have an immediate cash flow issue, that needs sorting before 13th December, rather than just raising cash for January.
  3. Always loved the occasional game at York, either watching Wednesday or just going as a neutral. Great place to make a full day or weekend of the game. Remember one of our recent pre-season games there falling on the same day as the races. We were not allowed in our favourite pub (The Graduate) because 'No football colours'. The only person in our party in any Wednesday clothing was my then 6 year old daughter! Bloody hooligan! Speaking of hooligans, we saw loads of drunken fighting that day. And every single incident was between racing fans in nice suits and dresses. Didn't see a single bit of football related trouble but tons of trouble from the racing fans.
  4. Mate, merge you heading cells! Having the same season heading twice is doing my head in. Seriously though, you make a good point.
  5. Been doing this for a month now. Palmer has been involved in a lot going forward of late. Though if those assists came from the wing (not seen the goals yet) then that would be new.
  6. Stopovers do my head in a bit but they seem to work. But players need to gamble when he plays the ball across the box, which seems to be his go to approach. No, one was gambling so several decent balls just flashed across goal.
  7. I've always said that parachute payments should be replaced by an insurance policy. All PL team should pay a yearly Premium of 10% of their wage bill. If they are relegated then they get 50% of their Prem players wages in the first year, 30% in the second year and 10% in the third year. But it works like furlough. It goes straight to the player and never touches the club's accounts. The clubs then pay the rest of the wages. That way clubs are still covered against players with PL wages, but they get no extra money to spend. We all know that the majority of parachute payments don't cover wages. They are spent on new players, making an uneven playing field. My system would only cover the wages of players already on the books from the PL years. Teams would have to fund new players purely from their Championship income, like all the other clubs have to.
  8. I'd be tempted to keep the back 3 the same, despite the potential benefits of giving them a rest. They are just starting to learn a new system so extra practice in a game that doesn't matter would be beneficial. Unless of course DM has players lined up to be genuine, fit first team alternatives for these positions. So maybe Hunt for Plamer or Brown for Johnson. Don't see the point in playing young defenders there if they aren't realistically going to be an option there in league games. Not whilst the current first choices are learning the system.
  9. The thing the impressed me with the clearance was that he has no time at all to think about it. It happened so quickly it must have been an instinctive flick of the leg and he got the angle perfect.
  10. I honestly was surprised when we got rid. Always thought he would be effective in the third division. And I assume he wasn't on big wages given where we signed him from and how much he cost.
  11. Do people really not recognise a good Hitchikers reference when they see one? I'm wasted on you lot.
  12. 42 Its the answer. Its also a sign. It will take 7 and a half million years for us to return to the Prem. Then, one week before the start of our first game in the top tier, the earth will be destroyed to make way for a hypergalactic bypass. The mice will be furious.
  13. I know what is inspiring DM. There was a thread on Twitter a few months back where a guy took over PSG on football manager with the challenge of wining everything whilst playing CB Craig Dawson as a loan striker. He succeeded and Dawson finished top scorer in the league. I reckon this has inspired DM to play everyone out of position. Dunkley could soon become the next Paul Warhurst.
  14. It's the curse of the former manager. You know, that one that won us countless League 1 titles, often several in a row, and then retired. We just haven't been able to replace him. The similarities are uncanny.
  15. Sadly this seems to have become more and more common of late throughout football. I recently unfollowed an account on Twitter about football away days. Used to be all pictures of impressive sized away crowds and videos of fans chanting or celebrating. But of late exists just to glorify examples of football violence.
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