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  1. debram

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    Thats true, I often dont, it would take hours of wasted time, I usually take the headline as read.
  2. debram

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    Another shot in the dark thread, dont panic, but we do need a fit ff guided by a proper manager.
  3. debram

    Van Aken

    A very good chance, yes.
  4. debram

    Sky live games

    Thank f#ck for gareth barry
  5. debram

    Sky live games

    Not surprised, the grunts are showing us how its done tonight on sky, on paper they don't have a better squad but they have passion, confidence, fight and a manager enforcing this, makes me sick to see our plight and our managers ignorance.
  6. debram

    Fernando to Leeds ??

    Not sure hes so much of a crock but downright disheartened same as quite a few players who are constantly chopped and changed and dont have a clue what position or formation they will be playing in from week to week.
  7. Check out your pals credibility rating, stick out your neck on unreliable info and expect to be hung.
  8. Another drab uneventful meaningless day then.
  9. Nothing/no one safe these days unfortunately, nice to have/had a Merc so young though, is it too easy and cushy for young footballers these days.
  10. debram

    Has there ever ?

    We are renowned as a family club, not at present unfortunately, we are so disconnected at present, things need to change sharpish
  11. debram


    Agree, as long as its in our best interest why remenice.
  12. debram

    Alan Nixon

    There lies the problem, I reckon dc wants to pull all the shots and bruce is no yes man.
  13. debram


    He would want a major overall of the squad, so we have the funds?
  14. debram

    Credit Rotherham

    Just hope its a choice that gives us hope and not another unknown, if it happens that is.
  15. debram

    Credit Rotherham

    His side is showing great spirit, he is working with the lowest budget in the league, he commands great respect from the players, fans and chairman, he is up and coming with the attributes of warnock and wilder, could anyone be worse than jos.