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  1. Yep and waking up this morning with a hangover and feeling upbeat, what a difference a win makes.
  2. Don't think it's that easy, who would take him on whist performing like this, especially with the wage demands.
  3. Quite sure it does, could do with all those 3k together when at home.
  4. Hope that kick doesn't affect his confidence, didn't really affect the game so should easily be forgot, overall he's doing a fine job.
  5. Pressure/nerves, a convincing win would do the trick and not only for the players.
  6. Correct garry, but you have your work cut out keeping them at that level, lose miserably one week then put it right the next ain't good enough.
  7. Only trouble is they're no improvement, wish they could make a statement but doubt it.
  8. Just pick my best side available on merit cup or league, sorry about the doom just desperate for success.
  9. Just shuffling his cards again, game of poker, never know what you're going to get, some you win some you lose, that's how bad it is, sad state of affairs.
  10. No respect anymore fore the fa cup
  11. Whats a good team though, I've no confidence in any of them or any idea how they will perform.
  12. Think the chairman listened to owlstalk re signing Rhodes, its who most wanted on here, why I don't know, it was plain to see he was finished when at Middlesbrough.
  13. His fault then, and his advisers, a whisker away from being oh so different a story.
  14. were they his signings though, i suspect he had little to do with them.
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