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  1. shouldve been warnock, middlesborough didnt hang about when they feared the drop.
  2. because they are above the level they should be playing at.
  3. same mistakes since we started dropping like a lead weight from a promotion place, hes as much to blame as the players he coaches.
  4. We were in a mess before he came but hes shown little sign of turning us around for the better, a warnock or similar was what we needed to stop the rot, sorry but he has to go.
  5. Borner because he put in a full shift, Murphy a close second, when he went off so did we.
  6. plus odabajo and reach and rhodes, not much left after that lot, were doomed.
  7. couldnt handle stockley having said that he should have been sent off for 2 blatant elbows, when we lost murphy we went to pot, not sure we can blame monk with what hese left with.
  8. If wickham is injured not sure what else monk can do striker wise and rhodes adds little to nothing.
  9. Have you got room after that mighty breakfast.
  10. Agree but I don't think hese even worth that on current and pre covid form.
  11. It's very frustrating but we just don't have the quality in front of goal, fletch is a massive loss imo.
  12. Fine margins but the extra class came through, nice to see us battling all the way to the end and showing some spirit, sad that they resorted to some clinical fouls at crucial times for us, very frustrating. Need to keep our heads up.
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