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  1. debram


    Agree, just hope they both stay injury free
  2. Well phil, thinkyour on your own if you think boyd did well
  3. Dc should go into the dressing room at half time and sack the lot of them, do they take this club seriously, no wages would wake them up, were the featured game on sky and embarrassing, no excuses
  4. Were quite embarrassing to press
  5. I thought oh no hes injured
  6. Think the vodka is impairing me
  7. Are you a contributor to the 500k m lord, sort it please
  8. debram

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Same as second half yesterday, keep the momentum going, a win will do our confidence a world of good
  9. debram


    Depends on so many factors, injury being the priority, a settled side Will always do well, expect championship survival and big change next year