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  1. 3 PTS for a win 2 PTS for an away draw 1 PT for a home draw. 0 PTS for a loss
  2. It worked when we played Warhurst out of position to cover for the injured Hirst!
  3. Waddle had the fastest feet and train of thought but his pace was lacking. Carlton Palmer could always shift over a fair distance (box to box). Hirst was quicker with the ball than others without it in his prime! Des Walker obviously fast Paul Warhurst again could shift JJ was like a firework rocket Michael Antonio was pretty quick Other than that in the post 90s era we've not had many quick players, which perhaps has been a big reason for our struggles over the years playing a slow pace.
  4. How could he have got anybody in January when he had no money available with all the players that have left in the summer still in contract and the wage bill too high. He's had to wait to get them off the wage bill.
  5. I don't think he is going 352, I think he's going to end up 433 or 4321 depending on how you interpret the 2! GK RB. CB. CB. LB CM. CM. CM. RW/RAM. LW/LAM ST/CF
  6. Why is everyone assuming he's going for 3 at the back this season. It seems it was something he did after the restart based on the personnel available at the time. There's a good chance he'll go 451 or 433, depending on whether you call the wingers as attackers or midfielders.
  7. Based on these figures, his average points per game last season over the 44 games he was in charge was 1.2045454545 per game, meaning 55.409090907 total when averaged over a full season. Yes, if that same form continues into this coming season that would put us on 43 points and nearly guarantee relegation, unless there are 3 whipping teams ala Derby in the worst record ever in premier league history. HOWEVER, let's not forget that there was clearly some behind the scenes issues going off which clearly affected performance. Players on big contracts coming
  8. Celtic just refused to give him more than 12 months, which is good business sense. They don't want to be lumbered with his wages if he isn't fit to play. That's different to being outbid. Celtic clearly being astute.
  9. Yes he plays for an established team Warwickshire leagues that goes all the way up to u18 then open ages. Locally there is Solihull Moors which his strike partner at his current team also plays for on a Saturday. Like you say though, the main thing at the moment is he loves playing.
  10. Apparently they do have host families for promising youths. But i do have lots of family in Sheffield who I'm sure would be supportive and let him stay with them.
  11. That's for u9, u10 and u11's though. Thank you though.
  12. Does anybody know how to go about getting a trial organised for the academy? The chance of an S6 scout spotting my son is slim due to area we live in, let alone any scout from any club really as it's a lot down to luck of a scout turning up. An approach was made by Coventry a couple of years ago when he was 11, but at the time my ex (his mum) was splitting up with her then interfering spiteful partner (assistant coach on my son's team) and he told the scout my son wasn't ready. I asked the coach to get rid of the assistant in order for my lad to remain at the club as t
  13. 40 percent equals 18 wins out of 46 games. Let's assume we have an average amount of draws at 12 and lose 16 games. That's 52 points after the 12 point deduction. However this is just talking averages. The world doesn't work like that!
  14. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/big-interview-former-sheffield-wednesday-captain-nigel-pearson-playing-managing-and-living-steel-city-67443 He didn't say he'd never take it. He hasn't even been offered it before. He's what we need now though to Galvanise the club .
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