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  1. The irony is that the European Super League has nothing to do with Europe. It seems that they must know this will alienate their traditional, ticket buying fans. And a lot of their glory supporting armchair fans will lose interest when they never win anything. Same with neutral European fans. No-one will want to watch it. But this is about the money to be made in the Asian TV and fan markets, not the European ones.
  2. This whole thing stinks to high heaven as it is. Closed shop competitions completely fly in the face of everything football has ever stood for. But if somehow it saves failure teams within the league system from being relegated as well it will be even worse.
  3. 80% Chansiri 10% karma for not sacking Marines 10% karma for hiring Danny Cadimateri.
  4. Incredible. If it was a script in a movie, no-one would be able to suspend their disbelief.
  5. Really interesting that the majority of the responses seem to be from the 60s and 70s. Mine was January 1995 against Wolves in the FA Cup. 0-0 draw after my favourite player, Chris Bart-Williams missed a late penalty. I lived in West Yorkshire so my only option was for my dad to take me. He wouldn't give up his Saturdays so I only got to the odd midweek game. Must have picked them poorly because it took me over 3 years to see us score. I seemed to curse the team to 0-0 draws and the occasional defeat. Didn't see us score until I was old enough to catch the t
  6. Our last first season in League 1 marked my return to having a season ticket for the first time since my student days, simply because it was the first time I'd felt financially secure enough to buy one at full price. I'm sure it was like £360 on the North, with my young daughter getting a free one. Obviously inflation would take that up, but can't see any justification for it being above about £420.
  7. I hadn't realised he only joined them in January. Seen a lot of tweets about him, mainly from Bolton fans being retweeted by Wednesday fans, giving the impression he was their player of the season. Impressive to hit those heights in just a couple of months. Shame we couldn't have bring him in on a similar style deal to Hutchinson in Jan. I've been pleasantly surprised by Hutch since his return and would have been a lot more excited about a Lee return.
  8. Who the hell would decide whether to buy a replica kit or other club wear based upon who the label was? I don't get people some times.
  9. I suppose it depends what you can get him here for, which will in turn depend upon what his current match fee is. If you could get him in for a grand a week for a year it may be worth a punt. But if you are going to pay him a proper footballers wage then he'd need proper scouting.
  10. He did impress me and I did wonder if he might earn himself some interest. He'd definitely need scouting a lot though to see his all around game in a genuinely competitive game. Playing for San Marino, all he can show really is his shot stopping.
  11. I could never support Franchise FC but £10 a game is ridiculously good value in modern football.
  12. I still need to digest most of it, but my initial takeaway is: When the stadium sale was in 2017-18 we posted a £2m profit. But when it was moved to 2018-19 it was a £19m profit. So in comparative terms our losses would have been half in 2018-19 than they would have been in 2017-18. Still a big loss without the stadium sale, but down from c£38m losses to c£19m losses. So losses per year cut in half. Am I reading that right? If it wasn't for Covid, with the continued cuts in playing staff we've seen in the subsequent two s
  13. This is pretty much mine. Loved supporting a competitive top flight team. But even if we went up, we'd never get that because much of the prem is just a survival scrap these days. The best most clubs can hope for is a few years of boring tight lower table mediocrity. But it always catches up with you eventually. Look at Stoke, Bourmouth, West Brom, Fulham, Swansea. All had a long spell at one time but now fighting for scraps. When it catches up to you, you either return to being a bog standard Championship team or a yoyo team at best. I expect the same will eventua
  14. I can see an argument that League 1 has more weekender away games than the Championship, at least in terms of variety. If you look at the Championship: How many trips to London do you need in one season? So Brentford, QPR, Millwall and possibly Fulham next season are essentially the same option. Ditto Birmingham, Coventry and probably West Brom next season. Bournemouth is great. Possibly Bristol Can't be arsed with Swansea The localish traditional away days are great in the Championship but they are on day things. Compare that with
  15. Fair enough. Maybe I am one of those people. I thought I was looking forward to things getting back to some form of normality but I must have misread myself. Thank you for putting me straight. But still, this selfish doom mongerer can't help but worry that there will be too much pressure to open up regardless in the (hopefully unlikely) event that the numbers go South.
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