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  1. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    Why is £10 deemed a rip off? It is designed to give more people a chance to watch us play who, for whatever reason, can't get to the game. Particularly useful for away games or for home games for those who live far away from Sheffield. But it isn't supposed to replace live attendance. It would be disastrous for football if these new ways of watching replaced live attendance. So you need to charge a reasonable amount to make make up for lost match day revenue and to stop it just being the go to option for the majority of fans. At the end of the day, this is a 'easier convenience' way of watching a game. It is quite normal to pay a premium for convenience. It is like hiring a cleaner and then moaning that he/she doesn't clean for free when you have to do it for free. At the end of the day, if people are put off by a £10 price tag for this then it pretty much proves that they are just looking for a free ride or nearly free. It's like all those threads on Facebook and Twitter at the weekend scrambling for streams and VPNs when there were only 23k in Hillsborough. Such people claim it is all about ticket prices being too high (and I do recognise they are) but then balk when offered a chance to watch for just a tenner. At the end of the day they have no interest in truly supporting the club in any meaningful way.
  2. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Sheffield Star

    'Midfielder Morgan Fox. Don't midfielders usually spend time in the opponents half? Quality journalism.
  3. But if you buy a £90 membership you'll get £5 off.
  4. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Phone call from ticket office

    How have Brentford still go a standing area? I thought the rule was you had to convert to all seater within 3 seasons in the Championship.
  5. Three days recovery time is normal in the Championship so I don't really see much of an issue, especially this early in the season. It's nothing on the Middlesbrough game a few Christmases back when they had 11 days off and we had two. That game still went ahead.
  6. Here's another way of looking at it: If Westwood had been passed fit in March, would people have been in uproar if Wildsmith had stayed first choice? He had had a good season and made less mistakes in 3/4 of a season than Westwood made in the first quarter. In the same period, Dawson impressed in training and was given a chance for the last 3 games. Although this is a new season, Dawson and Westwood are the ones that have made an impression on the coach. Neither have given a reason to be dropped, new season or not.
  7. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    If you find a video Maxine, feel free to share a copy. For 'research purposes only of course.
  8. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Anyone up for this one?

  9. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Anyone up for this one?

    Are you involved in arranging this Neil? If so, is there any chance of them doing the same for the Junior Run (2.5k) at the same event. My girls did the York one last weekend and loved it.
  10. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Lopsided wing play

    This seemed to work quite well yesterday when Thornley came on. Thornley was very solid but didn't really advance beyond halfway, which isn't too surprising given he is a centre half. Instead Fessi did most of the left wing work, with Bannan occasionally overlapping. On the other hand Baker continued as an attacking wing back and was responsible for the right wing play. This seemed to work well for a number of reasons. 1) Fessi always seems most effective cutting in from the left. 2) Reech was often more advanced and played as a 10 at times. 3) Bannan had a more free roll and could influence all over the pitch because... 4) Hutch had more freedom to break from the back knowing Thornley could cover at the back. This not only helped free up Bannan in midfield but also saw Hutch bringing the ball out on the break to set up Baker as he bombed on. I know this was all born out of necessity but it did seem to work. Is there any reason why we can't play one full back and one wing back in future? Lopsided it may be but does it matter?
  11. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    Fessi's new mentor? Might explain the Masfield allegations.
  12. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Bake a cake

    Stop posting about cake M'Lord. You know Stubbs won't let you have any!
  13. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Only 23k in the ground but countless posts about ways around watching iFollow all over Facebook, Twitter and on here. I have no right to judge how anyone else spends their time but there really does seem to be more and more people looking for a cheap/free ride at the moment. Obviously finances will always be an issue for some, but I wonder how many of the people looking for VPN are the ones that claim they work and can't attend games.
  14. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Our stockpile of strikers

    Stockpile is a good word as they are going to be our weapons of mass destruction! UTO.
  15. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Almen ad thi pants down

    It wasn't just him that knew he was crocked. So did Doyen Sport when they convinced him to sign him. We were always the cash cow to get another contract for him.