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  1. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Are we mathematically safe?

    45 points still to play for. No-one is mathematically safe. Not a single team.
  2. Leaping Lannys Perm

    New dead ball specialist/s needed

    Missing Wallace in this area. His deliveries could be deadly, especially with free kicks just outside the final third.
  3. Leaping Lannys Perm

    North Stand Concourse After The Game

    Great news. I'm must be honest, when I first saw the OP I thought it had happened again, then I saw the date. Mightily relieved it hadn't happened again and that he is back.
  4. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Club Shop

    Sounds like in your case the school seem to be overdoing the whole fancy dress thing. You can't blame parents for being jaded. Also, please don't think I was questioning your desire to get your children reading just a more generalised gripe I have with World book day costumes.
  5. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Club Shop

    Sadly this is very common on World Book Day. About a quarter of the kids just wear a football kit and have to borrow a football non fiction book from the school library. Personally I never liked it when I was teaching as it defeats the object of the day, which is supposed to encourage a love of reading and a desire to read books of substance. It is the same for the quarter of kids that show up as superheroes and Disney characters with a Marvel or Frozen annual under their arm. But each to their own I suppose. We always tried to redress the balance, especially with my eldest who would insist we helped her make the most extravagant costumes. Here she is as the Empire States Building from James and the Giant Peach, a Golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Big Ben (she had a poem about Big Ben published when she was 5 in an anthology so took that book in).
  6. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Morgan Fox

    That's definitely not the meaning of the word.
  7. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Morgan Fox

    I actually didn't see that. Only saw the first page.
  8. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Morgan Fox

    This. Also I assume that phrase still refers to victims of thalidomide. Isn't that a physical disablement? What has it to do with mental acumen?
  9. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Is there a link..

    How did we not score 4 with those chances? a win's a win though.
  10. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Celebrity Tango

    Whilst I suspect it is just a rumour, he is easily as recognisable as some of the 'celebrities' they have on those shows.
  11. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Ian Wrights tweet re Ruud and Danny Murphy.

    Henry Winter's book 'Fifty years of hurt makes a very good argument about what Wright brought to the England set up and how his talents were wasted.
  12. Leaping Lannys Perm

    BBC bias

    She's been a part of their FA Cup coverage for the last couple of years and as such isn't the issue. She is also very good at it.
  13. Leaping Lannys Perm

    BBC bias

    Hadn't really thought about this but it is weird. Waddle is on their staff.
  14. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Our Penalty Decision

    Shouldn't we get the drop ball then? The bad decision cost us a corner.
  15. Leaping Lannys Perm

    Our Penalty Decision

    Ball already out of play when he blew.