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  1. Surprised me, keep up the good work.
  2. No and I live close to the ground but agree with everything he said, well done lads.
  3. It's not his natural game to be a workaholic, he is a goal poacher, our new style does not suite him, how long before people realise he's not for us, 2 plus years earning a fortune with little to no return, he's been very fortunate at Hillsborough.
  4. Captain pressure off and obviously at ease with Aken and Iorfa, well done Tom.
  5. A fit Fletcher would have been the difference today, sadly hes history now but agree we need another striker.
  6. Totally agree, just wondering why its taken so long.
  7. Talk sport, bring back Jon gaunt, made the show, same old dross day after day without him, OK he was not all about sport but what a boring biased station at present.
  8. I would have been gutted but 8-10 games is fair I guess.
  9. Can see your point but you hit the nail on the head (stronger opposition) I really don't think he can hack it, yes the odd wonder goal and good touches but when needed most goes missing.
  10. In brief a solid away performance and deserved win against a good Cardiff side. Praised Bannan, windass and Rhodes in particular.
  11. Very good win yesterday, some useful signings and hopefully a couple more to come, new backroom staff and positive talk from Monk, albeit actions speak louder than words.
  12. first choice then, no doubt. Newcastle win tonight will not help his cause, all the more good for us, thanks steve bruce.
  13. a boost to the squad for sure.
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