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  1. And he got thier replacements to do a stirling job, competition for places or squad rotation, he got it right.
  2. Bruce hasnt come to Hillsborough to flog a dead horse, be positive.
  3. It will always be difficult but team spirit is vital and we seem to have plenty at present and its certainly showing, the feel good factor is flowing through the club and supporters and its great.
  4. In fairness hooper has a great football brain, hes one step ahead at times so he is forced to get frustrated but its a team game and lees does a great job at what hes good at, defending and not pinging early precise passes.
  5. Never reached a level to be judged on, disaster and cost a fortune.
  6. Harsh in some ways but spot on, only way to success in this game is being ruthless, sure brucie will be.
  7. Could only happen to us, from top of the world to total deflation cause of incompetence.
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