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  1. I genuinely don't understand why there is any discussion about cancelling this season. Just let it conclude whenever it can, even if that is November, and then do a mini season following that. Let this season conclude, whenever it can and if you can't fit in a full next season, just do one where everyone only plays each other once. Surely better for the season that is 3/4 complete to be finished and the next season to be different, when everyone knows what rule changes to expect from the start, rather than cancel this season entirely.
  2. Three perfect crosses to the defender at the front post. Takes skill to be that consistent.
  3. Waddle vs West Ham Pressman vs Spurs Same season if I remember correctly.
  4. We seemed to have more than our fair share in the Carlos era. Seemed to genuinely go for it, at least in the first 18 months and it paid off more often than not. Never understood why so many managers seem to settle for draws. Surely the risk vs reward makes going for it worthwhile. Sometimes you'll get a winner and sometimes you'll concede (and of course sometimes you'll still draw). But if you even come close to breaking even in terms of wins and losses when going for it late, you end up with more points overall. One win and one loss is a better points tally than two draws. Carlos seemed to get that in his first 18 months at the club and we more than broke even so even better.
  5. Is that Dream Team? Didn't know he was in that. Worse acting than Josie's Giants.
  6. Would imagine they'd squeeze the games in before July 1st. If not then player contracts may be the least of people's worries.
  7. Whoever made that website did some great research. Dawson has re-signed, Baker has left and Da Cruz doesn't belong to us. Also not sure about Rhodes, everyone though he had a 4 year contract but seem more and more suggestions he is in his last year. To answer the question: Definitely Fox and also Fletcher if the price is right. I'd consider Nuhiu if the price was right as well. The fact that he has been renewed so many times makes me think he is on very low wages. If he is, he's always worth being an option on the bench. But should never be starting.
  8. I'm sure this has been shared before but it is a great article and may answer some questions. https://museumofjerseys.com/2018/07/22/season-in-kits-sheffield-wednesday-1993-94/ So many kits in one season. Crazy.
  9. I'm intrigued. It this one of those rouge trader investigations? Did Jaydubz buy the questionable one on ebay?
  10. It seems to me that the FA are going out of their way to kill it. Every season that goes by, they seem to remove replays from another round. It just about made sense when it was the the neutral ground rounds that had no replays. But then they removed it from the quarters and now the last 16. At this point, they may as well scrap replays full stop. It doesn't make sense to have it in some rounds and not others, at least within the rounds played at club's grounds. And playing the 5th and 6th rounds in midweek is an even bigger nail in the coffin. Midweek league games get less attention, never mind midweek FA Cup games.
  11. One thing for sure is that he'll be interested if the deal came be made. Was on the tube with him to Wembley in 2016 and he was buzzing. Loves the club.
  12. Perfectly clear. But it didn't make sense in reply to my post with several clear indicators of sarcasm. Perhaps you replied to the wrong post but no harm done.
  13. I made a very clear reference to one of our most famous players and apologised for being a wee pipe. How was it not clear? Unless the wee pipe comment was a general apology for my life so far.
  14. Really? That clearly wasn't implied by my post or anything. Did you genuinely believe I didn't know who Pearson was either?
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