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  1. Tempo

    dont think hooper and fetcher are the problem, hooper is class and fletcher a grafter and they are both scoring, its the organisation of the defence and midfield, nowt to worry about then??
  2. Midfield

    need hutch back, some aggression and spirit
  3. Midfield

    You have a soft spot for Reach, soft spots in football dont work
  4. Midfield

    agree FF needs to earn his place back but that is not the position for Reach, in fact not sure what is because he cant defend, tackle, and lacks pace.
  5. Midfield

    FF for Reach
  6. Van Aaken

    pinging it around like he did at Bolton, mis timed over hit passes ,thinks hes Beckanbuer, million miles from it, youre in the championship son, adapt or bye bye.
  7. Put down the Kool-aid, please.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, the blades will never have more decorum than us, they are off another planet, why should there now be more downs than ups, we have the money and managed right should be up there with the best and yes have the support equal to any in the land, it feels right now that we are not being regarded as a family, our pockets and loyalty are being tested to the hilt, we are positive without doubt but deserve to have the effort that we are giving returned.
  8. yep agree, maybe confidences is low, cc is not getting the best from his players at present
  9. he puts in great effort and sometimes runs the show but sadly his shooting is dire
  10. Team v derby

    A winning team
  11. win at derby all hunkydory, draw against barnsley, loose at millwall, same old same old
  12. No, it is the manager, he picks the team, he should be tougher and if they cant hack it tough luck, cc is too soft imo.
  13. 3 changes tmoro

    westwood, hutch, pudl and joao in
  14. Fickle Fans

    easier said than done when weve been on the brink twice and blown it and so far this season were going backwards, and wasting millions, now thats frustrating when things should be a whole lot better given the resources cc has had.
  15. Carlos goes if we lose?

    I think its worth giving Joao a start, he has definately looked sharper this season and was unlucky not to score last week, Reach has been poor defending, bring Pudl back in, Hutch should start also, ok he scored the home goal last week and looked a bit rusty but we need him and Loovens too