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  1. Preston, winter night matches and fighting in the park opposite the ground. Pitch black and your mate shouts " we're all Wednesday",thinking we are about to be fighting each other, oops, there all Preston fans and we are surrounded.
  2. He was still getting to the odd games. He'd come and sit with me on the Cleethotpes train to Sheffield. Gets on at Donny and has the carriage in stiches. When his missis is with him and they've had a few it's even better entertainment. He did have problems getting into games but saw him at Rotherham away a couple of seasons ago. A great character and always tells a good story.
  3. Quality picture, not many clubs would take or full a football special train to Cardiff for a night match from the North of England.
  4. 1st time there in the 70s, was only about 14 (read my earlier posts).Scariest thing for me was seeing a bloke about 40 in their pen shouting and pointing the finger at me and telling me what he was going to do to me outside after the match. Just about every coach got bricked on the way back. Any game we played in Colchester, Southend, Gillingham, Charlton or Palace, always West Ham or Millwall fans wanting a crack at us northerners. Same when we played the London clubs at Hillsborough, many occasions you would see the same big black bloke taking on the Wednesdsy fans on the Leppings Lane end.
  5. Remember after the Charlton match some Wednesday fans turning a car over and the running battles with the Millwall fans on the way back to the coaches.
  6. Remember going for a night match on the football special but not sure of the year, good old British Rail.
  7. Chelsea away in the FA Cup in the 70s, was only about 13, took over 7000. Coach number 2 from Pond Street, got dropped off outside the ground and the driver told us the coaches would be parked near Battersea Power Station. It kicked off at the end of the game as the Chelsea fans were waiting outside. Finding the coaches was a nightmare, was glad when we did get to the coach, then as we left we got bricked and had to divert to get another coach for the journey back. I'm 60 now but got so many memories of near misses in the 70s and 80s. Port Vale away and getting chased around Leek by Stoke fans. Going to Brighton away on the coach and not realising the drivers had to have a rest. So when we arrive and the coach driver shouts "back here for 10 o'clock" and it's a 3 o'clock kick off. Walking around Brighton as a teenager and there's fighting most of the night, luckily Wednesday took a good following and came out on top. Think the Charlton Cup game when we took over the ground and the Millwall fans who entered our end just after kick off was the scariest for me. I was at the front as they came up and people scattered as one of them pulled out a knife, sure there was only a few of them but as always they feared no one. EBRA
  8. Went on the coach with the Darnall Owls and most of the windows got smashed as we left the ground. We had the last laugh though. Millwall fans in a mini were giving us abuse, then we pulled alongside them as the traffic stopped. One of the lads jumped through the coach window onto the roof of the mini and then bounced back into the coach, funny as ********. Cold journey back but worth the memories, Wednesday took about 12 coaches and most got bricked.The police escort diverted to deal with Millwall fans outside a pub, the coaches drove passed some flats where Millwall fans were waiting with the amo, they knew how to plan an ambush.
  9. Harrogate,Wimbledon and Brentfords new grounds and Sutton for me.
  10. Away fans allowed at friendlies, so should be getting news on the Charlton away game next week. EBRA
  11. Both of them are useless, any football supporter watching these clowns can see it, so why can't the manager and coaches. Opposition managers need only to check out our 5 minute highlights of previous games to see how to beat us, cross the ball into the 6 yard area or shoot at the goal. Wildsmith only uses his hands to tie his ponytail and Dawson supports the BLM, takes the knee if you take a shot.
  12. Darren Moore I'll go in goal, 60 years old but got more idea of what a goal keeper has to do than these 2 clowns. If our manager is happy with these 2 then you will be out of a job by Christmas.
  13. Rather have an outfield player in goal than Wildsmith. Darren Moore just take a look at the highlights of every game last season, any cross into the 6 yard box, Wildsmith flaps.
  14. When he defected from his boyhood club Wolves and came onto the scene at the away games, I, like most Wednesday away followers of this era welcomed him into our club. Met him lots of times but after a while of seeing his antics, abuse to stewards and a few seasons ago his abuse to a Watford ball boy, I havent got the time of day for him. Can't fault his commitment to our club, I'm 60, still sing and like loads of others go to every away game,but don't take off my top or stand at the front for the cameras.Suprised he's not been decked by now he's an embarrassment to our club, needs to grow up. Just an attention seeker and should have been banned years ago,the club gave him chance after chance after receiving numerous complaints, no other fan would have got this. EBRA
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