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  1. I don't remember any decisions incensing me. We we just so clumsy in the challenge and committed a lot of fouls. Both Fletcher and Hutch could have been booked much earlier.
  2. Need to stop letting him push up the midfield to press. Clumsy foul every time. Oh and the moment both him and Murphy decided to play left centre half when the ball was with a Luton player on their side of midfield.
  3. Been a while since I walked past the school but isn't it in the South West corner of the ground? This is the South East corner isn't it?
  4. Wow. The perspective has thrown me reight off then.
  5. Number 3 certainly. It is weird how it always seems to be people who are only in the seat for the one game, rather than season ticket regulars.
  6. I'm assuming people who are relying on IPTV will have more chance of it being uninterrupted due to it being on the Football Matches stream (IFollow) and the Red Button stream (Sky).
  7. In the top right hand corner there appears to be a building with a similar central gable to the South Stand. Appears to sit in the space between the Kop and the South as it would have been then. It could just be the houses on Penostone Road but appears from that perspective to be on the near side of the Don. Any idea what it was?
  8. Chances starting to come now. Surely Millwall can't hang on. It's like an attack vs defence training session.
  9. Should have scored there. Millwall are petrified of Harris. Dare not touch him.
  10. Sadly the corner stat is the only one that mattered. Corners were all they had and that pressure eventually told.
  11. Now Link 1 is working better. Horror tackle for the red but those cheeky Millwall commentators say it was barely a yellow.
  12. For those watching Link 1 on IPTV with the terrible match picture quality, smoothness and audio: Link 2 is now working. Better quality and Wednesday commentary.
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