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  1. As for Champions League. Make it for Champions only. Each country has Two qualifiers as standard. The champion of their top league and the winner of their flagship domestic cup. Also entry for the reigning Champions League winner and reigning Europa League champion. If In any one season the Winner of the CL or EL has also won their respective domestic league/cup then it creates a wild card entry for the most recent previous winner of that specific competition to have not qualified that season. Thereby ensuring that all entrants are true champions and not also rans.
  2. How about the Premier League kicks out the "Big Six". Then, for this season only, no relegation from Premier League, Championship, Leagues 1 or 2. Promote entire top six from each of Championship and League 1. In League 2, Top 5 and Play offs for 6,7,8,9. Then from non-league, promote 6 into the EFL. If the Super League doesn't work out, the "Big Six" can only get back in from starting at the bottom of the football pyramid in non-league.
  3. Nice little earner courtesy of Mr Rhodes today.
  4. Are we better or worse off for losing the play off final to Hull? It's a serious question. Look at what has happened with them! Yes they had a season in premier league, but they're already languishing in League 1. We laughed at their ownership and lack of support back in that final. It seems looking at them we were looking into a crystal ball of our own future. Much criticised owner and a divided fan base. Looking at the players bought by Chansiri on advice of his advisors on long high paying contracts, can you imagine the mess we would have been in had w
  5. This will see another £6 million for a further confidential compensation payment In our next accounts then!
  6. It's dreadful yes. However, we haven't been playing Attacking football. It's been stated by players and coaches that previous management set up defensively. Our man States he intends to set up to attack and he's giving Rhodes a chance. He's scored twice in about 130 minutes of football in 3 matches. I can see Rhodes getting 10 goals minimum out of the remaining fixtures if he stays fit and is allowed to start games. We'll be reight!
  7. This close season will be different IF we stay up as there is 12 point penalty hanging over which there was at the start of this season. That was guaranteed to put players off.
  8. It's called looking at the silver lining of the dark cloud. Sometimes in life cutting your losses is the best option. An analogy for you. Toxic partner with a great body and ace in the sack but a complete knob head / ***** most of the time. Get rid. Yeah you'll miss the excitement but be relieved of the dross. Reach- miss the wonder goals and occasional assist, but not the woeful tackling and high maintenance (wages)
  9. The thing with loan players is that the club receiving the player don't always pay the wages. It's sometimes advantageous to the club loaning out to pay the wages on condition the player plays x amount of games. It's a way for them to expose a young player to competitive football to strengthen and develop them ready to fight for a place in their own squad.
  10. It's not a good thing that we didn't sell when stock was high. I'm not saying it was. I'm saying given the current financial situation at our club and in general, it's a good job the contracts are up in a lot of cases. Doubtful any of our squad will be chased by clubs on parachute payments, they'll want better players than we have.
  11. The point I was making is that given our financial position, it's a good job they're out of contract and not on our books at the current rates for another season. How many of our squad are going to be wanted by teams on parachute payments. Most of them are players that will help a relegation candidate team escape the drop, not many will aid a promotion push which is what the parachute teams will be after.
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