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  1. His time at top end championship level has gone, surely we have learnt our lesson with overpaid under achievers, SB stated that he wants to bring the average age level of the team down so cant see him being considered.
  2. Just wish he could produce the form from that game on a regular basis, quality goal but theres a tinge of sadness with the way the last couple of years have panned out for him, hope Bruce can sort him out pre season.
  3. Saw this there too, wierd, can explain though.
  4. Lower bradfield post office and cafe
  5. The guys popularity is growing fast, a a real clubman and nice guy (off the pitch) hele be here next year if he has any say in it.
  6. Just gives bruce a bit more flexibility to piece the jigsaw.
  7. Yep, havnt we been there before and had our leg lifted, some people never learn.
  8. Agree, he's a role model for all at at swfc and what we expect of anyone associated with the club.
  9. Biggest joke/mystery in history of football, could only happen to us.
  10. He will be back, bruce and dc will see to that.
  11. As wide as is needed to get us back where we belong, sure I read that bruce has a scouting system worldwide.
  12. Thank god this season is over, massive shake up required and bruce knows it. How fast he can turn his new look team into promotion status is the question, it may not happen next season but ime sure he and dc will give it a good go.
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