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  1. There we go...Nothing to see here - he's earned his deal... can go back to being crap again now!!
  2. I wish he'd have accepted the lower wages we offered him. I thought he was decent for us tbh. Don't blame him for one moment leaving tho...
  3. Same for me chap... We could only get tickets in the stand down the side.. It was bad enough when we went one up but as you say we let two in right at the end..pretty horrific outside after the game finished tho... We couldn't find our bloody car either....
  4. I expected plenty of uncertainty and was worried we could fall further away... Never expected all the loans and frees to work and must admit I was and still am quite surprised for us to be up at the top end of the table...if we sneaked into the playoffs somehow even on the last day of the season I'd be delighted!! We've just got too many crocks especially at the back to achieve a consistent lineup and that's even without a man in charge who has such ridiculous selection policies...so who knows how it'll pan out...
  5. It's the modern flaw in society generally now... Everything has to be instantanious... No one has any patience for owt!!
  6. Aah Halifax... Those special "hedge walls" were great for walking thro tho apparently!!
  7. Before a ball was kicked I'd have been delighted with us being where we are at this stage - seriously - I really feared the worst! Never thought of us being in contention for top two and nothings changed there... Have seen glimpses of promise of everything gelling in the last couple of months too buuuuuut.....the ridiculous rotation policy DM has is putting paid to any further improvements...im sure morale is affecting the players too as they don't have a clue either.. Whatever happened to a squad of 24 with two for each position and when one gets injured or loses form in comes the other one... Oh and playing in preferred positions too obviously... I'll still be delighted if we sneak in the playoffs on the last day of the season... I'm basically just baffled as much as everyone else about team selection!
  8. Well it's not going too well is it???... We need our "defenders" back sharpish...
  9. Absolutely chap...bit I'd rather draw than lose if that's the option... Hoping we go for it....
  10. Happy with the lineup... We dont know the who's the what's and wherefores of the squad post Covid so on this occasion can't say owt tbh.. but this looks a strong lineup to me...lets have a good go!!
  11. Liam Gallagher (two blokes up bottom left) going berserk whilst Elton John holds brother Noel (light jacket) back from over celebrating.... Thought they were City fans!!
  12. Always been The Triangle to us lot... Ive been in there quite a few times - the last time I think was when "unknown" Michael Owen ripped us to bits when we played Liverpool...
  13. Up 'n' at 'em lads from the first whistle... At least a draw here... (please!!) !!!
  14. Bloke in grey cheering to the heavens near the middle of the pic wins!!
  15. I'll still be absolutely delighted if we make the playoffs!!!
  16. Wishing all Owlstalkers the very best this Christmas and for The New Year!! Some of you are reyt annoying sometimes mind but so am I too I'm sure so there we are!! Take care everyone aaaand yeah, we go again!!!
  17. Results were shocking but as usual the club excelled itself with its perfect timing!! It was a skeleton squad playing as a wedespread flu virus was rife at the time!!
  18. Was meant to be gigging at The Yorkshireman Rock Bar in Sheff tonight and Yompa's in Nottingham tomorrow - drummer has got Covid tho bless him so the shows our last of the year are off!! Sooo staying down here in South Wales and pottering about!!
  19. Thanks for showing that league table... I was having a reasonable day until I saw it... Bloody ridiculous what's happened since!!!
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