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  1. Same as usual with the club, wele never know.
  2. We will spring a surprise thats for sure and when everyone thinks we have turned a corner normal service will be resumed.
  3. A good idea with the best of intentions but imo trying to deal with the current regime will be like banging your head against a brick wall.
  4. Dire reading, doesnt give us a great deal of confidence does it.
  5. Frustrating thing is we are always kept in the dark about most matters.
  6. Never has done since the play of final loss.
  7. Suppose that's what most of us are programmed to do, robots, starved of success but it's in our blood.
  8. Just another day and excuse, same pay cheque,.
  9. Should be playing now, as with hutch, so desperate for their character and experience.
  10. Monk, the players have not been managed. No Fletch, had no idea how to compensate.
  11. Our manager wants to cream the club same as the players, DC, stand up or go.
  12. Think that started today, really feel for those who went, pure dedication from the fans that DC, the players and the rest of the charletons that have no idea about the tradition of this club and its supporters.
  13. You tell us pls, ime baffled.
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