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  1. debram

    What price would you pay?

    Dont know about pulis, poor effort over 2 legs against villa.
  2. Well deserved contract, he has taken a lot of flak over the last few seasons, many would have thrown in the towel plus the fact cc never did him any favours with his tactics, Jos has made him look a different player, some of his goals have been top drawer, keep it up big fella, bring on next season uto
  3. debram

    Perfect Scenario

    agree, keep the rivalry local for me
  4. debram


    Quietly , player of the season
  5. debram

    Todays Referee

    Take note the f/a, but they wont because they thrive on controversy
  6. debram


    Sure jos will let him go nowhere, future captain
  7. debram

    Fernando Forestieri

    Agree, from his comeback game we have not looked back, can remember it, was a breath of fresh air, add bannan and now ff shows how important they all are uto
  8. debram

    Adam Reach

    Still learning and will improve under jos plus flourish in a balanced side which we havnt really had this season
  9. Goal was brill, determination to win the ball even better
  10. Plenty of attacking options, hope were in for a few goals
  11. debram

    Player of the season vote.

    Pudl has done a decent job this season
  12. Quite a lot to agree with there actually but I do think that jos has steadied our ship somewhat
  13. Was cut short too early imo, many happy returns TF.
  14. They don't have a chance, in the days of revie, clough (although shortlived) bremner, hunter etc etc maybe, he needs to finish his career on a high, not with weeds who are going nowhere fast.
  15. debram


    They've had one too many again