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  1. My daughter always used to love the random shouters who'd get so angry at the team within minutes of kick off. There was one bloke who sat on the North, just left of centre (always wore a denim cap, proper red gammon face - some people probably recognise the description) who would have at least 10 outburst a game. She would call him "Mr Shouty Man" and would start giggling every time he started up.
  2. The subject of who sits where only came up when he started hurling racist abuse and claimed that he always sat there so could do what he wants. I'm not suggesting most people who POTD would do this. I was POTD last season myself. But I do wonder if there is a small minority, who most of their live football experiences were from long in the past, who came along for the big game and thought that sort of crap was still acceptable. Either that or the tension of such a big game brought out the worst in some people.
  3. Weirdly enough, my biggest argument was at the Brighton semi as well. Sat on the North in our usual ST seats and there's a bloke behind us, who didn't usually sit there, constantly shouting at one of the Brighton players, calling him a black this and black that. I had my kids with me, who were also ST holders, and my wife, who wasn't. I was furious and right laid into him. About how that language is never acceptable but even worse when small children were present. I was also embarrassed of what my wife, who doesn't usually come to games, must have thought. H
  4. I not certain, but don't those payments stop as soon as they take another job? Don't quote me on it but I was under the impression that was how it worked.
  5. Was the same last time. Bullen was moved back to the youth set-up when Monk's coaches came in. Can only assume he isn't part of the first team set-up at all now. Can't remember if he has been at games of late. Probably hard to tell from a distance.
  6. Makes you wonder where the money is coming from. It taking time to reach the country suggests it isn't money from within the club. Or even from a bank with organisations in the UK.
  7. Any other business in any other industry would have been punished if they flat failed to give refunds for products not delivered after 9 months. How are they still getting away with it?
  8. Seems like the sort of player who needs someone in League 1 or 2 to take a chance on him on a 3 month contract on a low wage. Let him prove he is over whatever the issue is before getting a proper contract in the second tier. A team in a relegation fight with a history of dressing room issues is not the right place.
  9. A fit Hooper was better than any forward in this league. We also massively miss what Wallace gave us.
  10. Genuinely don't know if I'd bother. Don't live in South Yorkshire any more so games are a bit of a trek, though not unmanageable. If we end up in a situation where it would be a phoenix club in the non-league then I might just go and support my local non-league club instead. 20 minute walk from my house is more desirable than an hours drive if it isn't the club I love.
  11. Got us organised and stopped the slide. Most of those games we'd probably expect to lose on league placings and Monk would have lost all 4. Now he needs to build on that and start winning. This is the bit that worries me with Pulis. I'd expect him to organise us and stop us losing many, but can he get us scoring and winning?
  12. The Pigs, and Derby comebacks ate good shouts. As is Rotherham. Probably my three favourite away days. I'd also add the 2-1 win away at Birmingham a few years back (the one with the video of the shocked Birmingham fan in the exec boxes behind us.) We walked from Birmingham City centre to the ground and the heavens opened part way. We were drenched by the time we got there. We got 4 injuries in the first half (including one where Lee got injured in the warm up and one where Westwood recieved 11 minutes of spinal protocol treatment). 1-0 down with 4 of the original starti
  13. Am I misunderstanding this? Or have they gained exactly one game on top of what they had already paid for?
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