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  1. Next big money spend

    lost me there but think i get your drift, football stinks at times
  2. Next big money spend

    well weve tried the bigwigs last 2 seasons so why not, leicester did to a certain degree, got to get the recipe right
  3. It's a long term relationship.

    we are but a couple of wins could change that, confidence is a key performer
  4. Next big money spend

    blunts are doing ok on a small pot, money cant buy success, its how its spent and managed
  5. It's a long term relationship.

    going backwards then, promotion anniversary year? the young ones? yes maybe in 5yrs rime

    win and draw would be an inprovement
  7. Next big money spend

    we do seem to be drawing the short straw so far this season, saw it first hand last week, stonewall pen to lee

    scary, could go either way but surely the tide will turn (i hope)
  9. Chansiri and son

    finding it hard not to agree but ive still got a glimmer of hope for CC, or am i being sentimental, for me next week answers my question
  10. forget soccer saturday, i cant bear to watch the football league show and that feeling is all to regular
  11. mate, this has been going on for too long, shouldnt take you or i to work it out, cc is paid well and should have sorted it long ago, now i like him but hes just not done his job regarding this problem and thats incompetency
  12. yes were treading on ice, DC needs experienced advice i.e H Wilkinson or the likes of big Sam, urgently
  13. Reach

    not got it in him
  14. according to radio sheff our lads were shattered but still in the game at 1-0 with approx 12 mins to go and our subs are sat on the bench not even warming up