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  1. Just another example after the Cardiff debacle of the terrible championship officials
  2. Save of the season so far but let's not overlook lluongos goal, very well taken composed finish.
  3. Fox deserves his place at present, not so for Palmer after the last few games, who would have thought it after last year, not me.
  4. We're lucky to have 2 very good keepers, safe hands either way.
  5. A scrap that's what it was and we won, they have just come off the back of good wins so was never going to be easy, agreed, not good watching though.
  6. MOTM for that save alone, his confidence will be sky high, give him the shirt Saturday even if Westwood fit.
  7. Phew, what a scrappy win, ile take those all day even if I've no fingernails left
  8. Better off concentrating on closing herries Road to the scum who constantly smash car windows, to easy though, it would be seen to helping supporters.
  9. Seems like everyone has it in for us these days not discounting the refs, are things the same at the lane, its as congested if not more than Hillsborough.
  10. Did you mean if he stays 1st team we're staying in this division this year. Agree he's had plenty of time to improve on crosses and my guess is monk will try to bring in another keeper January.
  11. It's very likely a confidence issue, the goalkeeping coaches need to work on this in training.
  12. Dawson just needs to work on dealing with crosses otherwise he's a good stand in for Westwood who seems to be getting more prone to injury, sure monk is keeping tracks on both.
  13. Looks good but dare I say it fox in for Palmer who was poor Friday, fox did well and is a natural left back.
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