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  1. To be honest, anyone who saw his track back and challenge on Saturday, when the Huddersfield player was free and clear, could have only concluded he was staying. Absolutley magnificent piece of last ditch defending. Put his body completely on the line. To do that in a pretty meaningless cup match shows a real dedication to the cause.
  2. Pretty much this. With blue name and number it breaks up the white and works reasonably well. But without it that amount of white looks pretty terrible.
  3. I wouldn't read anything into this. The last time we were allowed into games we had an advert for BK Latex, a company that hadn't updated anything on their website since 2010. Didn't notice if they were still advertising yesterday but were throughout 2019-20. Between them, Elev8 and D Taxis, it appears that most of the companies that advertise on the hoardings are completely made up.
  4. I hope for the OPs sake they post them soon. My ticket for Huddersfield was posted on Tuesday and only arrived about half an hour ago. If six days is now the going rate for 2nd class post, which the club appears to be using, then they'd better get on with it.
  5. My attitude is that when it comes to form you only look at 90 minutes. I get that this wasn't the final result but if it is the best indicator of form. Penalties don't say anything about form. So far this season we have had a draw against a team from the level above which is a good start. Just like last season we only managed a draw against League 2 opposition, despite winning on penalties.
  6. I don't think we have a deep enough squad to worry about the cups. If you have at least 20 first teamers then the cups can be good to keep game time up. But our squad is too thin for that at present. In a weird way, the Tin Pot trophy could be the most important to us this season. Hopefully give the fringe youngsters important game time.
  7. Oh and Nuhiu at Ilkeston in pre season a few years ago. Played the first half and spent the second half in the stand with the fans.
  8. Stood near Reading Johnson away at Forest. He picked up my daughter for a photo and only then did I realise he had a walking boot and cast on. Was injured at the time. Bannan in the away end at Huddersfield a few years back when suspended. Waddle away at Rochdale, although that was in the concourse.
  9. Genuinely thought the midfield looked better than last season and the defence were solid. Looked devoid of ideas up front though. At times we just hoofed it up to Patterson with no support. He is a shithouse but need people to pick up the scraps of what falls from his challenges. Did use the channels at times but it seemed two biased towards the right hand side. Ball rarely went to Shipodo or Brown. Difficult to judge against higher level opposition. Didn't see anything to suggest we'll struggle, but neither saw anything to give us confidence of being a top team in the league.
  10. Thought he was a little over-excited in the first half. Ran into trouble a few times. But much more settled and effective in the second half.
  11. I did mention Michaela when I was in the queue. The general consensus was the she carried Waterman in The Hitman and Her but never quite hit national treasure levels.
  12. Looks loads better. But if safe standing is the idea then there is a lot of work still to do. No barriers at all, to easy to fall down.
  13. Arrived early to pick my ticket up. Joins the queue and told to go to South Stand cubicle instead. Got there and there's a queue forming and it isn't even open yet. Anyone know how long before kick-off it opens?
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