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  1. Well done to her, hope she enjoys the season to come and we give her plenty to cheer about uto.
  2. All too true, keep him and another season of the same, only worse this time because some of our better players will be gone.
  3. I spoke to him recently too, he loves sheffield but would not come back because of the rivalry between clubs, ends up getting him in bother.
  4. Marine won't come back to Hillsborough.
  5. Yes, on a pay as you play rolling contract, no chance of that happening in football though.
  6. ime with you mate, he has to go, possibly best budget in league 1, a very talented squad, made too many mistakes, team selection, substitutions, a side so hit and mis and never learnt from their mistakes etc etc.
  7. 1st class support, 2nd class management.
  8. Up to you now Mr chansiri, give us what we deserve, get your act together.
  9. Overall this season have we really looked like a promotion side, hit mis hit mis, poor managerial decisions. Big changes required.
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