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  1. Only thing that has let him down is his stubbornness, he bought the club with very little knowledge/experience in football, should have sought advice from people with experience of the club I. E. Howard Wilkinson, against all advice he chose to do it his way and with the sharks that ripped him off subsequently getting into a right old mess and wasting millions, can't deny the fact that his gamble nearly did pay off nor doubt his and his families passion for the club.
  2. Glad to hear some optimism, think fessie may be a doubt and i would put any money on bannan scoring a 25 yarder, impulse long range shots are not his best attributes and that a compliment, hope he can sneek on the scoresheet somehow though, he deserves a goal. Entertaining tight game coming up.
  3. You have to accept the EFL rules, Guilty until proven Guilty.
  4. Had a good game imo, liners too, rare praise from me, maybe cause we won, we'll done ref.
  5. We've always been the best away supporters
  6. Loved fletch response when scored.
  7. Get rid of both, Palmer has had his chance, and odujabo to replace him, weak links imo.
  8. Fletch is a match for any defender, Nuhiu a pain for any defender, more goals to come.
  9. It's nearly Xmas, get the hours in while you can, still there in mind and body.
  10. Ime very pleased, and slightly confused that we didn't start with an attacking formation like that at home against Brum.
  11. If odujabo didn't keep running into his attacking space, did it with Harris too.
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