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  1. It was Clinton morrison who promoted Bullen, rowett would take the job at the drop of a hat and tread on anyone's toes to get it.
  2. Ile never sleep tonight after seeing that.
  3. Nice to get a mention and positive at that.
  4. We have a very good strong squad, rhode can't even make the 1st 11,massive club that should be in prem, Bullen deserves the job
  5. Interesting comments from the pundits about us and rowett says he has had no contact with swfc re the managers job.
  6. Its a recipe for promotion, given the right manager, not discounting Bully but sat on the fence at present.
  7. And they get paid too, whats the world coming to, makes your blood boil.
  8. Dont think any of those 3 will be used as models to promote new shirts/kit
  9. Looks good, cant see luongo in front of hutch at present but perfect if hutch gets injured which is probably a cert, we need to see Nando in a full game to see what shape/mood hes in , surely that will be against Rotherham, its great that we now have so many options and quality in depth.
  10. As with Loovens, Lees is now looking back to his best.
  11. Agree, something not right, wele never know though as usual.
  12. Some right sightings on here, anyone spot shergar at the game.
  13. Don't think Bannan quite got going, good thing is he will play a lot better.
  14. Yep that's why he's league 1 standard at best.
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