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  1. Owls 5-0 v Hammers. 4 2nd half goals. Waddle Wonderland. Was there with my Dad on Kop. Fond memories.
  2. If palmer is injured then the line up without Fox in the squad could easily be; Rhodes, Forestieri. Harris Bannan Hutchinson. Lee Reach, Lees, Borner, Iorfa Westwood
  3. A rebuild could see the stadium elevated above the flood plain with an irrigation system for water to drain off appropriately. New walkways could be built on platforms with ramps and steps. Proper segregation could be arranged for the away fans.
  4. How about for one season only we do a ground share with one of our neighbours while Hillsborough stadium is completely renovated. Knock down and rebuild the entire stadium in its existing location.
  5. If as suggested Bruce will be given a £60 million warchest to spend at The Toon, maybe he'll make an offer for say Bannan and Forestieri of say £20 million for the pair. Plus the reported £5million for him and his backroom team. I'd be very impressed with this kind of deal. Fresh injection of money to reshape the squad further. Bring in Chris Hughton and let him guide us to the premier league while Toon, Dem Blades and Brighton get relegated!
  6. https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/championship/sheffield-wednesday-bruce-should-go-all-out-to-bring-in-benjamin-kololli/amp/ Apparently Jos was Portuguese and we're based in West Yorkshire. Who knows what they've got wrong about the player himself. This reeks of lazy, rubbish, (not even) journalism.
  7. For us; Hirst before Bould and intermittently afterwards. Waddle. If only Hirst had been fully fit to benefit from Waddle's creativity. Best opposition player I remember is Jurgen the German. However out of English players it has to be Gazza or Barnes. What I would like to add is, however ungainly he 'appeared' Carlton Palmer was immense in midfield. He was able to wrap those lanky legs round much more skilful players to win the ball, his energy was relentless and he NEVER gave up. He was the engine that allowed that luxury of Sheridan and Waddle. He didn't do anything less than Vieria afterwards at Arsenal it's just he didn't 'look the part'. A truly underrated and unfairly dismissed player.
  8. Yeah they beat Solihull Moors in the play offs
  9. Who wants to buy one of these beauties? This prototype is for the man himself as a gift from my niece.
  10. People, This was just a bit of fun. However, my sister and my niece are now in the process of knitting a Bazza Banana with full blue and white shirt, a blonde comb-over and Bannan on the back of the shirt. My niece is going to go to a game with me on the Kop at the front and as KW enters his goal at start of match or 2nd half she's going to give it to him to give to Bazza! Just a bit of fun.
  11. To get in line with FFP an attempt has been made to clone Bannan. Unfortunately it went wrong and turned both the original and clone into Banana's. We now have two Barry Banana's!
  12. The club should bring out soft toy characters of the popular players in the squad. The first should be Barry Banana. It will be Barry Bannan as a blonde banana. Followed by: Sam (Rabbit Hutch)inson And: Fernando (Forest) ieri the Tree. Thoughts?
  13. Steve Bruce had a dream to build a football team he had no money so all new players had to be on loan he got pride, passion and playing football back With a strong emphasis being to attack We're Sheffield Wednesday and our manager's taking us back.
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