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  1. I took no pleasure in watching that to be honest.
  2. But he didnt and thats part of the problem, should have could have ,we cant finish, bad as weve played this season too many chances have been missed.
  3. This is getting ridiculous, cant take much more of this garb.
  4. Me too, think inspector lestrade has a wild imagination.
  5. Hes hardly going to put down himself or the team, surely DC can see whats happening on the pitch and do the right thing sharpish,
  6. Brilliant may be a bit of an over statement.
  7. Dont think its that, he just has no game plan, or one that works.
  8. Here we go again, what do we really expect him to say though, up to DC to sort.
  9. both teams came close to a second goal but no excuse for that 1st 45, not the first time and wont be the last, moore out.
  10. and there should be no excuse for that 45 mins, 13 plus games in and still looked clueless.
  11. That would be another disaster, but do wouldn't surprise me with anything.
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