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  1. Anyone that will give us optimism and something positive to talk about.
  2. If thats the case its a sign of the true state of the club.
  3. Its history and a proud one but the only massive part about us now is the mess were in.
  4. Ime with you there but you did say we would finish in the top six last season.
  5. Good idea Grandad but will Chansiri see it that way, he probably still thinks he can charge top wack and still get 25k plus even in league 1.
  6. So take a chance on another possible crock, no thanks, have we still not learnt from the last 4 yrs mistakes.
  7. TBH who cares about a shop in meadowhall, its what happens on the pitch we need to get right.
  8. To see us in the prem and Europe in their lifetime.
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