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  1. What is the pint? Well it's 568ml of a liquid!
  2. Because they're akin to commission based positions in sales. A basic salary that doesn't break the bank with rewarding bonuses for hitting and surpassing targets ether it be appearances or goals in football or cars/sofa's/contracts sold in sales roles!
  3. That's not how it works. Release clause simply means if a club offers £1m to Wednesday we're obligated to accept it and allow Bannan to negotiate a contract with the suitors. Bannan then has to decide if he prefers the term of the contract being offered or his existing one. By accepting the new contract he terminates any outstanding wages or bonuses that he would have been entitled to should he have stayed.
  4. Released by Newcastle. Reported he wants game time. On the right kind of deal, pay as you play, who would take him as the number 9?
  5. https://thisisfutbol.com/2021/07/blogs/championship/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-kieran-maguire-reveals-the-perfectly-legal-way-sheffield-wednesday-is-run/ In the latest episode of The Price of Football podcast, Kieran Maguire has explained how Sheffield Wednesday is run financially and how the owner is constantly getting money from the club. Fears of a points deduction for the second season running have been slightly alleviated for now at Sheffield Wednesday with the EFL hitting the Owls with a suspended points deduction instead of an actual deduction, like last season. This will come as huge news for Darren Moore who will want to start on a level playing field against the 23 other teams in League One if his side are to push for promotion next season. Moore is already on the back foot at Hillsborough with the club releasing 11 players following their relegation to England’s third tier and having only made two additions so far this summer, business has been slow, to say the least. When talking about how Dejphon Chansiri is constantly getting money from the club, Maguire had the following to say: (54:46) “They sold the ground to a company called Sheffield 3 or Sheffield 4 Limited that didn’t actually pay any cash for the ground, it’s paying in installments and at the same time the club is repaying a loan to the owner. “So, it appears that the money from Sheffield 3 is then used to pay the owner back an installment of his money and the owner just so happens to own Sheffield 3. “So we’ve got this sort of washing machine cycle of money flowing around, perfectly legal.” It might be concerning for Sheffield Wednesday fans to know that the owner is just repaying himself back whenever the club receives installment money from when their stadium was sold. With Chansiri doing this every time an instalment comes into the club, there is no real surprise to hear how the Owls have struggled to pay their players on time this year.
  6. Under 16's and over 65's free for opening game. Everyone else £15. Call it a loss leader!
  7. Confirmation Statement is due by 22nd June 2021 for statement date 8th June 2021. Accounts for period up to 31 July 2020 are due by 30 July 2021. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/02509978 Not sure why EFL are placing clubs under embargo when the accounts have to be submitted to HMRC not EFL. There are obviously other currently well documented issues that tie in with the state of financial affairs at the club. However we are unlikely to get answers until the accounts are known, which if filed within time (not sure if they will be) is still a few weeks away. Hold onto your hats as there is likely going to be a storm!
  8. Just do a 7 year sponsorship deal £16m per season to have Owlstalk plastered everywhere! With an option to cancel with 12 months notice our end if we feel it's not being used appropriately!
  9. I say we start a euro millions syndicate, quickly and promptly. We each put in £2.50 and buy a ticket for Friday 4th June. The jackpot is £112 million. More chance of us winning that than there is of Chansiri sorting his mess out.
  10. £2.5m p/w cap on premier league squad wages. Min Squad Size 18. Max Squad Size 25 Min 5 players must be from clubs own Academy. £0.75m p/w cap on championship squad wages. Same squad size rules £0.5m p/w cap on league 1 squad wages Same squad size rules £0.25m p/w cap on league 2 squad wages Same squad size rules. For all leagues, the annual cap will not increase by more than 1% above the inflation rate. Club owners have to be able to provide evidence of funding capabilities for rolling 3 year period. Money CAN come from personal wealth but must NOT be in form of repayable LOAN. Stadiums and Training Grounds must be owned by either Club (not owner) or local authority. No cap on transfer fees, however full transfer cost, including agents fees must be accounted for in proven revenue streams, this CAN be from owners personal wealth, however cannot be in form of a repayable loan.
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