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  1. Dont care and maybe in our favour, its better being under the radar, under estimated and ignored whilst we are gradually gaining momentum with little respect from others.
  2. Please don't mention that again, still hurts 52 years on for me
  3. debram


    Hutch has played his part for us and a big thank you to him, no way is he disciplined enough for jos.
  4. Keep composed, stick to the game plan, they are wide open at the back, could be a 5-0 hopefully
  5. Your standard? You must be a cracking player, thought I was good.
  6. debram


    Would be a travesty to even contemplate moving, our tradition has been built on generations with Hillsborough in their hearts, would never feel right imo.
  7. Al too much for me, a lot of our players are bigged up by the sky sports pundits, kane is a good player but to match him with messi and ronaldo and his expectation to exceed their scoring records and trophy haul is a laugh.
  8. debram

    QPR Restricted View

    Blimey, not worth going with that view
  9. debram

    Sam Winnall

    Jos is the key
  10. debram

    75 Today !

    happy birthday, one of our own.
  11. debram

    Sam Winnall

    competition is key, good luck sam, jos will give you a fair chance.
  12. Non i would think, some not good enough and the rest injury prone