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  1. Hutch will sign again soon, so that'll be just 2 more.
  2. "I'm obviously not here for fashion" Boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  3. Good signing on paper, based on last season's stats and his age etc. Hopefully a shrewd bit of business from DM.
  4. Uncle and his best mate used to get bus to Sheffield and watch a match every week, tossed a coin, my uncle won and got Wednesday, his mate got United. One throw of a coin has made 4 generations of Wednesdayites. We all hold a grudge against him.
  5. I wish I was going, be a great night that
  6. Sam Fender I think, they've had good supports for this tour though. Blossoms, Manics, Sam Fender.
  7. That's Palmer pulling a muscle in his last half a km of his last run and being out til February!! Good on him though, top bloke!
  8. Liverpool fans turn up without tickets, just like any other clubs fans do. The difference is, there are a lot more Liverpool fans who try to gain entry to the stadium without tickets. Reports saying the security staff are ill prepared for this amount of fans, surely though there are the right number of staff for the amount of tickets sold? The added pressure of fans without valid tickets trying to get in makes this a problem. There are too many fans there for police to arrest to make a difference, so tear gas etc is used to deter and disperse. Unfortunately, genuine fans with tickets, and kids, also get caught up in this as the people who shouldn't be there ruin it for the people who should. Then, as soon as there's bother, Hillsborough gets brought back up, where Liverpool still receive 0% blame for the tragedy that happened. On the radio yesterday, report about Liverpool fans getting tear gassed, then, here's whatever her name is from Justice for Hillsborough, or whatever the group's called. Boils my ********! The lesson is, don't try to get in without a ticket, and these things won't happen. Why can't Liverpool fans seem to grasp this? And why do they never get any blame? Christ I hate Liverpool!!
  9. This. Forest are now £170m better off for going up, if they go straight back down then they get 2 years of parachute payments. If they stay up and go down the season after, they get the benefit of the extra revenue for an extra season plus 3 years of parachute payments. Makes it a lot harder to compete when teams coming down get that much compensation for not being good enough.
  10. Good job Leeds weren't included in that list... They'd be thousands in front of us.
  11. Aye to be sure, would be good business
  12. No. No thank you!! Unless it's a pre packed snack like nuts or summat, it'd take too long to either prepare or serve. Plus it's extra options to ponder over, making the already slow service worse. Keep it simple. Pies, sausage rolls, hot drinks, pop, beer. Quick to serve (or should be) and no effort to cook or prepare. It's fast food at half time or whenever.
  13. I'm guessing he's had a better offer elsewhere then. I doubt Moore would just let him go, especially after all the work that he says had gone into getting him match fit. Could be wrong like, and Moore might not think after all that, he's cutting it, but I personally thought he was coming good alongside Gregory.
  14. And now McBurnie seen kicking out at a fan, even though he's out with an injured foot. https://www.skysports.com/share/12616138
  15. When my uncle and his best mate were deemed old enough to get the bus to Sheffield on their own, they went to watch a match every weekend. They tossed a coin, my uncle ended up Wednesday, his mate ended up a pig. He made all of us Wednesdayites. Sometimes though, with the poo we've had to endure, I think he lost the throw. But then I see them lot, and my mind is changed.
  16. Was it seen on telly when it happened? Surely one camera at least picked it up, to make the police's job easier. All joking aside, in any other setting they wouldn't just run up to someone and attack them, because they'd get arrested straight away. So why do some fans think, because it's in a football ground, it's acceptable? Morons!
  17. Ye, inter toto cup, want it while Hillsborough was getting done up ready for Euro 96? My first game was one of them games.
  18. Wasnt it picked from a fan vote about 20 years or so ago?
  19. But he's OUR striker, he's OUR number nine
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