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  1. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    24k and 1, dont know how the guy can sleep tonight
  2. Poor Game Management

    my drug is swfc and stella, keeps me sane
  3. its a hard loss to take after a spirited performance, we wernt quite good enough to take the 3 points but it was closer than some think, be positive and look forward because we are on the up imo
  4. Team vs. Swansea

    Loovens, Rhodes and Jones will start i presume.
  5. Poor Game Management

    Ime confused, some really positive stuff today from a depleted squad but reading this thread has put me on a downer
  6. Ross Wallace

    Beg to differ, hes been one of the more consistent players during his time at the club, and a character too, ok hes not our future but from me, well done Ross, you could have gone the same way as some of the highly paid big time crocks that we have but you battled on.
  7. Team vs. Swansea

    think wallace is injured so jones in for him
  8. Positive

    no subs maybe because they are being saved for tuesday, expect 3 changes, Loovens, Jones and Rhodes in i suspect
  9. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Please Jos, lets make an issue of this, the wee wee has been taken out of us all.
  10. He's doing his job, we are quick to moan when left in the dark
  11. Rotation rubbish

    Ime afraid they are overpaid and treat too soft.
  12. Not much for the last 2 years
  13. Not sure about Abdi being in the contribution section.
  14. Resting players

    Forest went 40 plus games unbeaten under Clough with a squad of around 18 players, resting players doesn't work with me, always play your best available team imo.
  15. Haven't got a clue and wouldn't like to guess, he doesn't work with logic and is not on our wavelength.