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  1. debram

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Yep, tricky game, well done all
  2. debram

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Were ok, jos cant c@ck this up
  3. debram

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Lets enjoy every minute, been a long time coming
  4. debram

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Hat trick on, come on reach
  5. sorted, good luck Beth.
  6. debram

    Abdi - could it be?

    Funnily enough Nuihu became a world beater end of last season.
  7. debram

    Abdi - could it be?

    The Owls player that never was, really dont think his future is with us or that he is in mr bruces future plans.
  8. debram

    The 3 New Lads

    Looking forward to your report
  9. Yes, think that's exactly what bruce has to do, its certainly working for dem blunts.
  10. debram

    The shadow of The Blades

    And they will finish higher this season, got to admit thier form doesn't seem to be faultering so prem next year is a distinct possibility, its really hard to take how in such a short time we have fallen into disaray and they are doing exactly what we expected of us, come on mr bruce were desperate.
  11. debram

    It doesn't help

    Don't think Bruce's quote mmade any difference to rotherhams efforts, they are fighting for championship status and have a togetherness, think were lacking that and the money thats been splashed around to our players hasnt helped, a good clearout required.
  12. Hard to see where 3 more wins will come from at present, weve hardly impressed recently against some of the leagues poorer sides, its Wednesday though so owt could happen.
  13. debram

    Steve Bruce

    One thing we can expect from him is honest answers although we may not always like what he has to say, weve been kept in the dark too often.
  14. debram

    Serious question

    how much have you had to drink?
  15. debram

    The shadow of The Blades

    very good, guess what, ide rather be at hillsborough watching us win than the you know what.