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  1. Lees has been a stalwart ever since he signed.
  2. Easy, most has gone on players that have hardly played,.
  3. Crowd less image, took it yesterday, felt absolutely gutted walking round the ground, like a morgue, can't wait for the crowds and match day buzz to return.
  4. Had his best game to date imo but so did a few more, that late high boot though, what was he thinking, should have been a pen, similar to windass which cost us on Saturday.
  5. Ime sure that aken would have been briefed on ayew, he is always going to turn onto his left foot, aken was too square and made it easy for him.
  6. Sad but true but I have no confidence in the other 2 either, keeper required.
  7. Think they are too good, bit of a luxury, making us soft, pulis will change that.
  8. Must admit he is very frustrating, bit of a sick note, sad really.
  9. He's been our most consistent, reliable player for 5ish seasons, he's sure to have off days but god has he stuck at it, most players of his calibre would have been long gone given that he has been surrounded by league 1 players.
  10. Don't think he had, just put a poor squad together, pulis has now inherited them and has a mammoth job on his hands, if he wasn't sure he must be after today, even taking into account the sending off.
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