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  1. And also. To clarify ‘your weird’ is wrong. ‘You’re weird’ is correct. Additionally, you’re a bit thick for incorrectly trying to correct someone’s correct usage of you’re with the blatantly wrong your!
  2. The Stir seems to be alluding to some uncertainty as to Moore’s future beyond the next few weeks. In this article it seems that all the eggs were put in the promotion in one season basket! https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-what-owls-boss-said-when-asked-about-his-future-at-the-club-3691456
  3. I don’t believe Darren will continue with his 3-5-2 system. I think it’s a system he fell upon due to player availability during the early part of this season just finished. I think he will revert to 4-3-3 in attack and 4-3-2-1 in defence mode. we shall soon find out by seeing who is released, retained, sold and signed up!
  4. Does anybody know what on earth this is all about?
  5. Beat MK Dons and Crewe and we’re 4 points behind second with 3 games left. as it stands RIGHT NOW , automatic is still very much a plausible outcome !
  6. Why are people confused and thinking that Josh Windass is endorsing the view of the the reporter. it’s very clear he is taking the Michael out of the headline that without the comma reads as bang average pundit. josh is clearly saying the pundit is bang average.
  7. Player fees get donated to charitable causes for England appearances.
  8. If we win the first of the 2 games then Moore will make key changes to the line up changing the defence and attacking partnerships. If we fail to win he will keep the same line up failing to address the frailties of his previous selection!
  9. Be a yo yo club currently Being in EPL getting turned over like Norwich, winning promotion again, getting turned over again. or finish 3rd -6th In championship every season winning more than losing but ultimately missing out for 3-4 years.
  10. I haven’t been all season because; a) distance is too expensive with current living costs b) too tired to drive to Sheffield for midweek night matches c) shift pattern often coincides that I’m working the weekend Wednesday are at home d) away matches in close proximity to Solihull always sell out
  11. We’ve got Liam Palmer In defence he’s our Armor Nan nah nahnah
  12. I’d spend it on top not youth and first team training facilities, scout networks and building fan base via community projects!
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