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  1. What can we salvage?

    Avoid relegation, when achieved, mass clearout of staff and players, new manager and build for next season, sorry new manager to start off with
  2. Maybe in the past but were hitting a very low point and you can see from the players mindset things aint good
  3. Brian Laws?

    Not as manager but advisor director of football to an up and coming young manager
  4. Why?

    dont despise him yet and think its a sad state of affairs but he must act soon or the tide will turn on him too.
  5. the answer is yes, yesterdays performance was the nail in the coffin, theres no spirit in the side, no fight.we have been hoping things would change but it wont happen unless a change of manager and backroom staff is made now. Dont delay DC.
  6. Tom Lees

    straight back to his usual position, thats his comfort zone, he also needs a leader to motivate him which was Loovens but sadly hes finished imo so we need a new centre half in Jan
  7. No, and what makes things worse is that even though the blunts lost on friday they gave it a right go, hit the woodwork several times and bristol keeper pulled off a couple of outstanding saves, great they lost but we lost last night with a woeful pathetic performance, even so norwich were there for the taking but what did we do, sit back and let their confidence grow and grow, to go down fighting at least youve tried but to go down like we did last night has no excuse, and i refuse to listen to more of ccs pityfull excuses.
  8. Quiz

    when the team was announced and he was in it, i was worried, then he started trying to kick/foul the opposition like an amateur schoolboy directed by our excellent coach CC, that did it for me, we were f**ked
  9. Right, I've cracked

    should have gone gracefully after the huddersfield debacle
  10. 30 mins or more, you should not have had to endure that dross, it was unacceptable
  11. well done, you deserve paying today, not the players or staff
  12. Adam Reach

    correct, another ill thought of signing, the list goes on
  13. Adam Reach

    5 mill a joke yes, and hes not the only one
  14. Performance

    we didnt even manage anywhere near that today