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  1. If he's the player who controlled the game for Plymouth in the 1st half when we lost 3-0 then he could be a good addition to our team.
  2. Mates got to get mine when they are available to collect too, otherwise I've had a 160 mile round trip to make.
  3. For this away fixture, print at home option is invalid and all tickets must be collected as stated on the SWFC website.
  4. Grandkids not coming so if any adult wants to upgrade a ticket and bring an u11 for free, get in touch.
  5. Ticket now sold face value to a London Owl.
  6. Meet b4 2pm at ground if anyone needs one. My son can't make it. I'll be down there 1pm.
  7. Setting off at 12 to MK Dons, route from Cleethorpes via Lincs, Peterborough, room in car for 3 people. Get in touch if interested. Also 1 Adult ticket available, half price & 1 Senior c/w 1 u12s also half price. EBRA
  8. Got a spare adult ticket, my sons working away, if you want it for half price and get there for 6pm, get in touch mate. I'm travelling from Lincolnshire so will down  there for 5pm


    1. Harrysgame


      Cheers ill let you know, just waiting on my son to see if he is getting back In time to see if I need 1 or 2 tickets, as flying back but not sure on delays.


  9. He's born and bred a Wolves fan and then after about 30 years decides to follow another club, "unbelievable Jeff". Wonder if he was as annoying then and Wolves fans sent him to Coventry. Probably chose us for our away followings to get the publicity he craves for.
  10. Agree mate, he did leave 2 up at one game and had the players on opposite wings at the half way line. Didn't last long though, at least we usually leave one up now until he bottles it again and reverts to everyone back to defend.
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