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  1. Another pay off another manager, a game to DC, destroying our club.
  2. Bobby Moore was England's best player, Moore said we were to play on the front foot, hardly, Shaw and hutch don't know what forward is, what chance has Bannan playing with this lot.
  3. Grounded down to earth fighting to earn a crust not like our lot thinking they are gods given.
  4. Whatever, he's our best player surrounded by non descripts and that's the problem, you try playing in a team that is a step behind you all the time.
  5. He needs to be involved and on the ball, only way to do that with us is get it off the keeper or Tom Lees.
  6. Tell the truth that this season is over and planning has already started for next seasons promotion push and do not try to defend the current bunch of defeatist.
  7. As someone quoted earlier have any of our players got a brain.
  8. No I wouldn't, and I do believe he is looking to next season in league 1 and yes hitting the jackpot, can't carry crocks though and Luongo is one, ime sure he has pencilled in some names already.
  9. Can't remember the full facts but warnock saved Rotherham from certain relegation a few seasons ago, the grit and fight from players, manager and fans alike was extraordinary, why can't our lot have the same attitude, we as fans always do our bit.
  10. Well Sheffield fc are building a new stadium, 4k seats, should suit us fine.
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