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  1. I seem to remember him winning a couple penalty shoot outs with Arsenal and was the only England keeper to win a shootout until last summer.
  2. Never understood why people don't like being away on the opening day. Much more exciting in my opinion and still have the opening home game to look forward to.
  3. I've just read: "The Greatest Player You Never Saw" about Robin Friday who set the lower leagues alight in the mid 70s at Reading and Cardiff but had personal demons and only played for 3 seasons. It is a good book but written in the form of local newspaper extracts telling the story. It is amazing to see the emphasis put on bookings. It is like it is a cardinal sin. Several times he "ruined his great performance" by getting booked, usually for reacting to a defender who had kicked him to pieces all game. Was really interesting seeing what a big deal a booking was back then. And how relatively rate they must have been. Can you imagine a player getting a hat trick and then "ruining it" by getting a yellow card in the modern game?
  4. The game looks to be in York for some reason.
  5. Will there be anything added that will make it worth attending or just the same as every other year? No meaning it as a criticism that is is the same every year as it is clearly very popular with the masses but there isn't anything that works for me. Was much better in my opinion when it was an open day at Hillsbrough and you could watch the training. The queues for signings were somehow shorter as well.
  6. Boro lost £20million in 2017-18 despite parachute payments. Bloody hypocrite.
  7. Drink driving jokes. Always classic japes! Or something. No I don't get it either.
  8. But US citizens are called Americans. Not sure if the residents of all of the two continents are called Americans but I've never heard the term used in that context.
  9. Ok. First American to score in a Cup Final. Or to put it another way: The first ever yankee to score at Wembley.
  10. Add Loovens and Van Aken to that list. Fairly sure they played together as two left footed centre halves.
  11. 13 of the Premier League teams have sold their grounds? Really? If that is the case then I'm obviously mistaken. Maybe some sort of confirmation bias in that you only know about the ones that go wrong.
  12. My sentiments exactly. The usual finger in ears group will say it is fine but it seems like every team who sells their ground ends up having a nightmare because of it. I get that this situation may well be different, given that it is probably to our owner to skirt FFP but with a lack of 'successful' examples of clubs selling their ground means it is only right to be concerned.
  13. Palmer looks exactly the same. Hutchinson is definitely hotter as a man.
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