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A Couple of Things To Mention

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1 hour ago, samowl said:

Deserved the win.

4-1 did flatter us 

Their subs kinda made them predictable as they were obviously going long and high. Before May and Blair were troublesome. 

Apart from scoring Mass looked a bit off today. Passes going astray and getting caught in possession. But Byers picked up the baton. Luckily for us DB got injured.

Dean seems the Leader we've needed for sometime. Ref worried me but a proper promotion chasing win scored when we needed to. Quick equaliser and the second when it was end to end.

Cheltenham could actually play 

Who's DB ?

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1 hour ago, Sambo89 said:

Good, let em fúck off completely for me. 

And me,  heard more noise coming from a tambourine played by my 5 year old grandson than our one song band.

About time we git rid of em and get someone shouting through a megaphone to get the crowd going. 

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My lad commented that he could hear the Kop singing today, he was shocked. The band need to go basically, they don't help in any way shape or form. 


4 1 possibly looks a bit more one sided than it was but I'm not sure we were any luckier than them. They couldn't get shots on target or beat our keeper other than on 1 occasion. We managed it on 4 occasions. 

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12 hours ago, bradowl said:


Yeah they hit bar at 2-1 but seconds later we should have been 3-1 up so I say they got lucky. 


I don't think that scoreline flattered us that much, we could have won by a bigger margin.

Was going to say the same thing. 
They scored From a deflection 

My dog could have scored that tap in so all in all about right. 

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4 minutes ago, Suffolk.Owl said:

It's that time of the season you reflect on points dropped and think if only......................

If only the band weren't there, a few of them draws might've been wins, and we might never have been relegated from the prem in the first place.


I blame the band.

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